Add a setting to let the client toggle support for network cache speculative validation
[WebKit-https.git] / LayoutTests / jquery /
2014-11-04 cdumez@apple.comFix jquery/manipulation.html flakiness on debug builds
2014-10-06 benjamin@webkit.orgUnreviewed, rolling out r174336.
2014-10-06 benjamin@webkit.orgAdd a deprecation warning for Element.webkitMatchesSelector
2013-03-12 abarth@webkit.orgRemove stray .gitmodules file
2012-06-15 rniwa@webkit.orgUse testRunner instead of layoutTestController in ietes...
2012-05-16 jchaffraix@webkit.orglayerX/layerY warning should be removed
2012-04-14 commit-queue@webki... Unreviewed, rolling out r114036.
2012-04-12 arv@chromium.orgAdd support for [ArrayClass] and use that on NodeList
2012-01-12 vsevik@chromium.orgMake default console messages line numbers consistent.
2011-10-13 jchaffraix@webkit.orgDeprecate event.layerX and event.layerY in WebKit
2011-03-16 aroben@apple.comDisable jquery/effects.html
2011-03-08 abarth@webkit.org2011-03-07 Adam Barth <>