Expose ValidityState on the global Window object
[WebKit-https.git] / LayoutTests / platform / win / js / dom / global-constructors-attributes-expected.txt
2016-01-28 cdumez@apple.comExpose ValidityState on the global Window object
2016-01-28 cdumez@apple.comExpose ApplicationCache on the global Window object
2016-01-26 cdumez@apple.comAdd support for HTMLDataElement
2016-01-26 dbates@webkit.orgRemove XMLHttpRequestException
2016-01-25 youenn.fablet@crf... [Fetch API] Implement Fetch API Headers
2015-10-24 cdumez@apple.comRadioNodeList should be exposed on Window
2015-10-22 cdumez@apple.comUn-expose obsolete HTMLBaseFontElement
2015-10-19 calvaris@igalia.com[Streams API] Add skeleton for initial WritableStream...
2015-10-17 cdumez@apple.comtd and th should use HTMLTableDataCellElement and HTMLT...
2015-10-01 calvaris@igalia.com[Streams API] Create ByteLengthQueuingStrategy object...
2015-09-28 cdumez@apple.comDrop support for legacy EventException
2015-09-22 cdumez@apple.comDrop support for legacy EntityReference DOM Node type
2015-09-22 cdumez@apple.comtime element should use HTMLTimeElement interface
2015-09-18 cdumez@apple.comDrop support for Entity Node type
2015-09-15 cdumez@apple.comwindow.HTMLDetailsElement should exist
2015-09-12 cdumez@apple.comwindow.EventTarget should exist
2015-09-01 cdumez@apple.comRange API is throwing wrong exception type
2015-08-07 calvaris@igalia.com[Streams API] Create CountQueuingStrategy object as...
2015-07-25 bfulgham@apple.com[Win] Test results gardening.
2015-06-26 ddkilzer@apple.comREGRESSION (r185971): js/dom/global-constructors-attrib...
2015-06-08 beidson@apple.comFix up the layouttest situation after r185322.
2015-05-28 youenn.fablet@crf... [Streams API] ReadableStreamReader should not be exposed
2015-04-28 bfulgham@apple.com[Win] Temporarily disable WebGL support
2015-04-13 bdakin@apple.comAdd force property to MouseEvents
2015-03-31 youenn.fablet@crf... [Streams API] Implement a barebone ReadableStreamReader...
2015-03-25 mark.lam@apple.comGardening: rebaseline after r181907.
2015-03-04 bfulgham@apple.com[Win] Rebaseline a few tests. Mark some failures.
2015-02-09 darin@apple.comRemove the SVG instance tree
2015-02-05 calvaris@igalia.com[Streams API] Implement a barebone ReadableStream interface
2015-01-24 bfulgham@apple.com[Win] Test gardening. Mark a few failures after filing...
2015-01-21 bfulgham@apple.com[Win] Rebaseline a test, unskip some working tests.
2015-01-20 darin@apple.comRemove SVGElementInstanceList, m_instanceUnderMouse...
2015-01-13 weinig@apple.comRemove support for SharedWorkers
2014-12-15 mmaxfield@apple.comDelete Notation because we don't use it
2014-11-20 dino@apple.comSupport unprefixed animation event types
2014-11-15 dino@apple.comRename WebKitCSSKeyframe(s)Rule into CSSKeyframe(s...
2014-04-08 ap@apple.comSource/WebCore: Rename Clipboard to DataTransfer
2014-02-12 b.long@cablelabs.comImplement DataCue for metadata cues
2014-02-07 b.long@cablelabs.comUpdate TextTrack API to current spec
2013-11-20 dino@apple.comhttps://bugs.webkit.org/show_bug.cgi?id=124637
2013-10-01 darin@apple.comTry to get another Windows test to pass.
2013-10-01 darin@apple.comTry to get another Windows test to pass.