Rebaseline Windows and EFL MathML pixel tests after r203289.
[WebKit-https.git] / LayoutTests / platform / efl / mathml /
2016-07-18 Windows and EFL MathML pixel tests after...
2016-07-14 EFL and Windows MathML tests after r203171
2016-07-13 MathML expectations on EFL and Windows ports.
2016-07-11 expectations for some MathML pixel tests on...
2016-07-08 MathML pixels tests
2016-07-02 EFL expectations for some MathML tests.
2016-07-02 windows expectations for some MathML tests.
2016-07-02 EFL expectations for some MathML tests.
2016-07-01 opentype-stretchy-horizontal.html for EFL.
2016-07-01 EFL expectation for foreign-element-in-token...
2016-05-11 hs85.jeong@samsung.comUnreviewed EFL Gardening on 10th May.
2015-06-19 ossy@webkit.orgRemove unnecessary svn:executable flags
2015-04-22 [EFL] Unreviewed gardening
2014-07-30 [EFL] Unreviewed EFL gardening. Rebaseline tests after...
2014-06-21 latinmodern-math.woff from LayoutTests/mathml...
2014-06-16 radicals with glyphs for better rendering
2014-06-14, rolling out r169963.
2014-06-14 radicals with glyphs for better rendering
2014-06-13, rolling out r169939.
2014-06-13 radicals with glyphs for better rendering
2014-06-06 test references for horizontal stretchy operators.
2014-06-03 Unreviewed EFL gardening. Rebaseline.
2014-05-24 size variants and glyph assembly from the MATH...
2014-05-13 commit-queue@webki... [EFL] Rebaseline after r168575
2014-04-19 darin@apple.comCleared executable bits on many .html and .txt files.
2014-03-21 some references for MathML pixels tests
2014-02-13 m.pakula@samsung.comUnreviewed EFL gardening
2014-02-06 commit-queue@webki... Menclose with no notation attribute does not display...
2013-07-19 commit-queue@webki... More conversions from MathML pixel tests to reftests.
2013-07-18 commit-queue@webki... Convert MathML fraction tests to reftests.
2013-07-17 commit-queue@webki... Replace MathML pixel tests by reftests.
2013-06-07 cfleizach@apple.comMathML line fraction needs to parse number values
2013-01-18 dominik.rottsches... [EFL] Unreviewed gardening.
2012-12-05 thiago.santos@inte... [efl] Unreviewed gardening.
2012-12-04 eae@chromium.orgUnreviewed mathml rebaseline.
2012-09-29[EFL] Rebaseline test after r129695.
2012-09-21 commit-queue@webki... [EFL] Several MathML tests need rebaseline after r129146
2012-09-18[EFL] Unreviewed gardening.
2012-09-17 commit-queue@webki... [EFL] Clean up Skipped list
2012-09-07 commit-queue@webki... [EFL] 2 mathml tests need rebaseline after r127769
2012-08-28 commit-queue@webki... REGRESSION (r124512): Failures in MathML Presentation...
2012-07-31 commit-queue@webki... [EFL] Gardening of failing tests and new passes
2012-07-25 commit-queue@webki... [EFL] Rebaseline for changed mathml dump after r123492
2012-06-16 commit-queue@webki... [EFL] Rebaseline MathML tests after r120492
2012-05-29[EFL] Unreviewed gardening.
2012-05-29 commit-queue@webki... [EFL] MathML tests needs rebaseline after r118713
2012-05-25 commit-queue@webki... [EFL] [DRT] Gardening of failing tests and missing...
2012-05-23 commit-queue@webki... [EFL][DRT] Rebaseline test results for BUG 86355
2012-05-12 commit-queue@webki... Convert some MathML layout tests to reftests
2011-10-27[EFL] Unreviewed. Add pixel test baselines for animations,
2011-10-20 leandro@webkit.orgUnreviewed. Add EFL baselines for dom, editing, fonts...