[SVG -> OTF Converter] Remove unnecessary hacks
[WebKit-https.git] / LayoutTests / svg / hixie /
2015-02-08 darin@apple.comMake SVGUseElement work without creating any SVGElement...
2014-12-28 mmaxfield@apple.com[Mac] Enable kerning, ligatures, and printer fonts
2014-07-22 krit@webkit.orgTurn width/height to presentation attributes
2014-05-06 krit@webkit.orgAdapt inline SVG sizing behavior to Firefox and Blink
2013-11-10 akling@apple.comOptimize baselines: svg/hixie
2013-04-26 roger_fong@apple.comUnreviewed. Rebaseline a bunch of tests and run optimiz...
2013-04-25 roger_fong@apple.comUnreviewed optimize-baselines for mac and win.
2013-01-25 rniwa@webkit.orgAnother Mac rebaseline attempt after r140728.
2013-01-25 rniwa@webkit.orgMac rebaseline attempt after r140728.
2013-01-25 eae@chromium.orgUnreviewed (manual) chromium and apple rebaseline for...
2013-01-24 eae@chromium.orgUnreviewed chromium mac rebaseline for r140728.
2013-01-24 eae@chromium.org[svg] Remove unnecessary rounding in SVGRootInlineBox...
2012-08-22 tony@chromium.orgForce XML comments to maintain whitespace
2012-08-01 fmalita@chromium.orgUse testRunner instead of layoutTestController in SVG...
2012-04-16 schenney@chromium.org[Chromium] Rebaseline now that SK_IGNORE_HAIRLINE_CLIP_...
2012-03-30 apavlov@chromium.org[Chromium] Unreviewed, rebaseline part of expectations...
2012-03-30 schenney@chromium.orgAdd new renderer for circles and ellipses
2012-02-14 zimmermann@webkit.orgsvg/hixie/perf has different repaint region in debug...
2012-02-08 zimmermann@webkit.orgSVGLoad event fires too early
2012-02-07 zimmermann@webkit.orgRewrite SVG tests to make extensive use of display...
2011-12-21 reni@webkit.orgNew renderer for SVGRectElement
2011-11-30 zmo@google.comWebkit gardening: chromium rebaseline.
2011-06-01 zimmermann@webkit.org2011-06-01 Nikolas Zimmermann <nzimmermann@rim.com>
2011-05-27 rwlbuis@webkit.org2011-05-27 Rob Buis <rbuis@rim.com>
2011-03-31 pfeldman@chromium.org2011-03-31 Pavel Feldman <pfeldman@chromium.org>
2011-03-25 commit-queue@webki... 2011-03-25 Vsevolod Vlasov <vsevik@chromium.org>
2011-02-28 pfeldman@chromium.org2011-02-28 Vsevolod Vlasov <vsevik@chromium.org>
2011-02-10 zimmermann@webkit.org2011-02-10 Nikolas Zimmermann <nzimmermann@rim.com>
2010-10-07 zimmermann@webkit.org2010-10-07 Nikolas Zimmermann <nzimmermann@rim.com>
2010-06-18 zimmermann@webkit.org2010-06-18 Nikolas Zimmermann <nzimmermann@rim.com>
2008-07-07 zimmermann@webkit.orgReviewed by Antti.
2008-07-01 aroben@apple.comRoll out r34913, as it broke the Windows build due...
2008-07-01 zimmermann@webkit.orgReviewed by Antti & Eric.
2008-01-07 zimmermann@webkit.orgRubberstamped by Oliver.
2007-11-16 zimmermann@webkit.orgRubberstamped by Eric.
2007-10-12 oliverFixes: bugs.webkit.org/show_bug.cgi?id=5940 (<svg>...
2007-10-12 oliver Reviewed by Maciej.
2007-10-03 aroben Move pixel test results that were mistakenly...
2007-10-03 lars Move all test results that are platform depende...
2007-05-24 darinLayoutTests:
2007-03-28 darin * svg/hixie/text/003-expected.txt: Updated...
2007-03-19 zimmermannReviewed by Lars Knoll.
2007-03-19 zimmermannReviewed by Maciej.
2007-03-19 zimmermannReviewed by Maciej.
2006-12-17 weinigLayoutTests:
2006-10-26 darin - checked in some missing results
2006-10-11 oliver2006-10-11 Oliver Hunt <oliver@apple.com>
2006-09-26 eseidel2006-09-26 Eric Seidel <eric@eseidel.com>
2006-09-25 eseidel2006-09-24 Eric Seidel <eric@eseidel.com>