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2017-05-18 sbarati@apple.comWebAssembly: perform stack checks
2017-05-18 keith_miller@apple.comWebAssembly API: test with neutered inputs
2017-05-18 sbarati@apple.comWe don't do context switches for Wasm->Wasm call indirect
2017-05-16 jfbastien@apple.comWebAssembly: add memory fuzzer
2017-05-16 jfbastien@apple.comWebAssembly: validate load / store alignment
2017-05-11 jfbastien@apple.comWebAssembly: stop supporting 0xD
2017-05-10 jfbastien@apple.comWebAssemby: builder doesn't do Memory section maximum...
2017-05-10 jfbastien@apple.comWebAssembly: support name section
2017-04-27 sbarati@apple.comPrint Wasm function index in stack trace
2017-04-26 keith_miller@apple.comWebAssembly: Implement tier up
2017-04-25 utatane.tea@gmail.comWebAssembly: exporting a property with a name that...
2017-04-22 jfbastien@apple.comWebAssembly: Module.exports, Module.imports, Module...
2017-04-22 jfbastien@apple.comNoisy OOM
2017-04-19 jfbastien@apple.comWebAssembly: limit slow memories
2017-04-19 jfbastien@apple.comWebAssembly: don't expose any WebAssembly JS object...
2017-04-18 fpizlo@apple.comwasm/function-tests/memory-multiagent times out sometimes
2017-04-13 jfbastien@apple.comWebAssembly: manage memory better
2017-04-10 keith_miller@apple.comWebAssembly: Update spec tests
2017-04-05 keith_miller@apple.comWebAssembly: We shouldn't need to pin size registers...
2017-04-03 keith_miller@apple.comWebAssembly: Update spec tests
2017-03-30 jfbastien@apple.comWebAssembly: fix misc JS API implementation inconsistencies
2017-03-29 jfbastien@apple.comWebAssembly: add shell-only Memory mode helper
2017-03-28 keith_miller@apple.comWebAssembly: Make WebAssembly.instantiate/compile truly...
2017-03-28 jfbastien@apple.comWebAssembly: implement Module imports/exports
2017-03-27 jfbastien@apple.comWebAssembly: misc memory testing
2017-03-22 jfbastien@apple.comWebAssembly: test module namespace object for WebAssemb...
2017-03-22 jfbastien@apple.comWebAssembly: constructors without new don't throw
2017-03-11 sbarati@apple.comWebAssembly: Make more demos run
2017-03-09 sbarati@apple.comWebAssembly: Make the Unity AngryBots demo run
2017-03-07 sbarati@apple.comWebAssembly: Implement the WebAssembly.instantiate API
2017-03-07 sbarati@apple.comUnreviewed. Fix test expected error message.
2017-03-06 sbarati@apple.comWebAssembly: implement init_expr for Element
2017-03-06[JSC] Allow indexed module namespace object fields
2017-03-02 keith_miller@apple.comWebAssemblyFunction should have Function.prototype...
2017-02-27 jfbastien@apple.comWebAssembly: miscellaneous spec fixes part deux
2017-02-25 jfbastien@apple.comWebAssembly: miscellaneous spec fixes
2017-02-23 jfbastien@apple.comWebAssembly: support 0x1 version
2017-01-31[JSC] Do not reject WebAssembly.compile() with Exception
2017-01-26 sbarati@apple.comWebAssembly JS API: coerce return values from imports
2017-01-05 jfbastien@apple.comWebAssembly: sections with the same name are allowed
2017-01-04 jfbastien@apple.comWebAssembly JS API: add Module.sections
2017-01-03 jfbastien@apple.comWebAssembly JS API: check and test in-call / out-call...
2017-01-03 jfbastien@apple.comWebAssembly: handle and optimize wasm export → wasm...
2017-01-03 sbarati@apple.comWebAssembly: Some loads don't take into account the...
2016-12-29 sbarati@apple.comWebAssembly: Rebase spec-tests now that wabt has been...
2016-12-29 sbarati@apple.comWebAssembly: Don't allow duplicate export names
2016-12-29 sbarati@apple.comWebAssembly: Implement grow_memory and current_memory
2016-12-23 keith_miller@apple.comWebAssembly: trap on bad division.
2016-12-23 keith_miller@apple.comWebAssembly: Make spec-tests/f32.wast.js and spec-tests...
2016-12-23 sbarati@apple.comWebAssembly: Make calling Wasm functions that returns...
2016-12-22 keith_miller@apple.comWebAssembly: The validator should not allow unused...
2016-12-22 keith_miller@apple.comWebAssembly: Allow br, br_if, and br_table to act as...
2016-12-22 sbarati@apple.comWebAssembly: Import spec tests
2016-12-21 jfbastien@apple.comWebAssembly JS API: cleanup & pass VM around to {Compil...
2016-12-20 jfbastien@apple.comWebAssembly API: implement WebAssembly.LinkError
2016-12-20 jfbastien@apple.comWebAssembly: unique function signatures
2016-12-19 sbarati@apple.comWebAssembly: Make running Wasm tests take less time...
2016-12-19 sbarati@apple.comWebAssembly: Implement the WebAssembly.compile and...
2016-12-16 sbarati@apple.comWebAssembly: WasmB3IRGenerator should throw exceptions...
2016-12-16 keith_miller@apple.comi64.eqz should use an Int64 zero
2016-12-16 keith_miller@apple.comFix validation of non-void if blocks with no else
2016-12-16 keith_miller@apple.comWasm should not create empty unlinked callsites
2016-12-15 jfbastien@apple.comWebAssembly: improve compilation error messages
2016-12-15 jfbastien@apple.comJSTests:
2016-12-15 keith_miller@apple.comFix 64-bit shift family Wasm opcodes
2016-12-15 keith_miller@apple.comWebAssembly: test_BuilderJSON.js is broken
2016-12-15 keith_miller@apple.comUnreviewed, fix test.
2016-12-15 keith_miller@apple.comWasm should decode constants correctly
2016-12-15 sbarati@apple.comWebAssembly: Add various low hanging fruit that will...
2016-12-14 keith_miller@apple.comWebAssembly JS API: implement Global
2016-12-14 sbarati@apple.comWebAssembly: implement the elements section
2016-12-13 sbarati@apple.comWebAssembly: implement the table section and table...
2016-12-12 sbarati@apple.comWe should be able to throw exceptions from Wasm code...
2016-12-10 keith_miller@apple.comFix indirect_call if the result type is used.
2016-12-10 keith_miller@apple.comWasm should support call_indirect
2016-12-10 jfbastien@apple.comWebAssembly: implement data section
2016-12-10 jfbastien@apple.comWebAssembly JS API: implement start function
2016-12-09 sbarati@apple.comWebAssembly JS API: implement importing and defining...
2016-12-09 jfbastien@apple.comWebAssembly: JSC::link* shouldn't need a CodeBlock
2016-12-08 jfbastien@apple.comWebAssembly JS API: wire up Instance imports
2016-12-08 keith_miller@apple.comAdd more missing trivial wasm ops.
2016-12-07 keith_miller@apple.comAdd support for truncation operators
2016-12-05 keith_miller@apple.comAdd Wasm i64 to i32 conversion.
2016-12-04 keith_miller@apple.comAdd support for Wasm ctz and popcnt
2016-12-03 jfbastien@apple.comWebAssembly: update binary format to 0xD version
2016-12-03 keith_miller@apple.comAdd Wasm copysign
2016-12-03 commit-queue@webki... Unreviewed, rolling out r209298.
2016-12-03 keith_miller@apple.comAdd Wasm copysign
2016-12-03[JSC] add additional bit to JSTokenType bitfield
2016-12-03 cdumez@apple.comUnreviewed, rolling out r209275 and r209276.
2016-12-02 keith_miller@apple.comAdd Wasm floating point nearest and trunc
2016-12-02 jfbastien@apple.comWebAssembly: revert patch causing odd breakage
2016-12-01 keith_miller@apple.comAdd wasm int to floating point opcodes
2016-12-01 jfbastien@apple.comWebAssembly: update binary format to 0xD version
2016-12-01 jfbastien@apple.comWebAssembly builder: don't throw when checker not imple...
2016-11-30 jfbastien@apple.comWebAssembly JS API: improve Instance
2016-11-29 keith_miller@apple.comAdd simple way to implement Wasm ops that require more...
2016-11-17 keith_miller@apple.comAdd rotate to Wasm
2016-11-17 keith_miller@apple.comAdd sqrt to Wasm
2016-11-16 keith_miller@apple.comB3 should support UDiv/UMod