2009-10-12 Dirk Schulze <krit@webkit.org>
[WebKit-https.git] / JavaScriptCore /
2009-10-11 oliver@apple.comRe-enable the JIT.
2009-10-11 oliver@apple.comSupport for String.trim(), String.trimLeft() and String...
2009-10-10 bweinstein@apple.comTry to fix Windows build by adding needed exports.
2009-10-10 ggaren@apple.comEliminated some legacy bytecode weirdness.
2009-10-09 ggaren@apple.comMigrated some code that didn't belong out of Structure.
2009-10-09 mrowe@apple.comAttempt to fix the GTK release build.
2009-10-09 zoltan@webkit.org2009-10-09 Gabor Loki <loki@inf.u-szeged.hu>
2009-10-09 ggaren@apple.comTiger build fix: added a few more variable initializations.
2009-10-09 ggaren@apple.comQt build fix: added missing #include.
2009-10-09 ggaren@apple.comTiger build fix: initialize variable whose initializati...
2009-10-09 ggaren@apple.comWindows build fix: updated exports.
2009-10-09 ggaren@apple.comTiger build fix: fixed file name case.
2009-10-09 ggaren@apple.comAt long last, I pronounce the death of AllInOneFile...
2009-10-08 ggaren@apple.comRolled out 49331 because it still doesn't build on...
2009-10-08 ggaren@apple.comWindows build fix: added missing #include.
2009-10-08 ggaren@apple.comWindows build fix: added missing #include.
2009-10-08 ggaren@apple.comWindows build fix: added missing #include.
2009-10-08 ggaren@apple.comMigrated some code that didn't belong out of Structure.
2009-10-08 ggaren@apple.comRolled out r49322 and friends because they killed the...
2009-10-08 ggaren@apple.comRemoved some conflict markers from the ChangeLog
2009-10-08 ggaren@apple.comWindows build fix: Added missing #include.
2009-10-08 ggaren@apple.comTake one branch instead of two to test for JSValue().
2009-10-08 barraclough@apple.comFix for JIT'ed op_call instructions (evals, constructs...
2009-10-08 ggaren@apple.comWindows build fix: removed no longer exported symbol.
2009-10-08 ggaren@apple.comJavaScriptCore: Fixed <rdar://problem/5751979> Database...
2009-10-07 zoltan@webkit.org2009-10-07 Zoltan Horvath <zoltan@webkit.org>
2009-10-07 aroben@apple.comExport DateInstance::info in a way that works on Windows
2009-10-07 hausmann@webkit.orgWhen enabling or disabling the JIT through .qmake.cache...
2009-10-07 eric@webkit.org2009-10-06 Priit Laes <plaes@plaes.org>
2009-10-07 oliver@apple.comWindows linking fix
2009-10-07 oliver@apple.comWindows build fix
2009-10-07 oliver@apple.comIt should be possible to post (clone) built-in JS objec...
2009-10-06 levin@chromium.orgStringImpl needs a method to get an instance for anothe...
2009-10-06 kevino@webkit.orgwx libjpeg link fix and JSC build fix.
2009-10-05 eric@webkit.org2009-10-05 Jocelyn Turcotte <jocelyn.turcotte@nokia...
2009-10-03 ggaren@apple.comRemoved the concept of a "fast access cutoff" in arrays...
2009-10-02 eric@webkit.org2009-10-02 Jonni Rainisto <jonni.rainisto@nokia.com>
2009-10-02 ggaren@apple.comRolled back in r49004 with the debug 64bit build fixed
2009-10-02 sfalken@apple.com<https://bugs.webkit.org/show_bug.cgi?id=29989>
2009-10-02 vestbo@webkit.orgFix the Qt on Mac OS X build.
2009-10-02 hausmann@webkit.orgRoll out accidential r49015 commit
2009-10-02 hausmann@webkit.orguse wtf/unicode/qt4/unicodeQt4.h for RVCT and WINSCW
2009-10-02 hausmann@webkit.orgAllow enabling and disabling of the JIT through a qmake...
2009-10-02 mrowe@apple.comFix the Tiger build. Don't unconditionally enable...
2009-10-01 mrowe@apple.comRoll out r49004 since it broke the debug build.
2009-10-01 ggaren@apple.comTake one branch instead of two to test for JSValue().
2009-10-01 eric@webkit.org2009-10-01 Yongjun Zhang <yongjun.zhang@nokia.com>
2009-10-01 zoltan@webkit.org2009-10-01 Zoltan Horvath <zoltan@webkit.org>
2009-10-01 eric@webkit.org2009-09-30 Gabor Loki <loki@inf.u-szeged.hu>
2009-09-30 oliver@apple.comDevirtualise array toString conversion
2009-09-30 ggaren@apple.comBuildfix for platforms using JSVALUE32.
2009-09-30 mrowe@apple.comVersioning.
2009-09-30 hausmann@webkit.orgReduce heap size on Symbian from 64MB to 8MB.
2009-09-30 hausmann@webkit.orgFix CRASH() macro for Symbian build.
2009-09-30 ggaren@apple.comInlined a few math operations.
2009-09-29 bweinstein@apple.comWindows build fix.
2009-09-29 oliver@apple.comTidy up codeblock sampler
2009-09-29 jorlow@chromium.org2009-09-29 Jeremy Orlow <jorlow@chromium.org>
2009-09-29 ggaren@apple.comStandardized an optimization for adding non-numbers.
2009-09-29 ggaren@apple.comWindows build fix: export a new symbol.
2009-09-29 ggaren@apple.comRemoved virtual destructor from JSGlobalObjectData...
2009-09-29 eric@webkit.org2009-09-29 Janne Koskinen <janne.p.koskinen@digia...
2009-09-29 eric@webkit.org2009-09-29 Janne Koskinen <janne.p.koskinen@digia...
2009-09-29 mrowe@apple.comFix the PowerPC build.
2009-09-29 mrowe@apple.com<rdar://problem/7195704> JavaScriptCore fails to mark...
2009-09-28 ggaren@apple.comWindows build fix: added new exports.
2009-09-28 mrowe@apple.comRoll out r48825. It causes build failures by calling...
2009-09-28 ggaren@apple.comWindows build fix: removed exports that no longer exist.
2009-09-28 ggaren@apple.comNotNullPassRefPtr: smart pointer optimized for passing...
2009-09-28 oliver@apple.comHard dependency on SSE2 instruction set with JIT
2009-09-28 eric@webkit.org2009-09-28 Yaar Schnitman <yaar@chromium.org>
2009-09-28 hausmann@webkit.org[Qt] Implement XSLT support with QtXmlPatterns.
2009-09-28 eric@webkit.org2009-09-28 Yongjun Zhang <yongjun.zhang@nokia.com>
2009-09-28 hausmann@webkit.orgRemove __clear_cache which is an internal function...
2009-09-28 weinig@apple.comFix an absolute path to somewhere in Oliver's machine...
2009-09-28 hausmann@webkit.orgAdd ARM version detection for Windows CE.
2009-09-26 hausmann@webkit.orgAdd MarkStackSymbian.cpp to build JavascriptCore for...
2009-09-26 eric@webkit.org2009-09-25 Gabor Loki <loki@inf.u-szeged.hu>
2009-09-26 jorlow@chromium.orgJavaScriptCore: This is breaking Chromium try bots...
2009-09-26 adachan@apple.com Build fix.
2009-09-25 ggaren@apple.comJavaScriptCore: Inlined some object creation code,...
2009-09-25 eric@webkit.org2009-09-25 Laszlo Gombos <laszlo.1.gombos@nokia.com>
2009-09-25 xan@webkit.org2009-09-24 Xan Lopez <xlopez@igalia.com>
2009-09-25 oliver@apple.comDivision is needlessly slow in 64-bit
2009-09-24 jorlow@chromium.orgJavaScriptCore: Add GYP generated files to svn:ignore
2009-09-24 eric@webkit.org2009-09-24 Yong Li <yong.li@torchmobile.com>
2009-09-24 mrowe@apple.com<rdar://problem/7215058> FastMalloc scavenging thread...
2009-09-24 ggaren@apple.comJavaScriptCore: Renamed clear to removeAll, as suggeste...
2009-09-24 mrowe@apple.comFix FastMalloc to build with assertions enabled.
2009-09-24 ggaren@apple.comSuggested by Darin Adler.
2009-09-24 hausmann@webkit.orgOn Windows JSChar is typedef'ed to wchar_t.
2009-09-24 ggaren@apple.comA piece of my last patch that I forgot.
2009-09-24 zoltan@webkit.org2009-09-24 Gabor Loki <loki@inf.u-szeged.hu>
2009-09-24 ggaren@apple.comJavaScriptCore: Added the ability to swap vectors with...
2009-09-23 ddkilzer@apple.com Move definition of USE(PLUGIN_HOST_PROCESS...
2009-09-23 oliver@apple.comCode sampling builds are broken.
2009-09-22 darin@apple.com* wtf/Forward.h: Added PassOwnPtr.
2009-09-22 eric@webkit.org2009-09-22 Yaar Schnitman <yaar@chromium.org>
2009-09-22 hausmann@webkit.orgFix compilation with WINSCW: no varargs macros
2009-09-22 hausmann@webkit.orgDisable variadic macros on MSVC7.