Update WPT encoding test suite to the latest version.
authormjs@apple.com <mjs@apple.com@268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc>
Tue, 7 Nov 2017 18:29:46 +0000 (18:29 +0000)
committermjs@apple.com <mjs@apple.com@268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc>
Tue, 7 Nov 2017 18:29:46 +0000 (18:29 +0000)

Reviewed by Youenn Fablet.


* resources/resource-files.json: Mark HTML files that aren't tests
but which are not in resources/ directories.

The remaining changes are updates from upstream.

* web-platform-tests/encoding/OWNERS:
* web-platform-tests/encoding/api-invalid-label-expected.txt:
* web-platform-tests/encoding/api-invalid-label.html:
* web-platform-tests/encoding/api-replacement-encodings-expected.txt:
* web-platform-tests/encoding/api-replacement-encodings.html:
* web-platform-tests/encoding/eof-shift_jis-ref.html: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/eof-shift_jis.html: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/eof-utf-8-one-ref.html: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/eof-utf-8-one.html: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/eof-utf-8-three-ref.html: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/eof-utf-8-three.html: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/eof-utf-8-two-ref.html: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/eof-utf-8-two.html: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/idlharness.html:
* web-platform-tests/encoding/iso-2022-jp-decoder-expected.txt:
* web-platform-tests/encoding/iso-2022-jp-decoder.html:
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/jis0208_index.js: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis-decode-csshiftjis-expected.txt: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis-decode-csshiftjis.html: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis-decode-errors-expected.txt: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis-decode-errors.html: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis-decode-expected.txt: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis-decode-ms932-expected.txt: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis-decode-ms932.html: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis-decode-ms_kanji-expected.txt: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis-decode-ms_kanji.html: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis-decode-shift-jis-expected.txt: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis-decode-shift-jis.html: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis-decode-sjis-expected.txt: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis-decode-sjis.html: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis-decode-windows-31j-expected.txt: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis-decode-windows-31j.html: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis-decode-x-sjis-expected.txt: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis-decode-x-sjis.html: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis-decode.html: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis-decoder.js: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis-encode-form-csshiftjis-expected.txt: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis-encode-form-csshiftjis.html: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis-encode-form-csshiftjis.html.headers: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis-encode-form-errors-han-expected.txt: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis-encode-form-errors-han.html: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis-encode-form-errors-han.html.headers: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis-encode-form-errors-hangul-expected.txt: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis-encode-form-errors-hangul.html: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis-encode-form-errors-hangul.html.headers: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis-encode-form-errors-misc-expected.txt: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis-encode-form-errors-misc.html: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis-encode-form-errors-misc.html.headers: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis-encode-form-expected.txt: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis-encode-form-ms932-expected.txt: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis-encode-form-ms932.html: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis-encode-form-ms932.html.headers: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis-encode-form-ms_kanji-expected.txt: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis-encode-form-ms_kanji.html: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis-encode-form-ms_kanji.html.headers: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis-encode-form-shift-jis-expected.txt: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis-encode-form-shift-jis.html: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis-encode-form-shift-jis.html.headers: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis-encode-form-sjis-expected.txt: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis-encode-form-sjis.html: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis-encode-form-sjis.html.headers: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis-encode-form-windows-31j-expected.txt: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis-encode-form-windows-31j.html: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis-encode-form-windows-31j.html.headers: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis-encode-form-x-sjis-expected.txt: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis-encode-form-x-sjis.html: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis-encode-form-x-sjis.html.headers: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis-encode-form.html: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis-encode-form.html.headers: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis-encode-href-errors-han-expected.txt: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis-encode-href-errors-han.html: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis-encode-href-errors-han.html.headers: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis-encode-href-errors-hangul-expected.txt: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis-encode-href-errors-hangul.html: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis-encode-href-errors-hangul.html.headers: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis-encode-href-errors-misc-expected.txt: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis-encode-href-errors-misc.html: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis-encode-href-errors-misc.html.headers: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis-encode-href-expected.txt: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis-encode-href.html: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis-encode-href.html.headers: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis-encoder.js: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis_chars-csshiftjis.html: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis_chars-csshiftjis.html.headers: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis_chars-ms932.html: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis_chars-ms932.html.headers: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis_chars-ms_kanji.html: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis_chars-ms_kanji.html.headers: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis_chars-shift-jis.html: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis_chars-shift-jis.html.headers: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis_chars-sjis.html: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis_chars-sjis.html.headers: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis_chars-windows-31j.html: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis_chars-windows-31j.html.headers: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis_chars-x-sjis.html: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis_chars-x-sjis.html.headers: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis_chars.html: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis_chars.html.headers: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis_errors.html: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis_errors.html.headers: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-decode-cseuckr-expected.txt: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-decode-cseuckr.html: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-decode-csksc56011987-expected.txt: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-decode-csksc56011987.html: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-decode-errors-expected.txt: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-decode-errors.html: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-decode-expected.txt: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-decode-iso-ir-149-expected.txt: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-decode-iso-ir-149.html: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-decode-korean-expected.txt: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-decode-korean.html: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-decode-ks_c_5601-1987-expected.txt: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-decode-ks_c_5601-1987.html: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-decode-ks_c_5601-1989-expected.txt: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-decode-ks_c_5601-1989.html: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-decode-ksc5601-expected.txt: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-decode-ksc5601.html: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-decode-ksc_5601-expected.txt: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-decode-ksc_5601.html: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-decode-windows-949-expected.txt: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-decode-windows-949.html: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-decode.html: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-decoder.js: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-encode-form-cseuckr-expected.txt: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-encode-form-cseuckr.html: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-encode-form-cseuckr.html.headers: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-encode-form-csksc56011987-expected.txt: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-encode-form-csksc56011987.html: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-encode-form-csksc56011987.html.headers: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-encode-form-errors-han-expected.txt: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-encode-form-errors-han.html: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-encode-form-errors-han.html.headers: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-encode-form-errors-hangul-expected.txt: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-encode-form-errors-hangul.html: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-encode-form-errors-hangul.html.headers: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-encode-form-errors-misc-expected.txt: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-encode-form-errors-misc.html: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-encode-form-errors-misc.html.headers: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-encode-form-expected.txt: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-encode-form-iso-ir-149-expected.txt: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-encode-form-iso-ir-149.html: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-encode-form-iso-ir-149.html.headers: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-encode-form-korean-expected.txt: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-encode-form-korean.html: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-encode-form-korean.html.headers: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-encode-form-ks_c_5601-1987-expected.txt: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-encode-form-ks_c_5601-1987.html: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-encode-form-ks_c_5601-1987.html.headers: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-encode-form-ks_c_5601-1989-expected.txt: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-encode-form-ks_c_5601-1989.html: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-encode-form-ks_c_5601-1989.html.headers: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-encode-form-ksc5601-expected.txt: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-encode-form-ksc5601.html: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-encode-form-ksc5601.html.headers: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-encode-form-ksc_5601-expected.txt: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-encode-form-ksc_5601.html: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-encode-form-ksc_5601.html.headers: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-encode-form-windows-949-expected.txt: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-encode-form-windows-949.html: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-encode-form-windows-949.html.headers: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-encode-form.html: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-encode-form.html.headers: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-encode-href-errors-han-expected.txt: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-encode-href-errors-han.html: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-encode-href-errors-han.html.headers: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-encode-href-errors-misc-expected.txt: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-encode-href-errors-misc.html: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-encode-href-errors-misc.html.headers: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-encode-href-expected.txt: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-encode-href.html: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-encode-href.html.headers: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-encoder.js: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr_chars-cseuckr.html: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr_chars-cseuckr.html.headers: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr_chars-csksc56011987.html: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr_chars-csksc56011987.html.headers: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr_chars-iso-ir-149.html: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr_chars-iso-ir-149.html.headers: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr_chars-korean.html: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr_chars-korean.html.headers: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr_chars-ks_c_5601-1987.html: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr_chars-ks_c_5601-1987.html.headers: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr_chars-ks_c_5601-1989.html: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr_chars-ks_c_5601-1989.html.headers: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr_chars-ksc5601.html: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr_chars-ksc5601.html.headers: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr_chars-ksc_5601.html: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr_chars-ksc_5601.html.headers: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr_chars-windows-949.html: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr_chars-windows-949.html.headers: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr_chars.html: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr_chars.html.headers: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr_errors.html: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr_errors.html.headers: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr_index.js: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5-decode-big5-hkscs-expected.txt: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5-decode-big5-hkscs.html: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5-decode-cn-big5-expected.txt: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5-decode-cn-big5.html: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5-decode-csbig5-expected.txt: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5-decode-csbig5.html: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5-decode-errors-expected.txt: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5-decode-errors.html: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5-decode-expected.txt: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5-decode-extra-expected.txt: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5-decode-extra.html: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5-decode-x-x-big5-expected.txt: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5-decode-x-x-big5.html: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5-decode.html: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5-decoder.js: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5-enc-ascii-expected.txt: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5-enc-ascii.html: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5-enc-ascii.html.headers: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5-encode-form-big5-hkscs-expected.txt: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5-encode-form-big5-hkscs.html: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5-encode-form-big5-hkscs.html.headers: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5-encode-form-cn-big5-expected.txt: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5-encode-form-cn-big5.html: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5-encode-form-cn-big5.html.headers: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5-encode-form-csbig5-expected.txt: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5-encode-form-csbig5.html: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5-encode-form-csbig5.html.headers: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5-encode-form-errors-extBa-expected.txt: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5-encode-form-errors-extBa.html: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5-encode-form-errors-extBa.html.headers: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5-encode-form-errors-extBb-expected.txt: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5-encode-form-errors-extBb.html: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5-encode-form-errors-extBb.html.headers: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5-encode-form-errors-han-expected.txt: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5-encode-form-errors-han.html: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5-encode-form-errors-han.html.headers: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5-encode-form-errors-hangul-expected.txt: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5-encode-form-errors-hangul.html: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5-encode-form-errors-hangul.html.headers: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5-encode-form-errors-misc-expected.txt: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5-encode-form-errors-misc.html: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5-encode-form-errors-misc.html.headers: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5-encode-form-errors-pua-expected.txt: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5-encode-form-errors-pua.html: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5-encode-form-expected.txt: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5-encode-form-x-x-big5-expected.txt: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5-encode-form-x-x-big5.html: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5-encode-form-x-x-big5.html.headers: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5-encode-form.html: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5-encode-form.html.headers: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5-encode-href-errors-han-expected.txt: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5-encode-href-errors-han.html: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5-encode-href-errors-han.html.headers: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5-encode-href-errors-hangul-expected.txt: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5-encode-href-errors-hangul.html: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5-encode-href-errors-hangul.html.headers: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5-encode-href-errors-misc-expected.txt: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5-encode-href-errors-misc.html: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5-encode-href-errors-misc.html.headers: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5-encode-href-expected.txt: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5-encode-href.html: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5-encode-href.html.headers: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5-encoder.js: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5_chars-big5-hkscs.html: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5_chars-big5-hkscs.html.headers: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5_chars-cn-big5.html: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5_chars-cn-big5.html.headers: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5_chars-csbig5.html: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5_chars-csbig5.html.headers: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5_chars-x-x-big5.html: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5_chars-x-x-big5.html.headers: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5_chars.html: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5_chars.html.headers: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5_chars_extra.html: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5_chars_extra.html.headers: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5_errors.html: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5_errors.html.headers: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5_index.js: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/reftest.list: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/replacement-encodings-expected.txt: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/replacement-encodings.html: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/resources/decoding-helpers.js: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/resources/encodings.js:
* web-platform-tests/encoding/resources/utf-32-big-endian-bom.html: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/resources/utf-32-big-endian-bom.xml: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/resources/utf-32-big-endian-nobom.html: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/resources/utf-32-big-endian-nobom.xml: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/resources/utf-32-little-endian-bom.html: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/resources/utf-32-little-endian-bom.xml: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/resources/utf-32-little-endian-nobom.html: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/resources/utf-32-little-endian-nobom.xml: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/single-byte-decoder-expected.txt:
* web-platform-tests/encoding/single-byte-decoder.html:
* web-platform-tests/encoding/textdecoder-copy.any.js: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/textdecoder-fatal-single-byte-expected.txt:
* web-platform-tests/encoding/textdecoder-fatal-single-byte.html:
* web-platform-tests/encoding/textdecoder-labels-expected.txt:
* web-platform-tests/encoding/textdecoder-labels.html:
* web-platform-tests/encoding/textencoder-constructor-non-utf-expected.txt:
* web-platform-tests/encoding/textencoder-constructor-non-utf.html:
* web-platform-tests/encoding/unsupported-encodings-expected.txt: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/unsupported-encodings.html: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/utf-32-expected.txt: Added.
* web-platform-tests/encoding/utf-32.html: Added.


* TestExpectations: Mark some WPT enncoding tests as slow (either
globally or on debug builds) based on what times out in EWS.

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LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/jis0208_index.js [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis-decode-csshiftjis-expected.txt [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis-decode-csshiftjis.html [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis-decode-errors-expected.txt [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis-decode-errors.html [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis-decode-expected.txt [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis-decode-ms932-expected.txt [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis-decode-ms932.html [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis-decode-ms_kanji-expected.txt [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis-decode-ms_kanji.html [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis-decode-shift-jis-expected.txt [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis-decode-shift-jis.html [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis-decode-sjis-expected.txt [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis-decode-sjis.html [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis-decode-windows-31j-expected.txt [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis-decode-windows-31j.html [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis-decode-x-sjis-expected.txt [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis-decode-x-sjis.html [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis-decode.html [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis-decoder.js [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis-encode-form-csshiftjis-expected.txt [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis-encode-form-csshiftjis.html [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis-encode-form-csshiftjis.html.headers [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis-encode-form-errors-han-expected.txt [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis-encode-form-errors-han.html [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis-encode-form-errors-han.html.headers [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis-encode-form-errors-hangul-expected.txt [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis-encode-form-errors-hangul.html [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis-encode-form-errors-hangul.html.headers [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis-encode-form-errors-misc-expected.txt [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis-encode-form-errors-misc.html [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis-encode-form-errors-misc.html.headers [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis-encode-form-expected.txt [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis-encode-form-ms932-expected.txt [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis-encode-form-ms932.html [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis-encode-form-ms932.html.headers [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis-encode-form-ms_kanji-expected.txt [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis-encode-form-ms_kanji.html [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis-encode-form-ms_kanji.html.headers [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis-encode-form-shift-jis-expected.txt [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis-encode-form-shift-jis.html [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis-encode-form-shift-jis.html.headers [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis-encode-form-sjis-expected.txt [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis-encode-form-sjis.html [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis-encode-form-sjis.html.headers [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis-encode-form-windows-31j-expected.txt [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis-encode-form-windows-31j.html [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis-encode-form-windows-31j.html.headers [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis-encode-form-x-sjis-expected.txt [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis-encode-form-x-sjis.html [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis-encode-form-x-sjis.html.headers [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis-encode-form.html [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis-encode-form.html.headers [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis-encode-href-errors-han-expected.txt [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis-encode-href-errors-han.html [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis-encode-href-errors-han.html.headers [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis-encode-href-errors-hangul-expected.txt [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis-encode-href-errors-hangul.html [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis-encode-href-errors-hangul.html.headers [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis-encode-href-errors-misc-expected.txt [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis-encode-href-errors-misc.html [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis-encode-href-errors-misc.html.headers [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis-encode-href-expected.txt [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis-encode-href.html [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis-encode-href.html.headers [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis-encoder.js [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis_chars-csshiftjis.html [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis_chars-csshiftjis.html.headers [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis_chars-ms932.html [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis_chars-ms932.html.headers [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis_chars-ms_kanji.html [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis_chars-ms_kanji.html.headers [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis_chars-shift-jis.html [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis_chars-shift-jis.html.headers [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis_chars-sjis.html [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis_chars-sjis.html.headers [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis_chars-windows-31j.html [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis_chars-windows-31j.html.headers [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis_chars-x-sjis.html [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis_chars-x-sjis.html.headers [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis_chars.html [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis_chars.html.headers [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis_errors.html [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis_errors.html.headers [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-decode-cseuckr-expected.txt [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-decode-cseuckr.html [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-decode-csksc56011987-expected.txt [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-decode-csksc56011987.html [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-decode-errors-expected.txt [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-decode-errors.html [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-decode-expected.txt [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-decode-iso-ir-149-expected.txt [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-decode-iso-ir-149.html [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-decode-korean-expected.txt [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-decode-korean.html [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-decode-ks_c_5601-1987-expected.txt [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-decode-ks_c_5601-1987.html [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-decode-ks_c_5601-1989-expected.txt [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-decode-ks_c_5601-1989.html [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-decode-ksc5601-expected.txt [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-decode-ksc5601.html [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-decode-ksc_5601-expected.txt [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-decode-ksc_5601.html [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-decode-windows-949-expected.txt [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-decode-windows-949.html [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-decode.html [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-decoder.js [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-encode-form-cseuckr-expected.txt [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-encode-form-cseuckr.html [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-encode-form-cseuckr.html.headers [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-encode-form-csksc56011987-expected.txt [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-encode-form-csksc56011987.html [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-encode-form-csksc56011987.html.headers [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-encode-form-errors-han-expected.txt [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-encode-form-errors-han.html [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-encode-form-errors-han.html.headers [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-encode-form-errors-hangul-expected.txt [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-encode-form-errors-hangul.html [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-encode-form-errors-hangul.html.headers [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-encode-form-errors-misc-expected.txt [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-encode-form-errors-misc.html [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-encode-form-errors-misc.html.headers [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-encode-form-expected.txt [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-encode-form-iso-ir-149-expected.txt [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-encode-form-iso-ir-149.html [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-encode-form-iso-ir-149.html.headers [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-encode-form-korean-expected.txt [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-encode-form-korean.html [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-encode-form-korean.html.headers [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-encode-form-ks_c_5601-1987-expected.txt [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-encode-form-ks_c_5601-1987.html [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-encode-form-ks_c_5601-1987.html.headers [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-encode-form-ks_c_5601-1989-expected.txt [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-encode-form-ks_c_5601-1989.html [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-encode-form-ks_c_5601-1989.html.headers [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-encode-form-ksc5601-expected.txt [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-encode-form-ksc5601.html [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-encode-form-ksc5601.html.headers [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-encode-form-ksc_5601-expected.txt [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-encode-form-ksc_5601.html [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-encode-form-ksc_5601.html.headers [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-encode-form-windows-949-expected.txt [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-encode-form-windows-949.html [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-encode-form-windows-949.html.headers [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-encode-form.html [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-encode-form.html.headers [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-encode-href-errors-han-expected.txt [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-encode-href-errors-han.html [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-encode-href-errors-han.html.headers [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-encode-href-errors-misc-expected.txt [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-encode-href-errors-misc.html [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-encode-href-errors-misc.html.headers [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-encode-href-expected.txt [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-encode-href.html [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-encode-href.html.headers [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-encoder.js [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr_chars-cseuckr.html [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr_chars-cseuckr.html.headers [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr_chars-csksc56011987.html [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr_chars-csksc56011987.html.headers [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr_chars-iso-ir-149.html [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr_chars-iso-ir-149.html.headers [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr_chars-korean.html [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr_chars-korean.html.headers [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr_chars-ks_c_5601-1987.html [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr_chars-ks_c_5601-1987.html.headers [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr_chars-ks_c_5601-1989.html [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr_chars-ks_c_5601-1989.html.headers [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr_chars-ksc5601.html [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr_chars-ksc5601.html.headers [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr_chars-ksc_5601.html [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr_chars-ksc_5601.html.headers [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr_chars-windows-949.html [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr_chars-windows-949.html.headers [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr_chars.html [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr_chars.html.headers [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr_errors.html [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr_errors.html.headers [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr_index.js [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5-decode-big5-hkscs-expected.txt [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5-decode-big5-hkscs.html [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5-decode-cn-big5-expected.txt [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5-decode-cn-big5.html [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5-decode-csbig5-expected.txt [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5-decode-csbig5.html [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5-decode-errors-expected.txt [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5-decode-errors.html [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5-decode-expected.txt [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5-decode-extra-expected.txt [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5-decode-extra.html [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5-decode-x-x-big5-expected.txt [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5-decode-x-x-big5.html [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5-decode.html [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5-decoder.js [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5-enc-ascii-expected.txt [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5-enc-ascii.html [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5-enc-ascii.html.headers [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5-encode-form-big5-hkscs-expected.txt [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5-encode-form-big5-hkscs.html [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5-encode-form-big5-hkscs.html.headers [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5-encode-form-cn-big5-expected.txt [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5-encode-form-cn-big5.html [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5-encode-form-cn-big5.html.headers [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5-encode-form-csbig5-expected.txt [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5-encode-form-csbig5.html [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5-encode-form-csbig5.html.headers [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5-encode-form-errors-extBa-expected.txt [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5-encode-form-errors-extBa.html [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5-encode-form-errors-extBa.html.headers [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5-encode-form-errors-extBb-expected.txt [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5-encode-form-errors-extBb.html [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5-encode-form-errors-extBb.html.headers [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5-encode-form-errors-han-expected.txt [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5-encode-form-errors-han.html [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5-encode-form-errors-han.html.headers [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5-encode-form-errors-hangul-expected.txt [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5-encode-form-errors-hangul.html [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5-encode-form-errors-hangul.html.headers [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5-encode-form-errors-misc-expected.txt [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5-encode-form-errors-misc.html [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5-encode-form-errors-misc.html.headers [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5-encode-form-errors-pua-expected.txt [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5-encode-form-errors-pua.html [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5-encode-form-expected.txt [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5-encode-form-x-x-big5-expected.txt [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5-encode-form-x-x-big5.html [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5-encode-form-x-x-big5.html.headers [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5-encode-form.html [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5-encode-form.html.headers [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5-encode-href-errors-han-expected.txt [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5-encode-href-errors-han.html [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5-encode-href-errors-han.html.headers [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5-encode-href-errors-hangul-expected.txt [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5-encode-href-errors-hangul.html [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5-encode-href-errors-hangul.html.headers [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5-encode-href-errors-misc-expected.txt [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5-encode-href-errors-misc.html [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5-encode-href-errors-misc.html.headers [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5-encode-href-expected.txt [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5-encode-href.html [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5-encode-href.html.headers [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5-encoder.js [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5_chars-big5-hkscs.html [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5_chars-big5-hkscs.html.headers [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5_chars-cn-big5.html [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5_chars-cn-big5.html.headers [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5_chars-csbig5.html [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5_chars-csbig5.html.headers [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5_chars-x-x-big5.html [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5_chars-x-x-big5.html.headers [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5_chars.html [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5_chars.html.headers [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5_chars_extra.html [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5_chars_extra.html.headers [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5_errors.html [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5_errors.html.headers [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5_index.js [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/reftest.list [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/replacement-encodings-expected.txt [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/replacement-encodings.html [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/resources/decoding-helpers.js [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/resources/utf-32-big-endian-bom.html [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/resources/utf-32-big-endian-bom.xml [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/resources/utf-32-big-endian-nobom.html [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/resources/utf-32-big-endian-nobom.xml [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/resources/utf-32-little-endian-bom.html [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/resources/utf-32-little-endian-bom.xml [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/resources/utf-32-little-endian-nobom.html [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/resources/utf-32-little-endian-nobom.xml [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/textdecoder-copy.any.js [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/unsupported-encodings-expected.txt [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/unsupported-encodings.html [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/utf-32-expected.txt [new file with mode: 0644]
LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/utf-32.html [new file with mode: 0644]

index 0625073..23d9fd2 100644 (file)
@@ -1,3 +1,13 @@
+2017-11-07  Maciej Stachowiak  <mjs@apple.com>
+        Update WPT encoding test suite to the latest version.
+        https://bugs.webkit.org/show_bug.cgi?id=179312
+        Reviewed by Youenn Fablet.
+        * TestExpectations: Mark some WPT enncoding tests as slow (either
+        globally or on debug builds) based on what times out in EWS.
 2017-11-07  Antti Koivisto  <antti@apple.com>
         Dynamic media queries don't update in shadow tree stylesheets
index d9b99d8..75f00a3 100644 (file)
@@ -260,6 +260,39 @@ imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/fetch/api/abort/general.any.worker.html [ Skip ]
 # Not supported
 imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/background-fetch [ Skip ]
+# We fail this reftest
+imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/eof-shift_jis.html [ ImageOnlyFailure ]
+# These encoding tests are slow
+imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5-encode-form-errors-extBa.html [ Slow ]
+imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5-encode-form-errors-extBb.html [ Slow ]
+[ Debug ] imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis-decode-csshiftjis.html [ Slow ]
+[ Debug ] imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis-decode-ms932.html [ Slow ]
+[ Debug ] imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis-decode-shift-jis.html [ Slow ]
+[ Debug ] imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis-decode-sjis.html [ Slow ]
+[ Debug ] imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis-decode-windows-31j.html [ Slow ]
+[ Debug ] imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis-decode-x-sjis.html [ Slow ]
+[ Debug ] imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis-decode.html [ Slow ]
+[ Debug ] imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis-encode-form-errors-han.html [ Slow ]
+[ Debug ] imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis-encode-href-errors-han.html [ Slow ]
+[ Debug ] imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-decode-cseuckr.html [ Slow ]
+[ Debug ] imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-decode-csksc56011987.html [ Slow ]
+[ Debug ] imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-decode-iso-ir-149.html [ Slow ]
+[ Debug ] imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-decode-korean.html [ Slow ]
+[ Debug ] imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-decode-ks_c_5601-1987.html [ Slow ]
+[ Debug ] imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-decode-ks_c_5601-1989.html [ Slow ]
+[ Debug ] imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-decode-ksc5601.html [ Slow ]
+[ Debug ] imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-decode-ksc_5601.html [ Slow ]
+[ Debug ] imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-decode-windows-949.html [ Slow ]
+[ Debug ] imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-decode.html [ Slow ]
+[ Debug ] imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5-decode-big5-hkscs.html [ Slow ]
+[ Debug ] imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5-decode-cn-big5.html [ Slow ]
+[ Debug ] imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5-decode-csbig5.html [ Slow ]
+[ Debug ] imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5-decode-x-x-big5.html [ Slow ]
+[ Debug ] imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5-decode.html [ Slow ]
+[ Debug ] imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5-encode-form-big5-hkscs.html [ Slow ]
 # Content encoding sniffing is only supported by CFNetwork.
 http/tests/xmlhttprequest/gzip-content-type-no-content-encoding.html [ Skip ]
index 904e784..5e963d0 100644 (file)
@@ -1,3 +1,321 @@
+2017-11-07  Maciej Stachowiak  <mjs@apple.com>
+        Update WPT encoding test suite to the latest version.
+        https://bugs.webkit.org/show_bug.cgi?id=179312
+        Reviewed by Youenn Fablet.
+        * resources/resource-files.json: Mark HTML files that aren't tests
+        but which are not in resources/ directories.
+        The remaining changes are updates from upstream.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/OWNERS:
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/api-invalid-label-expected.txt:
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/api-invalid-label.html:
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/api-replacement-encodings-expected.txt:
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/api-replacement-encodings.html:
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/eof-shift_jis-ref.html: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/eof-shift_jis.html: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/eof-utf-8-one-ref.html: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/eof-utf-8-one.html: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/eof-utf-8-three-ref.html: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/eof-utf-8-three.html: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/eof-utf-8-two-ref.html: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/eof-utf-8-two.html: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/idlharness.html:
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/iso-2022-jp-decoder-expected.txt:
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/iso-2022-jp-decoder.html:
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/jis0208_index.js: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis-decode-csshiftjis-expected.txt: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis-decode-csshiftjis.html: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis-decode-errors-expected.txt: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis-decode-errors.html: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis-decode-expected.txt: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis-decode-ms932-expected.txt: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis-decode-ms932.html: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis-decode-ms_kanji-expected.txt: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis-decode-ms_kanji.html: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis-decode-shift-jis-expected.txt: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis-decode-shift-jis.html: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis-decode-sjis-expected.txt: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis-decode-sjis.html: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis-decode-windows-31j-expected.txt: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis-decode-windows-31j.html: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis-decode-x-sjis-expected.txt: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis-decode-x-sjis.html: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis-decode.html: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis-decoder.js: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis-encode-form-csshiftjis-expected.txt: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis-encode-form-csshiftjis.html: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis-encode-form-csshiftjis.html.headers: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis-encode-form-errors-han-expected.txt: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis-encode-form-errors-han.html: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis-encode-form-errors-han.html.headers: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis-encode-form-errors-hangul-expected.txt: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis-encode-form-errors-hangul.html: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis-encode-form-errors-hangul.html.headers: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis-encode-form-errors-misc-expected.txt: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis-encode-form-errors-misc.html: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis-encode-form-errors-misc.html.headers: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis-encode-form-expected.txt: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis-encode-form-ms932-expected.txt: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis-encode-form-ms932.html: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis-encode-form-ms932.html.headers: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis-encode-form-ms_kanji-expected.txt: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis-encode-form-ms_kanji.html: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis-encode-form-ms_kanji.html.headers: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis-encode-form-shift-jis-expected.txt: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis-encode-form-shift-jis.html: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis-encode-form-shift-jis.html.headers: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis-encode-form-sjis-expected.txt: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis-encode-form-sjis.html: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis-encode-form-sjis.html.headers: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis-encode-form-windows-31j-expected.txt: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis-encode-form-windows-31j.html: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis-encode-form-windows-31j.html.headers: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis-encode-form-x-sjis-expected.txt: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis-encode-form-x-sjis.html: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis-encode-form-x-sjis.html.headers: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis-encode-form.html: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis-encode-form.html.headers: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis-encode-href-errors-han-expected.txt: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis-encode-href-errors-han.html: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis-encode-href-errors-han.html.headers: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis-encode-href-errors-hangul-expected.txt: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis-encode-href-errors-hangul.html: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis-encode-href-errors-hangul.html.headers: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis-encode-href-errors-misc-expected.txt: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis-encode-href-errors-misc.html: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis-encode-href-errors-misc.html.headers: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis-encode-href-expected.txt: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis-encode-href.html: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis-encode-href.html.headers: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis-encoder.js: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis_chars-csshiftjis.html: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis_chars-csshiftjis.html.headers: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis_chars-ms932.html: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis_chars-ms932.html.headers: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis_chars-ms_kanji.html: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis_chars-ms_kanji.html.headers: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis_chars-shift-jis.html: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis_chars-shift-jis.html.headers: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis_chars-sjis.html: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis_chars-sjis.html.headers: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis_chars-windows-31j.html: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis_chars-windows-31j.html.headers: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis_chars-x-sjis.html: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis_chars-x-sjis.html.headers: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis_chars.html: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis_chars.html.headers: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis_errors.html: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis_errors.html.headers: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-decode-cseuckr-expected.txt: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-decode-cseuckr.html: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-decode-csksc56011987-expected.txt: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-decode-csksc56011987.html: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-decode-errors-expected.txt: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-decode-errors.html: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-decode-expected.txt: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-decode-iso-ir-149-expected.txt: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-decode-iso-ir-149.html: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-decode-korean-expected.txt: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-decode-korean.html: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-decode-ks_c_5601-1987-expected.txt: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-decode-ks_c_5601-1987.html: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-decode-ks_c_5601-1989-expected.txt: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-decode-ks_c_5601-1989.html: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-decode-ksc5601-expected.txt: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-decode-ksc5601.html: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-decode-ksc_5601-expected.txt: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-decode-ksc_5601.html: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-decode-windows-949-expected.txt: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-decode-windows-949.html: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-decode.html: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-decoder.js: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-encode-form-cseuckr-expected.txt: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-encode-form-cseuckr.html: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-encode-form-cseuckr.html.headers: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-encode-form-csksc56011987-expected.txt: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-encode-form-csksc56011987.html: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-encode-form-csksc56011987.html.headers: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-encode-form-errors-han-expected.txt: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-encode-form-errors-han.html: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-encode-form-errors-han.html.headers: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-encode-form-errors-hangul-expected.txt: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-encode-form-errors-hangul.html: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-encode-form-errors-hangul.html.headers: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-encode-form-errors-misc-expected.txt: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-encode-form-errors-misc.html: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-encode-form-errors-misc.html.headers: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-encode-form-expected.txt: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-encode-form-iso-ir-149-expected.txt: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-encode-form-iso-ir-149.html: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-encode-form-iso-ir-149.html.headers: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-encode-form-korean-expected.txt: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-encode-form-korean.html: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-encode-form-korean.html.headers: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-encode-form-ks_c_5601-1987-expected.txt: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-encode-form-ks_c_5601-1987.html: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-encode-form-ks_c_5601-1987.html.headers: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-encode-form-ks_c_5601-1989-expected.txt: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-encode-form-ks_c_5601-1989.html: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-encode-form-ks_c_5601-1989.html.headers: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-encode-form-ksc5601-expected.txt: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-encode-form-ksc5601.html: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-encode-form-ksc5601.html.headers: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-encode-form-ksc_5601-expected.txt: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-encode-form-ksc_5601.html: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-encode-form-ksc_5601.html.headers: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-encode-form-windows-949-expected.txt: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-encode-form-windows-949.html: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-encode-form-windows-949.html.headers: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-encode-form.html: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-encode-form.html.headers: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-encode-href-errors-han-expected.txt: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-encode-href-errors-han.html: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-encode-href-errors-han.html.headers: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-encode-href-errors-misc-expected.txt: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-encode-href-errors-misc.html: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-encode-href-errors-misc.html.headers: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-encode-href-expected.txt: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-encode-href.html: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-encode-href.html.headers: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr-encoder.js: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr_chars-cseuckr.html: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr_chars-cseuckr.html.headers: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr_chars-csksc56011987.html: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr_chars-csksc56011987.html.headers: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr_chars-iso-ir-149.html: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr_chars-iso-ir-149.html.headers: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr_chars-korean.html: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr_chars-korean.html.headers: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr_chars-ks_c_5601-1987.html: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr_chars-ks_c_5601-1987.html.headers: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr_chars-ks_c_5601-1989.html: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr_chars-ks_c_5601-1989.html.headers: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr_chars-ksc5601.html: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr_chars-ksc5601.html.headers: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr_chars-ksc_5601.html: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr_chars-ksc_5601.html.headers: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr_chars-windows-949.html: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr_chars-windows-949.html.headers: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr_chars.html: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr_chars.html.headers: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr_errors.html: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr_errors.html.headers: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr_index.js: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5-decode-big5-hkscs-expected.txt: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5-decode-big5-hkscs.html: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5-decode-cn-big5-expected.txt: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5-decode-cn-big5.html: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5-decode-csbig5-expected.txt: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5-decode-csbig5.html: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5-decode-errors-expected.txt: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5-decode-errors.html: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5-decode-expected.txt: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5-decode-extra-expected.txt: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5-decode-extra.html: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5-decode-x-x-big5-expected.txt: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5-decode-x-x-big5.html: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5-decode.html: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5-decoder.js: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5-enc-ascii-expected.txt: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5-enc-ascii.html: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5-enc-ascii.html.headers: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5-encode-form-big5-hkscs-expected.txt: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5-encode-form-big5-hkscs.html: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5-encode-form-big5-hkscs.html.headers: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5-encode-form-cn-big5-expected.txt: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5-encode-form-cn-big5.html: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5-encode-form-cn-big5.html.headers: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5-encode-form-csbig5-expected.txt: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5-encode-form-csbig5.html: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5-encode-form-csbig5.html.headers: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5-encode-form-errors-extBa-expected.txt: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5-encode-form-errors-extBa.html: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5-encode-form-errors-extBa.html.headers: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5-encode-form-errors-extBb-expected.txt: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5-encode-form-errors-extBb.html: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5-encode-form-errors-extBb.html.headers: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5-encode-form-errors-han-expected.txt: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5-encode-form-errors-han.html: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5-encode-form-errors-han.html.headers: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5-encode-form-errors-hangul-expected.txt: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5-encode-form-errors-hangul.html: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5-encode-form-errors-hangul.html.headers: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5-encode-form-errors-misc-expected.txt: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5-encode-form-errors-misc.html: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5-encode-form-errors-misc.html.headers: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5-encode-form-errors-pua-expected.txt: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5-encode-form-errors-pua.html: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5-encode-form-expected.txt: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5-encode-form-x-x-big5-expected.txt: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5-encode-form-x-x-big5.html: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5-encode-form-x-x-big5.html.headers: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5-encode-form.html: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5-encode-form.html.headers: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5-encode-href-errors-han-expected.txt: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5-encode-href-errors-han.html: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5-encode-href-errors-han.html.headers: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5-encode-href-errors-hangul-expected.txt: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5-encode-href-errors-hangul.html: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5-encode-href-errors-hangul.html.headers: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5-encode-href-errors-misc-expected.txt: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5-encode-href-errors-misc.html: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5-encode-href-errors-misc.html.headers: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5-encode-href-expected.txt: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5-encode-href.html: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5-encode-href.html.headers: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5-encoder.js: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5_chars-big5-hkscs.html: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5_chars-big5-hkscs.html.headers: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5_chars-cn-big5.html: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5_chars-cn-big5.html.headers: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5_chars-csbig5.html: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5_chars-csbig5.html.headers: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5_chars-x-x-big5.html: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5_chars-x-x-big5.html.headers: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5_chars.html: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5_chars.html.headers: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5_chars_extra.html: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5_chars_extra.html.headers: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5_errors.html: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5_errors.html.headers: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5_index.js: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/reftest.list: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/replacement-encodings-expected.txt: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/replacement-encodings.html: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/resources/decoding-helpers.js: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/resources/encodings.js:
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/resources/utf-32-big-endian-bom.html: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/resources/utf-32-big-endian-bom.xml: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/resources/utf-32-big-endian-nobom.html: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/resources/utf-32-big-endian-nobom.xml: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/resources/utf-32-little-endian-bom.html: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/resources/utf-32-little-endian-bom.xml: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/resources/utf-32-little-endian-nobom.html: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/resources/utf-32-little-endian-nobom.xml: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/single-byte-decoder-expected.txt:
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/single-byte-decoder.html:
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/textdecoder-copy.any.js: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/textdecoder-fatal-single-byte-expected.txt:
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/textdecoder-fatal-single-byte.html:
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/textdecoder-labels-expected.txt:
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/textdecoder-labels.html:
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/textencoder-constructor-non-utf-expected.txt:
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/textencoder-constructor-non-utf.html:
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/unsupported-encodings-expected.txt: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/unsupported-encodings.html: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/utf-32-expected.txt: Added.
+        * web-platform-tests/encoding/utf-32.html: Added.
 2017-11-06  Maciej Stachowiak  <mjs@apple.com>
         Canonical name of EUC-KR encoding should be EUC-KR, not windows-949
index a0e5c38..e80d7bb 100644 (file)
+        "web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis_chars-csshiftjis.html",
+        "web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis_chars-ms932.html",
+        "web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis_chars-ms_kanji.html",
+        "web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis_chars-shift-jis.html",
+        "web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis_chars-sjis.html",
+        "web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis_chars-windows-31j.html",
+        "web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis_chars-x-sjis.html",
+        "web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis_chars.html",
+        "web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis_errors.html",
+        "web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr_chars-cseuckr.html",
+        "web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr_chars-csksc56011987.html",
+        "web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr_chars-iso-ir-149.html",
+        "web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr_chars-korean.html",
+        "web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr_chars-ks_c_5601-1987.html",
+        "web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr_chars-ks_c_5601-1989.html",
+        "web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr_chars-ksc5601.html",
+        "web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr_chars-ksc_5601.html",
+        "web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr_chars-windows-949.html",
+        "web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr_chars.html",
+        "web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-korean/euc-kr/euckr_errors.html",
+        "web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5_chars-big5-hkscs.html",
+        "web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5_chars-cn-big5.html",
+        "web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5_chars-csbig5.html",
+        "web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5_chars-x-x-big5.html",
+        "web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5_chars.html",
+        "web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5_chars_extra.html",
+        "web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-tchinese/big5/big5_errors.html",
index 0c85a08..63056c2 100644 (file)
@@ -1605,6 +1605,21 @@ PASS Invalid label "
" should be rejected by TextDecoder.
 PASS Invalid label "
koi8_r" should be rejected by TextDecoder. 
 PASS Invalid label "koi8_r
" should be rejected by TextDecoder. 
 PASS Invalid label "
" should be rejected by TextDecoder. 
+PASS Invalid label "\0koi8-ru" should be rejected by TextDecoder. 
+PASS Invalid label "koi8-ru\0" should be rejected by TextDecoder. 
+PASS Invalid label "\0koi8-ru\0" should be rejected by TextDecoder. 
+PASS Invalid label "\vkoi8-ru" should be rejected by TextDecoder. 
+PASS Invalid label "koi8-ru\v" should be rejected by TextDecoder. 
+PASS Invalid label "\vkoi8-ru\v" should be rejected by TextDecoder. 
+PASS Invalid label " koi8-ru" should be rejected by TextDecoder. 
+PASS Invalid label "koi8-ru " should be rejected by TextDecoder. 
+PASS Invalid label " koi8-ru " should be rejected by TextDecoder. 
+PASS Invalid label "
koi8-ru" should be rejected by TextDecoder. 
+PASS Invalid label "koi8-ru
" should be rejected by TextDecoder. 
+PASS Invalid label "
" should be rejected by TextDecoder. 
+PASS Invalid label "
koi8-ru" should be rejected by TextDecoder. 
+PASS Invalid label "koi8-ru
" should be rejected by TextDecoder. 
+PASS Invalid label "
" should be rejected by TextDecoder. 
 PASS Invalid label "\0koi8-u" should be rejected by TextDecoder. 
 PASS Invalid label "koi8-u\0" should be rejected by TextDecoder. 
 PASS Invalid label "\0koi8-u\0" should be rejected by TextDecoder. 
@@ -3120,6 +3135,96 @@ PASS Invalid label "
" should be rejected by TextDecoder.
 PASS Invalid label "
windows-949" should be rejected by TextDecoder. 
 PASS Invalid label "windows-949
" should be rejected by TextDecoder. 
 PASS Invalid label "
" should be rejected by TextDecoder. 
+PASS Invalid label "\0csiso2022kr" should be rejected by TextDecoder. 
+PASS Invalid label "csiso2022kr\0" should be rejected by TextDecoder. 
+PASS Invalid label "\0csiso2022kr\0" should be rejected by TextDecoder. 
+PASS Invalid label "\vcsiso2022kr" should be rejected by TextDecoder. 
+PASS Invalid label "csiso2022kr\v" should be rejected by TextDecoder. 
+PASS Invalid label "\vcsiso2022kr\v" should be rejected by TextDecoder. 
+PASS Invalid label " csiso2022kr" should be rejected by TextDecoder. 
+PASS Invalid label "csiso2022kr " should be rejected by TextDecoder. 
+PASS Invalid label " csiso2022kr " should be rejected by TextDecoder. 
+PASS Invalid label "
csiso2022kr" should be rejected by TextDecoder. 
+PASS Invalid label "csiso2022kr
" should be rejected by TextDecoder. 
+PASS Invalid label "
" should be rejected by TextDecoder. 
+PASS Invalid label "
csiso2022kr" should be rejected by TextDecoder. 
+PASS Invalid label "csiso2022kr
" should be rejected by TextDecoder. 
+PASS Invalid label "
" should be rejected by TextDecoder. 
+PASS Invalid label "\0hz-gb-2312" should be rejected by TextDecoder. 
+PASS Invalid label "hz-gb-2312\0" should be rejected by TextDecoder. 
+PASS Invalid label "\0hz-gb-2312\0" should be rejected by TextDecoder. 
+PASS Invalid label "\vhz-gb-2312" should be rejected by TextDecoder. 
+PASS Invalid label "hz-gb-2312\v" should be rejected by TextDecoder. 
+PASS Invalid label "\vhz-gb-2312\v" should be rejected by TextDecoder. 
+PASS Invalid label " hz-gb-2312" should be rejected by TextDecoder. 
+PASS Invalid label "hz-gb-2312 " should be rejected by TextDecoder. 
+PASS Invalid label " hz-gb-2312 " should be rejected by TextDecoder. 
+PASS Invalid label "
hz-gb-2312" should be rejected by TextDecoder. 
+PASS Invalid label "hz-gb-2312
" should be rejected by TextDecoder. 
+PASS Invalid label "
" should be rejected by TextDecoder. 
+PASS Invalid label "
hz-gb-2312" should be rejected by TextDecoder. 
+PASS Invalid label "hz-gb-2312
" should be rejected by TextDecoder. 
+PASS Invalid label "
" should be rejected by TextDecoder. 
+PASS Invalid label "\0iso-2022-cn" should be rejected by TextDecoder. 
+PASS Invalid label "iso-2022-cn\0" should be rejected by TextDecoder. 
+PASS Invalid label "\0iso-2022-cn\0" should be rejected by TextDecoder. 
+PASS Invalid label "\viso-2022-cn" should be rejected by TextDecoder. 
+PASS Invalid label "iso-2022-cn\v" should be rejected by TextDecoder. 
+PASS Invalid label "\viso-2022-cn\v" should be rejected by TextDecoder. 
+PASS Invalid label " iso-2022-cn" should be rejected by TextDecoder. 
+PASS Invalid label "iso-2022-cn " should be rejected by TextDecoder. 
+PASS Invalid label " iso-2022-cn " should be rejected by TextDecoder. 
+PASS Invalid label "
iso-2022-cn" should be rejected by TextDecoder. 
+PASS Invalid label "iso-2022-cn
" should be rejected by TextDecoder. 
+PASS Invalid label "
" should be rejected by TextDecoder. 
+PASS Invalid label "
iso-2022-cn" should be rejected by TextDecoder. 
+PASS Invalid label "iso-2022-cn
" should be rejected by TextDecoder. 
+PASS Invalid label "
" should be rejected by TextDecoder. 
+PASS Invalid label "\0iso-2022-cn-ext" should be rejected by TextDecoder. 
+PASS Invalid label "iso-2022-cn-ext\0" should be rejected by TextDecoder. 
+PASS Invalid label "\0iso-2022-cn-ext\0" should be rejected by TextDecoder. 
+PASS Invalid label "\viso-2022-cn-ext" should be rejected by TextDecoder. 
+PASS Invalid label "iso-2022-cn-ext\v" should be rejected by TextDecoder. 
+PASS Invalid label "\viso-2022-cn-ext\v" should be rejected by TextDecoder. 
+PASS Invalid label " iso-2022-cn-ext" should be rejected by TextDecoder. 
+PASS Invalid label "iso-2022-cn-ext " should be rejected by TextDecoder. 
+PASS Invalid label " iso-2022-cn-ext " should be rejected by TextDecoder. 
+PASS Invalid label "
iso-2022-cn-ext" should be rejected by TextDecoder. 
+PASS Invalid label "iso-2022-cn-ext
" should be rejected by TextDecoder. 
+PASS Invalid label "
" should be rejected by TextDecoder. 
+PASS Invalid label "
iso-2022-cn-ext" should be rejected by TextDecoder. 
+PASS Invalid label "iso-2022-cn-ext
" should be rejected by TextDecoder. 
+PASS Invalid label "
" should be rejected by TextDecoder. 
+PASS Invalid label "\0iso-2022-kr" should be rejected by TextDecoder. 
+PASS Invalid label "iso-2022-kr\0" should be rejected by TextDecoder. 
+PASS Invalid label "\0iso-2022-kr\0" should be rejected by TextDecoder. 
+PASS Invalid label "\viso-2022-kr" should be rejected by TextDecoder. 
+PASS Invalid label "iso-2022-kr\v" should be rejected by TextDecoder. 
+PASS Invalid label "\viso-2022-kr\v" should be rejected by TextDecoder. 
+PASS Invalid label " iso-2022-kr" should be rejected by TextDecoder. 
+PASS Invalid label "iso-2022-kr " should be rejected by TextDecoder. 
+PASS Invalid label " iso-2022-kr " should be rejected by TextDecoder. 
+PASS Invalid label "
iso-2022-kr" should be rejected by TextDecoder. 
+PASS Invalid label "iso-2022-kr
" should be rejected by TextDecoder. 
+PASS Invalid label "
" should be rejected by TextDecoder. 
+PASS Invalid label "
iso-2022-kr" should be rejected by TextDecoder. 
+PASS Invalid label "iso-2022-kr
" should be rejected by TextDecoder. 
+PASS Invalid label "
" should be rejected by TextDecoder. 
+PASS Invalid label "\0replacement" should be rejected by TextDecoder. 
+PASS Invalid label "replacement\0" should be rejected by TextDecoder. 
+PASS Invalid label "\0replacement\0" should be rejected by TextDecoder. 
+PASS Invalid label "\vreplacement" should be rejected by TextDecoder. 
+PASS Invalid label "replacement\v" should be rejected by TextDecoder. 
+PASS Invalid label "\vreplacement\v" should be rejected by TextDecoder. 
+PASS Invalid label " replacement" should be rejected by TextDecoder. 
+PASS Invalid label "replacement " should be rejected by TextDecoder. 
+PASS Invalid label " replacement " should be rejected by TextDecoder. 
+PASS Invalid label "
replacement" should be rejected by TextDecoder. 
+PASS Invalid label "replacement
" should be rejected by TextDecoder. 
+PASS Invalid label "
" should be rejected by TextDecoder. 
+PASS Invalid label "
replacement" should be rejected by TextDecoder. 
+PASS Invalid label "replacement
" should be rejected by TextDecoder. 
+PASS Invalid label "
" should be rejected by TextDecoder. 
 PASS Invalid label "\0utf-16be" should be rejected by TextDecoder. 
 PASS Invalid label "utf-16be\0" should be rejected by TextDecoder. 
 PASS Invalid label "\0utf-16be\0" should be rejected by TextDecoder. 
index f15c184..3c7486f 100644 (file)
@@ -8,9 +8,7 @@
 var tests = ["invalid-invalidLabel"];
 setup(function() {
   encodings_table.forEach(function(section) {
-    section.encodings.filter(function(encoding) {
-      return encoding.name !== 'replacement';
-    }).forEach(function(encoding) {
+    section.encodings.forEach(function(encoding) {
       encoding.labels.forEach(function(label) {
         ["\u0000", "\u000b", "\u00a0", "\u2028", "\u2029"].forEach(function(ws) {
           tests.push(ws + label);
index 752ae75..7def2ce 100644 (file)
@@ -1,8 +1,8 @@
-PASS The "replacement" label should not be a known encoding. 
 PASS Label for "replacement" should be rejected by API: csiso2022kr 
 PASS Label for "replacement" should be rejected by API: hz-gb-2312 
 PASS Label for "replacement" should be rejected by API: iso-2022-cn 
 PASS Label for "replacement" should be rejected by API: iso-2022-cn-ext 
 PASS Label for "replacement" should be rejected by API: iso-2022-kr 
+PASS Label for "replacement" should be rejected by API: replacement 
index 2dffd72..6340263 100644 (file)
@@ -5,10 +5,6 @@
 <script src="resources/encodings.js"></script>
-test(function() {
-    assert_throws(new RangeError(), function() { new TextDecoder('replacement'); });
-}, 'The "replacement" label should not be a known encoding.');
 encodings_table.forEach(function(section) {
     section.encodings.filter(function(encoding) {
         return encoding.name === 'replacement';
diff --git a/LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/eof-shift_jis-ref.html b/LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/eof-shift_jis-ref.html
new file mode 100644 (file)
index 0000000..b90f803
--- /dev/null
@@ -0,0 +1,4 @@
+<!doctype html>
+<meta charset=shift_jis>
+<title>Shift_JIS file ending with a truncated sequence</title>
+One-byte truncated sequence:&#xFFFD;
diff --git a/LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/eof-shift_jis.html b/LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/eof-shift_jis.html
new file mode 100644 (file)
index 0000000..9858e65
--- /dev/null
@@ -0,0 +1,5 @@
+<!doctype html>
+<meta charset=shift_jis>
+<title>Shift_JIS file ending with a truncated sequence</title>
+<link rel=match href=/encoding/eof-shift_jis-ref.html>
+One-byte truncated sequence:\83
\ No newline at end of file
diff --git a/LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/eof-utf-8-one-ref.html b/LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/eof-utf-8-one-ref.html
new file mode 100644 (file)
index 0000000..0654776
--- /dev/null
@@ -0,0 +1,4 @@
+<!doctype html>
+<meta charset=utf-8>
+<title>UTF-8 file ending with a one-byte truncated sequence</title>
+One-byte truncated sequence:&#xFFFD;
diff --git a/LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/eof-utf-8-one.html b/LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/eof-utf-8-one.html
new file mode 100644 (file)
index 0000000..7f7f7ec
--- /dev/null
@@ -0,0 +1,5 @@
+<!doctype html>
+<meta charset=utf-8>
+<title>UTF-8 file ending with a one-byte truncated sequence</title>
+<link rel=match href="eof-utf-8-one-ref.html">
+One-byte truncated sequence:ð
\ No newline at end of file
diff --git a/LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/eof-utf-8-three-ref.html b/LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/eof-utf-8-three-ref.html
new file mode 100644 (file)
index 0000000..e7c1458
--- /dev/null
@@ -0,0 +1,4 @@
+<!doctype html>
+<meta charset=utf-8>
+<title>UTF-8 file ending with a three-byte truncated sequence</title>
+Three-byte truncated sequence:&#xFFFD;
diff --git a/LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/eof-utf-8-three.html b/LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/eof-utf-8-three.html
new file mode 100644 (file)
index 0000000..d19137b
--- /dev/null
@@ -0,0 +1,5 @@
+<!doctype html>
+<meta charset=utf-8>
+<title>UTF-8 file ending with a three-byte truncated sequence</title>
+<link rel=match href="eof-utf-8-three-ref.html">
+Three-byte truncated sequence:ð\9f\92
\ No newline at end of file
diff --git a/LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/eof-utf-8-two-ref.html b/LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/eof-utf-8-two-ref.html
new file mode 100644 (file)
index 0000000..76f3986
--- /dev/null
@@ -0,0 +1,4 @@
+<!doctype html>
+<meta charset=utf-8>
+<title>UTF-8 file ending with a two-byte truncated sequence</title>
+Two-byte truncated sequence:&#xFFFD;
diff --git a/LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/eof-utf-8-two.html b/LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/eof-utf-8-two.html
new file mode 100644 (file)
index 0000000..464d03b
--- /dev/null
@@ -0,0 +1,5 @@
+<!doctype html>
+<meta charset=utf-8>
+<title>UTF-8 file ending with a two-byte truncated sequence</title>
+<link rel=match href="eof-utf-8-two-ref.html">
+Two-byte truncated sequence:ð\9f
\ No newline at end of file
index c010df3..3359744 100644 (file)
@@ -28,7 +28,7 @@ dictionary TextDecodeOptions {
 [Constructor(optional DOMString label = "utf-8", optional TextDecoderOptions options),
- Exposed=Window,Worker]
+ Exposed=(Window,Worker)]
 interface TextDecoder {
   readonly attribute DOMString encoding;
   readonly attribute boolean fatal;
@@ -39,7 +39,7 @@ interface TextDecoder {
 // 8.2 Interface TextDecoder
- Exposed=Window,Worker]
+ Exposed=(Window,Worker)]
 interface TextEncoder {
   readonly attribute DOMString encoding;
   [NewObject] Uint8Array encode(optional USVString input = "");
index be62c86..84e1057 100644 (file)
@@ -1,8 +1,8 @@
 FAIL iso-2022-jp decoder: Error ESC assert_equals: expected "\ufffd$" but got "\ufffd"
 PASS iso-2022-jp decoder: Error ESC, character 
-FAIL iso-2022-jp decoder: ASCII ESC, character assert_equals: expected "\ufffdP" but got "P"
-FAIL iso-2022-jp decoder: Double ASCII ESC, character assert_equals: expected "\ufffd\ufffdP" but got "\ufffdP"
+PASS iso-2022-jp decoder: ASCII ESC, character 
+PASS iso-2022-jp decoder: Double ASCII ESC, character 
 PASS iso-2022-jp decoder: character, ASCII ESC, character 
 PASS iso-2022-jp decoder: characters 
 PASS iso-2022-jp decoder: SO / SI 
index c86ffc1..c0b858c 100644 (file)
@@ -17,8 +17,8 @@
  decode([0x1b, 0x24], "�$", "Error ESC")
  decode([0x1b, 0x24, 0x50], "�$P", "Error ESC, character")
- decode([0x1b, 0x28, 0x42, 0x50], "P", "ASCII ESC, character")
- decode([0x1b, 0x28, 0x42, 0x1b, 0x28, 0x42, 0x50], "�P", "Double ASCII ESC, character")
+ decode([0x1b, 0x28, 0x42, 0x50], "P", "ASCII ESC, character")
+ decode([0x1b, 0x28, 0x42, 0x1b, 0x28, 0x42, 0x50], "�P", "Double ASCII ESC, character")
  decode([0x50, 0x1b, 0x28, 0x42, 0x50], "PP", "character, ASCII ESC, character")
  decode([0x5C, 0x5D, 0x7E], "\\]~", "characters")
  decode([0x0D, 0x0E, 0x0F, 0x10], "\x0D��\x10", "SO / SI")
diff --git a/LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/jis0208_index.js b/LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/jis0208_index.js
new file mode 100644 (file)
index 0000000..1c9a10f
--- /dev/null
@@ -0,0 +1,3 @@
+// index is ShiftJIS index pointer, value is Unicode codepoint (dec)
+// this is copy-pasted from the json version of the index belonging to the Encoding spec
+var jis0208 =   [12288,12289,12290,65292,65294,12539,65306,65307,65311,65281,12443,12444,180,65344,168,65342,65507,65343,12541,12542,12445,12446,12291,20189,12293,12294,12295,12540,8213,8208,65295,65340,65374,8741,65372,8230,8229,8216,8217,8220,8221,65288,65289,12308,12309,65339,65341,65371,65373,12296,12297,12298,12299,12300,12301,12302,12303,12304,12305,65291,65293,177,215,247,65309,8800,65308,65310,8806,8807,8734,8756,9794,9792,176,8242,8243,8451,65509,65284,65504,65505,65285,65283,65286,65290,65312,167,9734,9733,9675,9679,9678,9671,9670,9633,9632,9651,9650,9661,9660,8251,12306,8594,8592,8593,8595,12307,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,8712,8715,8838,8839,8834,8835,8746,8745,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,8743,8744,65506,8658,8660,8704,8707,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,8736,8869,8978,8706,8711,8801,8786,8810,8811,8730,8765,8733,8757,8747,8748,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,8491,8240,9839,9837,9834,8224,8225,182,null,null,null,null,9711,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,65296,65297,65298,65299,65300,65301,65302,65303,65304,65305,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,65313,65314,65315,65316,65317,65318,65319,65320,65321,65322,65323,65324,65325,65326,65327,65328,65329,65330,65331,65332,65333,65334,65335,65336,65337,65338,null,null,null,null,null,null,65345,65346,65347,65348,65349,65350,65351,65352,65353,65354,65355,65356,65357,65358,65359,65360,65361,65362,65363,65364,65365,65366,65367,65368,65369,65370,null,null,null,null,12353,12354,12355,12356,12357,12358,12359,12360,12361,12362,12363,12364,12365,12366,12367,12368,12369,12370,12371,12372,12373,12374,12375,12376,12377,12378,12379,12380,12381,12382,12383,12384,12385,12386,12387,12388,12389,12390,12391,12392,12393,12394,12395,12396,12397,12398,12399,12400,12401,12402,12403,12404,12405,12406,12407,12408,12409,12410,12411,12412,12413,12414,12415,12416,12417,12418,12419,12420,12421,12422,12423,12424,12425,12426,12427,12428,12429,12430,12431,12432,12433,12434,12435,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,12449,12450,12451,12452,12453,12454,12455,12456,12457,12458,12459,12460,12461,12462,12463,12464,12465,12466,12467,12468,12469,12470,12471,12472,12473,12474,12475,12476,12477,12478,12479,12480,12481,12482,12483,12484,12485,12486,12487,12488,12489,12490,12491,12492,12493,12494,12495,12496,12497,12498,12499,12500,12501,12502,12503,12504,12505,12506,12507,12508,12509,12510,12511,12512,12513,12514,12515,12516,12517,12518,12519,12520,12521,12522,12523,12524,12525,12526,12527,12528,12529,12530,12531,12532,12533,12534,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,913,914,915,916,917,918,919,920,921,922,923,924,925,926,927,928,929,931,932,933,934,935,936,937,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,945,946,947,948,949,950,951,952,953,954,955,956,957,958,959,960,961,963,964,965,966,967,968,969,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,1040,1041,1042,1043,1044,1045,1025,1046,1047,1048,1049,1050,1051,1052,1053,1054,1055,1056,1057,1058,1059,1060,1061,1062,1063,1064,1065,1066,1067,1068,1069,1070,1071,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,1072,1073,1074,1075,1076,1077,1105,1078,1079,1080,1081,1082,1083,1084,1085,1086,1087,1088,1089,1090,1091,1092,1093,1094,1095,1096,1097,1098,1099,1100,1101,1102,1103,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,9472,9474,9484,9488,9496,9492,9500,9516,9508,9524,9532,9473,9475,9487,9491,9499,9495,9507,9523,9515,9531,9547,9504,9519,9512,9527,9535,9501,9520,9509,9528,9538,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,nu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524,23721,32747,36107,38593,38929,38996,39000,20225,20238,21361,21916,22120,22522,22855,23305,23492,23696,24076,24190,24524,25582,26426,26071,26082,26399,26827,26820,27231,24112,27589,27671,27773,30079,31048,23395,31232,32000,24509,35215,35352,36020,36215,36556,36637,39138,39438,39740,20096,20605,20736,22931,23452,25135,25216,25836,27450,29344,30097,31047,32681,34811,35516,35696,25516,33738,38816,21513,21507,21931,26708,27224,35440,30759,26485,40653,21364,23458,33050,34384,36870,19992,20037,20167,20241,21450,21560,23470,24339,24613,25937,26429,27714,27762,27875,28792,29699,31350,31406,31496,32026,31998,32102,26087,29275,21435,23621,24040,25298,25312,25369,28192,34394,35377,36317,37624,28417,31142,39770,20136,20139,20140,20379,20384,20689,20807,31478,20849,20982,21332,21281,21375,21483,21932,22659,23777,24375,24394,24623,24656,24685,25375,25945,27211,27841,29378,29421,30703,33016,33029,33288,34126,37111,37857,38911,39255,39514,20208,20957,23597,26241,26989,23616,26354,26997,29577,26704,31873,20677,21220,22343,24062,37670,26020,27427,27453,29748,31105,31165,31563,32202,33465,33740,34943,35167,35641,36817,37329,21535,37504,20061,20534,21477,21306,29399,29590,30697,33510,36527,39366,39368,39378,20855,24858,34398,21936,31354,20598,23507,36935,38533,20018,27355,37351,23633,23624,25496,31391,27795,38772,36705,31402,29066,38536,31874,26647,32368,26705,37740,21234,21531,34219,35347,32676,36557,37089,21350,34952,31041,20418,20670,21009,20804,21843,22317,29674,22411,22865,24418,24452,24693,24950,24935,25001,25522,25658,25964,26223,26690,28179,30054,31293,31995,32076,32153,32331,32619,33550,33610,34509,35336,35427,35686,36605,38938,40335,33464,36814,39912,21127,25119,25731,28608,38553,26689,20625,27424,27770,28500,31348,32080,34880,35363,26376,20214,20537,20518,20581,20860,21048,21091,21927,22287,22533,23244,24314,25010,25080,25331,25458,26908,27177,29309,29356,29486,30740,30831,32121,30476,32937,35211,35609,36066,36562,36963,37749,38522,38997,39443,40568,20803,21407,21427,24187,24358,28187,28304,29572,29694,32067,33335,35328,35578,38480,20046,20491,21476,21628,22266,22993,23396,24049,24235,24359,25144,25925,26543,28246,29392,31946,34996,32929,32993,33776,34382,35463,36328,37431,38599,39015,40723,20116,20114,20237,21320,21577,21566,23087,24460,24481,24735,26791,27278,29786,30849,35486,35492,35703,37264,20062,39881,20132,20348,20399,20505,20502,20809,20844,21151,21177,21246,21402,21475,21521,21518,21897,22353,22434,22909,23380,23389,23439,24037,24039,24055,24184,24195,24218,24247,24344,24658,24908,25239,25304,25511,25915,26114,26179,26356,26477,26657,26775,27083,27743,27946,28009,28207,28317,30002,30343,30828,31295,31968,32005,32024,32094,32177,32789,32771,32943,32945,33108,33167,33322,33618,34892,34913,35611,36002,36092,37066,37237,37489,30783,37628,38308,38477,38917,39321,39640,40251,21083,21163,21495,21512,22741,25335,28640,35946,36703,40633,20811,21051,21578,22269,31296,37239,40288,40658,29508,28425,33136,29969,24573,24794,39592,29403,36796,27492,38915,20170,22256,22372,22718,23130,24680,25031,26127,26118,26681,26801,28151,30165,32058,33390,39746,20123,20304,21449,21766,23919,24038,24046,26619,27801,29811,30722,35408,37782,35039,22352,24231,25387,20661,20652,20877,26368,21705,22622,22971,23472,24425,25165,25505,26685,27507,28168,28797,37319,29312,30741,30758,31085,25998,32048,33756,35009,36617,38555,21092,22312,26448,32618,36001,20916,22338,38442,22586,27018,32948,21682,23822,22524,30869,40442,20316,21066,21643,25662,26152,26388,26613,31364,31574,32034,37679,26716,39853,31545,21273,20874,21047,23519,25334,25774,25830,26413,27578,34217,38609,30352,39894,25420,37638,39851,30399,26194,19977,20632,21442,23665,24808,25746,25955,26719,29158,29642,29987,31639,32386,34453,35715,36059,37240,39184,26028,26283,27531,20181,20180,20282,20351,21050,21496,21490,21987,22235,22763,22987,22985,23039,23376,23629,24066,24107,24535,24605,25351,25903,23388,26031,26045,26088,26525,27490,27515,27663,29509,31049,31169,31992,32025,32043,32930,33026,33267,35222,35422,35433,35430,35468,35566,36039,36060,38604,39164,27503,20107,20284,20365,20816,23383,23546,24904,25345,26178,27425,28363,27835,29246,29885,30164,30913,31034,32780,32819,33258,33940,36766,27728,40575,24335,35672,40235,31482,36600,23437,38635,19971,21489,22519,22833,23241,23460,24713,28287,28422,30142,36074,23455,34048,31712,20594,26612,33437,23649,34122,32286,33294,20889,23556,25448,36198,26012,29038,31038,32023,32773,35613,36554,36974,34503,37034,20511,21242,23610,26451,28796,29237,37196,37320,37675,33509,23490,24369,24825,20027,21462,23432,25163,26417,27530,29417,29664,31278,33131,36259,37202,39318,20754,21463,21610,23551,25480,27193,32172,38656,22234,21454,21608,23447,23601,24030,20462,24833,25342,27954,31168,31179,32066,32333,32722,33261,33311,33936,34886,35186,35728,36468,36655,36913,37195,37228,38598,37276,20160,20303,20805,21313,24467,25102,26580,27713,28171,29539,32294,37325,37507,21460,22809,23487,28113,31069,32302,31899,22654,29087,20986,34899,36848,20426,23803,26149,30636,31459,33308,39423,20934,24490,26092,26991,27529,28147,28310,28516,30462,32020,24033,36981,37255,38918,20966,21021,25152,26257,26329,28186,24246,32210,32626,26360,34223,34295,35576,21161,21465,22899,24207,24464,24661,37604,38500,20663,20767,21213,21280,21319,21484,21736,21830,21809,22039,22888,22974,23100,23477,23558,23567,23569,23578,24196,24202,24288,24432,25215,25220,25307,25484,25463,26119,26124,26157,26230,26494,26786,27167,27189,27836,28040,28169,28248,28988,28966,29031,30151,30465,30813,30977,31077,31216,31456,31505,31911,32057,32918,33750,33931,34121,34909,35059,35359,35388,35412,35443,35937,36062,37284,37478,37758,37912,38556,38808,19978,19976,19998,20055,20887,21104,22478,22580,22732,23330,24120,24773,25854,26465,26454,27972,29366,30067,31331,33976,35698,37304,37664,22065,22516,39166,25325,26893,27542,29165,32340,32887,33394,35302,39135,34645,36785,23611,20280,20449,20405,21767,23072,23517,23529,24515,24910,25391,26032,26187,26862,27035,28024,28145,30003,30137,30495,31070,31206,32051,33251,33455,34218,35242,35386,36523,36763,36914,37341,38663,20154,20161,20995,22645,22764,23563,29978,23613,33102,35338,36805,38499,38765,31525,35535,38920,37218,22259,21416,36887,21561,22402,24101,25512,27700,28810,30561,31883,32736,34928,36930,37204,37648,37656,38543,29790,39620,23815,23913,25968,26530,36264,38619,25454,26441,26905,33733,38935,38592,35070,28548,25722,23544,19990,28716,30045,26159,20932,21046,21218,22995,24449,24615,25104,25919,25972,26143,26228,26866,26646,27491,28165,29298,29983,30427,31934,32854,22768,35069,35199,35488,35475,35531,36893,37266,38738,38745,25993,31246,33030,38587,24109,24796,25114,26021,26132,26512,30707,31309,31821,32318,33034,36012,36196,36321,36447,30889,20999,25305,25509,25666,25240,35373,31363,31680,35500,38634,32118,33292,34633,20185,20808,21315,21344,23459,23554,23574,24029,25126,25159,25776,26643,26676,27849,27973,27927,26579,28508,29006,29053,26059,31359,31661,32218,32330,32680,33146,33307,33337,34214,35438,36046,36341,36984,36983,37549,37521,38275,39854,21069,21892,28472,28982,20840,31109,32341,33203,31950,22092,22609,23720,25514,26366,26365,26970,29401,30095,30094,30990,31062,31199,31895,32032,32068,34311,35380,38459,36961,40736,20711,21109,21452,21474,20489,21930,22766,22863,29245,23435,23652,21277,24803,24819,25436,25475,25407,25531,25805,26089,26361,24035,27085,27133,28437,29157,20105,30185,30456,31379,31967,32207,32156,32865,33609,33624,33900,33980,34299,35013,36208,36865,36973,37783,38684,39442,20687,22679,24974,33235,34101,36104,36896,20419,20596,21063,21363,24687,25417,26463,28204,36275,36895,20439,23646,36042,26063,32154,21330,34966,20854,25539,23384,23403,23562,25613,26449,36956,20182,22810,22826,27760,35409,21822,22549,22949,24816,25171,26561,33333,26965,38464,39364,39464,20307,22534,23550,32784,23729,24111,24453,24608,24907,25140,26367,27888,28382,32974,33151,33492,34955,36024,36864,36910,38538,40667,39899,20195,21488,22823,31532,37261,38988,40441,28381,28711,21331,21828,23429,25176,25246,25299,27810,28655,29730,35351,37944,28609,35582,33592,20967,34552,21482,21481,20294,36948,36784,22890,33073,24061,31466,36799,26842,35895,29432,40008,27197,35504,20025,21336,22022,22374,25285,25506,26086,27470,28129,28251,28845,30701,31471,31658,32187,32829,32966,34507,35477,37723,22243,22727,24382,26029,26262,27264,27573,30007,35527,20516,30693,22320,24347,24677,26234,27744,30196,31258,32622,33268,34584,36933,39347,31689,30044,31481,31569,33988,36880,31209,31378,33590,23265,30528,20013,20210,23449,24544,25277,26172,26609,27880,34411,34935,35387,37198,37619,39376,27159,28710,29482,33511,33879,36015,19969,20806,20939,21899,23541,24086,24115,24193,24340,24373,24427,24500,25074,25361,26274,26397,28526,29266,30010,30522,32884,33081,33144,34678,35519,35548,36229,36339,37530,38263,38914,40165,21189,25431,30452,26389,27784,29645,36035,37806,38515,27941,22684,26894,27084,36861,37786,30171,36890,22618,26626,25524,27131,20291,28460,26584,36795,34086,32180,37716,26943,28528,22378,22775,23340,32044,29226,21514,37347,40372,20141,20302,20572,20597,21059,35998,21576,22564,23450,24093,24213,24237,24311,24351,24716,25269,25402,25552,26799,27712,30855,31118,31243,32224,33351,35330,35558,36420,36883,37048,37165,37336,40718,27877,25688,25826,25973,28404,30340,31515,36969,37841,28346,21746,24505,25764,36685,36845,37444,20856,22635,22825,23637,24215,28155,32399,29980,36028,36578,39003,28857,20253,27583,28593,30000,38651,20814,21520,22581,22615,22956,23648,24466,26007,26460,28193,30331,33759,36077,36884,37117,37709,30757,30778,21162,24230,22303,22900,24594,20498,20826,20908,20941,20992,21776,22612,22616,22871,23445,23798,23947,24764,25237,25645,26481,26691,26812,26847,30423,28120,28271,28059,28783,29128,24403,30168,31095,31561,31572,31570,31958,32113,21040,33891,34153,34276,35342,35588,35910,36367,36867,36879,37913,38518,38957,39472,38360,20685,21205,21516,22530,23566,24999,25758,27934,30643,31461,33012,33796,36947,37509,23776,40199,21311,24471,24499,28060,29305,30563,31167,31716,27602,29420,35501,26627,27233,20984,31361,26932,23626,40182,33515,23493,37193,28702,22136,23663,24775,25958,27788,35930,36929,38931,21585,26311,37389,22856,37027,20869,20045,20970,34201,35598,28760,25466,37707,26978,39348,32260,30071,21335,26976,36575,38627,27741,20108,23612,24336,36841,21250,36049,32905,34425,24319,26085,20083,20837,22914,23615,38894,20219,22922,24525,35469,28641,31152,31074,23527,33905,29483,29105,24180,24565,25467,25754,29123,31896,20035,24316,20043,22492,22178,24745,28611,32013,33021,33075,33215,36786,35223,34468,24052,25226,25773,35207,26487,27874,27966,29750,30772,23110,32629,33453,39340,20467,24259,25309,25490,25943,26479,30403,29260,32972,32954,36649,37197,20493,22521,23186,26757,26995,29028,29437,36023,22770,36064,38506,36889,34687,31204,30695,33833,20271,21093,21338,25293,26575,27850,30333,31636,31893,33334,34180,36843,26333,28448,29190,32283,33707,39361,40614,20989,31665,30834,31672,32903,31560,27368,24161,32908,30033,30048,20843,37474,28300,30330,37271,39658,20240,32624,25244,31567,38309,40169,22138,22617,34532,38588,20276,21028,21322,21453,21467,24070,25644,26001,26495,27710,27726,29256,29359,29677,30036,32321,33324,34281,36009,31684,37318,29033,38930,39151,25405,26217,30058,30436,30928,34115,34542,21290,21329,21542,22915,24199,24444,24754,25161,25209,25259,26000,27604,27852,30130,30382,30865,31192,32203,32631,32933,34987,35513,36027,36991,38750,39131,27147,31800,20633,23614,24494,26503,27608,29749,30473,32654,40763,26570,31255,21305,30091,39661,24422,33181,33777,32920,24380,24517,30050,31558,36924,26727,23019,23195,32016,30334,35628,20469,24426,27161,27703,28418,29922,31080,34920,35413,35961,24287,25551,30149,31186,33495,37672,37618,33948,34541,39981,21697,24428,25996,27996,28693,36007,36051,38971,25935,29942,19981,20184,22496,22827,23142,23500,20904,24067,24220,24598,25206,25975,26023,26222,28014,29238,31526,33104,33178,33433,35676,36000,36070,36212,38428,38468,20398,25771,27494,33310,33889,34154,37096,23553,26963,39080,33914,34135,20239,21103,24489,24133,26381,31119,33145,35079,35206,28149,24343,25173,27832,20175,29289,39826,20998,21563,22132,22707,24996,25198,28954,22894,31881,31966,32027,38640,25991,32862,19993,20341,20853,22592,24163,24179,24330,26564,20006,34109,38281,38491,31859,38913,20731,22721,30294,30887,21029,30629,34065,31622,20559,22793,29255,31687,32232,36794,36820,36941,20415,21193,23081,24321,38829,20445,33303,37610,22275,25429,27497,29995,35036,36628,31298,21215,22675,24917,25098,26286,27597,31807,33769,20515,20472,21253,21574,22577,22857,23453,23792,23791,23849,24214,25265,25447,25918,26041,26379,27861,27873,28921,30770,32299,32990,33459,33804,34028,34562,35090,35370,35914,37030,37586,39165,40179,40300,20047,20129,20621,21078,22346,22952,24125,24536,24537,25151,26292,26395,26576,26834,20882,32033,32938,33192,35584,35980,36031,37502,38450,21536,38956,21271,20693,21340,22696,25778,26420,29287,30566,31302,37350,21187,27809,27526,22528,24140,22868,26412,32763,20961,30406,25705,30952,39764,40635,22475,22969,26151,26522,27598,21737,27097,24149,33180,26517,39850,26622,40018,26717,20134,20451,21448,25273,26411,27819,36804,20397,32365,40639,19975,24930,28288,28459,34067,21619,26410,39749,24051,31637,23724,23494,34588,28234,34001,31252,33032,22937,31885,27665,30496,21209,22818,28961,29279,30683,38695,40289,26891,23167,23064,20901,21517,21629,26126,30431,36855,37528,40180,23018,29277,28357,20813,26825,32191,32236,38754,40634,25720,27169,33538,22916,23391,27611,29467,30450,32178,32791,33945,20786,26408,40665,30446,26466,21247,39173,23588,25147,31870,36016,21839,24758,32011,38272,21249,20063,20918,22812,29242,32822,37326,24357,30690,21380,24441,32004,34220,35379,36493,38742,26611,34222,37971,24841,24840,27833,30290,35565,36664,21807,20305,20778,21191,21451,23461,24189,24736,24962,25558,26377,26586,28263,28044,29494,29495,30001,31056,35029,35480,36938,37009,37109,38596,34701,22805,20104,20313,19982,35465,36671,38928,20653,24188,22934,23481,24248,25562,25594,25793,26332,26954,27096,27915,28342,29076,29992,31407,32650,32768,33865,33993,35201,35617,36362,36965,38525,39178,24958,25233,27442,27779,28020,32716,32764,28096,32645,34746,35064,26469,33713,38972,38647,27931,32097,33853,37226,20081,21365,23888,27396,28651,34253,34349,35239,21033,21519,23653,26446,26792,29702,29827,30178,35023,35041,37324,38626,38520,24459,29575,31435,33870,25504,30053,21129,27969,28316,29705,30041,30827,31890,38534,31452,40845,20406,24942,26053,34396,20102,20142,20698,20001,20940,23534,26009,26753,28092,29471,30274,30637,31260,31975,33391,35538,36988,37327,38517,38936,21147,32209,20523,21400,26519,28107,29136,29747,33256,36650,38563,40023,40607,29792,22593,28057,32047,39006,20196,20278,20363,20919,21169,23994,24604,29618,31036,33491,37428,38583,38646,38666,40599,40802,26278,27508,21015,21155,28872,35010,24265,24651,24976,28451,29001,31806,32244,32879,34030,36899,37676,21570,39791,27347,28809,36034,36335,38706,21172,23105,24266,24324,26391,27004,27028,28010,28431,29282,29436,31725,32769,32894,34635,37070,20845,40595,31108,32907,37682,35542,20525,21644,35441,27498,36036,33031,24785,26528,40434,20121,20120,39952,35435,34241,34152,26880,28286,30871,33109,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,24332,19984,19989,20010,20017,20022,20028,20031,20034,20054,20056,20098,20101,35947,20106,33298,24333,20110,20126,20127,20128,20130,20144,20147,20150,20174,20173,20164,20166,20162,20183,20190,20205,20191,20215,20233,20314,20272,20315,20317,20311,20295,20342,20360,20367,20376,20347,20329,20336,20369,20335,20358,20374,20760,20436,20447,20430,20440,20443,20433,20442,20432,20452,20453,20506,20520,20500,20522,20517,20485,20252,20470,20513,20521,20524,20478,20463,20497,20486,20547,20551,26371,20565,20560,20552,20570,20566,20588,20600,20608,20634,20613,20660,20658,20681,20682,20659,20674,20694,20702,20709,20717,20707,20718,20729,20725,20745,20737,20738,20758,20757,20756,20762,20769,20794,20791,20796,20795,20799,20800,20818,20812,20820,20834,31480,20841,20842,20846,20864,20866,22232,20876,20873,20879,20881,20883,20885,20886,20900,20902,20898,20905,20906,20907,20915,20913,20914,20912,20917,20925,20933,20937,20955,20960,34389,20969,20973,20976,20981,20990,20996,21003,21012,21006,21031,21034,21038,21043,21049,21071,21060,21067,21068,21086,21076,21098,21108,21097,21107,21119,21117,21133,21140,21138,21105,21128,21137,36776,36775,21164,21165,21180,21173,21185,21197,21207,21214,21219,21222,39149,21216,21235,21237,21240,21241,21254,21256,30008,21261,21264,21263,21269,21274,21283,21295,21297,21299,21304,21312,21318,21317,19991,21321,21325,20950,21342,21353,21358,22808,21371,21367,21378,21398,21408,21414,21413,21422,21424,21430,21443,31762,38617,21471,26364,29166,21486,21480,21485,21498,21505,21565,21568,21548,21549,21564,21550,21558,21545,21533,21582,21647,21621,21646,21599,21617,21623,21616,21650,21627,21632,21622,21636,21648,21638,21703,21666,21688,21669,21676,21700,21704,21672,21675,21698,21668,21694,21692,21720,21733,21734,21775,21780,21757,21742,21741,21754,21730,21817,21824,21859,21836,21806,21852,21829,21846,21847,21816,21811,21853,21913,21888,21679,21898,21919,21883,21886,21912,21918,21934,21884,21891,21929,21895,21928,21978,21957,21983,21956,21980,21988,21972,22036,22007,22038,22014,22013,22043,22009,22094,22096,29151,22068,22070,22066,22072,22123,22116,22063,22124,22122,22150,22144,22154,22176,22164,22159,22181,22190,22198,22196,22210,22204,22209,22211,22208,22216,22222,22225,22227,22231,22254,22265,22272,22271,22276,22281,22280,22283,22285,22291,22296,22294,21959,22300,22310,22327,22328,22350,22331,22336,22351,22377,22464,22408,22369,22399,22409,22419,22432,22451,22436,22442,22448,22467,22470,22484,22482,22483,22538,22486,22499,22539,22553,22557,22642,22561,22626,22603,22640,27584,22610,22589,22649,22661,22713,22687,22699,22714,22750,22715,22712,22702,22725,22739,22737,22743,22745,22744,22757,22748,22756,22751,22767,22778,22777,22779,22780,22781,22786,22794,22800,22811,26790,22821,22828,22829,22834,22840,22846,31442,22869,22864,22862,22874,22872,22882,22880,22887,22892,22889,22904,22913,22941,20318,20395,22947,22962,22982,23016,23004,22925,23001,23002,23077,23071,23057,23068,23049,23066,23104,23148,23113,23093,23094,23138,23146,23194,23228,23230,23243,23234,23229,23267,23255,23270,23273,23254,23290,23291,23308,23307,23318,23346,23248,23338,23350,23358,23363,23365,23360,23377,23381,23386,23387,23397,23401,23408,23411,23413,23416,25992,23418,23424,23427,23462,23480,23491,23495,23497,23508,23504,23524,23526,23522,23518,23525,23531,23536,23542,23539,23557,23559,23560,23565,23571,23584,23586,23592,23608,23609,23617,23622,23630,23635,23632,23631,23409,23660,23662,20066,23670,23673,23692,23697,23700,22939,23723,23739,23734,23740,23735,23749,23742,23751,23769,23785,23805,23802,23789,23948,23786,23819,23829,23831,23900,23839,23835,23825,23828,23842,23834,23833,23832,23884,23890,23886,23883,23916,23923,23926,23943,23940,23938,23970,23965,23980,23982,23997,23952,23991,23996,24009,24013,24019,24018,24022,24027,24043,24050,24053,24075,24090,24089,24081,24091,24118,24119,24132,24131,24128,24142,24151,24148,24159,24162,24164,24135,24181,24182,24186,40636,24191,24224,24257,24258,24264,24272,24271,24278,24291,24285,24282,24283,24290,24289,24296,24297,24300,24305,24307,24304,24308,24312,24318,24323,24329,24413,24412,24331,24337,24342,24361,24365,24376,24385,24392,24396,24398,24367,24401,24406,24407,24409,24417,24429,24435,24439,24451,24450,24447,24458,24456,24465,24455,24478,24473,24472,24480,24488,24493,24508,24534,24571,24548,24568,24561,24541,24755,24575,24609,24672,24601,24592,24617,24590,24625,24603,24597,24619,24614,24591,24634,24666,24641,24682,24695,24671,24650,24646,24653,24675,24643,24676,24642,24684,24683,24665,24705,24717,24807,24707,24730,24708,24731,24726,24727,24722,24743,24715,24801,24760,24800,24787,24756,24560,24765,24774,24757,24792,24909,24853,24838,24822,24823,24832,24820,24826,24835,24865,24827,24817,24845,24846,24903,24894,24872,24871,24906,24895,24892,24876,24884,24893,24898,24900,24947,24951,24920,24921,24922,24939,24948,24943,24933,24945,24927,24925,24915,24949,24985,24982,24967,25004,24980,24986,24970,24977,25003,25006,25036,25034,25033,25079,25032,25027,25030,25018,25035,32633,25037,25062,25059,25078,25082,25076,25087,25085,25084,25086,25088,25096,25097,25101,25100,25108,25115,25118,25121,25130,25134,25136,25138,25139,25153,25166,25182,25187,25179,25184,25192,25212,25218,25225,25214,25234,25235,25238,25300,25219,25236,25303,25297,25275,25295,25343,25286,25812,25288,25308,25292,25290,25282,25287,25243,25289,25356,25326,25329,25383,25346,25352,25327,25333,25424,25406,25421,25628,25423,25494,25486,25472,25515,25462,25507,25487,25481,25503,25525,25451,25449,25534,25577,25536,25542,25571,25545,25554,25590,25540,25622,25652,25606,25619,25638,25654,25885,25623,25640,25615,25703,25711,25718,25678,25898,25749,25747,25765,25769,25736,25788,25818,25810,25797,25799,25787,25816,25794,25841,25831,33289,25824,25825,25260,25827,25839,25900,25846,25844,25842,25850,25856,25853,25880,25884,25861,25892,25891,25899,25908,25909,25911,25910,25912,30027,25928,25942,25941,25933,25944,25950,25949,25970,25976,25986,25987,35722,26011,26015,26027,26039,26051,26054,26049,26052,26060,26066,26075,26073,26080,26081,26097,26482,26122,26115,26107,26483,26165,26166,26164,26140,26191,26180,26185,26177,26206,26205,26212,26215,26216,26207,26210,26224,26243,26248,26254,26249,26244,26264,26269,26305,26297,26313,26302,26300,26308,26296,26326,26330,26336,26175,26342,26345,26352,26357,26359,26383,26390,26398,26406,26407,38712,26414,26431,26422,26433,26424,26423,26438,26462,26464,26457,26467,26468,26505,26480,26537,26492,26474,26508,26507,26534,26529,26501,26551,26607,26548,26604,26547,26601,26552,26596,26590,26589,26594,26606,26553,26574,26566,26599,27292,26654,26694,26665,26688,26701,26674,26702,26803,26667,26713,26723,26743,26751,26783,26767,26797,26772,26781,26779,26755,27310,26809,26740,26805,26784,26810,26895,26765,26750,26881,26826,26888,26840,26914,26918,26849,26892,26829,26836,26855,26837,26934,26898,26884,26839,26851,26917,26873,26848,26863,26920,26922,26906,26915,26913,26822,27001,26999,26972,27000,26987,26964,27006,26990,26937,26996,26941,26969,26928,26977,26974,26973,27009,26986,27058,27054,27088,27071,27073,27091,27070,27086,23528,27082,27101,27067,27075,27047,27182,27025,27040,27036,27029,27060,27102,27112,27138,27163,27135,27402,27129,27122,27111,27141,27057,27166,27117,27156,27115,27146,27154,27329,27171,27155,27204,27148,27250,27190,27256,27207,27234,27225,27238,27208,27192,27170,27280,27277,27296,27268,27298,27299,27287,34327,27323,27331,27330,27320,27315,27308,27358,27345,27359,27306,27354,27370,27387,27397,34326,27386,27410,27414,39729,27423,27448,27447,30428,27449,39150,27463,27459,27465,27472,27481,27476,27483,27487,27489,27512,27513,27519,27520,27524,27523,27533,27544,27541,27550,27556,27562,27563,27567,27570,27569,27571,27575,27580,27590,27595,27603,27615,27628,27627,27635,27631,40638,27656,27667,27668,27675,27684,27683,27742,27733,27746,27754,27778,27789,27802,27777,27803,27774,27752,27763,27794,27792,27844,27889,27859,27837,27863,27845,27869,27822,27825,27838,27834,27867,27887,27865,27882,27935,34893,27958,27947,27965,27960,27929,27957,27955,27922,27916,28003,28051,28004,27994,28025,27993,28046,28053,28644,28037,28153,28181,28170,28085,28103,28134,28088,28102,28140,28126,28108,28136,28114,28101,28154,28121,28132,28117,28138,28142,28205,28270,28206,28185,28274,28255,28222,28195,28267,28203,28278,28237,28191,28227,28218,28238,28196,28415,28189,28216,28290,28330,28312,28361,28343,28371,28349,28335,28356,28338,28372,28373,28303,28325,28354,28319,28481,28433,28748,28396,28408,28414,28479,28402,28465,28399,28466,28364,28478,28435,28407,28550,28538,28536,28545,28544,28527,28507,28659,28525,28546,28540,28504,28558,28561,28610,28518,28595,28579,28577,28580,28601,28614,28586,28639,28629,28652,28628,28632,28657,28654,28635,28681,28683,28666,28689,28673,28687,28670,28699,28698,28532,28701,28696,28703,28720,28734,28722,28753,28771,28825,28818,28847,28913,28844,28856,28851,28846,28895,28875,28893,28889,28937,28925,28956,28953,29029,29013,29064,29030,29026,29004,29014,29036,29071,29179,29060,29077,29096,29100,29143,29113,29118,29138,29129,29140,29134,29152,29164,29159,29173,29180,29177,29183,29197,29200,29211,29224,29229,29228,29232,29234,29243,29244,29247,29248,29254,29259,29272,29300,29310,29314,29313,29319,29330,29334,29346,29351,29369,29362,29379,29382,29380,29390,29394,29410,29408,29409,29433,29431,20495,29463,29450,29468,29462,29469,29492,29487,29481,29477,29502,29518,29519,40664,29527,29546,29544,29552,29560,29557,29563,29562,29640,29619,29646,29627,29632,29669,29678,29662,29858,29701,29807,29733,29688,29746,29754,29781,29759,29791,29785,29761,29788,29801,29808,29795,29802,29814,29822,29835,29854,29863,29898,29903,29908,29681,29920,29923,29927,29929,29934,29938,29936,29937,29944,29943,29956,29955,29957,29964,29966,29965,29973,29971,29982,29990,29996,30012,30020,30029,30026,30025,30043,30022,30042,30057,30052,30055,30059,30061,30072,30070,30086,30087,30068,30090,30089,30082,30100,30106,30109,30117,30115,30146,30131,30147,30133,30141,30136,30140,30129,30157,30154,30162,30169,30179,30174,30206,30207,30204,30209,30192,30202,30194,30195,30219,30221,30217,30239,30247,30240,30241,30242,30244,30260,30256,30267,30279,30280,30278,30300,30296,30305,30306,30312,30313,30314,30311,30316,30320,30322,30326,30328,30332,30336,30339,30344,30347,30350,30358,30355,30361,30362,30384,30388,30392,30393,30394,30402,30413,30422,30418,30430,30433,30437,30439,30442,34351,30459,30472,30471,30468,30505,30500,30494,30501,30502,30491,30519,30520,30535,30554,30568,30571,30555,30565,30591,30590,30585,30606,30603,30609,30624,30622,30640,30646,30649,30655,30652,30653,30651,30663,30669,30679,30682,30684,30691,30702,30716,30732,30738,31014,30752,31018,30789,30862,30836,30854,30844,30874,30860,30883,30901,30890,30895,30929,30918,30923,30932,30910,30908,30917,30922,30956,30951,30938,30973,30964,30983,30994,30993,31001,31020,31019,31040,31072,31063,31071,31066,31061,31059,31098,31103,31114,31133,31143,40779,31146,31150,31155,31161,31162,31177,31189,31207,31212,31201,31203,31240,31245,31256,31257,31264,31263,31104,31281,31291,31294,31287,31299,31319,31305,31329,31330,31337,40861,31344,31353,31357,31368,31383,31381,31384,31382,31401,31432,31408,31414,31429,31428,31423,36995,31431,31434,31437,31439,31445,31443,31449,31450,31453,31457,31458,31462,31469,31472,31490,31503,31498,31494,31539,31512,31513,31518,31541,31528,31542,31568,31610,31492,31565,31499,31564,31557,31605,31589,31604,31591,31600,31601,31596,31598,31645,31640,31647,31629,31644,31642,31627,31634,31631,31581,31641,31691,31681,31692,31695,31668,31686,31709,31721,31761,31764,31718,31717,31840,31744,31751,31763,31731,31735,31767,31757,31734,31779,31783,31786,31775,31799,31787,31805,31820,31811,31828,31823,31808,31824,31832,31839,31844,31830,31845,31852,31861,31875,31888,31908,31917,31906,31915,31905,31912,31923,31922,31921,31918,31929,31933,31936,31941,31938,31960,31954,31964,31970,39739,31983,31986,31988,31990,31994,32006,32002,32028,32021,32010,32069,32075,32046,32050,32063,32053,32070,32115,32086,32078,32114,32104,32110,32079,32099,32147,32137,32091,32143,32125,32155,32186,32174,32163,32181,32199,32189,32171,32317,32162,32175,32220,32184,32159,32176,32216,32221,32228,32222,32251,32242,32225,32261,32266,32291,32289,32274,32305,32287,32265,32267,32290,32326,32358,32315,32309,32313,32323,32311,32306,32314,32359,32349,32342,32350,32345,32346,32377,32362,32361,32380,32379,32387,32213,32381,36782,32383,32392,32393,32396,32402,32400,32403,32404,32406,32398,32411,32412,32568,32570,32581,32588,32589,32590,32592,32593,32597,32596,32600,32607,32608,32616,32617,32615,32632,32642,32646,32643,32648,32647,32652,32660,32670,32669,32666,32675,32687,32690,32697,32686,32694,32696,35697,32709,32710,32714,32725,32724,32737,32742,32745,32755,32761,39132,32774,32772,32779,32786,32792,32793,32796,32801,32808,32831,32827,32842,32838,32850,32856,32858,32863,32866,32872,32883,32882,32880,32886,32889,32893,32895,32900,32902,32901,32923,32915,32922,32941,20880,32940,32987,32997,32985,32989,32964,32986,32982,33033,33007,33009,33051,33065,33059,33071,33099,38539,33094,33086,33107,33105,33020,33137,33134,33125,33126,33140,33155,33160,33162,33152,33154,33184,33173,33188,33187,33119,33171,33193,33200,33205,33214,33208,33213,33216,33218,33210,33225,33229,33233,33241,33240,33224,33242,33247,33248,33255,33274,33275,33278,33281,33282,33285,33287,33290,33293,33296,33302,33321,33323,33336,33331,33344,33369,33368,33373,33370,33375,33380,33378,33384,33386,33387,33326,33393,33399,33400,33406,33421,33426,33451,33439,33467,33452,33505,33507,33503,33490,33524,33523,33530,33683,33539,33531,33529,33502,33542,33500,33545,33497,33589,33588,33558,33586,33585,33600,33593,33616,33605,33583,33579,33559,33560,33669,33690,33706,33695,33698,33686,33571,33678,33671,33674,33660,33717,33651,33653,33696,33673,33704,33780,33811,33771,33742,33789,33795,33752,33803,33729,33783,33799,33760,33778,33805,33826,33824,33725,33848,34054,33787,33901,33834,33852,34138,33924,33911,33899,33965,33902,33922,33897,33862,33836,33903,33913,33845,33994,33890,33977,33983,33951,34009,33997,33979,34010,34000,33985,33990,34006,33953,34081,34047,34036,34071,34072,34092,34079,34069,34068,34044,34112,34147,34136,34120,34113,34306,34123,34133,34176,34212,34184,34193,34186,34216,34157,34196,34203,34282,34183,34204,34167,34174,34192,34249,34234,34255,34233,34256,34261,34269,34277,34268,34297,34314,34323,34315,34302,34298,34310,34338,34330,34352,34367,34381,20053,34388,34399,34407,34417,34451,34467,34473,34474,34443,34444,34486,34479,34500,34502,34480,34505,34851,34475,34516,34526,34537,34540,34527,34523,34543,34578,34566,34568,34560,34563,34555,34577,34569,34573,34553,34570,34612,34623,34615,34619,34597,34601,34586,34656,34655,34680,34636,34638,34676,34647,34664,34670,34649,34643,34659,34666,34821,34722,34719,34690,34735,34763,34749,34752,34768,38614,34731,34756,34739,34759,34758,34747,34799,34802,34784,34831,34829,34814,34806,34807,34830,34770,34833,34838,34837,34850,34849,34865,34870,34873,34855,34875,34884,34882,34898,34905,34910,34914,34923,34945,34942,34974,34933,34941,34997,34930,34946,34967,34962,34990,34969,34978,34957,34980,34992,35007,34993,35011,35012,35028,35032,35033,35037,35065,35074,35068,35060,35048,35058,35076,35084,35082,35091,35139,35102,35109,35114,35115,35137,35140,35131,35126,35128,35148,35101,35168,35166,35174,35172,35181,35178,35183,35188,35191,35198,35203,35208,35210,35219,35224,35233,35241,35238,35244,35247,35250,35258,35261,35263,35264,35290,35292,35293,35303,35316,35320,35331,35350,35344,35340,35355,35357,35365,35382,35393,35419,35410,35398,35400,35452,35437,35436,35426,35461,35458,35460,35496,35489,35473,35493,35494,35482,35491,35524,35533,35522,35546,35563,35571,35559,35556,35569,35604,35552,35554,35575,35550,35547,35596,35591,35610,35553,35606,35600,35607,35616,35635,38827,35622,35627,35646,35624,35649,35660,35663,35662,35657,35670,35675,35674,35691,35679,35692,35695,35700,35709,35712,35724,35726,35730,35731,35734,35737,35738,35898,35905,35903,35912,35916,35918,35920,35925,35938,35948,35960,35962,35970,35977,35973,35978,35981,35982,35988,35964,35992,25117,36013,36010,36029,36018,36019,36014,36022,36040,36033,36068,36067,36058,36093,36090,36091,36100,36101,36106,36103,36111,36109,36112,40782,36115,36045,36116,36118,36199,36205,36209,36211,36225,36249,36290,36286,36282,36303,36314,36310,36300,36315,36299,36330,36331,36319,36323,36348,36360,36361,36351,36381,36382,36368,36383,36418,36405,36400,36404,36426,36423,36425,36428,36432,36424,36441,36452,36448,36394,36451,36437,36470,36466,36476,36481,36487,36485,36484,36491,36490,36499,36497,36500,36505,36522,36513,36524,36528,36550,36529,36542,36549,36552,36555,36571,36579,36604,36603,36587,36606,36618,36613,36629,36626,36633,36627,36636,36639,36635,36620,36646,36659,36667,36665,36677,36674,36670,36684,36681,36678,36686,36695,36700,36706,36707,36708,36764,36767,36771,36781,36783,36791,36826,36837,36834,36842,36847,36999,36852,36869,36857,36858,36881,36885,36897,36877,36894,36886,36875,36903,36918,36917,36921,36856,36943,36944,36945,36946,36878,36937,36926,36950,36952,36958,36968,36975,36982,38568,36978,36994,36989,36993,36992,37002,37001,37007,37032,37039,37041,37045,37090,37092,25160,37083,37122,37138,37145,37170,37168,37194,37206,37208,37219,37221,37225,37235,37234,37259,37257,37250,37282,37291,37295,37290,37301,37300,37306,37312,37313,37321,37323,37328,37334,37343,37345,37339,37372,37365,37366,37406,37375,37396,37420,37397,37393,37470,37463,37445,37449,37476,37448,37525,37439,37451,37456,37532,37526,37523,37531,37466,37583,37561,37559,37609,37647,37626,37700,37678,37657,37666,37658,37667,37690,37685,37691,37724,37728,37756,37742,37718,37808,37804,37805,37780,37817,37846,37847,37864,37861,37848,37827,37853,37840,37832,37860,37914,37908,37907,37891,37895,37904,37942,37931,37941,37921,37946,37953,37970,37956,37979,37984,37986,37982,37994,37417,38000,38005,38007,38013,37978,38012,38014,38017,38015,38274,38279,38282,38292,38294,38296,38297,38304,38312,38311,38317,38332,38331,38329,38334,38346,28662,38339,38349,38348,38357,38356,38358,38364,38369,38373,38370,38433,38440,38446,38447,38466,38476,38479,38475,38519,38492,38494,38493,38495,38502,38514,38508,38541,38552,38549,38551,38570,38567,38577,38578,38576,38580,38582,38584,38585,38606,38603,38601,38605,35149,38620,38669,38613,38649,38660,38662,38664,38675,38670,38673,38671,38678,38681,38692,38698,38704,38713,38717,38718,38724,38726,38728,38722,38729,38748,38752,38756,38758,38760,21202,38763,38769,38777,38789,38780,38785,38778,38790,38795,38799,38800,38812,38824,38822,38819,38835,38836,38851,38854,38856,38859,38876,38893,40783,38898,31455,38902,38901,38927,38924,38968,38948,38945,38967,38973,38982,38991,38987,39019,39023,39024,39025,39028,39027,39082,39087,39089,39094,39108,39107,39110,39145,39147,39171,39177,39186,39188,39192,39201,39197,39198,39204,39200,39212,39214,39229,39230,39234,39241,39237,39248,39243,39249,39250,39244,39253,39319,39320,39333,39341,39342,39356,39391,39387,39389,39384,39377,39405,39406,39409,39410,39419,39416,39425,39439,39429,39394,39449,39467,39479,39493,39490,39488,39491,39486,39509,39501,39515,39511,39519,39522,39525,39524,39529,39531,39530,39597,39600,39612,39616,39631,39633,39635,39636,39646,39647,39650,39651,39654,39663,39659,39662,39668,39665,39671,39675,39686,39704,39706,39711,39714,39715,39717,39719,39720,39721,39722,39726,39727,39730,39748,39747,39759,39757,39758,39761,39768,39796,39827,39811,39825,39830,39831,39839,39840,39848,39860,39872,39882,39865,39878,39887,39889,39890,39907,39906,39908,39892,39905,39994,39922,39921,39920,39957,39956,39945,39955,39948,39942,39944,39954,39946,39940,39982,39963,39973,39972,39969,39984,40007,39986,40006,39998,40026,40032,40039,40054,40056,40167,40172,40176,40201,40200,40171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75,38707,38715,38723,38733,38735,38737,38741,38999,39013,64042,64043,39207,64044,39326,39502,39641,39644,39797,39794,39823,39857,39867,39936,40304,40299,64045,40473,40657,null,null,8560,8561,8562,8563,8564,8565,8566,8567,8568,8569,65506,65508,65287,65282,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,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diff --git a/LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis-decode-csshiftjis-expected.txt b/LayoutTests/imported/w3c/web-platform-tests/encoding/legacy-mb-japanese/shift_jis/sjis-decode-csshiftjis-expected.txt
new file mode 100644 (file)
index 0000000..8d33d70
--- /dev/null
@@ -0,0 +1,7395 @@
+FAIL U+80 \80 \80 80 assert_equals: expected "\80" but got "\x1a"
+PASS U+A5 ¥ \ 5C 
+PASS U+A7 § § 81 98 
+PASS U+A8 ¨ ¨ 81 4E 
+PASS U+B0 ° ° 81 8B 
+PASS U+B1 ± ± 81 7D 
+PASS U+B4 ´ ´ 81 4C 
+PASS U+B6 ¶ ¶ 81 F7 
+PASS U+D7 × × 81 7E 
+PASS U+F7 ÷ ÷ 81 80 
+PASS U+391 Α Α 83 9F 
+PASS U+392 Β Β 83 A0 
+PASS U+393 Γ Γ 83 A1 
+PASS U+394 Δ Δ 83 A2 
+PASS U+395 Ε Ε 83 A3 
+PASS U+396 Ζ Ζ 83 A4 
+PASS U+397 Η Η 83 A5 
+PASS U+398 Θ Θ 83 A6 
+PASS U+399 Ι Ι 83 A7 
+PASS U+39A Κ Κ 83 A8 
+PASS U+39B Λ Λ 83 A9 
+PASS U+39C Μ Μ 83 AA 
+PASS U+39D Ν Ν 83 AB 
+PASS U+39E Ξ Ξ 83 AC 
+PASS U+39F Ο Ο 83 AD 
+PASS U+3A0 Π Π 83 AE 
+PASS U+3A1 Ρ Ρ 83 AF 
+PASS U+3A3 Σ Σ 83 B0 
+PASS U+3A4 Τ Τ 83 B1 
+PASS U+3A5 Υ Υ 83 B2 
+PASS U+3A6 Φ Φ 83 B3 
+PASS U+3A7 Χ Χ 83 B4 
+PASS U+3A8 Ψ Ψ 83 B5 
+PASS U+3A9 Ω Ω 83 B6 
+PASS U+3B1 α α 83 BF 
+PASS U+3B2 β β 83 C0 
+PASS U+3B3 γ γ 83 C1 
+PASS U+3B4 δ δ 83 C2 
+PASS U+3B5 ε ε 83 C3 
+PASS U+3B6 ζ ζ 83 C4 
+PASS U+3B7 η η 83 C5 
+PASS U+3B8 θ θ 83 C6 
+PASS U+3B9 ι ι 83 C7 
+PASS U+3BA κ κ 83 C8 
+PASS U+3BB λ λ 83 C9 
+PASS U+3BC μ μ 83 CA 
+PASS U+3BD ν ν 83 CB 
+PASS U+3BE ξ ξ 83 CC 
+PASS U+3BF ο ο 83 CD 
+PASS U+3C0 π π 83 CE 
+PASS U+3C1 ρ ρ 83 CF 
+PASS U+3C3 σ σ 83 D0 
+PASS U+3C4 τ τ 83 D1 
+PASS U+3C5 υ υ 83 D2 
+PASS U+3C6 φ φ 83 D3 
+PASS U+3C7 χ χ 83 D4 
+PASS U+3C8 ψ ψ 83 D5 
+PASS U+3C9 ω ω 83 D6 
+PASS U+401 Ё Ё 84 46 
+PASS U+410 А А 84 40 
+PASS U+411 Б Б 84 41 
+PASS U+412 В В 84 42 
+PASS U+413 Г Г 84 43 
+PASS U+414 Д Д 84 44 
+PASS U+415 Е Е 84 45 
+PASS U+416 Ж Ж 84 47 
+PASS U+417 З З 84 48 
+PASS U+418 И И 84 49 
+PASS U+419 Й Й 84 4A 
+PASS U+41A К К 84 4B 
+PASS U+41B Л Л 84 4C 
+PASS U+41C М М 84 4D 
+PASS U+41D Н Н 84 4E 
+PASS U+41E О О 84 4F 
+PASS U+41F П П 84 50 
+PASS U+420 Р Р 84 51 
+PASS U+421 С С 84 52 
+PASS U+422 Т Т 84 53 
+PASS U+423 У У 84 54 
+PASS U+424 Ф Ф 84 55 
+PASS U+425 Х Х 84 56 
+PASS U+426 Ц Ц 84 57 
+PASS U+427 Ч Ч 84 58 
+PASS U+428 Ш Ш 84 59 
+PASS U+429 Щ Щ 84 5A 
+PASS U+42A Ъ Ъ 84 5B 
+PASS U+42B Ы Ы 84 5C 
+PASS U+42C Ь Ь 84 5D 
+PASS U+42D Э Э 84 5E 
+PASS U+42E Ю Ю 84 5F 
+PASS U+42F Я Я 84 60 
+PASS U+430 а а 84 70 
+PASS U+431 б б 84 71 
+PASS U+432 в в 84 72 
+PASS U+433 г г 84 73 
+PASS U+434 д д 84 74 
+PASS U+435 е е 84 75 
+PASS U+436 ж ж 84 77 
+PASS U+437 з з 84 78 
+PASS U+438 и и 84 79 
+PASS U+439 й й 84 7A 
+PASS U+43A к к 84 7B 
+PASS U+43B л л 84 7C 
+PASS U+43C м м 84 7D 
+PASS U+43D н н 84 7E 
+PASS U+43E о о 84 80 
+PASS U+43F п п 84 81 
+PASS U+440 р р 84 82 
+PASS U+441 с с 84 83 
+PASS U+442 т т 84 84 
+PASS U+443 у у 84 85 
+PASS U+444 ф ф 84 86 
+PASS U+445 х х 84 87 
+PASS U+446 ц ц 84 88 
+PASS U+447 ч ч 84 89 
+PASS U+448 ш ш 84 8A 
+PASS U+449 щ щ 84 8B 
+PASS U+44A ъ ъ 84 8C 
+PASS U+44B ы ы 84 8D 
+PASS U+44C ь ь 84 8E 
+PASS U+44D э э 84 8F 
+PASS U+44E ю ю 84 90 
+PASS U+44F я я 84 91 
+PASS U+451 ё ё 84 76 
+PASS U+2010 ‐ ‐ 81 5D 
+PASS U+2015 ― ― 81 5C 
+PASS U+2018 ‘ ‘ 81 65 
+PASS U+2019 ’ ’ 81 66 
+PASS U+201C “ “ 81 67 
+PASS U+201D ” ” 81 68 
+PASS U+2020 † † 81 F5 
+PASS U+2021 ‡ ‡ 81 F6 
+PASS U+2025 ‥ ‥ 81 64 
+PASS U+2026 … … 81 63 
+PASS U+2030 ‰ ‰ 81 F1 
+PASS U+2032 ′ ′ 81 8C 
+PASS U+2033 ″ ″ 81 8D 
+PASS U+203B ※ ※ 81 A6 
+PASS U+203E ‾ ~ 7E 
+PASS U+2103 ℃ ℃ 81 8E 
+PASS U+2116 № № 87 82 
+PASS U+2121 ℡ ℡ 87 84 
+PASS U+212B Å Å 81 F0 
+PASS U+2160 Ⅰ Ⅰ 87 54 
+PASS U+2161 Ⅱ Ⅱ 87 55 
+PASS U+2162 Ⅲ Ⅲ 87 56 
+PASS U+2163 Ⅳ Ⅳ 87 57 
+PASS U+2164 Ⅴ Ⅴ 87 58 
+PASS U+2165 Ⅵ Ⅵ 87 59 
+PASS U+2166 Ⅶ Ⅶ 87 5A 
+PASS U+2167 Ⅷ Ⅷ 87 5B 
+PASS U+2168 Ⅸ Ⅸ 87 5C 
+PASS U+2169 Ⅹ Ⅹ 87 5D 
+PASS U+2170 ⅰ ⅰ FA 40 
+PASS U+2171 ⅱ ⅱ FA 41 
+PASS U+2172 ⅲ ⅲ FA 42 
+PASS U+2173 ⅳ ⅳ FA 43 
+PASS U+2174 ⅴ ⅴ FA 44 
+PASS U+2175 ⅵ ⅵ FA 45 
+PASS U+2176 ⅶ ⅶ FA 46 
+PASS U+2177 ⅷ ⅷ FA 47 
+PASS U+2178 ⅸ ⅸ FA 48 
+PASS U+2179 ⅹ ⅹ FA 49 
+PASS U+2190 ← ← 81 A9 
+PASS U+2191 ↑ ↑ 81 AA 
+PASS U+2192 → → 81 A8 
+PASS U+2193 ↓ ↓ 81 AB 
+PASS U+21D2 ⇒ ⇒ 81 CB 
+PASS U+21D4 ⇔ ⇔ 81 CC 
+PASS U+2200 ∀ ∀ 81 CD 
+PASS U+2202 ∂ ∂ 81 DD 
+PASS U+2203 ∃ ∃ 81 CE 
+PASS U+2207 ∇ ∇ 81 DE 
+PASS U+2208 ∈ ∈ 81 B8 
+PASS U+220B ∋ ∋ 81 B9 
+PASS U+2211 ∑ ∑ 87 94 
+PASS U+2212 − - 81 7C 
+PASS U+221A √ √ 81 E3 
+PASS U+221D ∝ ∝ 81 E5 
+PASS U+221E ∞ ∞ 81 87 
+PASS U+221F ∟ ∟ 87 98 
+PASS U+2220 ∠ ∠ 81 DA 
+PASS U+2225 ∥ ∥ 81 61 
+PASS U+2227 ∧ ∧ 81 C8 
+PASS U+2228 ∨ ∨ 81 C9 
+PASS U+2229 ∩ ∩ 81 BF 
+PASS U+222A ∪ ∪ 81 BE 
+PASS U+222B ∫ ∫ 81 E7 
+PASS U+222C ∬ ∬ 81 E8 
+PASS U+222E ∮ ∮ 87 93 
+PASS U+2234 ∴ ∴ 81 88 
+PASS U+2235 ∵ ∵ 81 E6 
+PASS U+223D ∽ ∽ 81 E4 
+PASS U+2252 ≒ ≒ 81 E0 
+PASS U+2260 ≠ ≠ 81 82 
+PASS U+2261 ≡ ≡ 81 DF 
+PASS U+2266 ≦ ≦ 81 85 
+PASS U+2267 ≧ ≧ 81 86 
+PASS U+226A ≪ ≪ 81 E1 
+PASS U+226B ≫ ≫ 81 E2 
+PASS U+2282 ⊂ ⊂ 81 BC 
+PASS U+2283 ⊃ ⊃ 81 BD 
+PASS U+2286 ⊆ ⊆ 81 BA 
+PASS U+2287 ⊇ ⊇ 81 BB 
+PASS U+22A5 ⊥ ⊥ 81 DB 
+PASS U+22BF ⊿ ⊿ 87 99 
+PASS U+2312 ⌒ ⌒ 81 DC 
+PASS U+2460 ① ① 87 40 
+PASS U+2461 ② ② 87 41 
+PASS U+2462 ③ ③ 87 42 
+PASS U+2463 ④ ④ 87 43 
+PASS U+2464 ⑤ ⑤ 87 44 
+PASS U+2465 ⑥ ⑥ 87 45 
+PASS U+2466 ⑦ ⑦ 87 46 
+PASS U+2467 ⑧ ⑧ 87 47 
+PASS U+2468 ⑨ ⑨ 87 48 
+PASS U+2469 ⑩ ⑩ 87 49 
+PASS U+246A ⑪ ⑪ 87 4A 
+PASS U+246B ⑫ ⑫ 87 4B 
+PASS U+246C ⑬ ⑬ 87 4C 
+PASS U+246D ⑭ ⑭ 87 4D 
+PASS U+246E ⑮ ⑮ 87 4E 
+PASS U+246F ⑯ ⑯ 87 4F 
+PASS U+2470 ⑰ ⑰ 87 50 
+PASS U+2471 ⑱ ⑱ 87 51 
+PASS U+2472 ⑲ ⑲ 87 52 
+PASS U+2473 ⑳ ⑳ 87 53 
+PASS U+2500 ─ ─ 84 9F 
+PASS U+2501 ━ ━ 84 AA 
+PASS U+2502 │ │ 84 A0 
+PASS U+2503 ┃ ┃ 84 AB 
+PASS U+250C ┌ ┌ 84 A1 
+PASS U+250F ┏ ┏ 84 AC 
+PASS U+2510 ┐ ┐ 84 A2 
+PASS U+2513 ┓ ┓ 84 AD 
+PASS U+2514 └ └ 84 A4 
+PASS U+2517 ┗ ┗ 84 AF 
+PASS U+2518 ┘ ┘ 84 A3 
+PASS U+251B ┛ ┛ 84 AE 
+PASS U+251C ├ ├ 84 A5 
+PASS U+251D ┝ ┝ 84 BA 
+PASS U+2520 ┠ ┠ 84 B5 
+PASS U+2523 ┣ ┣ 84 B0 
+PASS U+2524 ┤ ┤ 84 A7 
+PASS U+2525 ┥ ┥ 84 BC 
+PASS U+2528 ┨ ┨ 84 B7 
+PASS U+252B ┫ ┫ 84 B2 
+PASS U+252C ┬ ┬ 84 A6 
+PASS U+252F ┯ ┯ 84 B6 
+PASS U+2530 ┰ ┰ 84 BB 
+PASS U+2533 ┳ ┳ 84 B1 
+PASS U+2534 ┴ ┴ 84 A8 
+PASS U+2537 ┷ ┷ 84 B8 
+PASS U+2538 ┸ ┸ 84 BD 
+PASS U+253B ┻ ┻ 84 B3 
+PASS U+253C ┼ ┼ 84 A9 
+PASS U+253F ┿ ┿ 84 B9 
+PASS U+2542 ╂ ╂ 84 BE 
+PASS U+254B ╋ ╋ 84 B4 
+PASS U+25A0 ■ ■ 81 A1 
+PASS U+25A1 □ □ 81 A0 
+PASS U+25B2 ▲ ▲ 81 A3 
+PASS U+25B3 △ △ 81 A2 
+PASS U+25BC ▼ ▼ 81 A5 
+PASS U+25BD ▽ ▽ 81 A4 
+PASS U+25C6 ◆ ◆ 81 9F 
+PASS U+25C7 ◇ ◇ 81 9E 
+PASS U+25CB ○ ○ 81 9B 
+PASS U+25CE ◎ ◎ 81 9D 
+PASS U+25CF ● ● 81 9C 
+PASS U+25EF ◯ ◯ 81 FC 
+PASS U+2605 ★ ★ 81 9A 
+PASS U+2606 ☆ ☆ 81 99 
+PASS U+2640 ♀ ♀ 81 8A 
+PASS U+2642 ♂ ♂ 81 89 
+PASS U+266A ♪ ♪ 81 F4 
+PASS U+266D ♭ ♭ 81 F3 
+PASS U+266F ♯ ♯ 81 F2 
+PASS U+3000     81 40 
+PASS U+3001 、 、 81 41 
+PASS U+3002 。 。 81 42 
+PASS U+3003 〃 〃 81 56 
+PASS U+3005 々 々 81 58 
+PASS U+3006 〆 〆 81 59 
+PASS U+3007 〇 〇 81 5A 
+PASS U+3008 〈 〈 81 71 
+PASS U+3009 〉 〉 81 72 
+PASS U+300A 《 《 81 73 
+PASS U+300B 》 》 81 74 
+PASS U+300C 「 「 81 75 
+PASS U+300D 」 」 81 76 
+PASS U+300E 『 『 81 77 
+PASS U+300F 』 』 81 78 
+PASS U+3010 【 【 81 79 
+PASS U+3011 】 】 81 7A 
+PASS U+3012 〒 〒 81 A7 
+PASS U+3013 〓 〓 81 AC 
+PASS U+3014 〔 〔 81 6B 
+PASS U+3015 〕 〕 81 6C 
+PASS U+301D 〝 〝 87 80 
+PASS U+301F 〟 〟 87 81 
+PASS U+3041 ぁ ぁ 82 9F 
+PASS U+3042 あ あ 82 A0 
+PASS U+3043 ぃ ぃ 82 A1 
+PASS U+3044 い い 82 A2 
+PASS U+3045 ぅ ぅ 82 A3 
+PASS U+3046 う う 82 A4 
+PASS U+3047 ぇ ぇ 82 A5 
+PASS U+3048 え え 82 A6 
+PASS U+3049 ぉ ぉ 82 A7 
+PASS U+304A お お 82 A8 
+PASS U+304B か か 82 A9 
+PASS U+304C が が 82 AA 
+PASS U+304D き き 82 AB 
+PASS U+304E ぎ ぎ 82 AC 
+PASS U+304F く く 82 AD 
+PASS U+3050 ぐ ぐ 82 AE 
+PASS U+3051 け け 82 AF 
+PASS U+3052 げ げ 82 B0 
+PASS U+3053 こ こ 82 B1 
+PASS U+3054 ご ご 82 B2 
+PASS U+3055 さ さ 82 B3 
+PASS U+3056 ざ ざ 82 B4 
+PASS U+3057 し し 82 B5 
+PASS U+3058 じ じ 82 B6 
+PASS U+3059 す す 82 B7 
+PASS U+305A ず ず 82 B8 
+PASS U+305B せ せ 82 B9 
+PASS U+305C ぜ ぜ 82 BA 
+PASS U+305D そ そ 82 BB 
+PASS U+305E ぞ ぞ 82 BC 
+PASS U+305F た た 82 BD 
+PASS U+3060 だ だ 82 BE 
+PASS U+3061 ち ち 82 BF 
+PASS U+3062 ぢ ぢ 82 C0 
+PASS U+3063 っ っ 82 C1 
+PASS U+3064 つ つ 82 C2 
+PASS U+3065 づ づ 82 C3 
+PASS U+3066 て て 82 C4 
+PASS U+3067 で で 82 C5 
+PASS U+3068 と と 82 C6 
+PASS U+3069 ど ど 82 C7 
+PASS U+306A な な 82 C8 
+PASS U+306B に に 82 C9 
+PASS U+306C ぬ ぬ 82 CA 
+PASS U+306D ね ね 82 CB 
+PASS U+306E の の 82 CC 
+PASS U+306F は は 82 CD 
+PASS U+3070 ば ば 82 CE 
+PASS U+3071 ぱ ぱ 82 CF 
+PASS U+3072 ひ ひ 82 D0 
+PASS U+3073 び び 82 D1 
+PASS U+3074 ぴ ぴ 82 D2 
+PASS U+3075 ふ ふ 82 D3 
+PASS U+3076 ぶ ぶ 82 D4 
+PASS U+3077 ぷ ぷ 82 D5 
+PASS U+3078 へ へ 82 D6 
+PASS U+3079 べ べ 82 D7 
+PASS U+307A ぺ ぺ 82 D8 
+PASS U+307B ほ ほ 82 D9 
+PASS U+307C ぼ ぼ 82 DA 
+PASS U+307D ぽ ぽ 82 DB 
+PASS U+307E ま ま 82 DC 
+PASS U+307F み み 82 DD 
+PASS U+3080 む む 82 DE 
+PASS U+3081 め め 82 DF 
+PASS U+3082 も も 82 E0 
+PASS U+3083 ゃ ゃ 82 E1 
+PASS U+3084 や や 82 E2 
+PASS U+3085 ゅ ゅ 82 E3 
+PASS U+3086 ゆ ゆ 82 E4 
+PASS U+3087 ょ ょ 82 E5 
+PASS U+3088 よ よ 82 E6 
+PASS U+3089 ら ら 82 E7 
+PASS U+308A り り 82 E8 
+PASS U+308B る る 82 E9 
+PASS U+308C れ れ 82 EA 
+PASS U+308D ろ ろ 82 EB 
+PASS U+308E ゎ ゎ 82 EC 
+PASS U+308F わ わ 82 ED 
+PASS U+3090 ゐ ゐ 82 EE 
+PASS U+3091 ゑ ゑ 82 EF 
+PASS U+3092 を を 82 F0 
+PASS U+3093 ん ん 82 F1 
+PASS U+309B ゛ ゛ 81 4A 
+PASS U+309C ゜ ゜ 81 4B 
+PASS U+309D ゝ ゝ 81 54 
+PASS U+309E ゞ ゞ 81 55 
+PASS U+30A1 ァ ァ 83 40 
+PASS U+30A2 ア ア 83 41 
+PASS U+30A3 ィ ィ 83 42 
+PASS U+30A4 イ イ 83 43 
+PASS U+30A5 ゥ ゥ 83 44 
+PASS U+30A6 ウ ウ 83 45 
+PASS U+30A7 ェ ェ 83 46 
+PASS U+30A8 エ エ 83 47 
+PASS U+30A9 ォ ォ 83 48 
+PASS U+30AA オ オ 83 49 
+PASS U+30AB カ カ 83 4A 
+PASS U+30AC ガ ガ 83 4B 
+PASS U+30AD キ キ 83 4C 
+PASS U+30AE ギ ギ 83 4D 
+PASS U+30AF ク ク 83 4E 
+PASS U+30B0 グ グ 83 4F 
+PASS U+30B1 ケ ケ 83 50 
+PASS U+30B2 ゲ ゲ 83 51 
+PASS U+30B3 コ コ 83 52 
+PASS U+30B4 ゴ ゴ 83 53 
+PASS U+30B5 サ サ 83 54 
+PASS U+30B6 ザ ザ 83 55 
+PASS U+30B7 シ シ 83 56 
+PASS U+30B8 ジ ジ 83 57 
+PASS U+30B9 ス ス 83 58 
+PASS U+30BA ズ ズ 83 59 
+PASS U+30BB セ セ 83 5A 
+PASS U+30BC ゼ ゼ 83 5B 
+PASS U+30BD ソ ソ 83 5C 
+PASS U+30BE ゾ ゾ 83 5D 
+PASS U+30BF タ タ 83 5E 
+PASS U+30C0 ダ ダ 83 5F 
+PASS U+30C1 チ チ 83 60 
+PASS U+30C2 ヂ ヂ 83 61 
+PASS U+30C3 ッ ッ 83 62 
+PASS U+30C4 ツ ツ 83 63 
+PASS U+30C5 ヅ ヅ 83 64 
+PASS U+30C6 テ テ 83 65 
+PASS U+30C7 デ デ 83 66 
+PASS U+30C8 ト ト 83 67 
+PASS U+30C9 ド ド 83 68 
+PASS U+30CA ナ ナ 83 69 
+PASS U+30CB ニ ニ 83 6A 
+PASS U+30CC ヌ ヌ 83 6B 
+PASS U+30CD ネ ネ 83 6C 
+PASS U+30CE ノ ノ 83 6D 
+PASS U+30CF ハ ハ 83 6E 
+PASS U+30D0 バ バ 83 6F 
+PASS U+30D1 パ パ 83 70 
+PASS U+30D2 ヒ ヒ 83 71 
+PASS U+30D3 ビ ビ 83 72 
+PASS U+30D4 ピ ピ 83 73 
+PASS U+30D5 フ フ 83 74 
+PASS U+30D6 ブ ブ 83 75 
+PASS U+30D7 プ プ 83 76 
+PASS U+30D8 ヘ ヘ 83 77 
+PASS U+30D9 ベ ベ 83 78 
+PASS U+30DA ペ ペ 83 79 
+PASS U+30DB ホ ホ 83 7A 
+PASS U+30DC ボ ボ 83 7B 
+PASS U+30DD ポ ポ 83 7C 
+PASS U+30DE マ マ 83 7D 
+PASS U+30DF ミ ミ 83 7E 
+PASS U+30E0 ム ム 83 80 
+PASS U+30E1 メ メ 83 81 
+PASS U+30E2 モ モ 83 82 
+PASS U+30E3 ャ ャ 83 83 
+PASS U+30E4 ヤ ヤ 83 84 
+PASS U+30E5 ュ ュ 83 85 
+PASS U+30E6 ユ ユ 83 86 
+PASS U+30E7 ョ ョ 83 87 
+PASS U+30E8 ヨ ヨ 83 88 
+PASS U+30E9 ラ ラ 83 89 
+PASS U+30EA リ リ 83 8A 
+PASS U+30EB ル ル 83 8B 
+PASS U+30EC レ レ 83 8C 
+PASS U+30ED ロ ロ 83 8D 
+PASS U+30EE ヮ ヮ 83 8E 
+PASS U+30EF ワ ワ 83 8F 
+PASS U+30F0 ヰ ヰ 83 90 
+PASS U+30F1 ヱ ヱ 83 91 
+PASS U+30F2 ヲ ヲ 83 92 
+PASS U+30F3 ン ン 83 93 
+PASS U+30F4 ヴ ヴ 83 94 
+PASS U+30F5 ヵ ヵ 83 95 
+PASS U+30F6 ヶ ヶ 83 96 
+PASS U+30FB ・ ・ 81 45 
+PASS U+30FC ー ー 81 5B 
+PASS U+30FD ヽ ヽ 81 52 
+PASS U+30FE ヾ ヾ 81 53 
+PASS U+3231 ㈱ ㈱ 87 8A 
+PASS U+3232 ㈲ ㈲ 87 8B 
+PASS U+3239 ㈹ ㈹ 87 8C 
+PASS U+32A4 ㊤ ㊤ 87 85 
+PASS U+32A5 ㊥ ㊥ 87 86 
+PASS U+32A6 ㊦ ㊦ 87 87 
+PASS U+32A7 ㊧ ㊧ 87 88 
+PASS U+32A8 ㊨ ㊨ 87 89 
+PASS U+3303 ㌃ ㌃ 87 65 
+PASS U+330D ㌍ ㌍ 87 69 
+PASS U+3314 ㌔ ㌔ 87 60 
+PASS U+3318 ㌘ ㌘ 87 63 
+PASS U+3322 ㌢ ㌢ 87 61 
+PASS U+3323 ㌣ ㌣ 87 6B 
+PASS U+3326 ㌦ ㌦ 87 6A 
+PASS U+3327 ㌧ ㌧ 87 64 
+PASS U+332B ㌫ ㌫ 87 6C 
+PASS U+3336 ㌶ ㌶ 87 66 
+PASS U+333B ㌻ ㌻ 87 6E 
+PASS U+3349 ㍉ ㍉ 87 5F 
+PASS U+334A ㍊ ㍊ 87 6D 
+PASS U+334D ㍍ ㍍ 87 62 
+PASS U+3351 ㍑ ㍑ 87 67 
+PASS U+3357 ㍗ ㍗ 87 68 
+PASS U+337B ㍻ ㍻ 87 7E 
+PASS U+337C ㍼ ㍼ 87 8F 
+PASS U+337D ㍽ ㍽ 87 8E 
+PASS U+337E ㍾ ㍾ 87 8D 
+PASS U+338E ㎎ ㎎ 87 72 
+PASS U+338F ㎏ ㎏ 87 73 
+PASS U+339C ㎜ ㎜ 87 6F 
+PASS U+339D ㎝ ㎝ 87 70 
+PASS U+339E ㎞ ㎞ 87 71 
+PASS U+33A1 ㎡ ㎡ 87 75 
+PASS U+33C4 ㏄ ㏄ 87 74 
+PASS U+33CD ㏍ ㏍ 87 83 
+PASS U+4E00 一 一 88 EA 
+PASS U+4E01 丁 丁 92 9A 
+PASS U+4E03 七 七 8E B5 
+PASS U+4E07 万 万 96 9C 
+PASS U+4E08 丈 丈 8F E4 
+PASS U+4E09 三 三 8E 4F 
+PASS U+4E0A 上 上 8F E3 
+PASS U+4E0B 下 下 89 BA 
+PASS U+4E0D 不 不 95 73 
+PASS U+4E0E 与 与 97 5E 
+PASS U+4E10 丐 丐 98 A0 
+PASS U+4E11 丑 丑 89 4E 
+PASS U+4E14 且 且 8A 8E 
+PASS U+4E15 丕 丕 98 A1 
+PASS U+4E16 世 世 90 A2 
+PASS U+4E17 丗 丗 99 C0 
+PASS U+4E18 丘 丘 8B 75 
+PASS U+4E19 丙 丙 95 B8 
+PASS U+4E1E 丞 丞 8F E5 
+PASS U+4E21 両 両 97 BC 
+PASS U+4E26 並 並 95 C0 
+PASS U+4E28 丨 丨 FA 68 
+PASS U+4E2A 个 个 98 A2 
+PASS U+4E2D 中 中 92 86 
+PASS U+4E31 丱 丱 98 A3 
+PASS U+4E32 串 串 8B F8 
+PASS U+4E36 丶 丶 98 A4 
+PASS U+4E38 丸 丸 8A DB 
+PASS U+4E39 丹 丹 92 4F 
+PASS U+4E3B 主 主 8E E5 
+PASS U+4E3C 丼 丼 98 A5 
+PASS U+4E3F 丿 丿 98 A6 
+PASS U+4E42 乂 乂 98 A7 
+PASS U+4E43 乃 乃 94 54 
+PASS U+4E45 久 久 8B 76 
+PASS U+4E4B 之 之 94 56 
+PASS U+4E4D 乍 乍 93 E1 
+PASS U+4E4E 乎 乎 8C C1 
+PASS U+4E4F 乏 乏 96 52 
+PASS U+4E55 乕 乕 E5 68 
+PASS U+4E56 乖 乖 98 A8 
+PASS U+4E57 乗 乗 8F E6 
+PASS U+4E58 乘 乘 98 A9 
+PASS U+4E59 乙 乙 89 B3 
+PASS U+4E5D 九 九 8B E3 
+PASS U+4E5E 乞 乞 8C EE 
+PASS U+4E5F 也 也 96 E7 
+PASS U+4E62 乢 乢 9B A4 
+PASS U+4E71 乱 乱 97 90 
+PASS U+4E73 乳 乳 93 FB 
+PASS U+4E7E 乾 乾 8A A3 
+PASS U+4E80 亀 亀 8B 54 
+PASS U+4E82 亂 亂 98 AA 
+PASS U+4E85 亅 亅 98 AB 
+PASS U+4E86 了 了 97 B9 
+PASS U+4E88 予 予 97 5C 
+PASS U+4E89 争 争 91 88 
+PASS U+4E8A 亊 亊 98 AD 
+PASS U+4E8B 事 事 8E 96 
+PASS U+4E8C 二 二 93 F1 
+PASS U+4E8E 于 于 98 B0 
+PASS U+4E91 云 云 89 5D 
+PASS U+4E92 互 互 8C DD 
+PASS U+4E94 五 五 8C DC 
+PASS U+4E95 井 井 88 E4 
+PASS U+4E98 亘 亘 98 6A 
+PASS U+4E99 亙 亙 98 69 
+PASS U+4E9B 些 些 8D B1 
+PASS U+4E9C 亜 亜 88 9F 
+PASS U+4E9E 亞 亞 98 B1 
+PASS U+4E9F 亟 亟 98 B2 
+PASS U+4EA0 亠 亠 98 B3 
+PASS U+4EA1 亡 亡 96 53 
+PASS U+4EA2 亢 亢 98 B4 
+PASS U+4EA4 交 交 8C F0 
+PASS U+4EA5 亥 亥 88 E5 
+PASS U+4EA6 亦 亦 96 92 
+PASS U+4EA8 亨 亨 8B 9C 
+PASS U+4EAB 享 享 8B 9D 
+PASS U+4EAC 京 京 8B 9E 
+PASS U+4EAD 亭 亭 92 E0 
+PASS U+4EAE 亮 亮 97 BA 
+PASS U+4EB0 亰 亰 98 B5 
+PASS U+4EB3 亳 亳 98 B6 
+PASS U+4EB6 亶 亶 98 B7 
+PASS U+4EBA 人 人 90 6C 
+PASS U+4EC0 什 什 8F 59 
+PASS U+4EC1 仁 仁 90 6D 
+PASS U+4EC2 仂 仂 98 BC 
+PASS U+4EC4 仄 仄 98 BA 
+PASS U+4EC6 仆 仆 98 BB 
+PASS U+4EC7 仇 仇 8B 77 
+PASS U+4ECA 今 今 8D A1 
+PASS U+4ECB 介 介 89 EE 
+PASS U+4ECD 仍 仍 98 B9 
+PASS U+4ECE 从 从 98 B8 
+PASS U+4ECF 仏 仏 95 A7 
+PASS U+4ED4 仔 仔 8E 65 
+PASS U+4ED5 仕 仕 8E 64 
+PASS U+4ED6 他 他 91 BC 
+PASS U+4ED7 仗 仗 98 BD 
+PASS U+4ED8 付 付 95 74 
+PASS U+4ED9 仙 仙 90 E5 
+PASS U+4EDD 仝 仝 81 57 
+PASS U+4EDE 仞 仞 98 BE 
+PASS U+4EDF 仟 仟 98 C0 
+PASS U+4EE1 仡 仡 FA 69 
+PASS U+4EE3 代 代 91 E3 
+PASS U+4EE4 令 令 97 DF 
+PASS U+4EE5 以 以 88 C8 
+PASS U+4EED 仭 仭 98 BF 
+PASS U+4EEE 仮 仮 89 BC 
+PASS U+4EF0 仰 仰 8B C2 
+PASS U+4EF2 仲 仲 92 87 
+PASS U+4EF6 件 件 8C 8F 
+PASS U+4EF7 价 价 98 C1 
+PASS U+4EFB 任 任 94 43 
+PASS U+4EFC 仼 仼 FA 6A 
+PASS U+4F00 伀 伀 FA 6B 
+PASS U+4F01 企 企 8A E9 
+PASS U+4F03 伃 伃 FA 6C 
+PASS U+4F09 伉 伉 98 C2 
+PASS U+4F0A 伊 伊 88 C9 
+PASS U+4F0D 伍 伍 8C DE 
+PASS U+4F0E 伎 伎 8A EA 
+PASS U+4F0F 伏 伏 95 9A 
+PASS U+4F10 伐 伐 94 B0 
+PASS U+4F11 休 休 8B 78 
+PASS U+4F1A 会 会 89 EF 
+PASS U+4F1C 伜 伜 98 E5 
+PASS U+4F1D 伝 伝 93 60 
+PASS U+4F2F 伯 伯 94 8C 
+PASS U+4F30 估 估 98 C4 
+PASS U+4F34 伴 伴 94 BA 
+PASS U+4F36 伶 伶 97 E0 
+PASS U+4F38 伸 伸 90 4C 
+PASS U+4F39 伹 伹 FA 6D 
+PASS U+4F3A 伺 伺 8E 66 
+PASS U+4F3C 似 似 8E 97 
+PASS U+4F3D 伽 伽 89 BE 
+PASS U+4F43 佃 佃 92 CF 
+PASS U+4F46 但 但 92 41 
+PASS U+4F47 佇 佇 98 C8 
+PASS U+4F4D 位 位 88 CA 
+PASS U+4F4E 低 低 92 E1 
+PASS U+4F4F 住 住 8F 5A 
+PASS U+4F50 佐 佐 8D B2 
+PASS U+4F51 佑 佑 97 43 
+PASS U+4F53 体 体 91 CC 
+PASS U+4F55 何 何 89 BD 
+PASS U+4F56 佖 佖 FA 6E 
+PASS U+4F57 佗 佗 98 C7 
+PASS U+4F59 余 余 97 5D 
+PASS U+4F5A 佚 佚 98 C3 
+PASS U+4F5B 佛 佛 98 C5 
+PASS U+4F5C 作 作 8D EC 
+PASS U+4F5D 佝 佝 98 C6 
+PASS U+4F5E 佞 佞 9B 43 
+PASS U+4F69 佩 佩 98 CE 
+PASS U+4F6F 佯 佯 98 D1 
+PASS U+4F70 佰 佰 98 CF 
+PASS U+4F73 佳 佳 89 C0 
+PASS U+4F75 併 併 95 B9 
+PASS U+4F76 佶 佶 98 C9 
+PASS U+4F7B 佻 佻 98 CD 
+PASS U+4F7C 佼 佼 8C F1 
+PASS U+4F7F 使 使 8E 67 
+PASS U+4F83 侃 侃 8A A4 
+PASS U+4F86 來 來 98 D2 
+PASS U+4F88 侈 侈 98 CA 
+PASS U+4F8A 侊 侊 FA 70 
+PASS U+4F8B 例 例 97 E1 
+PASS U+4F8D 侍 侍 8E 98 
+PASS U+4F8F 侏 侏 98 CB 
+PASS U+4F91 侑 侑 98 D0 
+PASS U+4F92 侒 侒 FA 6F 
+PASS U+4F94 侔 侔 FA 72 
+PASS U+4F96 侖 侖 98 D3 
+PASS U+4F98 侘 侘 98 CC 
+PASS U+4F9A 侚 侚 FA 71 
+PASS U+4F9B 供 供 8B 9F 
+PASS U+4F9D 依 依 88 CB 
+PASS U+4FA0 侠 侠 8B A0 
+PASS U+4FA1 価 価 89 BF 
+PASS U+4FAB 侫 侫 9B 44 
+PASS U+4FAD 侭 侭 96 99 
+PASS U+4FAE 侮 侮 95 8E 
+PASS U+4FAF 侯 侯 8C F2 
+PASS U+4FB5 侵 侵 90 4E 
+PASS U+4FB6 侶 侶 97 B5 
+PASS U+4FBF 便 便 95 D6 
+PASS U+4FC2 係 係 8C 57 
+PASS U+4FC3 促 促 91 A3 
+PASS U+4FC4 俄 俄 89 E2 
+PASS U+4FC9 俉 俉 FA 61 
+PASS U+4FCA 俊 俊 8F 72 
+PASS U+4FCD 俍 俍 FA 73 
+PASS U+4FCE 俎 俎 98 D7 
+PASS U+4FD0 俐 俐 98 DC 
+PASS U+4FD1 俑 俑 98 DA 
+PASS U+4FD4 俔 俔 98 D5 
+PASS U+4FD7 俗 俗 91 AD 
+PASS U+4FD8 俘 俘 98 D8 
+PASS U+4FDA 俚 俚 98 DB 
+PASS U+4FDB 俛 俛 98 D9 
+PASS U+4FDD 保 保 95 DB 
+PASS U+4FDF 俟 俟 98 D6 
+PASS U+4FE1 信 信 90 4D 
+PASS U+4FE3 俣 俣 96 93 
+PASS U+4FE4 俤 俤 98 DD 
+PASS U+4FE5 俥 俥 98 DE 
+PASS U+4FEE 修 修 8F 43 
+PASS U+4FEF 俯 俯 98 EB 
+PASS U+4FF3 俳 俳 94 6F 
+PASS U+4FF5 俵 俵 95 55 
+PASS U+4FF6 俶 俶 98 E6 
+PASS U+4FF8 俸 俸 95 EE 
+PASS U+4FFA 俺 俺 89 B4 
+PASS U+4FFE 俾 俾 98 EA 
+PASS U+4FFF 俿 俿 FA 76 
+PASS U+5005 倅 倅 98 E4 
+PASS U+5006 倆 倆 98 ED 
+PASS U+5009 倉 倉 91 71 
+PASS U+500B 個 個 8C C2 
+PASS U+500D 倍 倍 94 7B 
+PASS U+500F 倏 倏 E0 C5 
+PASS U+5011 們 們 98 EC 
+PASS U+5012 倒 倒 93 7C 
+PASS U+5014 倔 倔 98 E1 
+PASS U+5016 倖 倖 8C F4 
+PASS U+5019 候 候 8C F3 
+PASS U+501A 倚 倚 98 DF 
+PASS U+501E 倞 倞 FA 77 
+PASS U+501F 借 借 8E D8 
+PASS U+5021 倡 倡 98 E7 
+PASS U+5022 倢 倢 FA 75 
+PASS U+5023 倣 倣 95 ED 
+PASS U+5024 値 値 92 6C 
+PASS U+5025 倥 倥 98 E3 
+PASS U+5026 倦 倦 8C 91 
+PASS U+5028 倨 倨 98 E0 
+PASS U+5029 倩 倩 98 E8 
+PASS U+502A 倪 倪 98 E2 
+PASS U+502B 倫 倫 97 CF 
+PASS U+502C 倬 倬 98 E9 
+PASS U+502D 倭 倭 98 60 
+PASS U+5036 倶 倶 8B E4 
+PASS U+5039 倹 倹 8C 90 
+PASS U+5040 偀 偀 FA 74 
+PASS U+5042 偂 偂 FA 7A 
+PASS U+5043 偃 偃 98 EE 
+PASS U+5046 偆 偆 FA 78 
+PASS U+5047 假 假 98 EF 
+PASS U+5048 偈 偈 98 F3 
+PASS U+5049 偉 偉 88 CC 
+PASS U+504F 偏 偏 95 CE 
+PASS U+5050 偐 偐 98 F2 
+PASS U+5055 偕 偕 98 F1 
+PASS U+5056 偖 偖 98 F5 
+PASS U+505A 做 做 98 F4 
+PASS U+505C 停 停 92 E2 
+PASS U+5065 健 健 8C 92 
+PASS U+506C 偬 偬 98 F6 
+PASS U+5070 偰 偰 FA 79 
+PASS U+5072 偲 偲 8E C3 
+PASS U+5074 側 側 91 A4 
+PASS U+5075 偵 偵 92 E3 
+PASS U+5076 偶 偶 8B F4 
+PASS U+5078 偸 偸 98 F7 
+PASS U+507D 偽 偽 8B 55 
+PASS U+5080 傀 傀 98 F8 
+PASS U+5085 傅 傅 98 FA 
+PASS U+508D 傍 傍 96 54 
+PASS U+5091 傑 傑 8C 86 
+PASS U+5094 傔 傔 FA 7B 
+PASS U+5098 傘 傘 8E 50 
+PASS U+5099 備 備 94 F5 
+PASS U+509A 傚 傚 98 F9 
+PASS U+50AC 催 催 8D C3 
+PASS U+50AD 傭 傭 97 62 
+PASS U+50B2 傲 傲 98 FC 
+PASS U+50B3 傳 傳 99 42 
+PASS U+50B4 傴 傴 98 FB 
+PASS U+50B5 債 債 8D C2 
+PASS U+50B7 傷 傷 8F 9D 
+PASS U+50BE 傾 傾 8C 58 
+PASS U+50C2 僂 僂 99 43 
+PASS U+50C5 僅 僅 8B CD 
+PASS U+50C9 僉 僉 99 40 
+PASS U+50CA 僊 僊 99 41 
+PASS U+50CD 働 働 93 AD 
+PASS U+50CF 像 像 91 9C 
+PASS U+50D1 僑 僑 8B A1 
+PASS U+50D5 僕 僕 96 6C 
+PASS U+50D6 僖 僖 99 44 
+PASS U+50D8 僘 僘 FA 7D 
+PASS U+50DA 僚 僚 97 BB 
+PASS U+50DE 僞 僞 99 45 
+PASS U+50E3 僣 僣 99 48 
+PASS U+50E5 僥 僥 99 46 
+PASS U+50E7 僧 僧 91 6D 
+PASS U+50ED 僭 僭 99 47 
+PASS U+50EE 僮 僮 99 49 
+PASS U+50F4 僴 僴 FA 7C 
+PASS U+50F5 僵 僵 99 4B 
+PASS U+50F9 價 價 99 4A 
+PASS U+50FB 僻 僻 95 C6 
+PASS U+5100 儀 儀 8B 56 
+PASS U+5101 儁 儁 99 4D 
+PASS U+5102 儂 儂 99 4E 
+PASS U+5104 億 億 89 AD 
+PASS U+5109 儉 儉 99 4C 
+PASS U+5112 儒 儒 8E F2 
+PASS U+5114 儔 儔 99 51 
+PASS U+5115 儕 儕 99 50 
+PASS U+5116 儖 儖 99 4F 
+PASS U+5118 儘 儘 98 D4 
+PASS U+511A 儚 儚 99 52 
+PASS U+511F 償 償 8F 9E 
+PASS U+5121 儡 儡 99 53 
+PASS U+512A 優 優 97 44 
+PASS U+5132 儲 儲 96 D7 
+PASS U+5137 儷 儷 99 55 
+PASS U+513A 儺 儺 99 54 
+PASS U+513B 儻 儻 99 57 
+PASS U+513C 儼 儼 99 56 
+PASS U+513F 儿 儿 99 58 
+PASS U+5140 兀 兀 99 59 
+PASS U+5141 允 允 88 F2 
+PASS U+5143 元 元 8C B3 
+PASS U+5144 兄 兄 8C 5A 
+PASS U+5145 充 充 8F 5B 
+PASS U+5146 兆 兆 92 9B 
+PASS U+5147 兇 兇 8B A2 
+PASS U+5148 先 先 90 E6 
+PASS U+5149 光 光 8C F5 
+PASS U+514A 兊 兊 FA 7E 
+PASS U+514B 克 克 8D 8E 
+PASS U+514C 兌 兌 99 5B 
+PASS U+514D 免 免 96 C6 
+PASS U+514E 兎 兎 93 65 
+PASS U+5150 児 児 8E 99 
+PASS U+5152 兒 兒 99 5A 
+PASS U+5154 兔 兔 99 5C 
+PASS U+515A 党 党 93 7D 
+PASS U+515C 兜 兜 8A 95 
+PASS U+5162 兢 兢 99 5D 
+PASS U+5164 兤 兤 FA 80 
+PASS U+5165 入 入 93 FC 
+PASS U+5168 全 全 91 53 
+PASS U+5169 兩 兩 99 5F 
+PASS U+516A 兪 兪 99 60 
+PASS U+516B 八 八 94 AA 
+PASS U+516C 公 公 8C F6 
+PASS U+516D 六 六 98 5A 
+PASS U+516E 兮 兮 99 61 
+PASS U+5171 共 共 8B A4 
+PASS U+5175 兵 兵 95 BA 
+PASS U+5176 其 其 91 B4 
+PASS U+5177 具 具 8B EF 
+PASS U+5178 典 典 93 54 
+PASS U+517C 兼 兼 8C 93 
+PASS U+5180 冀 冀 99 62 
+PASS U+5182 冂 冂 99 63 
+PASS U+5185 内 内 93 E0 
+PASS U+5186 円 円 89 7E 
+PASS U+5189 冉 冉 99 66 
+PASS U+518A 冊 冊 8D FB 
+PASS U+518C 册 册 99 65 
+PASS U+518D 再 再 8D C4 
+PASS U+518F 冏 冏 99 67 
+PASS U+5190 冐 冐 E3 EC 
+PASS U+5191 冑 冑 99 68 
+PASS U+5192 冒 冒 96 60 
+PASS U+5193 冓 冓 99 69 
+PASS U+5195 冕 冕 99 6A 
+PASS U+5196 冖 冖 99 6B 
+PASS U+5197 冗 冗 8F E7 
+PASS U+5199 写 写 8E CA 
+PASS U+519D 冝 冝 FA 81 
+PASS U+51A0 冠 冠 8A A5 
+PASS U+51A2 冢 冢 99 6E 
+PASS U+51A4 冤 冤 99 6C 
+PASS U+51A5 冥 冥 96 BB 
+PASS U+51A6 冦 冦 99 6D 
+PASS U+51A8 冨 冨 95 79 
+PASS U+51A9 冩 冩 99 6F 
+PASS U+51AA 冪 冪 99 70 
+PASS U+51AB 冫 冫 99 71 
+PASS U+51AC 冬 冬 93 7E 
+PASS U+51B0 冰 冰 99 75 
+PASS U+51B1 冱 冱 99 73 
+PASS U+51B2 冲 冲 99 74 
+PASS U+51B3 决 决 99 72 
+PASS U+51B4 冴 冴 8D E1 
+PASS U+51B5 况 况 99 76 
+PASS U+51B6 冶 冶 96 E8 
+PASS U+51B7 冷 冷 97 E2 
+PASS U+51BD 冽 冽 99 77 
+PASS U+51BE 冾 冾 FA 82 
+PASS U+51C4 凄 凄 90 A6 
+PASS U+51C5 凅 凅 99 78 
+PASS U+51C6 准 准 8F 79 
+PASS U+51C9 凉 凉 99 79 
+PASS U+51CB 凋 凋 92 9C 
+PASS U+51CC 凌 凌 97 BD 
+PASS U+51CD 凍 凍 93 80 
+PASS U+51D6 凖 凖 99 C3 
+PASS U+51DB 凛 凛 99 7A 
+PASS U+51DC 凜 凜 EA A3 
+PASS U+51DD 凝 凝 8B C3 
+PASS U+51E0 几 几 99 7B 
+PASS U+51E1 凡 凡 96 7D 
+PASS U+51E6 処 処 8F 88 
+PASS U+51E7 凧 凧 91 FA 
+PASS U+51E9 凩 凩 99 7D 
+PASS U+51EA 凪 凪 93 E2 
+PASS U+51EC 凬 凬 FA 83 
+PASS U+51ED 凭 凭 99 7E 
+PASS U+51F0 凰 凰 99 80 
+PASS U+51F1 凱 凱 8A 4D 
+PASS U+51F5 凵 凵 99 81 
+PASS U+51F6 凶 凶 8B A5 
+PASS U+51F8 凸 凸 93 CA 
+PASS U+51F9 凹 凹 89 9A 
+PASS U+51FA 出 出 8F 6F 
+PASS U+51FD 函 函 94 9F 
+PASS U+51FE 凾 凾 99 82 
+PASS U+5200 刀 刀 93 81 
+PASS U+5203 刃 刃 90 6E 
+PASS U+5204 刄 刄 99 83 
+PASS U+5206 分 分 95 AA 
+PASS U+5207 切 切 90 D8 
+PASS U+5208 刈 刈 8A A0 
+PASS U+520A 刊 刊 8A A7 
+PASS U+520B 刋 刋 99 84 
+PASS U+520E 刎 刎 99 86 
+PASS U+5211 刑 刑 8C 59 
+PASS U+5214 刔 刔 99 85 
+PASS U+5215 刕 刕 FA 84 
+PASS U+5217 列 列 97 F1 
+PASS U+521D 初 初 8F 89 
+PASS U+5224 判 判 94 BB 
+PASS U+5225 別 別 95 CA 
+PASS U+5227 刧 刧 99 87 
+PASS U+5229 利 利 97 98 
+PASS U+522A 刪 刪 99 88 
+PASS U+522E 刮 刮 99 89 
+PASS U+5230 到 到 93 9E 
+PASS U+5233 刳 刳 99 8A 
+PASS U+5236 制 制 90 A7 
+PASS U+5237 刷 刷 8D FC 
+PASS U+5238 券 券 8C 94 
+PASS U+5239 刹 刹 99 8B 
+PASS U+523A 刺 刺 8E 68 
+PASS U+523B 刻 刻 8D 8F 
+PASS U+5243 剃 剃 92 E4 
+PASS U+5244 剄 剄 99 8D 
+PASS U+5247 則 則 91 A5 
+PASS U+524A 削 削 8D ED 
+PASS U+524B 剋 剋 99 8E 
+PASS U+524C 剌 剌 99 8F 
+PASS U+524D 前 前 91 4F 
+PASS U+524F 剏 剏 99 8C 
+PASS U+5254 剔 剔 99 91 
+PASS U+5256 剖 剖 96 55 
+PASS U+525B 剛 剛 8D 84 
+PASS U+525E 剞 剞 99 90 
+PASS U+5263 剣 剣 8C 95 
+PASS U+5264 剤 剤 8D DC 
+PASS U+5265 剥 剥 94 8D 
+PASS U+5269 剩 剩 99 94 
+PASS U+526A 剪 剪 99 92 
+PASS U+526F 副 副 95 9B 
+PASS U+5270 剰 剰 8F E8 
+PASS U+5271 剱 剱 99 9B 
+PASS U+5272 割 割 8A 84 
+PASS U+5273 剳 剳 99 95 
+PASS U+5274 剴 剴 99 93 
+PASS U+5275 創 創 91 6E 
+PASS U+527D 剽 剽 99 97 
+PASS U+527F 剿 剿 99 96 
+PASS U+5283 劃 劃 8A 63 
+PASS U+5287 劇 劇 8C 80 
+PASS U+5288 劈 劈 99 9C 
+PASS U+5289 劉 劉 97 AB 
+PASS U+528D 劍 劍 99 98 
+PASS U+5291 劑 劑 99 9D 
+PASS U+5292 劒 劒 99 9A 
+PASS U+5294 劔 劔 99 99 
+PASS U+529B 力 力 97 CD 
+PASS U+529C 劜 劜 FA 85 
+PASS U+529F 功 功 8C F7 
+PASS U+52A0 加 加 89 C1 
+PASS U+52A3 劣 劣 97 F2 
+PASS U+52A6 劦 劦 FA 86 
+PASS U+52A9 助 助 8F 95 
+PASS U+52AA 努 努 93 77 
+PASS U+52AB 劫 劫 8D 85 
+PASS U+52AC 劬 劬 99 A0 
+PASS U+52AD 劭 劭 99 A1 
+PASS U+52AF 劯 劯 FB 77 
+PASS U+52B1 励 励 97 E3 
+PASS U+52B4 労 労 98 4A 
+PASS U+52B5 劵 劵 99 A3 
+PASS U+52B9 効 効 8C F8 
+PASS U+52BC 劼 劼 99 A2 
+PASS U+52BE 劾 劾 8A 4E 
+PASS U+52C0 勀 勀 FA 87 
+PASS U+52C1 勁 勁 99 A4 
+PASS U+52C3 勃 勃 96 75 
+PASS U+52C5 勅 勅 92 BA 
+PASS U+52C7 勇 勇 97 45 
+PASS U+52C9 勉 勉 95 D7 
+PASS U+52CD 勍 勍 99 A5 
+PASS U+52D2 勒 勒 E8 D3 
+PASS U+52D5 動 動 93 AE 
+PASS U+52D7 勗 勗 99 A6 
+PASS U+52D8 勘 勘 8A A8 
+PASS U+52D9 務 務 96 B1 
+PASS U+52DB 勛 勛 FA 88 
+PASS U+52DD 勝 勝 8F 9F 
+PASS U+52DE 勞 勞 99 A7 
+PASS U+52DF 募 募 95 E5 
+PASS U+52E0 勠 勠 99 AB 
+PASS U+52E2 勢 勢 90 A8 
+PASS U+52E3 勣 勣 99 A8 
+PASS U+52E4 勤 勤 8B CE 
+PASS U+52E6 勦 勦 99 A9 
+PASS U+52E7 勧 勧 8A A9 
+PASS U+52F2 勲 勲 8C 4D 
+PASS U+52F3 勳 勳 99 AC 
+PASS U+52F5 勵 勵 99 AD 
+PASS U+52F8 勸 勸 99 AE 
+PASS U+52F9 勹 勹 99 AF 
+PASS U+52FA 勺 勺 8E D9 
+PASS U+52FE 勾 勾 8C F9 
+PASS U+52FF 勿 勿 96 DC 
+PASS U+5300 匀 匀 FA 89 
+PASS U+5301 匁 匁 96 E6 
+PASS U+5302 匂 匂 93 F5 
+PASS U+5305 包 包 95 EF 
+PASS U+5306 匆 匆 99 B0 
+PASS U+5307 匇 匇 FA 8A 
+PASS U+5308 匈 匈 99 B1 
+PASS U+530D 匍 匍 99 B3 
+PASS U+530F 匏 匏 99 B5 
+PASS U+5310 匐 匐 99 B4 
+PASS U+5315 匕 匕 99 B6 
+PASS U+5316 化 化 89 BB 
+PASS U+5317 北 北 96 6B 
+PASS U+5319 匙 匙 8D FA 
+PASS U+531A 匚 匚 99 B7 
+PASS U+531D 匝 匝 91 78 
+PASS U+5320 匠 匠 8F A0 
+PASS U+5321 匡 匡 8B A7 
+PASS U+5323 匣 匣 99 B8 
+PASS U+5324 匤 匤 FA 8B 
+PASS U+532A 匪 匪 94 D9 
+PASS U+532F 匯 匯 99 B9 
+PASS U+5331 匱 匱 99 BA 
+PASS U+5333 匳 匳 99 BB 
+PASS U+5338 匸 匸 99 BC 
+PASS U+5339 匹 匹 95 43 
+PASS U+533A 区 区 8B E6 
+PASS U+533B 医 医 88 E3 
+PASS U+533F 匿 匿 93 BD 
+PASS U+5340 區 區 99 BD 
+PASS U+5341 十 十 8F 5C 
+PASS U+5343 千 千 90 E7 
+PASS U+5345 卅 卅 99 BF 
+PASS U+5346 卆 卆 99 BE 
+PASS U+5347 升 升 8F A1 
+PASS U+5348 午 午 8C DF 
+PASS U+5349 卉 卉 99 C1 
+PASS U+534A 半 半 94 BC 
+PASS U+534D 卍 卍 99 C2 
+PASS U+5351 卑 卑 94 DA 
+PASS U+5352 卒 卒 91 B2 
+PASS U+5353 卓 卓 91 EC 
+PASS U+5354 協 協 8B A6 
+PASS U+5357 南 南 93 EC 
+PASS U+5358 単 単 92 50 
+PASS U+535A 博 博 94 8E 
+PASS U+535C 卜 卜 96 6D 
+PASS U+535E 卞 卞 99 C4 
+PASS U+5360 占 占 90 E8 
+PASS U+5366 卦 卦 8C 54 
+PASS U+5369 卩 卩 99 C5 
+PASS U+536E 卮 卮 99 C6 
+PASS U+536F 卯 卯 89 4B 
+PASS U+5370 印 印 88 F3 
+PASS U+5371 危 危 8A EB 
+PASS U+5372 卲 卲 FA 8C 
+PASS U+5373 即 即 91 A6 
+PASS U+5374 却 却 8B 70 
+PASS U+5375 卵 卵 97 91 
+PASS U+5377 卷 卷 99 C9 
+PASS U+5378 卸 卸 89 B5 
+PASS U+537B 卻 卻 99 C8 
+PASS U+537F 卿 卿 8B A8 
+PASS U+5382 厂 厂 99 CA 
+PASS U+5384 厄 厄 96 EF 
+PASS U+5393 厓 厓 FA 8D 
+PASS U+5396 厖 厖 99 CB 
+PASS U+5398 厘 厘 97 D0 
+PASS U+539A 厚 厚 8C FA 
+PASS U+539F 原 原 8C B4 
+PASS U+53A0 厠 厠 99 CC 
+PASS U+53A5 厥 厥 99 CE 
+PASS U+53A6 厦 厦 99 CD 
+PASS U+53A8 厨 厨 90 7E 
+PASS U+53A9 厩 厩 89 58 
+PASS U+53AD 厭 厭 89 7D 
+PASS U+53AE 厮 厮 99 CF 
+PASS U+53B0 厰 厰 99 D0 
+PASS U+53B2 厲 厲 FA 8E 
+PASS U+53B3 厳 厳 8C B5 
+PASS U+53B6 厶 厶 99 D1 
+PASS U+53BB 去 去 8B 8E 
+PASS U+53C2 参 参 8E 51 
+PASS U+53C3 參 參 99 D2 
+PASS U+53C8 又 又 96 94 
+PASS U+53C9 叉 叉 8D B3 
+PASS U+53CA 及 及 8B 79 
+PASS U+53CB 友 友 97 46 
+PASS U+53CC 双 双 91 6F 
+PASS U+53CD 反 反 94 BD 
+PASS U+53CE 収 収 8E FB 
+PASS U+53D4 叔 叔 8F 66 
+PASS U+53D6 取 取 8E E6 
+PASS U+53D7 受 受 8E F3 
+PASS U+53D9 叙 叙 8F 96 
+PASS U+53DB 叛 叛 94 BE 
+PASS U+53DD 叝 叝 FA 8F 
+PASS U+53DF 叟 叟 99 D5 
+PASS U+53E1 叡 叡 89 62 
+PASS U+53E2 叢 叢 91 70 
+PASS U+53E3 口 口 8C FB 
+PASS U+53E4 古 古 8C C3 
+PASS U+53E5 句 句 8B E5 
+PASS U+53E8 叨 叨 99 D9 
+PASS U+53E9 叩 叩 92 40 
+PASS U+53EA 只 只 91 FC 
+PASS U+53EB 叫 叫 8B A9 
+PASS U+53EC 召 召 8F A2 
+PASS U+53ED 叭 叭 99 DA 
+PASS U+53EE 叮 叮 99 D8 
+PASS U+53EF 可 可 89 C2 
+PASS U+53F0 台 台 91 E4 
+PASS U+53F1 叱 叱 8E B6 
+PASS U+53F2 史 史 8E 6A 
+PASS U+53F3 右 右 89 45 
+PASS U+53F6 叶 叶 8A 90 
+PASS U+53F7 号 号 8D 86 
+PASS U+53F8 司 司 8E 69 
+PASS U+53FA 叺 叺 99 DB 
+PASS U+5401 吁 吁 99 DC 
+PASS U+5403 吃 吃 8B 68 
+PASS U+5404 各 各 8A 65 
+PASS U+5408 合 合 8D 87 
+PASS U+5409 吉 吉 8B 67 
+PASS U+540A 吊 吊 92 DD 
+PASS U+540B 吋 吋 89 44 
+PASS U+540C 同 同 93 AF 
+PASS U+540D 名 名 96 BC 
+PASS U+540E 后 后 8D 40 
+PASS U+540F 吏 吏 97 99 
+PASS U+5410 吐 吐 93 66 
+PASS U+5411 向 向 8C FC 
+PASS U+541B 君 君 8C 4E 
+PASS U+541D 吝 吝 99 E5 
+PASS U+541F 吟 吟 8B E1 
+PASS U+5420 吠 吠 96 69 
+PASS U+5426 否 否 94 DB 
+PASS U+5429 吩 吩 99 E4 
+PASS U+542B 含 含 8A DC 
+PASS U+542C 听 听 99 DF 
+PASS U+542D 吭 吭 99 E0 
+PASS U+542E 吮 吮 99 E2 
+PASS U+5436 吶 吶 99 E3 
+PASS U+5438 吸 吸 8B 7A 
+PASS U+5439 吹 吹 90 81 
+PASS U+543B 吻 吻 95 AB 
+PASS U+543C 吼 吼 99 E1 
+PASS U+543D 吽 吽 99 DD 
+PASS U+543E 吾 吾 8C E1 
+PASS U+5440 呀 呀 99 DE 
+PASS U+5442 呂 呂 98 43 
+PASS U+5446 呆 呆 95 F0 
+PASS U+5448 呈 呈 92 E6 
+PASS U+5449 呉 呉 8C E0 
+PASS U+544A 告 告 8D 90 
+PASS U+544E 呎 呎 99 E6 
+PASS U+5451 呑 呑 93 DB 
+PASS U+545F 呟 呟 99 EA 
+PASS U+5468 周 周 8E FC 
+PASS U+546A 呪 呪 8E F4 
+PASS U+5470 呰 呰 99 ED 
+PASS U+5471 呱 呱 99 EB 
+PASS U+5473 味 味 96 A1 
+PASS U+5475 呵 呵 99 E8 
+PASS U+5476 呶 呶 99 F1 
+PASS U+5477 呷 呷 99 EC 
+PASS U+547B 呻 呻 99 EF 
+PASS U+547C 呼 呼 8C C4 
+PASS U+547D 命 命 96 BD 
+PASS U+5480 咀 咀 99 F0 
+PASS U+5484 咄 咄 99 F2 
+PASS U+5486 咆 咆 99 F4 
+PASS U+548A 咊 咊 FA 92 
+PASS U+548B 咋 咋 8D EE 
+PASS U+548C 和 和 98 61 
+PASS U+548E 咎 咎 99 E9 
+PASS U+548F 咏 咏 99 E7 
+PASS U+5490 咐 咐 99 F3 
+PASS U+5492 咒 咒 99 EE 
+PASS U+549C 咜 咜 FA 91 
+PASS U+54A2 咢 咢 99 F6 
+PASS U+54A4 咤 咤 9A 42 
+PASS U+54A5 咥 咥 99 F8 
+PASS U+54A8 咨 咨 99 FC 
+PASS U+54A9 咩 咩 FA 93 
+PASS U+54AB 咫 咫 9A 40 
+PASS U+54AC 咬 咬 99 F9 
+PASS U+54AF 咯 咯 9A 5D 
+PASS U+54B2 咲 咲 8D E7 
+PASS U+54B3 咳 咳 8A 50 
+PASS U+54B8 咸 咸 99 F7 
+PASS U+54BC 咼 咼 9A 44 
+PASS U+54BD 咽 咽 88 F4 
+PASS U+54BE 咾 咾 9A 43 
+PASS U+54C0 哀 哀 88 A3 
+PASS U+54C1 品 品 95 69 
+PASS U+54C2 哂 哂 9A 41 
+PASS U+54C4 哄 哄 99 FA 
+PASS U+54C7 哇 哇 99 F5 
+PASS U+54C8 哈 哈 99 FB 
+PASS U+54C9 哉 哉 8D C6 
+PASS U+54D8 哘 哘 9A 45 
+PASS U+54E1 員 員 88 F5 
+PASS U+54E2 哢 哢 9A 4E 
+PASS U+54E5 哥 哥 9A 46 
+PASS U+54E6 哦 哦 9A 47 
+PASS U+54E8 哨 哨 8F A3 
+PASS U+54E9 哩 哩 96 89 
+PASS U+54ED 哭 哭 9A 4C 
+PASS U+54EE 哮 哮 9A 4B 
+PASS U+54F2 哲 哲 93 4E 
+PASS U+54FA 哺 哺 9A 4D 
+PASS U+54FD 哽 哽 9A 4A 
+PASS U+54FF 哿 哿 FA 94 
+PASS U+5504 唄 唄 89 53 
+PASS U+5506 唆 唆 8D B4 
+PASS U+5507 唇 唇 90 4F 
+PASS U+550F 唏 唏 9A 48 
+PASS U+5510 唐 唐 93 82 
+PASS U+5514 唔 唔 9A 49 
+PASS U+5516 唖 唖 88 A0 
+PASS U+552E 售 售 9A 53 
+PASS U+552F 唯 唯 97 42 
+PASS U+5531 唱 唱 8F A5 
+PASS U+5533 唳 唳 9A 59 
+PASS U+5538 唸 唸 9A 58 
+PASS U+5539 唹 唹 9A 4F 
+PASS U+553E 唾 唾 91 C1 
+PASS U+5540 啀 啀 9A 50 
+PASS U+5544 啄 啄 91 ED 
+PASS U+5545 啅 啅 9A 55 
+PASS U+5546 商 商 8F A4 
+PASS U+554C 啌 啌 9A 52 
+PASS U+554F 問 問 96 E2 
+PASS U+5553 啓 啓 8C 5B 
+PASS U+5556 啖 啖 9A 56 
+PASS U+5557 啗 啗 9A 57 
+PASS U+555C 啜 啜 9A 54 
+PASS U+555D 啝 啝 9A 5A 
+PASS U+5563 啣 啣 9A 51 
+PASS U+557B 啻 啻 9A 60 
+PASS U+557C 啼 啼 9A 65 
+PASS U+557E 啾 啾 9A 61 
+PASS U+5580 喀 喀 9A 5C 
+PASS U+5583 喃 喃 9A 66 
+PASS U+5584 善 善 91 50 
+PASS U+5586 喆 喆 FA 95 
+PASS U+5587 喇 喇 9A 68 
+PASS U+5589 喉 喉 8D 41 
+PASS U+558A 喊 喊 9A 5E 
+PASS U+558B 喋 喋 92 9D 
+PASS U+5598 喘 喘 9A 62 
+PASS U+5599 喙 喙 9A 5B 
+PASS U+559A 喚 喚 8A AB 
+PASS U+559C 喜 喜 8A EC 
+PASS U+559D 喝 喝 8A 85 
+PASS U+559E 喞 喞 9A 63 
+PASS U+559F 喟 喟 9A 5F 
+PASS U+55A7 喧 喧 8C 96 
+PASS U+55A8 喨 喨 9A 69 
+PASS U+55A9 喩 喩 9A 67 
+PASS U+55AA 喪 喪 91 72 
+PASS U+55AB 喫 喫 8B 69 
+PASS U+55AC 喬 喬 8B AA 
+PASS U+55AE 單 單 9A 64 
+PASS U+55B0 喰 喰 8B F2 
+PASS U+55B6 営 営 89 63 
+PASS U+55C4 嗄 嗄 9A 6D 
+PASS U+55C5 嗅 嗅 9A 6B 
+PASS U+55C7 嗇 嗇 9A A5 
+PASS U+55D4 嗔 嗔 9A 70 
+PASS U+55DA 嗚 嗚 9A 6A 
+PASS U+55DC 嗜 嗜 9A 6E 
+PASS U+55DF 嗟 嗟 9A 6C 
+PASS U+55E3 嗣 嗣 8E 6B 
+PASS U+55E4 嗤 嗤 9A 6F 
+PASS U+55F7 嗷 嗷 9A 72 
+PASS U+55F9 嗹 嗹 9A 77 
+PASS U+55FD 嗽 嗽 9A 75 
+PASS U+55FE 嗾 嗾 9A 74 
+PASS U+5606 嘆 嘆 92 51 
+PASS U+5609 嘉 嘉 89 C3 
+PASS U+5614 嘔 嘔 9A 71 
+PASS U+5616 嘖 嘖 9A 73 
+PASS U+5617 嘗 嘗 8F A6 
+PASS U+5618 嘘 嘘 89 52 
+PASS U+561B 嘛 嘛 9A 76 
+PASS U+5629 嘩 嘩 89 DC 
+PASS U+562F 嘯 嘯 9A 82 
+PASS U+5631 嘱 嘱 8F FA 
+PASS U+5632 嘲 嘲 9A 7D 
+PASS U+5634 嘴 嘴 9A 7B 
+PASS U+5636 嘶 嘶 9A 7C 
+PASS U+5638 嘸 嘸 9A 7E 
+PASS U+5642 噂 噂 89 5C 
+PASS U+564C 噌 噌 91 58 
+PASS U+564E 噎 噎 9A 78 
+PASS U+5650 噐 噐 9A 79 
+PASS U+565B 噛 噛 8A 9A 
+PASS U+5664 噤 噤 9A 81 
+PASS U+5668 器 器 8A ED 
+PASS U+566A 噪 噪 9A 84 
+PASS U+566B 噫 噫 9A 80 
+PASS U+566C 噬 噬 9A 83 
+PASS U+5674 噴 噴 95 AC 
+PASS U+5678 噸 噸 93 D3 
+PASS U+567A 噺 噺 94 B6 
+PASS U+5680 嚀 嚀 9A 86 
+PASS U+5686 嚆 嚆 9A 85 
+PASS U+5687 嚇 嚇 8A 64 
+PASS U+568A 嚊 嚊 9A 87 
+PASS U+568F 嚏 嚏 9A 8A 
+PASS U+5694 嚔 嚔 9A 89 
+PASS U+56A0 嚠 嚠 9A 88 
+PASS U+56A2 嚢 嚢 94 58 
+PASS U+56A5 嚥 嚥 9A 8B 
+PASS U+56AE 嚮 嚮 9A 8C 
+PASS U+56B4 嚴 嚴 9A 8E 
+PASS U+56B6 嚶 嚶 9A 8D 
+PASS U+56BC 嚼 嚼 9A 90 
+PASS U+56C0 囀 囀 9A 93 
+PASS U+56C1 囁 囁 9A 91 
+PASS U+56C2 囂 囂 9A 8F 
+PASS U+56C3 囃 囃 9A 92 
+PASS U+56C8 囈 囈 9A 94 
+PASS U+56CE 囎 囎 9A 95 
+PASS U+56D1 囑 囑 9A 96 
+PASS U+56D3 囓 囓 9A 97 
+PASS U+56D7 囗 囗 9A 98 
+PASS U+56D8 囘 囘 99 64 
+PASS U+56DA 囚 囚 8E FA 
+PASS U+56DB 四 四 8E 6C 
+PASS U+56DE 回 回 89 F1 
+PASS U+56E0 因 因 88 F6 
+PASS U+56E3 団 団 92 63 
+PASS U+56EE 囮 囮 9A 99 
+PASS U+56F0 困 困 8D A2 
+PASS U+56F2 囲 囲 88 CD 
+PASS U+56F3 図 図 90 7D 
+PASS U+56F9 囹 囹 9A 9A 
+PASS U+56FA 固 固 8C C5 
+PASS U+56FD 国 国 8D 91 
+PASS U+56FF 囿 囿 9A 9C 
+PASS U+5700 圀 圀 9A 9B 
+PASS U+5703 圃 圃 95 DE 
+PASS U+5704 圄 圄 9A 9D 
+PASS U+5708 圈 圈 9A 9F 
+PASS U+5709 圉 圉 9A 9E 
+PASS U+570B 國 國 9A A0 
+PASS U+570D 圍 圍 9A A1 
+PASS U+570F 圏 圏 8C 97 
+PASS U+5712 園 園 89 80 
+PASS U+5713 圓 圓 9A A2 
+PASS U+5716 圖 圖 9A A4 
+PASS U+5718 團 團 9A A3 
+PASS U+571C 圜 圜 9A A6 
+PASS U+571F 土 土 93 79 
+PASS U+5726 圦 圦 9A A7 
+PASS U+5727 圧 圧 88 B3 
+PASS U+5728 在 在 8D DD 
+PASS U+572D 圭 圭 8C 5C 
+PASS U+5730 地 地 92 6E 
+PASS U+5737 圷 圷 9A A8 
+PASS U+5738 圸 圸 9A A9 
+PASS U+573B 圻 圻 9A AB 
+PASS U+5740 址 址 9A AC 
+PASS U+5742 坂 坂 8D E2 
+PASS U+5747 均 均 8B CF 
+PASS U+574A 坊 坊 96 56 
+PASS U+574E 坎 坎 9A AA 
+PASS U+574F 坏 坏 9A AD 
+PASS U+5750 坐 坐 8D BF 
+PASS U+5751 坑 坑 8D 42 
+PASS U+5759 坙 坙 FA 96 
+PASS U+5761 坡 坡 9A B1 
+PASS U+5764 坤 坤 8D A3 
+PASS U+5765 坥 坥 FA 97 
+PASS U+5766 坦 坦 92 52 
+PASS U+5769 坩 坩 9A AE 
+PASS U+576A 坪 坪 92 D8 
+PASS U+577F 坿 坿 9A B2 
+PASS U+5782 垂 垂 90 82 
+PASS U+5788 垈 垈 9A B0 
+PASS U+5789 垉 垉 9A B3 
+PASS U+578B 型 型 8C 5E 
+PASS U+5793 垓 垓 9A B4 
+PASS U+57A0 垠 垠 9A B5 
+PASS U+57A2 垢 垢 8D 43 
+PASS U+57A3 垣 垣 8A 5F 
+PASS U+57A4 垤 垤 9A B7 
+PASS U+57AA 垪 垪 9A B8 
+PASS U+57AC 垬 垬 FA 98 
+PASS U+57B0 垰 垰 9A B9 
+PASS U+57B3 垳 垳 9A B6 
+PASS U+57C0 埀 埀 9A AF 
+PASS U+57C3 埃 埃 9A BA 
+PASS U+57C6 埆 埆 9A BB 
+PASS U+57C7 埇 埇 FA 9A 
+PASS U+57C8 埈 埈 FA 99 
+PASS U+57CB 埋 埋 96 84 
+PASS U+57CE 城 城 8F E9 
+PASS U+57D2 埒 埒 9A BD 
+PASS U+57D3 埓 埓 9A BE 
+PASS U+57D4 埔 埔 9A BC 
+PASS U+57D6 埖 埖 9A C0 
+PASS U+57DC 埜 埜 94 57 
+PASS U+57DF 域 域 88 E6 
+PASS U+57E0 埠 埠 95 75 
+PASS U+57E3 埣 埣 9A C1 
+PASS U+57F4 埴 埴 8F FB 
+PASS U+57F7 執 執 8E B7 
+PASS U+57F9 培 培 94 7C 
+PASS U+57FA 基 基 8A EE 
+PASS U+57FC 埼 埼 8D E9 
+PASS U+5800 堀 堀 96 78 
+PASS U+5802 堂 堂 93 B0 
+PASS U+5805 堅 堅 8C 98 
+PASS U+5806 堆 堆 91 CD 
+PASS U+580A 堊 堊 9A BF 
+PASS U+580B 堋 堋 9A C2 
+PASS U+5815 堕 堕 91 C2 
+PASS U+5819 堙 堙 9A C3 
+PASS U+581D 堝 堝 9A C4 
+PASS U+5821 堡 堡 9A C6 
+PASS U+5824 堤 堤 92 E7 
+PASS U+582A 堪 堪 8A AC 
+PASS U+582F 堯 堯 EA 9F 
+PASS U+5830 堰 堰 89 81 
+PASS U+5831 報 報 95 F1 
+PASS U+5834 場 場 8F EA 
+PASS U+5835 堵 堵 93 67 
+PASS U+583A 堺 堺 8D E4 
+PASS U+583D 堽 堽 9A CC 
+PASS U+5840 塀 塀 95 BB 
+PASS U+5841 塁 塁 97 DB 
+PASS U+584A 塊 塊 89 F2 
+PASS U+584B 塋 塋 9A C8 
+PASS U+5851 塑 塑 91 59 
+PASS U+5852 塒 塒 9A CB 
+PASS U+5854 塔 塔 93 83 
+PASS U+5857 塗 塗 93 68 
+PASS U+5858 塘 塘 93 84 
+PASS U+5859 塙 塙 94 B7 
+PASS U+585A 塚 塚 92 CB 
+PASS U+585E 塞 塞 8D C7 
+PASS U+5862 塢 塢 9A C7 
+PASS U+5869 塩 塩 89 96 
+PASS U+586B 填 填 93 55 
+PASS U+5870 塰 塰 9A C9 
+PASS U+5872 塲 塲 9A C5 
+PASS U+5875 塵 塵 90 6F 
+PASS U+5879 塹 塹 9A CD 
+PASS U+587E 塾 塾 8F 6D 
+PASS U+5883 境 境 8B AB 
+PASS U+5885 墅 墅 9A CE 
+PASS U+5893 墓 墓 95 E6 
+PASS U+5897 増 増 91 9D 
+PASS U+589C 墜 墜 92 C4 
+PASS U+589E 增 增 FA 9D 
+PASS U+589F 墟 墟 9A D0 
+PASS U+58A8 墨 墨 96 6E 
+PASS U+58AB 墫 墫 9A D1 
+PASS U+58AE 墮 墮 9A D6 
+PASS U+58B2 墲 墲 FA 9E 
+PASS U+58B3 墳 墳 95 AD 
+PASS U+58B8 墸 墸 9A D5 
+PASS U+58B9 墹 墹 9A CF 
+PASS U+58BA 墺 墺 9A D2 
+PASS U+58BB 墻 墻 9A D4 
+PASS U+58BE 墾 墾 8D A4 
+PASS U+58C1 壁 壁 95 C7 
+PASS U+58C5 壅 壅 9A D7 
+PASS U+58C7 壇 壇 92 64 
+PASS U+58CA 壊 壊 89 F3 
+PASS U+58CC 壌 壌 8F EB 
+PASS U+58D1 壑 壑 9A D9 
+PASS U+58D3 壓 壓 9A D8 
+PASS U+58D5 壕 壕 8D 88 
+PASS U+58D7 壗 壗 9A DA 
+PASS U+58D8 壘 壘 9A DC 
+PASS U+58D9 壙 壙 9A DB 
+PASS U+58DC 壜 壜 9A DE 
+PASS U+58DE 壞 壞 9A D3 
+PASS U+58DF 壟 壟 9A E0 
+PASS U+58E4 壤 壤 9A DF 
+PASS U+58E5 壥 壥 9A DD 
+PASS U+58EB 士 士 8E 6D 
+PASS U+58EC 壬 壬 90 70 
+PASS U+58EE 壮 壮 91 73 
+PASS U+58EF 壯 壯 9A E1 
+PASS U+58F0 声 声 90 BA 
+PASS U+58F1 壱 壱 88 EB 
+PASS U+58F2 売 売 94 84 
+PASS U+58F7 壷 壷 92 D9 
+PASS U+58F9 壹 壹 9A E3 
+PASS U+58FA 壺 壺 9A E2 
+PASS U+58FB 壻 壻 9A E4 
+PASS U+58FC 壼 壼 9A E5 
+PASS U+58FD 壽 壽 9A E6 
+PASS U+5902 夂 夂 9A E7 
+PASS U+5909 変 変 95 CF 
+PASS U+590A 夊 夊 9A E8 
+PASS U+590B 夋 夋 FA 9F 
+PASS U+590F 夏 夏 89 C4 
+PASS U+5910 夐 夐 9A E9 
+PASS U+5915 夕 夕 97 5B 
+PASS U+5916 外 外 8A 4F 
+PASS U+5918 夘 夘 99 C7 
+PASS U+5919 夙 夙 8F 67 
+PASS U+591A 多 多 91 BD 
+PASS U+591B 夛 夛 9A EA 
+PASS U+591C 夜 夜 96 E9 
+PASS U+5922 夢 夢 96 B2 
+PASS U+5925 夥 夥 9A EC 
+PASS U+5927 大 大 91 E5 
+PASS U+5929 天 天 93 56 
+PASS U+592A 太 太 91 BE 
+PASS U+592B 夫 夫 95 76 
+PASS U+592C 夬 夬 9A ED 
+PASS U+592D 夭 夭 9A EE 
+PASS U+592E 央 央 89 9B 
+PASS U+5931 失 失 8E B8 
+PASS U+5932 夲 夲 9A EF 
+PASS U+5937 夷 夷 88 CE 
+PASS U+5938 夸 夸 9A F0 
+PASS U+593E 夾 夾 9A F1 
+PASS U+5944 奄 奄 89 82 
+PASS U+5947 奇 奇 8A EF 
+PASS U+5948 奈 奈 93 DE 
+PASS U+5949 奉 奉 95 F2 
+PASS U+594E 奎 奎 9A F5 
+PASS U+594F 奏 奏 91 74 
+PASS U+5950 奐 奐 9A F4 
+PASS U+5951 契 契 8C 5F 
+PASS U+5953 奓 奓 FA A0 
+PASS U+5954 奔 奔 96 7A 
+PASS U+5955 奕 奕 9A F3 
+PASS U+5957 套 套 93 85 
+PASS U+5958 奘 奘 9A F7 
+PASS U+595A 奚 奚 9A F6 
+PASS U+595B 奛 奛 FA A1 
+PASS U+595D 奝 奝 FA A2 
+PASS U+5960 奠 奠 9A F9 
+PASS U+5962 奢 奢 9A F8 
+PASS U+5963 奣 奣 FA A3 
+PASS U+5965 奥 奥 89 9C 
+PASS U+5967 奧 奧 9A FA 
+PASS U+5968 奨 奨 8F A7 
+PASS U+5969 奩 奩 9A FC 
+PASS U+596A 奪 奪 92 44 
+PASS U+596C 奬 奬 9A FB 
+PASS U+596E 奮 奮 95 B1 
+PASS U+5973 女 女 8F 97 
+PASS U+5974 奴 奴 93 7A 
+PASS U+5978 奸 奸 9B 40 
+PASS U+597D 好 好 8D 44 
+PASS U+5981 妁 妁 9B 41 
+PASS U+5982 如 如 94 40 
+PASS U+5983 妃 妃 94 DC 
+PASS U+5984 妄 妄 96 CF 
+PASS U+598A 妊 妊 94 44 
+PASS U+598D 妍 妍 9B 4A 
+PASS U+5993 妓 妓 8B 57 
+PASS U+5996 妖 妖 97 64 
+PASS U+5999 妙 妙 96 AD 
+PASS U+599B 妛 妛 9B AA 
+PASS U+599D 妝 妝 9B 42 
+PASS U+59A3 妣 妣 9B 45 
+PASS U+59A4 妤 妤 FA A4 
+PASS U+59A5 妥 妥 91 C3 
+PASS U+59A8 妨 妨 96 57 
+PASS U+59AC 妬 妬 93 69 
+PASS U+59B2 妲 妲 9B 46 
+PASS U+59B9 妹 妹 96 85 
+PASS U+59BA 妺 妺 FA A5 
+PASS U+59BB 妻 妻 8D C8 
+PASS U+59BE 妾 妾 8F A8 
+PASS U+59C6 姆 姆 9B 47 
+PASS U+59C9 姉 姉 8E 6F 
+PASS U+59CB 始 始 8E 6E 
+PASS U+59D0 姐 姐 88 B7 
+PASS U+59D1 姑 姑 8C C6 
+PASS U+59D3 姓 姓 90 A9 
+PASS U+59D4 委 委 88 CF 
+PASS U+59D9 姙 姙 9B 4B 
+PASS U+59DA 姚 姚 9B 4C 
+PASS U+59DC 姜 姜 9B 49 
+PASS U+59E5 姥 姥 89 57 
+PASS U+59E6 姦 姦 8A AD 
+PASS U+59E8 姨 姨 9B 48 
+PASS U+59EA 姪 姪 96 C3 
+PASS U+59EB 姫 姫 95 50 
+PASS U+59F6 姶 姶 88 A6 
+PASS U+59FB 姻 姻 88 F7 
+PASS U+59FF 姿 姿 8E 70 
+PASS U+5A01 威 威 88 D0 
+PASS U+5A03 娃 娃 88 A1 
+PASS U+5A09 娉 娉 9B 51 
+PASS U+5A11 娑 娑 9B 4F 
+PASS U+5A18 娘 娘 96 BA 
+PASS U+5A1A 娚 娚 9B 52 
+PASS U+5A1C 娜 娜 9B 50 
+PASS U+5A1F 娟 娟 9B 4E 
+PASS U+5A20 娠 娠 90 50 
+PASS U+5A25 娥 娥 9B 4D 
+PASS U+5A29 娩 娩 95 D8 
+PASS U+5A2F 娯 娯 8C E2 
+PASS U+5A35 娵 娵 9B 56 
+PASS U+5A36 娶 娶 9B 57 
+PASS U+5A3C 娼 娼 8F A9 
+PASS U+5A40 婀 婀 9B 53 
+PASS U+5A41 婁 婁 98 4B 
+PASS U+5A46 婆 婆 94 6B 
+PASS U+5A49 婉 婉 9B 55 
+PASS U+5A5A 婚 婚 8D A5 
+PASS U+5A62 婢 婢 9B 58 
+PASS U+5A66 婦 婦 95 77 
+PASS U+5A6A 婪 婪 9B 59 
+PASS U+5A6C 婬 婬 9B 54 
+PASS U+5A7F 婿 婿 96 B9 
+PASS U+5A92 媒 媒 94 7D 
+PASS U+5A9A 媚 媚 9B 5A 
+PASS U+5A9B 媛 媛 95 51 
+PASS U+5ABC 媼 媼 9B 5B 
+PASS U+5ABD 媽 媽 9B 5F 
+PASS U+5ABE 媾 媾 9B 5C 
+PASS U+5AC1 嫁 嫁 89 C5 
+PASS U+5AC2 嫂 嫂 9B 5E 
+PASS U+5AC9 嫉 嫉 8E B9 
+PASS U+5ACB 嫋 嫋 9B 5D 
+PASS U+5ACC 嫌 嫌 8C 99 
+PASS U+5AD0 嫐 嫐 9B 6B 
+PASS U+5AD6 嫖 嫖 9B 64 
+PASS U+5AD7 嫗 嫗 9B 61 
+PASS U+5AE1 嫡 嫡 92 84 
+PASS U+5AE3 嫣 嫣 9B 60 
+PASS U+5AE6 嫦 嫦 9B 62 
+PASS U+5AE9 嫩 嫩 9B 63 
+PASS U+5AFA 嫺 嫺 9B 65 
+PASS U+5AFB 嫻 嫻 9B 66 
+PASS U+5B09 嬉 嬉 8A F0 
+PASS U+5B0B 嬋 嬋 9B 68 
+PASS U+5B0C 嬌 嬌 9B 67 
+PASS U+5B16 嬖 嬖 9B 69 
+PASS U+5B22 嬢 嬢 8F EC 
+PASS U+5B2A 嬪 嬪 9B 6C 
+PASS U+5B2C 嬬 嬬 92 DA 
+PASS U+5B30 嬰 嬰 89 64 
+PASS U+5B32 嬲 嬲 9B 6A 
+PASS U+5B36 嬶 嬶 9B 6D 
+PASS U+5B3E 嬾 嬾 9B 6E 
+PASS U+5B40 孀 孀 9B 71 
+PASS U+5B43 孃 孃 9B 6F 
+PASS U+5B45 孅 孅 9B 70 
+PASS U+5B50 子 子 8E 71 
+PASS U+5B51 孑 孑 9B 72 
+PASS U+5B54 孔 孔 8D 45 
+PASS U+5B55 孕 孕 9B 73 
+PASS U+5B56 孖 孖 FA A6 
+PASS U+5B57 字 字 8E 9A 
+PASS U+5B58 存 存 91 B6 
+PASS U+5B5A 孚 孚 9B 74 
+PASS U+5B5B 孛 孛 9B 75 
+PASS U+5B5C 孜 孜 8E 79 
+PASS U+5B5D 孝 孝 8D 46 
+PASS U+5B5F 孟 孟 96 D0 
+PASS U+5B63 季 季 8B 47 
+PASS U+5B64 孤 孤 8C C7 
+PASS U+5B65 孥 孥 9B 76 
+PASS U+5B66 学 学 8A 77 
+PASS U+5B69 孩 孩 9B 77 
+PASS U+5B6B 孫 孫 91 B7 
+PASS U+5B70 孰 孰 9B 78 
+PASS U+5B71 孱 孱 9B A1 
+PASS U+5B73 孳 孳 9B 79 
+PASS U+5B75 孵 孵 9B 7A 
+PASS U+5B78 學 學 9B 7B 
+PASS U+5B7A 孺 孺 9B 7D 
+PASS U+5B80 宀 宀 9B 7E 
+PASS U+5B83 它 它 9B 80 
+PASS U+5B85 宅 宅 91 EE 
+PASS U+5B87 宇 宇 89 46 
+PASS U+5B88 守 守 8E E7 
+PASS U+5B89 安 安 88 C0 
+PASS U+5B8B 宋 宋 91 76 
+PASS U+5B8C 完 完 8A AE 
+PASS U+5B8D 宍 宍 8E B3 
+PASS U+5B8F 宏 宏 8D 47 
+PASS U+5B95 宕 宕 93 86 
+PASS U+5B97 宗 宗 8F 40 
+PASS U+5B98 官 官 8A AF 
+PASS U+5B99 宙 宙 92 88 
+PASS U+5B9A 定 定 92 E8 
+PASS U+5B9B 宛 宛 88 B6 
+PASS U+5B9C 宜 宜 8B 58 
+PASS U+5B9D 宝 宝 95 F3 
+PASS U+5B9F 実 実 8E C0 
+PASS U+5BA2 客 客 8B 71 
+PASS U+5BA3 宣 宣 90 E9 
+PASS U+5BA4 室 室 8E BA 
+PASS U+5BA5 宥 宥 97 47 
+PASS U+5BA6 宦 宦 9B 81 
+PASS U+5BAE 宮 宮 8B 7B 
+PASS U+5BB0 宰 宰 8D C9 
+PASS U+5BB3 害 害 8A 51 
+PASS U+5BB4 宴 宴 89 83 
+PASS U+5BB5 宵 宵 8F AA 
+PASS U+5BB6 家 家 89 C6 
+PASS U+5BB8 宸 宸 9B 82 
+PASS U+5BB9 容 容 97 65 
+PASS U+5BBF 宿 宿 8F 68 
+PASS U+5BC0 寀 寀 FA A7 
+PASS U+5BC2 寂 寂 8E E2 
+PASS U+5BC3 寃 寃 9B 83 
+PASS U+5BC4 寄 寄 8A F1 
+PASS U+5BC5 寅 寅 93 D0 
+PASS U+5BC6 密 密 96 A7 
+PASS U+5BC7 寇 寇 9B 84 
+PASS U+5BC9 寉 寉 9B 85 
+PASS U+5BCC 富 富 95 78 
+PASS U+5BD0 寐 寐 9B 87 
+PASS U+5BD2 寒 寒 8A A6 
+PASS U+5BD3 寓 寓 8B F5 
+PASS U+5BD4 寔 寔 9B 86 
+PASS U+5BD8 寘 寘 FA A9 
+PASS U+5BDB 寛 寛 8A B0 
+PASS U+5BDD 寝 寝 90 51 
+PASS U+5BDE 寞 寞 9B 8B 
+PASS U+5BDF 察 察 8E 40 
+PASS U+5BE1 寡 寡 89 C7 
+PASS U+5BE2 寢 寢 9B 8A 
+PASS U+5BE4 寤 寤 9B 88 
+PASS U+5BE5 寥 寥 9B 8C 
+PASS U+5BE6 實 實 9B 89 
+PASS U+5BE7 寧 寧 94 4A 
+PASS U+5BE8 寨 寨 9E CB 
+PASS U+5BE9 審 審 90 52 
+PASS U+5BEB 寫 寫 9B 8D 
+PASS U+5BEE 寮 寮 97 BE 
+PASS U+5BF0 寰 寰 9B 8E 
+PASS U+5BF3 寳 寳 9B 90 
+PASS U+5BF5 寵 寵 92 9E 
+PASS U+5BF6 寶 寶 9B 8F 
+PASS U+5BF8 寸 寸 90 A1 
+PASS U+5BFA 寺 寺 8E 9B 
+PASS U+5BFE 対 対 91 CE 
+PASS U+5BFF 寿 寿 8E F5 
+PASS U+5C01 封 封 95 95 
+PASS U+5C02 専 専 90 EA 
+PASS U+5C04 射 射 8E CB 
+PASS U+5C05 尅 尅 9B 91 
+PASS U+5C06 将 将 8F AB 
+PASS U+5C07 將 將 9B 92 
+PASS U+5C08 專 專 9B 93 
+PASS U+5C09 尉 尉 88 D1 
+PASS U+5C0A 尊 尊 91 B8 
+PASS U+5C0B 尋 尋 90 71 
+PASS U+5C0D 對 對 9B 94 
+PASS U+5C0E 導 導 93 B1 
+PASS U+5C0F 小 小 8F AC 
+PASS U+5C11 少 少 8F AD 
+PASS U+5C13 尓 尓 9B 95 
+PASS U+5C16 尖 尖 90 EB 
+PASS U+5C1A 尚 尚 8F AE 
+PASS U+5C1E 尞 尞 FA AB 
+PASS U+5C20 尠 尠 9B 96 
+PASS U+5C22 尢 尢 9B 97 
+PASS U+5C24 尤 尤 96 DE 
+PASS U+5C28 尨 尨 9B 98 
+PASS U+5C2D 尭 尭 8B C4 
+PASS U+5C31 就 就 8F 41 
+PASS U+5C38 尸 尸 9B 99 
+PASS U+5C39 尹 尹 9B 9A 
+PASS U+5C3A 尺 尺 8E DA 
+PASS U+5C3B 尻 尻 90 4B 
+PASS U+5C3C 尼 尼 93 F2 
+PASS U+5C3D 尽 尽 90 73 
+PASS U+5C3E 尾 尾 94 F6 
+PASS U+5C3F 尿 尿 94 41 
+PASS U+5C40 局 局 8B C7 
+PASS U+5C41 屁 屁 9B 9B 
+PASS U+5C45 居 居 8B 8F 
+PASS U+5C46 屆 屆 9B 9C 
+PASS U+5C48 屈 屈 8B FC 
+PASS U+5C4A 届 届 93 CD 
+PASS U+5C4B 屋 屋 89 AE 
+PASS U+5C4D 屍 屍 8E 72 
+PASS U+5C4E 屎 屎 9B 9D 
+PASS U+5C4F 屏 屏 9B A0 
+PASS U+5C50 屐 屐 9B 9F 
+PASS U+5C51 屑 屑 8B FB 
+PASS U+5C53 屓 屓 9B 9E 
+PASS U+5C55 展 展 93 57 
+PASS U+5C5E 属 属 91 AE 
+PASS U+5C60 屠 屠 93 6A 
+PASS U+5C61 屡 屡 8E C6 
+PASS U+5C64 層 層 91 77 
+PASS U+5C65 履 履 97 9A 
+PASS U+5C6C 屬 屬 9B A2 
+PASS U+5C6E 屮 屮 9B A3 
+PASS U+5C6F 屯 屯 93 D4 
+PASS U+5C71 山 山 8E 52 
+PASS U+5C76 屶 屶 9B A5 
+PASS U+5C79 屹 屹 9B A6 
+PASS U+5C8C 岌 岌 9B A7 
+PASS U+5C90 岐 岐 8A F2 
+PASS U+5C91 岑 岑 9B A8 
+PASS U+5C94 岔 岔 9B A9 
+PASS U+5CA1 岡 岡 89 AA 
+PASS U+5CA6 岦 岦 FA AC 
+PASS U+5CA8 岨 岨 91 5A 
+PASS U+5CA9 岩 岩 8A E2 
+PASS U+5CAB 岫 岫 9B AB 
+PASS U+5CAC 岬 岬 96 A6 
+PASS U+5CB1 岱 岱 91 D0 
+PASS U+5CB3 岳 岳 8A 78 
+PASS U+5CB6 岶 岶 9B AD 
+PASS U+5CB7 岷 岷 9B AF 
+PASS U+5CB8 岸 岸 8A DD 
+PASS U+5CBB 岻 岻 9B AC 
+PASS U+5CBC 岼 岼 9B AE 
+PASS U+5CBE 岾 岾 9B B1 
+PASS U+5CC5 峅 峅 9B B0 
+PASS U+5CC7 峇 峇 9B B2 
+PASS U+5CD9 峙 峙 9B B3 
+PASS U+5CE0 峠 峠 93 BB 
+PASS U+5CE1 峡 峡 8B AC 
+PASS U+5CE8 峨 峨 89 E3 
+PASS U+5CE9 峩 峩 9B B4 
+PASS U+5CEA 峪 峪 9B B9 
+PASS U+5CED 峭 峭 9B B7 
+PASS U+5CEF 峯 峯 95 F5 
+PASS U+5CF0 峰 峰 95 F4 
+PASS U+5CF5 峵 峵 FA AE 
+PASS U+5CF6 島 島 93 87 
+PASS U+5CFA 峺 峺 9B B6 
+PASS U+5CFB 峻 峻 8F 73 
+PASS U+5CFD 峽 峽 9B B5 
+PASS U+5D07 崇 崇 90 92 
+PASS U+5D0B 崋 崋 9B BA 
+PASS U+5D0E 崎 崎 8D E8 
+PASS U+5D11 崑 崑 9B C0 
+PASS U+5D14 崔 崔 9B C1 
+PASS U+5D15 崕 崕 9B BB 
+PASS U+5D16 崖 崖 8A 52 
+PASS U+5D17 崗 崗 9B BC 
+PASS U+5D18 崘 崘 9B C5 
+PASS U+5D19 崙 崙 9B C4 
+PASS U+5D1A 崚 崚 9B C3 
+PASS U+5D1B 崛 崛 9B BF 
+PASS U+5D1F 崟 崟 9B BE 
+PASS U+5D22 崢 崢 9B C2 
+PASS U+5D27 崧 崧 FA AF 
+PASS U+5D29 崩 崩 95 F6 
+PASS U+5D42 嵂 嵂 FA B2 
+PASS U+5D4B 嵋 嵋 9B C9 
+PASS U+5D4C 嵌 嵌 9B C6 
+PASS U+5D4E 嵎 嵎 9B C8 
+PASS U+5D50 嵐 嵐 97 92 
+PASS U+5D52 嵒 嵒 9B C7 
+PASS U+5D53 嵓 嵓 FA B0 
+PASS U+5D5C 嵜 嵜 9B BD 
+PASS U+5D69 嵩 嵩 90 93 
+PASS U+5D6C 嵬 嵬 9B CA 
+PASS U+5D6D 嵭 嵭 FA B3 
+PASS U+5D6F 嵯 嵯 8D B5 
+PASS U+5D73 嵳 嵳 9B CB 
+PASS U+5D76 嵶 嵶 9B CC 
+PASS U+5D82 嶂 嶂 9B CF 
+PASS U+5D84 嶄 嶄 9B CE 
+PASS U+5D87 嶇 嶇 9B CD 
+PASS U+5D8B 嶋 嶋 93 88 
+PASS U+5D8C 嶌 嶌 9B B8 
+PASS U+5D90 嶐 嶐 9B D5 
+PASS U+5D9D 嶝 嶝 9B D1 
+PASS U+5DA2 嶢 嶢 9B D0 
+PASS U+5DAC 嶬 嶬 9B D2 
+PASS U+5DAE 嶮 嶮 9B D3 
+PASS U+5DB7 嶷 嶷 9B D6 
+PASS U+5DB8 嶸 嶸 FA B4 
+PASS U+5DB9 嶹 嶹 FA B5 
+PASS U+5DBA 嶺 嶺 97 E4 
+PASS U+5DBC 嶼 嶼 9B D7 
+PASS U+5DBD 嶽 嶽 9B D4 
+PASS U+5DC9 巉 巉 9B D8 
+PASS U+5DCC 巌 巌 8A DE 
+PASS U+5DCD 巍 巍 9B D9 
+PASS U+5DD0 巐 巐 FA B6 
+PASS U+5DD2 巒 巒 9B DB 
+PASS U+5DD3 巓 巓 9B DA 
+PASS U+5DD6 巖 巖 9B DC 
+PASS U+5DDB 巛 巛 9B DD 
+PASS U+5DDD 川 川 90 EC 
+PASS U+5DDE 州 州 8F 42 
+PASS U+5DE1 巡 巡 8F 84 
+PASS U+5DE3 巣 巣 91 83 
+PASS U+5DE5 工 工 8D 48 
+PASS U+5DE6 左 左 8D B6 
+PASS U+5DE7 巧 巧 8D 49 
+PASS U+5DE8 巨 巨 8B 90 
+PASS U+5DEB 巫 巫 9B DE 
+PASS U+5DEE 差 差 8D B7 
+PASS U+5DF1 己 己 8C C8 
+PASS U+5DF2 已 已 9B DF 
+PASS U+5DF3 巳 巳 96 A4 
+PASS U+5DF4 巴 巴 94 62 
+PASS U+5DF5 巵 巵 9B E0 
+PASS U+5DF7 巷 巷 8D 4A 
+PASS U+5DFB 巻 巻 8A AA 
+PASS U+5DFD 巽 巽 92 46 
+PASS U+5DFE 巾 巾 8B D0 
+PASS U+5E02 市 市 8E 73 
+PASS U+5E03 布 布 95 7A 
+PASS U+5E06 帆 帆 94 BF 
+PASS U+5E0B 帋 帋 9B E1 
+PASS U+5E0C 希 希 8A F3 
+PASS U+5E11 帑 帑 9B E4 
+PASS U+5E16 帖 帖 92 9F 
+PASS U+5E19 帙 帙 9B E3 
+PASS U+5E1A 帚 帚 9B E2 
+PASS U+5E1B 帛 帛 9B E5 
+PASS U+5E1D 帝 帝 92 E9 
+PASS U+5E25 帥 帥 90 83 
+PASS U+5E2B 師 師 8E 74 
+PASS U+5E2D 席 席 90 C8 
+PASS U+5E2F 帯 帯 91 D1 
+PASS U+5E30 帰 帰 8B 41 
+PASS U+5E33 帳 帳 92 A0 
+PASS U+5E36 帶 帶 9B E6 
+PASS U+5E37 帷 帷 9B E7 
+PASS U+5E38 常 常 8F ED 
+PASS U+5E3D 帽 帽 96 58 
+PASS U+5E40 幀 幀 9B EA 
+PASS U+5E43 幃 幃 9B E9 
+PASS U+5E44 幄 幄 9B E8 
+PASS U+5E45 幅 幅 95 9D 
+PASS U+5E47 幇 幇 9B F1 
+PASS U+5E4C 幌 幌 96 79 
+PASS U+5E4E 幎 幎 9B EB 
+PASS U+5E54 幔 幔 9B ED 
+PASS U+5E55 幕 幕 96 8B 
+PASS U+5E57 幗 幗 9B EC 
+PASS U+5E5F 幟 幟 9B EE 
+PASS U+5E61 幡 幡 94 A6 
+PASS U+5E62 幢 幢 9B EF 
+PASS U+5E63 幣 幣 95 BC 
+PASS U+5E64 幤 幤 9B F0 
+PASS U+5E72 干 干 8A B1 
+PASS U+5E73 平 平 95 BD 
+PASS U+5E74 年 年 94 4E 
+PASS U+5E75 幵 幵 9B F2 
+PASS U+5E76 并 并 9B F3 
+PASS U+5E78 幸 幸 8D 4B 
+PASS U+5E79 幹 幹 8A B2 
+PASS U+5E7A 幺 幺 9B F4 
+PASS U+5E7B 幻 幻 8C B6 
+PASS U+5E7C 幼 幼 97 63 
+PASS U+5E7D 幽 幽 97 48 
+PASS U+5E7E 幾 幾 8A F4 
+PASS U+5E7F 广 广 9B F6 
+PASS U+5E81 庁 庁 92 A1 
+PASS U+5E83 広 広 8D 4C 
+PASS U+5E84 庄 庄 8F AF 
+PASS U+5E87 庇 庇 94 DD 
+PASS U+5E8A 床 床 8F B0 
+PASS U+5E8F 序 序 8F 98 
+PASS U+5E95 底 底 92 EA 
+PASS U+5E96 庖 庖 95 F7 
+PASS U+5E97 店 店 93 58 
+PASS U+5E9A 庚 庚 8D 4D 
+PASS U+5E9C 府 府 95 7B 
+PASS U+5EA0 庠 庠 9B F7 
+PASS U+5EA6 度 度 93 78 
+PASS U+5EA7 座 座 8D C0 
+PASS U+5EAB 庫 庫 8C C9 
+PASS U+5EAD 庭 庭 92 EB 
+PASS U+5EB5 庵 庵 88 C1 
+PASS U+5EB6 庶 庶 8F 8E 
+PASS U+5EB7 康 康 8D 4E 
+PASS U+5EB8 庸 庸 97 66 
+PASS U+5EC1 廁 廁 9B F8 
+PASS U+5EC2 廂 廂 9B F9 
+PASS U+5EC3 廃 廃 94 70 
+PASS U+5EC8 廈 廈 9B FA 
+PASS U+5EC9 廉 廉 97 F5 
+PASS U+5ECA 廊 廊 98 4C 
+PASS U+5ECF 廏 廏 9B FC 
+PASS U+5ED0 廐 廐 9B FB 
+PASS U+5ED3 廓 廓 8A 66 
+PASS U+5ED6 廖 廖 9C 40 
+PASS U+5EDA 廚 廚 9C 43 
+PASS U+5EDB 廛 廛 9C 44 
+PASS U+5EDD 廝 廝 9C 42 
+PASS U+5EDF 廟 廟 95 5F 
+PASS U+5EE0 廠 廠 8F B1 
+PASS U+5EE1 廡 廡 9C 46 
+PASS U+5EE2 廢 廢 9C 45 
+PASS U+5EE3 廣 廣 9C 41 
+PASS U+5EE8 廨 廨 9C 47 
+PASS U+5EE9 廩 廩 9C 48 
+PASS U+5EEC 廬 廬 9C 49 
+PASS U+5EF0 廰 廰 9C 4C 
+PASS U+5EF1 廱 廱 9C 4A 
+PASS U+5EF3 廳 廳 9C 4B 
+PASS U+5EF4 廴 廴 9C 4D 
+PASS U+5EF6 延 延 89 84 
+PASS U+5EF7 廷 廷 92 EC 
+PASS U+5EF8 廸 廸 9C 4E 
+PASS U+5EFA 建 建 8C 9A 
+PASS U+5EFB 廻 廻 89 F4 
+PASS U+5EFC 廼 廼 94 55 
+PASS U+5EFE 廾 廾 9C 4F 
+PASS U+5EFF 廿 廿 93 F9 
+PASS U+5F01 弁 弁 95 D9 
+PASS U+5F03 弃 弃 9C 50 
+PASS U+5F04 弄 弄 98 4D 
+PASS U+5F09 弉 弉 9C 51 
+PASS U+5F0A 弊 弊 95 BE 
+PASS U+5F0B 弋 弋 9C 54 
+PASS U+5F0C 弌 弌 98 9F 
+PASS U+5F0D 弍 弍 98 AF 
+PASS U+5F0F 式 式 8E AE 
+PASS U+5F10 弐 弐 93 F3 
+PASS U+5F11 弑 弑 9C 55 
+PASS U+5F13 弓 弓 8B 7C 
+PASS U+5F14 弔 弔 92 A2 
+PASS U+5F15 引 引 88 F8 
+PASS U+5F16 弖 弖 9C 56 
+PASS U+5F17 弗 弗 95 A4 
+PASS U+5F18 弘 弘 8D 4F 
+PASS U+5F1B 弛 弛 92 6F 
+PASS U+5F1F 弟 弟 92 ED 
+PASS U+5F21 弡 弡 FA B7 
+PASS U+5F25 弥 弥 96 ED 
+PASS U+5F26 弦 弦 8C B7 
+PASS U+5F27 弧 弧 8C CA 
+PASS U+5F29 弩 弩 9C 57 
+PASS U+5F2D 弭 弭 9C 58 
+PASS U+5F2F 弯 弯 9C 5E 
+PASS U+5F31 弱 弱 8E E3 
+PASS U+5F34 弴 弴 FA B8 
+PASS U+5F35 張 張 92 A3 
+PASS U+5F37 強 強 8B AD 
+PASS U+5F38 弸 弸 9C 59 
+PASS U+5F3C 弼 弼 95 4A 
+PASS U+5F3E 弾 弾 92 65 
+PASS U+5F41 彁 彁 9C 5A 
+PASS U+5F45 彅 彅 FA 67 
+PASS U+5F48 彈 彈 9C 5B 
+PASS U+5F4A 彊 彊 8B AE 
+PASS U+5F4C 彌 彌 9C 5C 
+PASS U+5F4E 彎 彎 9C 5D 
+PASS U+5F51 彑 彑 9C 5F 
+PASS U+5F53 当 当 93 96 
+PASS U+5F56 彖 彖 9C 60 
+PASS U+5F57 彗 彗 9C 61 
+PASS U+5F59 彙 彙 9C 62 
+PASS U+5F5C 彜 彜 9C 53 
+PASS U+5F5D 彝 彝 9C 52 
+PASS U+5F61 彡 彡 9C 63 
+PASS U+5F62 形 形 8C 60 
+PASS U+5F66 彦 彦 95 46 
+PASS U+5F67 彧 彧 FA B9 
+PASS U+5F69 彩 彩 8D CA 
+PASS U+5F6A 彪 彪 95 56 
+PASS U+5F6B 彫 彫 92 A4 
+PASS U+5F6C 彬 彬 95 6A 
+PASS U+5F6D 彭 彭 9C 64 
+PASS U+5F70 彰 彰 8F B2 
+PASS U+5F71 影 影 89 65 
+PASS U+5F73 彳 彳 9C 65 
+PASS U+5F77 彷 彷 9C 66 
+PASS U+5F79 役 役 96 F0 
+PASS U+5F7C 彼 彼 94 DE 
+PASS U+5F7F 彿 彿 9C 69 
+PASS U+5F80 往 往 89 9D 
+PASS U+5F81 征 征 90 AA 
+PASS U+5F82 徂 徂 9C 68 
+PASS U+5F83 徃 徃 9C 67 
+PASS U+5F84 径 径 8C 61 
+PASS U+5F85 待 待 91 D2 
+PASS U+5F87 徇 徇 9C 6D 
+PASS U+5F88 很 很 9C 6B 
+PASS U+5F8A 徊 徊 9C 6A 
+PASS U+5F8B 律 律 97 A5 
+PASS U+5F8C 後 後 8C E3 
+PASS U+5F90 徐 徐 8F 99 
+PASS U+5F91 徑 徑 9C 6C 
+PASS U+5F92 徒 徒 93 6B 
+PASS U+5F93 従 従 8F 5D 
+PASS U+5F97 得 得 93 BE 
+PASS U+5F98 徘 徘 9C 70 
+PASS U+5F99 徙 徙 9C 6F 
+PASS U+5F9E 從 從 9C 6E 
+PASS U+5FA0 徠 徠 9C 71 
+PASS U+5FA1 御 御 8C E4 
+PASS U+5FA8 徨 徨 9C 72 
+PASS U+5FA9 復 復 95 9C 
+PASS U+5FAA 循 循 8F 7A 
+PASS U+5FAD 徭 徭 9C 73 
+PASS U+5FAE 微 微 94 F7 
+PASS U+5FB3 徳 徳 93 BF 
+PASS U+5FB4 徴 徴 92 A5 
+PASS U+5FB7 德 德 FA BA 
+PASS U+5FB9 徹 徹 93 4F 
+PASS U+5FBC 徼 徼 9C 74 
+PASS U+5FBD 徽 徽 8B 4A 
+PASS U+5FC3 心 心 90 53 
+PASS U+5FC5 必 必 95 4B 
+PASS U+5FCC 忌 忌 8A F5 
+PASS U+5FCD 忍 忍 94 45 
+PASS U+5FD6 忖 忖 9C 75 
+PASS U+5FD7 志 志 8E 75 
+PASS U+5FD8 忘 忘 96 59 
+PASS U+5FD9 忙 忙 96 5A 
+PASS U+5FDC 応 応 89 9E 
+PASS U+5FDD 忝 忝 9C 7A 
+PASS U+5FE0 忠 忠 92 89 
+PASS U+5FE4 忤 忤 9C 77 
+PASS U+5FEB 快 快 89 F5 
+PASS U+5FF0 忰 忰 9C AB 
+PASS U+5FF1 忱 忱 9C 79 
+PASS U+5FF5 念 念 94 4F 
+PASS U+5FF8 忸 忸 9C 78 
+PASS U+5FFB 忻 忻 9C 76 
+PASS U+5FFD 忽 忽 8D 9A 
+PASS U+5FFF 忿 忿 9C 7C 
+PASS U+600E 怎 怎 9C 83 
+PASS U+600F 怏 怏 9C 89 
+PASS U+6010 怐 怐 9C 81 
+PASS U+6012 怒 怒 93 7B 
+PASS U+6015 怕 怕 9C 86 
+PASS U+6016 怖 怖 95 7C 
+PASS U+6019 怙 怙 9C 80 
+PASS U+601B 怛 怛 9C 85 
+PASS U+601C 怜 怜 97 E5 
+PASS U+601D 思 思 8E 76 
+PASS U+6020 怠 怠 91 D3 
+PASS U+6021 怡 怡 9C 7D 
+PASS U+6025 急 急 8B 7D 
+PASS U+6026 怦 怦 9C 88 
+PASS U+6027 性 性 90 AB 
+PASS U+6028 怨 怨 89 85 
+PASS U+6029 怩 怩 9C 82 
+PASS U+602A 怪 怪 89 F6 
+PASS U+602B 怫 怫 9C 87 
+PASS U+602F 怯 怯 8B AF 
+PASS U+6031 怱 怱 9C 84 
+PASS U+603A 怺 怺 9C 8A 
+PASS U+6041 恁 恁 9C 8C 
+PASS U+6042 恂 恂 9C 96 
+PASS U+6043 恃 恃 9C 94 
+PASS U+6046 恆 恆 9C 91 
+PASS U+604A 恊 恊 9C 90 
+PASS U+604B 恋 恋 97 F6 
+PASS U+604D 恍 恍 9C 92 
+PASS U+6050 恐 恐 8B B0 
+PASS U+6052 恒 恒 8D 50 
+PASS U+6055 恕 恕 8F 9A 
+PASS U+6059 恙 恙 9C 99 
+PASS U+605A 恚 恚 9C 8B 
+PASS U+605D 恝 恝 FA BC 
+PASS U+605F 恟 恟 9C 8F 
+PASS U+6060 恠 恠 9C 7E 
+PASS U+6062 恢 恢 89 F8 
+PASS U+6063 恣 恣 9C 93 
+PASS U+6064 恤 恤 9C 95 
+PASS U+6065 恥 恥 92 70 
+PASS U+6068 恨 恨 8D A6 
+PASS U+6069 恩 恩 89 B6 
+PASS U+606A 恪 恪 9C 8D 
+PASS U+606B 恫 恫 9C 98 
+PASS U+606C 恬 恬 9C 97 
+PASS U+606D 恭 恭 8B B1 
+PASS U+606F 息 息 91 A7 
+PASS U+6070 恰 恰 8A 86 
+PASS U+6075 恵 恵 8C 62 
+PASS U+6077 恷 恷 9C 8E 
+PASS U+6081 悁 悁 9C 9A 
+PASS U+6083 悃 悃 9C 9D 
+PASS U+6084 悄 悄 9C 9F 
+PASS U+6085 悅 悅 FA BD 
+PASS U+6089 悉 悉 8E BB 
+PASS U+608A 悊 悊 FA BE 
+PASS U+608B 悋 悋 9C A5 
+PASS U+608C 悌 悌 92 EE 
+PASS U+608D 悍 悍 9C 9B 
+PASS U+6092 悒 悒 9C A3 
+PASS U+6094 悔 悔 89 F7 
+PASS U+6096 悖 悖 9C A1 
+PASS U+6097 悗 悗 9C A2 
+PASS U+609A 悚 悚 9C 9E 
+PASS U+609B 悛 悛 9C A0 
+PASS U+609F 悟 悟 8C E5 
+PASS U+60A0 悠 悠 97 49 
+PASS U+60A3 患 患 8A B3 
+PASS U+60A6 悦 悦 89 78 
+PASS U+60A7 悧 悧 9C A4 
+PASS U+60A9 悩 悩 94 59 
+PASS U+60AA 悪 悪 88 AB 
+PASS U+60B2 悲 悲 94 DF 
+PASS U+60B3 悳 悳 9C 7B 
+PASS U+60B4 悴 悴 9C AA 
+PASS U+60B5 悵 悵 9C AE 
+PASS U+60B6 悶 悶 96 E3 
+PASS U+60B8 悸 悸 9C A7 
+PASS U+60BC 悼 悼 93 89 
+PASS U+60BD 悽 悽 9C AC 
+PASS U+60C5 情 情 8F EE 
+PASS U+60C6 惆 惆 9C AD 
+PASS U+60C7 惇 惇 93 D5 
+PASS U+60D1 惑 惑 98 66 
+PASS U+60D3 惓 惓 9C A9 
+PASS U+60D5 惕 惕 FA C0 
+PASS U+60D8 惘 惘 9C AF 
+PASS U+60DA 惚 惚 8D 9B 
+PASS U+60DC 惜 惜 90 C9 
+PASS U+60DE 惞 惞 FA BF 
+PASS U+60DF 惟 惟 88 D2 
+PASS U+60E0 惠 惠 9C A8 
+PASS U+60E1 惡 惡 9C A6 
+PASS U+60E3 惣 惣 91 79 
+PASS U+60E7 惧 惧 9C 9C 
+PASS U+60E8 惨 惨 8E 53 
+PASS U+60F0 惰 惰 91 C4 
+PASS U+60F1 惱 惱 9C BB 
+PASS U+60F2 惲 惲 FA C2 
+PASS U+60F3 想 想 91 7A 
+PASS U+60F4 惴 惴 9C B6 
+PASS U+60F6 惶 惶 9C B3 
+PASS U+60F7 惷 惷 9C B4 
+PASS U+60F9 惹 惹 8E E4 
+PASS U+60FA 惺 惺 9C B7 
+PASS U+60FB 惻 惻 9C BA 
+PASS U+6100 愀 愀 9C B5 
+PASS U+6101 愁 愁 8F 44 
+PASS U+6103 愃 愃 9C B8 
+PASS U+6106 愆 愆 9C B2 
+PASS U+6108 愈 愈 96 FA 
+PASS U+6109 愉 愉 96 F9 
+PASS U+610D 愍 愍 9C BC 
+PASS U+610E 愎 愎 9C BD 
+PASS U+610F 意 意 88 D3 
+PASS U+6111 愑 愑 FA C3 
+PASS U+6115 愕 愕 9C B1 
+PASS U+611A 愚 愚 8B F0 
+PASS U+611B 愛 愛 88 A4 
+PASS U+611F 感 感 8A B4 
+PASS U+6120 愠 愠 FA C1 
+PASS U+6121 愡 愡 9C B9 
+PASS U+6127 愧 愧 9C C1 
+PASS U+6128 愨 愨 9C C0 
+PASS U+612C 愬 愬 9C C5 
+PASS U+6130 愰 愰 FA C5 
+PASS U+6134 愴 愴 9C C6 
+PASS U+6137 愷 愷 FA C4 
+PASS U+613C 愼 愼 9C C4 
+PASS U+613D 愽 愽 9C C7 
+PASS U+613E 愾 愾 9C BF 
+PASS U+613F 愿 愿 9C C3 
+PASS U+6142 慂 慂 9C C8 
+PASS U+6144 慄 慄 9C C9 
+PASS U+6147 慇 慇 9C BE 
+PASS U+6148 慈 慈 8E 9C 
+PASS U+614A 慊 慊 9C C2 
+PASS U+614B 態 態 91 D4 
+PASS U+614C 慌 慌 8D 51 
+PASS U+614D 慍 慍 9C B0 
+PASS U+614E 慎 慎 90 54 
+PASS U+6153 慓 慓 9C D6 
+PASS U+6155 慕 慕 95 E7 
+PASS U+6158 慘 慘 9C CC 
+PASS U+6159 慙 慙 9C CD 
+PASS U+615A 慚 慚 9C CE 
+PASS U+615D 慝 慝 9C D5 
+PASS U+615F 慟 慟 9C D4 
+PASS U+6162 慢 慢 96 9D 
+PASS U+6163 慣 慣 8A B5 
+PASS U+6165 慥 慥 9C D2 
+PASS U+6167 慧 慧 8C 64 
+PASS U+6168 慨 慨 8A 53 
+PASS U+616B 慫 慫 9C CF 
+PASS U+616E 慮 慮 97 B6 
+PASS U+616F 慯 慯 9C D1 
+PASS U+6170 慰 慰 88 D4 
+PASS U+6171 慱 慱 9C D3 
+PASS U+6173 慳 慳 9C CA 
+PASS U+6174 慴 慴 9C D0 
+PASS U+6175 慵 慵 9C D7 
+PASS U+6176 慶 慶 8C 63 
+PASS U+6177 慷 慷 9C CB 
+PASS U+617E 慾 慾 97 7C 
+PASS U+6182 憂 憂 97 4A 
+PASS U+6187 憇 憇 9C DA 
+PASS U+618A 憊 憊 9C DE 
+PASS U+618E 憎 憎 91 9E 
+PASS U+6190 憐 憐 97 F7 
+PASS U+6191 憑 憑 9C DF 
+PASS U+6194 憔 憔 9C DC 
+PASS U+6196 憖 憖 9C D9 
+PASS U+6198 憘 憘 FA C6 
+PASS U+6199 憙 憙 9C D8 
+PASS U+619A 憚 憚 9C DD 
+PASS U+61A4 憤 憤 95 AE 
+PASS U+61A7 憧 憧 93 B2 
+PASS U+61A9 憩 憩 8C 65 
+PASS U+61AB 憫 憫 9C E0 
+PASS U+61AC 憬 憬 9C DB 
+PASS U+61AE 憮 憮 9C E1 
+PASS U+61B2 憲 憲 8C 9B 
+PASS U+61B6 憶 憶 89 AF 
+PASS U+61BA 憺 憺 9C E9 
+PASS U+61BE 憾 憾 8A B6 
+PASS U+61C3 懃 懃 9C E7 
+PASS U+61C6 懆 懆 9C E8 
+PASS U+61C7 懇 懇 8D A7 
+PASS U+61C8 懈 懈 9C E6 
+PASS U+61C9 應 應 9C E4 
+PASS U+61CA 懊 懊 9C E3 
+PASS U+61CB 懋 懋 9C EA 
+PASS U+61CC 懌 懌 9C E2 
+PASS U+61CD 懍 懍 9C EC 
+PASS U+61D0 懐 懐 89 F9 
+PASS U+61E3 懣 懣 9C EE 
+PASS U+61E6 懦 懦 9C ED 
+PASS U+61F2 懲 懲 92 A6 
+PASS U+61F4 懴 懴 9C F1 
+PASS U+61F6 懶 懶 9C EF 
+PASS U+61F7 懷 懷 9C E5 
+PASS U+61F8 懸 懸 8C 9C 
+PASS U+61FA 懺 懺 9C F0 
+PASS U+61FC 懼 懼 9C F4 
+PASS U+61FD 懽 懽 9C F3 
+PASS U+61FE 懾 懾 9C F5 
+PASS U+61FF 懿 懿 9C F2 
+PASS U+6200 戀 戀 9C F6 
+PASS U+6208 戈 戈 9C F7 
+PASS U+6209 戉 戉 9C F8 
+PASS U+620A 戊 戊 95 E8 
+PASS U+620C 戌 戌 9C FA 
+PASS U+620D 戍 戍 9C F9 
+PASS U+620E 戎 戎 8F 5E 
+PASS U+6210 成 成 90 AC 
+PASS U+6211 我 我 89 E4 
+PASS U+6212 戒 戒 89 FA 
+PASS U+6213 戓 戓 FA C7 
+PASS U+6214 戔 戔 9C FB 
+PASS U+6216 或 或 88 BD 
+PASS U+621A 戚 戚 90 CA 
+PASS U+621B 戛 戛 9C FC 
+PASS U+621D 戝 戝 E6 C1 
+PASS U+621E 戞 戞 9D 40 
+PASS U+621F 戟 戟 8C 81 
+PASS U+6221 戡 戡 9D 41 
+PASS U+6226 戦 戦 90 ED 
+PASS U+622A 截 截 9D 42 
+PASS U+622E 戮 戮 9D 43 
+PASS U+622F 戯 戯 8B 59 
+PASS U+6230 戰 戰 9D 44 
+PASS U+6232 戲 戲 9D 45 
+PASS U+6233 戳 戳 9D 46 
+PASS U+6234 戴 戴 91 D5 
+PASS U+6238 戸 戸 8C CB 
+PASS U+623B 戻 戻 96 DF 
+PASS U+623F 房 房 96 5B 
+PASS U+6240 所 所 8F 8A 
+PASS U+6241 扁 扁 9D 47 
+PASS U+6247 扇 扇 90 EE 
+PASS U+6248 扈 扈 E7 BB 
+PASS U+6249 扉 扉 94 E0 
+PASS U+624B 手 手 8E E8 
+PASS U+624D 才 才 8D CB 
+PASS U+624E 扎 扎 9D 48 
+PASS U+6253 打 打 91 C5 
+PASS U+6255 払 払 95 A5 
+PASS U+6258 托 托 91 EF 
+PASS U+625B 扛 扛 9D 4B 
+PASS U+625E 扞 扞 9D 49 
+PASS U+6260 扠 扠 9D 4C 
+PASS U+6263 扣 扣 9D 4A 
+PASS U+6268 扨 扨 9D 4D 
+PASS U+626E 扮 扮 95 AF 
+PASS U+6271 扱 扱 88 B5 
+PASS U+6276 扶 扶 95 7D 
+PASS U+6279 批 批 94 E1 
+PASS U+627C 扼 扼 9D 4E 
+PASS U+627E 找 找 9D 51 
+PASS U+627F 承 承 8F B3 
+PASS U+6280 技 技 8B 5A 
+PASS U+6282 抂 抂 9D 4F 
+PASS U+6283 抃 抃 9D 56 
+PASS U+6284 抄 抄 8F B4 
+PASS U+6289 抉 抉 9D 50 
+PASS U+628A 把 把 94 63 
+PASS U+6291 抑 抑 97 7D 
+PASS U+6292 抒 抒 9D 52 
+PASS U+6293 抓 抓 9D 53 
+PASS U+6294 抔 抔 9D 57 
+PASS U+6295 投 投 93 8A 
+PASS U+6296 抖 抖 9D 54 
+PASS U+6297 抗 抗 8D 52 
+PASS U+6298 折 折 90 DC 
+PASS U+629B 抛 抛 9D 65 
+PASS U+629C 抜 抜 94 B2 
+PASS U+629E 択 択 91 F0 
+PASS U+62A6 抦 抦 FA C8 
+PASS U+62AB 披 披 94 E2 
+PASS U+62AC 抬 抬 9D AB 
+PASS U+62B1 抱 抱 95 F8 
+PASS U+62B5 抵 抵 92 EF 
+PASS U+62B9 抹 抹 96 95 
+PASS U+62BB 抻 抻 9D 5A 
+PASS U+62BC 押 押 89 9F 
+PASS U+62BD 抽 抽 92 8A 
+PASS U+62C2 拂 拂 9D 63 
+PASS U+62C5 担 担 92 53 
+PASS U+62C6 拆 拆 9D 5D 
+PASS U+62C7 拇 拇 9D 64 
+PASS U+62C8 拈 拈 9D 5F 
+PASS U+62C9 拉 拉 9D 66 
+PASS U+62CA 拊 拊 9D 62 
+PASS U+62CC 拌 拌 9D 61 
+PASS U+62CD 拍 拍 94 8F 
+PASS U+62CF 拏 拏 9D 5B 
+PASS U+62D0 拐 拐 89 FB 
+PASS U+62D1 拑 拑 9D 59 
+PASS U+62D2 拒 拒 8B 91 
+PASS U+62D3 拓 拓 91 F1 
+PASS U+62D4 拔 拔 9D 55 
+PASS U+62D7 拗 拗 9D 58 
+PASS U+62D8 拘 拘 8D 53 
+PASS U+62D9 拙 拙 90 D9 
+PASS U+62DB 招 招 8F B5 
+PASS U+62DC 拜 拜 9D 60 
+PASS U+62DD 拝 拝 94 71 
+PASS U+62E0 拠 拠 8B 92 
+PASS U+62E1 拡 拡 8A 67 
+PASS U+62EC 括 括 8A 87 
+PASS U+62ED 拭 拭 90 40 
+PASS U+62EE 拮 拮 9D 68 
+PASS U+62EF 拯 拯 9D 6D 
+PASS U+62F1 拱 拱 9D 69 
+PASS U+62F3 拳 拳 8C 9D 
+PASS U+62F5 拵 拵 9D 6E 
+PASS U+62F6 拶 拶 8E 41 
+PASS U+62F7 拷 拷 8D 89 
+PASS U+62FE 拾 拾 8F 45 
+PASS U+62FF 拿 拿 9D 5C 
+PASS U+6301 持 持 8E 9D 
+PASS U+6302 挂 挂 9D 6B 
+PASS U+6307 指 指 8E 77 
+PASS U+6308 挈 挈 9D 6C 
+PASS U+6309 按 按 88 C2 
+PASS U+630C 挌 挌 9D 67 
+PASS U+6311 挑 挑 92 A7 
+PASS U+6319 挙 挙 8B 93 
+PASS U+631F 挟 挟 8B B2 
+PASS U+6327 挧 挧 9D 6A 
+PASS U+6328 挨 挨 88 A5 
+PASS U+632B 挫 挫 8D C1 
+PASS U+632F 振 振 90 55 
+PASS U+633A 挺 挺 92 F0 
+PASS U+633D 挽 挽 94 D2 
+PASS U+633E 挾 挾 9D 70 
+PASS U+633F 挿 挿 91 7D 
+PASS U+6349 捉 捉 91 A8 
+PASS U+634C 捌 捌 8E 4A 
+PASS U+634D 捍 捍 9D 71 
+PASS U+634F 捏 捏 9D 73 
+PASS U+6350 捐 捐 9D 6F 
+PASS U+6355 捕 捕 95 DF 
+PASS U+6357 捗 捗 92 BB 
+PASS U+635C 捜 捜 91 7B 
+PASS U+6367 捧 捧 95 F9 
+PASS U+6368 捨 捨 8E CC 
+PASS U+6369 捩 捩 9D 80 
+PASS U+636B 捫 捫 9D 7E 
+PASS U+636E 据 据 90 98 
+PASS U+6372 捲 捲 8C 9E 
+PASS U+6376 捶 捶 9D 78 
+PASS U+6377 捷 捷 8F B7 
+PASS U+637A 捺 捺 93 E6 
+PASS U+637B 捻 捻 94 50 
+PASS U+6380 掀 掀 9D 76 
+PASS U+6383 掃 掃 91 7C 
+PASS U+6388 授 授 8E F6 
+PASS U+6389 掉 掉 9D 7B 
+PASS U+638C 掌 掌 8F B6 
+PASS U+638E 掎 掎 9D 75 
+PASS U+638F 掏 掏 9D 7A 
+PASS U+6392 排 排 94 72 
+PASS U+6396 掖 掖 9D 74 
+PASS U+6398 掘 掘 8C 40 
+PASS U+639B 掛 掛 8A 7C 
+PASS U+639F 掟 掟 9D 7C 
+PASS U+63A0 掠 掠 97 A9 
+PASS U+63A1 採 採 8D CC 
+PASS U+63A2 探 探 92 54 
+PASS U+63A3 掣 掣 9D 79 
+PASS U+63A5 接 接 90 DA 
+PASS U+63A7 控 控 8D 54 
+PASS U+63A8 推 推 90 84 
+PASS U+63A9 掩 掩 89 86 
+PASS U+63AA 措 措 91 5B 
+PASS U+63AB 掫 掫 9D 77 
+PASS U+63AC 掬 掬 8B 64 
+PASS U+63B2 掲 掲 8C 66 
+PASS U+63B4 掴 掴 92 CD 
+PASS U+63B5 掵 掵 9D 7D 
+PASS U+63BB 掻 掻 91 7E 
+PASS U+63BE 掾 掾 9D 81 
+PASS U+63C0 揀 揀 9D 83 
+PASS U+63C3 揃 揃 91 B5 
+PASS U+63C4 揄 揄 9D 89 
+PASS U+63C6 揆 揆 9D 84 
+PASS U+63C9 揉 揉 9D 86 
+PASS U+63CF 描 描 95 60 
+PASS U+63D0 提 提 92 F1 
+PASS U+63D2 插 插 9D 87 
+PASS U+63D6 揖 揖 97 4B 
+PASS U+63DA 揚 揚 97 67 
+PASS U+63DB 換 換 8A B7 
+PASS U+63E1 握 握 88 AC 
+PASS U+63E3 揣 揣 9D 85 
+PASS U+63E9 揩 揩 9D 82 
+PASS U+63EE 揮 揮 8A F6 
+PASS U+63F4 援 援 89 87 
+PASS U+63F5 揵 揵 FA C9 
+PASS U+63F6 揶 揶 9D 88 
+PASS U+63FA 揺 揺 97 68 
+PASS U+6406 搆 搆 9D 8C 
+PASS U+640D 損 損 91 B9 
+PASS U+640F 搏 搏 9D 93 
+PASS U+6413 搓 搓 9D 8D 
+PASS U+6416 搖 搖 9D 8A 
+PASS U+6417 搗 搗 9D 91 
+PASS U+641C 搜 搜 9D 72 
+PASS U+6426 搦 搦 9D 8E 
+PASS U+6428 搨 搨 9D 92 
+PASS U+642C 搬 搬 94 C0 
+PASS U+642D 搭 搭 93 8B 
+PASS U+6434 搴 搴 9D 8B 
+PASS U+6436 搶 搶 9D 8F 
+PASS U+643A 携 携 8C 67 
+PASS U+643E 搾 搾 8D EF 
+PASS U+6442 摂 摂 90 DB 
+PASS U+644E 摎 摎 9D 97 
+PASS U+6458 摘 摘 93 45 
+PASS U+6460 摠 摠 FA CA 
+PASS U+6467 摧 摧 9D 94 
+PASS U+6469 摩 摩 96 80 
+PASS U+646F 摯 摯 9D 95 
+PASS U+6476 摶 摶 9D 96 
+PASS U+6478 摸 摸 96 CC 
+PASS U+647A 摺 摺 90 A0 
+PASS U+6483 撃 撃 8C 82 
+PASS U+6488 撈 撈 9D 9D 
+PASS U+6492 撒 撒 8E 54 
+PASS U+6493 撓 撓 9D 9A 
+PASS U+6495 撕 撕 9D 99 
+PASS U+649A 撚 撚 94 51 
+PASS U+649D 撝 撝 FA CB 
+PASS U+649E 撞 撞 93 B3 
+PASS U+64A4 撤 撤 93 50 
+PASS U+64A5 撥 撥 9D 9B 
+PASS U+64A9 撩 撩 9D 9C 
+PASS U+64AB 撫 撫 95 8F 
+PASS U+64AD 播 播 94 64 
+PASS U+64AE 撮 撮 8E 42 
+PASS U+64B0 撰 撰 90 EF 
+PASS U+64B2 撲 撲 96 6F 
+PASS U+64B9 撹 撹 8A 68 
+PASS U+64BB 撻 撻 9D A3 
+PASS U+64BC 撼 撼 9D 9E 
+PASS U+64C1 擁 擁 97 69 
+PASS U+64C2 擂 擂 9D A5 
+PASS U+64C5 擅 擅 9D A1 
+PASS U+64C7 擇 擇 9D A2 
+PASS U+64CD 操 操 91 80 
+PASS U+64CE 擎 擎 FA CC 
+PASS U+64D2 擒 擒 9D A0 
+PASS U+64D4 擔 擔 9D 5E 
+PASS U+64D8 擘 擘 9D A4 
+PASS U+64DA 據 據 9D 9F 
+PASS U+64E0 擠 擠 9D A9 
+PASS U+64E1 擡 擡 9D AA 
+PASS U+64E2 擢 擢 93 46 
+PASS U+64E3 擣 擣 9D AC 
+PASS U+64E6 擦 擦 8E 43 
+PASS U+64E7 擧 擧 9D A7 
+PASS U+64EC 擬 擬 8B 5B 
+PASS U+64EF 擯 擯 9D AD 
+PASS U+64F1 擱 擱 9D A6 
+PASS U+64F2 擲 擲 9D B1 
+PASS U+64F4 擴 擴 9D B0 
+PASS U+64F6 擶 擶 9D AF 
+PASS U+64FA 擺 擺 9D B2 
+PASS U+64FD 擽 擽 9D B4 
+PASS U+64FE 擾 擾 8F EF 
+PASS U+6500 攀 攀 9D B3 
+PASS U+6505 攅 攅 9D B7 
+PASS U+6518 攘 攘 9D B5 
+PASS U+651C 攜 攜 9D B6 
+PASS U+651D 攝 攝 9D 90 
+PASS U+6523 攣 攣 9D B9 
+PASS U+6524 攤 攤 9D B8 
+PASS U+652A 攪 攪 9D 98 
+PASS U+652B 攫 攫 9D BA 
+PASS U+652C 攬 攬 9D AE 
+PASS U+652F 支 支 8E 78 
+PASS U+6534 攴 攴 9D BB 
+PASS U+6535 攵 攵 9D BC 
+PASS U+6536 收 收 9D BE 
+PASS U+6537 攷 攷 9D BD 
+PASS U+6538 攸 攸 9D BF 
+PASS U+6539 改 改 89 FC 
+PASS U+653B 攻 攻 8D 55 
+PASS U+653E 放 放 95 FA 
+PASS U+653F 政 政 90 AD 
+PASS U+6545 故 故 8C CC 
+PASS U+6548 效 效 9D C1 
+PASS U+654D 敍 敍 9D C4 
+PASS U+654E 敎 敎 FA CD 
+PASS U+654F 敏 敏 95 71 
+PASS U+6551 救 救 8B 7E 
+PASS U+6555 敕 敕 9D C3 
+PASS U+6556 敖 敖 9D C2 
+PASS U+6557 敗 敗 94 73 
+PASS U+6558 敘 敘 9D C5 
+PASS U+6559 教 教 8B B3 
+PASS U+655D 敝 敝 9D C7 
+PASS U+655E 敞 敞 9D C6 
+PASS U+6562 敢 敢 8A B8 
+PASS U+6563 散 散 8E 55 
+PASS U+6566 敦 敦 93 D6 
+PASS U+656C 敬 敬 8C 68 
+PASS U+6570 数 数 90 94 
+PASS U+6572 敲 敲 9D C8 
+PASS U+6574 整 整 90 AE 
+PASS U+6575 敵 敵 93 47 
+PASS U+6577 敷 敷 95 7E 
+PASS U+6578 數 數 9D C9 
+PASS U+6582 斂 斂 9D CA 
+PASS U+6583 斃 斃 9D CB 
+PASS U+6587 文 文 95 B6 
+PASS U+6588 斈 斈 9B 7C 
+PASS U+6589 斉 斉 90 C4 
+PASS U+658C 斌 斌 95 6B 
+PASS U+658E 斎 斎 8D D6 
+PASS U+6590 斐 斐 94 E3 
+PASS U+6591 斑 斑 94 C1 
+PASS U+6597 斗 斗 93 6C 
+PASS U+6599 料 料 97 BF 
+PASS U+659B 斛 斛 9D CD 
+PASS U+659C 斜 斜 8E CE 
+PASS U+659F 斟 斟 9D CE 
+PASS U+65A1 斡 斡 88 B4 
+PASS U+65A4 斤 斤 8B D2 
+PASS U+65A5 斥 斥 90 CB 
+PASS U+65A7 斧 斧 95 80 
+PASS U+65AB 斫 斫 9D CF 
+PASS U+65AC 斬 斬 8E 61 
+PASS U+65AD 断 断 92 66 
+PASS U+65AF 斯 斯 8E 7A 
+PASS U+65B0 新 新 90 56 
+PASS U+65B7 斷 斷 9D D0 
+PASS U+65B9 方 方 95 FB 
+PASS U+65BC 於 於 89 97 
+PASS U+65BD 施 施 8E 7B 
+PASS U+65C1 旁 旁 9D D3 
+PASS U+65C3 旃 旃 9D D1 
+PASS U+65C4 旄 旄 9D D4 
+PASS U+65C5 旅 旅 97 B7 
+PASS U+65C6 旆 旆 9D D2 
+PASS U+65CB 旋 旋 90 F9 
+PASS U+65CC 旌 旌 9D D5 
+PASS U+65CF 族 族 91 B0 
+PASS U+65D2 旒 旒 9D D6 
+PASS U+65D7 旗 旗 8A F8 
+PASS U+65D9 旙 旙 9D D8 
+PASS U+65DB 旛 旛 9D D7 
+PASS U+65E0 无 无 9D D9 
+PASS U+65E1 旡 旡 9D DA 
+PASS U+65E2 既 既 8A F9 
+PASS U+65E5 日 日 93 FA 
+PASS U+65E6 旦 旦 92 55 
+PASS U+65E7 旧 旧 8B 8C 
+PASS U+65E8 旨 旨 8E 7C 
+PASS U+65E9 早 早 91 81 
+PASS U+65EC 旬 旬 8F 7B 
+PASS U+65ED 旭 旭 88 AE 
+PASS U+65F1 旱 旱 9D DB 
+PASS U+65FA 旺 旺 89 A0 
+PASS U+65FB 旻 旻 9D DF 
+PASS U+6600 昀 昀 FA CE 
+PASS U+6602 昂 昂 8D 56 
+PASS U+6603 昃 昃 9D DE 
+PASS U+6606 昆 昆 8D A9 
+PASS U+6607 昇 昇 8F B8 
+PASS U+6609 昉 昉 FA D1 
+PASS U+660A 昊 昊 9D DD 
+PASS U+660C 昌 昌 8F B9 
+PASS U+660E 明 明 96 BE 
+PASS U+660F 昏 昏 8D A8 
+PASS U+6613 易 易 88 D5 
+PASS U+6614 昔 昔 90 CC 
+PASS U+6615 昕 昕 FA CF 
+PASS U+661C 昜 昜 9D E4 
+PASS U+661E 昞 昞 FA D3 
+PASS U+661F 星 星 90 AF 
+PASS U+6620 映 映 89 66 
+PASS U+6624 昤 昤 FA D4 
+PASS U+6625 春 春 8F 74 
+PASS U+6627 昧 昧 96 86 
+PASS U+6628 昨 昨 8D F0 
+PASS U+662D 昭 昭 8F BA 
+PASS U+662E 昮 昮 FA D2 
+PASS U+662F 是 是 90 A5 
+PASS U+6631 昱 昱 FA 63 
+PASS U+6634 昴 昴 9D E3 
+PASS U+6635 昵 昵 9D E1 
+PASS U+6636 昶 昶 9D E2 
+PASS U+663B 昻 昻 FA D0 
+PASS U+663C 昼 昼 92 8B 
+PASS U+663F 昿 昿 9E 45 
+PASS U+6641 晁 晁 9D E8 
+PASS U+6642 時 時 8E 9E 
+PASS U+6643 晃 晃 8D 57 
+PASS U+6644 晄 晄 9D E6 
+PASS U+6649 晉 晉 9D E7 
+PASS U+664B 晋 晋 90 57 
+PASS U+664F 晏 晏 9D E5 
+PASS U+6652 晒 晒 8E 4E 
+PASS U+6657 晗 晗 FA D6 
+PASS U+6659 晙 晙 FA D7 
+PASS U+665D 晝 晝 9D EA 
+PASS U+665E 晞 晞 9D E9 
+PASS U+665F 晟 晟 9D EE 
+PASS U+6662 晢 晢 9D EF 
+PASS U+6664 晤 晤 9D EB 
+PASS U+6665 晥 晥 FA D5 
+PASS U+6666 晦 晦 8A 41 
+PASS U+6667 晧 晧 9D EC 
+PASS U+6668 晨 晨 9D ED 
+PASS U+6669 晩 晩 94 D3 
+PASS U+666E 普 普 95 81 
+PASS U+666F 景 景 8C 69 
+PASS U+6670 晰 晰 9D F0 
+PASS U+6673 晳 晳 FA D9 
+PASS U+6674 晴 晴 90 B0 
+PASS U+6676 晶 晶 8F BB 
+PASS U+667A 智 智 92 71 
+PASS U+6681 暁 暁 8B C5 
+PASS U+6683 暃 暃 9D F1 
+PASS U+6684 暄 暄 9D F5 
+PASS U+6687 暇 暇 89 C9 
+PASS U+6688 暈 暈 9D F2 
+PASS U+6689 暉 暉 9D F4 
+PASS U+668E 暎 暎 9D F3 
+PASS U+6691 暑 暑 8F 8B 
+PASS U+6696 暖 暖 92 67 
+PASS U+6697 暗 暗 88 C3 
+PASS U+6698 暘 暘 9D F6 
+PASS U+6699 暙 暙 FA DA 
+PASS U+669D 暝 暝 9D F7 
+PASS U+66A0 暠 暠 FA DB 
+PASS U+66A2 暢 暢 92 A8 
+PASS U+66A6 暦 暦 97 EF 
+PASS U+66AB 暫 暫 8E 62 
+PASS U+66AE 暮 暮 95 E9 
+PASS U+66B2 暲 暲 FA DC 
+PASS U+66B4 暴 暴 96 5C 
+PASS U+66B8 暸 暸 9E 41 
+PASS U+66B9 暹 暹 9D F9 
+PASS U+66BC 暼 暼 9D FC 
+PASS U+66BE 暾 暾 9D FB 
+PASS U+66BF 暿 暿 FA DD 
+PASS U+66C1 曁 曁 9D F8 
+PASS U+66C4 曄 曄 9E 40 
+PASS U+66C7 曇 曇 93 DC 
+PASS U+66C9 曉 曉 9D FA 
+PASS U+66D6 曖 曖 9E 42 
+PASS U+66D9 曙 曙 8F 8C 
+PASS U+66DA 曚 曚 9E 43 
+PASS U+66DC 曜 曜 97 6A 
+PASS U+66DD 曝 曝 94 98 
+PASS U+66E0 曠 曠 9E 44 
+PASS U+66E6 曦 曦 9E 46 
+PASS U+66E9 曩 曩 9E 47 
+PASS U+66F0 曰 曰 9E 48 
+PASS U+66F2 曲 曲 8B C8 
+PASS U+66F3 曳 曳 89 67 
+PASS U+66F4 更 更 8D 58 
+PASS U+66F5 曵 曵 9E 49 
+PASS U+66F7 曷 曷 9E 4A 
+PASS U+66F8 書 書 8F 91 
+PASS U+66F9 曹 曹 91 82 
+PASS U+66FA 曺 曺 FA DE 
+PASS U+66FB 曻 曻 FA 66 
+PASS U+66FC 曼 曼 99 D6 
+PASS U+66FD 曽 曽 91 5D 
+PASS U+66FE 曾 曾 91 5C 
+PASS U+66FF 替 替 91 D6 
+PASS U+6700 最 最 8D C5 
+PASS U+6703 會 會 98 F0 
+PASS U+6708 月 月 8C 8E 
+PASS U+6709 有 有 97 4C 
+PASS U+670B 朋 朋 95 FC 
+PASS U+670D 服 服 95 9E 
+PASS U+670E 朎 朎 FA DF 
+PASS U+670F 朏 朏 9E 4B 
+PASS U+6714 朔 朔 8D F1 
+PASS U+6715 朕 朕 92 BD 
+PASS U+6716 朖 朖 9E 4C 
+PASS U+6717 朗 朗 98 4E 
+PASS U+671B 望 望 96 5D 
+PASS U+671D 朝 朝 92 A9 
+PASS U+671E 朞 朞 9E 4D 
+PASS U+671F 期 期 8A FA 
+PASS U+6726 朦 朦 9E 4E 
+PASS U+6727 朧 朧 9E 4F 
+PASS U+6728 木 木 96 D8 
+PASS U+672A 未 未 96 A2 
+PASS U+672B 末 末 96 96 
+PASS U+672C 本 本 96 7B 
+PASS U+672D 札 札 8E 44 
+PASS U+672E 朮 朮 9E 51 
+PASS U+6731 朱 朱 8E E9 
+PASS U+6734 朴 朴 96 70 
+PASS U+6736 朶 朶 9E 53 
+PASS U+6737 朷 朷 9E 56 
+PASS U+6738 朸 朸 9E 55 
+PASS U+673A 机 机 8A F7 
+PASS U+673D 朽 朽 8B 80 
+PASS U+673F 朿 朿 9E 52 
+PASS U+6741 杁 杁 9E 54 
+PASS U+6746 杆 杆 9E 57 
+PASS U+6749 杉 杉 90 99 
+PASS U+674E 李 李 97 9B 
+PASS U+674F 杏 杏 88 C7 
+PASS U+6750 材 材 8D DE 
+PASS U+6751 村 村 91 BA 
+PASS U+6753 杓 杓 8E DB 
+PASS U+6756 杖 杖 8F F1 
+PASS U+6759 杙 杙 9E 5A 
+PASS U+675C 杜 杜 93 6D 
+PASS U+675E 杞 杞 9E 58 
+PASS U+675F 束 束 91 A9 
+PASS U+6760 杠 杠 9E 59 
+PASS U+6761 条 条 8F F0 
+PASS U+6762 杢 杢 96 DB 
+PASS U+6763 杣 杣 9E 5B 
+PASS U+6764 杤 杤 9E 5C 
+PASS U+6765 来 来 97 88 
+PASS U+6766 杦 杦 FA E1 
+PASS U+676A 杪 杪 9E 61 
+PASS U+676D 杭 杭 8D 59 
+PASS U+676F 杯 杯 94 74 
+PASS U+6770 杰 杰 9E 5E 
+PASS U+6771 東 東 93 8C 
+PASS U+6772 杲 杲 9D DC 
+PASS U+6773 杳 杳 9D E0 
+PASS U+6775 杵 杵 8B 6E 
+PASS U+6777 杷 杷 94 66 
+PASS U+677C 杼 杼 9E 60 
+PASS U+677E 松 松 8F BC 
+PASS U+677F 板 板 94 C2 
+PASS U+6785 枅 枅 9E 66 
+PASS U+6787 枇 枇 94 F8 
+PASS U+6789 枉 枉 9E 5D 
+PASS U+678B 枋 枋 9E 63 
+PASS U+678C 枌 枌 9E 62 
+PASS U+6790 析 析 90 CD 
+PASS U+6795 枕 枕 96 8D 
+PASS U+6797 林 林 97 D1 
+PASS U+679A 枚 枚 96 87 
+PASS U+679C 果 果 89 CA 
+PASS U+679D 枝 枝 8E 7D 
+PASS U+67A0 枠 枠 98 67 
+PASS U+67A1 枡 枡 9E 65 
+PASS U+67A2 枢 枢 90 95 
+PASS U+67A6 枦 枦 9E 64 
+PASS U+67A9 枩 枩 9E 5F 
+PASS U+67AF 枯 枯 8C CD 
+PASS U+67B3 枳 枳 9E 6B 
+PASS U+67B4 枴 枴 9E 69 
+PASS U+67B6 架 架 89 CB 
+PASS U+67B7 枷 枷 9E 67 
+PASS U+67B8 枸 枸 9E 6D 
+PASS U+67B9 枹 枹 9E 73 
+PASS U+67BB 枻 枻 FA E2 
+PASS U+67C0 柀 柀 FA E4 
+PASS U+67C1 柁 柁 91 C6 
+PASS U+67C4 柄 柄 95 BF 
+PASS U+67C6 柆 柆 9E 75 
+PASS U+67CA 柊 柊 95 41 
+PASS U+67CE 柎 柎 9E 74 
+PASS U+67CF 柏 柏 94 90 
+PASS U+67D0 某 某 96 5E 
+PASS U+67D1 柑 柑 8A B9 
+PASS U+67D3 染 染 90 F5 
+PASS U+67D4 柔 柔 8F 5F 
+PASS U+67D8 柘 柘 92 D1 
+PASS U+67DA 柚 柚 97 4D 
+PASS U+67DD 柝 柝 9E 70 
+PASS U+67DE 柞 柞 9E 6F 
+PASS U+67E2 柢 柢 9E 71 
+PASS U+67E4 柤 柤 9E 6E 
+PASS U+67E7 柧 柧 9E 76 
+PASS U+67E9 柩 柩 9E 6C 
+PASS U+67EC 柬 柬 9E 6A 
+PASS U+67EE 柮 柮 9E 72 
+PASS U+67EF 柯 柯 9E 68 
+PASS U+67F1 柱 柱 92 8C 
+PASS U+67F3 柳 柳 96 F6 
+PASS U+67F4 柴 柴 8E C4 
+PASS U+67F5 柵 柵 8D F2 
+PASS U+67FB 査 査 8D B8 
+PASS U+67FE 柾 柾 96 8F 
+PASS U+67FF 柿 柿 8A 60 
+PASS U+6801 栁 栁 FA E5 
+PASS U+6802 栂 栂 92 CC 
+PASS U+6803 栃 栃 93 C8 
+PASS U+6804 栄 栄 89 68 
+PASS U+6813 栓 栓 90 F0 
+PASS U+6816 栖 栖 90 B2 
+PASS U+6817 栗 栗 8C 49 
+PASS U+681E 栞 栞 9E 78 
+PASS U+6821 校 校 8D 5A 
+PASS U+6822 栢 栢 8A 9C 
+PASS U+6829 栩 栩 9E 7A 
+PASS U+682A 株 株 8A 94 
+PASS U+682B 栫 栫 9E 81 
+PASS U+6832 栲 栲 9E 7D 
+PASS U+6834 栴 栴 90 F1 
+PASS U+6838 核 核 8A 6A 
+PASS U+6839 根 根 8D AA 
+PASS U+683C 格 格 8A 69 
+PASS U+683D 栽 栽 8D CD 
+PASS U+6840 桀 桀 9E 7B 
+PASS U+6841 桁 桁 8C 85 
+PASS U+6842 桂 桂 8C 6A 
+PASS U+6843 桃 桃 93 8D 
+PASS U+6844 桄 桄 FA E6 
+PASS U+6846 框 框 9E 79 
+PASS U+6848 案 案 88 C4 
+PASS U+684D 桍 桍 9E 7C 
+PASS U+684E 桎 桎 9E 7E 
+PASS U+6850 桐 桐 8B CB 
+PASS U+6851 桑 桑 8C 4B 
+PASS U+6852 桒 桒 FA E3 
+PASS U+6853 桓 桓 8A BA 
+PASS U+6854 桔 桔 8B 6A 
+PASS U+6859 桙 桙 9E 82 
+PASS U+685C 桜 桜 8D F7 
+PASS U+685D 桝 桝 96 91 
+PASS U+685F 桟 桟 8E 56 
+PASS U+6863 档 档 9E 83 
+PASS U+6867 桧 桧 95 4F 
+PASS U+6874 桴 桴 9E 8F 
+PASS U+6876 桶 桶 89 B1 
+PASS U+6877 桷 桷 9E 84 
+PASS U+687E 桾 桾 9E 95 
+PASS U+687F 桿 桿 9E 85 
+PASS U+6881 梁 梁 97 C0 
+PASS U+6883 梃 梃 9E 8C 
+PASS U+6885 梅 梅 94 7E 
+PASS U+688D 梍 梍 9E 94 
+PASS U+688F 梏 梏 9E 87 
+PASS U+6893 梓 梓 88 B2 
+PASS U+6894 梔 梔 9E 89 
+PASS U+6897 梗 梗 8D 5B 
+PASS U+689B 梛 梛 9E 8B 
+PASS U+689D 條 條 9E 8A 
+PASS U+689F 梟 梟 9E 86 
+PASS U+68A0 梠 梠 9E 91 
+PASS U+68A2 梢 梢 8F BD 
+PASS U+68A6 梦 梦 9A EB 
+PASS U+68A7 梧 梧 8C E6 
+PASS U+68A8 梨 梨 97 9C 
+PASS U+68AD 梭 梭 9E 88 
+PASS U+68AF 梯 梯 92 F2 
+PASS U+68B0 械 械 8A 42 
+PASS U+68B1 梱 梱 8D AB 
+PASS U+68B3 梳 梳 9E 80 
+PASS U+68B5 梵 梵 9E 90 
+PASS U+68B6 梶 梶 8A 81 
+PASS U+68B9 梹 梹 9E 8E 
+PASS U+68BA 梺 梺 9E 92 
+PASS U+68BC 梼 梼 93 8E 
+PASS U+68C4 棄 棄 8A FC 
+PASS U+68C6 棆 棆 9E B0 
+PASS U+68C8 棈 棈 FA 64 
+PASS U+68C9 棉 棉 96 C7 
+PASS U+68CA 棊 棊 9E 97 
+PASS U+68CB 棋 棋 8A FB 
+PASS U+68CD 棍 棍 9E 9E 
+PASS U+68CF 棏 棏 FA E7 
+PASS U+68D2 棒 棒 96 5F 
+PASS U+68D4 棔 棔 9E 9F 
+PASS U+68D5 棕 棕 9E A1 
+PASS U+68D7 棗 棗 9E A5 
+PASS U+68D8 棘 棘 9E 99 
+PASS U+68DA 棚 棚 92 49 
+PASS U+68DF 棟 棟 93 8F 
+PASS U+68E0 棠 棠 9E A9 
+PASS U+68E1 棡 棡 9E 9C 
+PASS U+68E3 棣 棣 9E A6 
+PASS U+68E7 棧 棧 9E A0 
+PASS U+68EE 森 森 90 58 
+PASS U+68EF 棯 棯 9E AA 
+PASS U+68F2 棲 棲 90 B1 
+PASS U+68F9 棹 棹 9E A8 
+PASS U+68FA 棺 棺 8A BB 
+PASS U+6900 椀 椀 98 6F 
+PASS U+6901 椁 椁 9E 96 
+PASS U+6904 椄 椄 9E A4 
+PASS U+6905 椅 椅 88 D6 
+PASS U+6908 椈 椈 9E 98 
+PASS U+690B 椋 椋 96 B8 
+PASS U+690C 椌 椌 9E 9D 
+PASS U+690D 植 植 90 41 
+PASS U+690E 椎 椎 92 C5 
+PASS U+690F 椏 椏 9E 93 
+PASS U+6912 椒 椒 9E A3 
+PASS U+6919 椙 椙 90 9A 
+PASS U+691A 椚 椚 9E AD 
+PASS U+691B 椛 椛 8A 91 
+PASS U+691C 検 検 8C 9F 
+PASS U+6921 椡 椡 9E AF 
+PASS U+6922 椢 椢 9E 9A 
+PASS U+6923 椣 椣 9E AE 
+PASS U+6925 椥 椥 9E A7 
+PASS U+6926 椦 椦 9E 9B 
+PASS U+6928 椨 椨 9E AB 
+PASS U+692A 椪 椪 9E AC 
+PASS U+6930 椰 椰 9E BD 
+PASS U+6934 椴 椴 93 CC 
+PASS U+6936 椶 椶 9E A2 
+PASS U+6939 椹 椹 9E B9 
+PASS U+693D 椽 椽 9E BB 
+PASS U+693F 椿 椿 92 D6 
+PASS U+694A 楊 楊 97 6B 
+PASS U+6953 楓 楓 95 96 
+PASS U+6954 楔 楔 9E B6 
+PASS U+6955 楕 楕 91 C8 
+PASS U+6959 楙 楙 9E BC 
+PASS U+695A 楚 楚 91 5E 
+PASS U+695C 楜 楜 9E B3 
+PASS U+695D 楝 楝 9E C0 
+PASS U+695E 楞 楞 9E BF 
+PASS U+6960 楠 楠 93 ED 
+PASS U+6961 楡 楡 9E BE 
+PASS U+6962 楢 楢 93 E8 
+PASS U+6968 楨 楨 FA E9 
+PASS U+696A 楪 楪 9E C2 
+PASS U+696B 楫 楫 9E B5 
+PASS U+696D 業 業 8B C6 
+PASS U+696E 楮 楮 9E B8 
+PASS U+696F 楯 楯 8F 7C 
+PASS U+6973 楳 楳 94 80 
+PASS U+6974 楴 楴 9E BA 
+PASS U+6975 極 極 8B C9 
+PASS U+6977 楷 楷 9E B2 
+PASS U+6978 楸 楸 9E B4 
+PASS U+6979 楹 楹 9E B1 
+PASS U+697C 楼 楼 98 4F 
+PASS U+697D 楽 楽 8A 79 
+PASS U+697E 楾 楾 9E B7 
+PASS U+6981 榁 榁 9E C1 
+PASS U+6982 概 概 8A 54 
+PASS U+698A 榊 榊 8D E5 
+PASS U+698E 榎 榎 89 7C 
+PASS U+6991 榑 榑 9E D2 
+PASS U+6994 榔 榔 98 50 
+PASS U+6995 榕 榕 9E D5 
+PASS U+6998 榘 榘 FA EB 
+PASS U+699B 榛 榛 90 59 
+PASS U+699C 榜 榜 9E D4 
+PASS U+69A0 榠 榠 9E D3 
+PASS U+69A7 榧 榧 9E D0 
+PASS U+69AE 榮 榮 9E C4 
+PASS U+69B1 榱 榱 9E E1 
+PASS U+69B2 榲 榲 9E C3 
+PASS U+69B4 榴 榴 9E D6 
+PASS U+69BB 榻 榻 9E CE 
+PASS U+69BE 榾 榾 9E C9 
+PASS U+69BF 榿 榿 9E C6 
+PASS U+69C1 槁 槁 9E C7 
+PASS U+69C3 槃 槃 9E CF 
+PASS U+69C7 槇 槇 EA A0 
+PASS U+69CA 槊 槊 9E CC 
+PASS U+69CB 構 構 8D 5C 
+PASS U+69CC 槌 槌 92 C6 
+PASS U+69CD 槍 槍 91 84 
+PASS U+69CE 槎 槎 9E CA 
+PASS U+69D0 槐 槐 9E C5 
+PASS U+69D3 槓 槓 9E C8 
+PASS U+69D8 様 様 97 6C 
+PASS U+69D9 槙 槙 96 8A 
+PASS U+69DD 槝 槝 9E CD 
+PASS U+69DE 槞 槞 9E D7 
+PASS U+69E2 槢 槢 FA EC 
+PASS U+69E7 槧 槧 9E DF 
+PASS U+69E8 槨 槨 9E D8 
+PASS U+69EB 槫 槫 9E E5 
+PASS U+69ED 槭 槭 9E E3 
+PASS U+69F2 槲 槲 9E DE 
+PASS U+69F9 槹 槹 9E DD 
+PASS U+69FB 槻 槻 92 CE 
+PASS U+69FD 槽 槽 91 85 
+PASS U+69FF 槿 槿 9E DB 
+PASS U+6A02 樂 樂 9E D9 
+PASS U+6A05 樅 樅 9E E0 
+PASS U+6A0A 樊 樊 9E E6 
+PASS U+6A0B 樋 樋 94 F3 
+PASS U+6A0C 樌 樌 9E EC 
+PASS U+6A12 樒 樒 9E E7 
+PASS U+6A13 樓 樓 9E EA 
+PASS U+6A14 樔 樔 9E E4 
+PASS U+6A17 樗 樗 92 94 
+PASS U+6A19 標 標 95 57 
+PASS U+6A1B 樛 樛 9E DA 
+PASS U+6A1E 樞 樞 9E E2 
+PASS U+6A1F 樟 樟 8F BE 
+PASS U+6A21 模 模 96 CD 
+PASS U+6A22 樢 樢 9E F6 
+PASS U+6A23 樣 樣 9E E9 
+PASS U+6A29 権 権 8C A0 
+PASS U+6A2A 横 横 89 A1 
+PASS U+6A2B 樫 樫 8A 7E 
+PASS U+6A2E 樮 樮 9E D1 
+PASS U+6A30 樰 樰 FA ED 
+PASS U+6A35 樵 樵 8F BF 
+PASS U+6A36 樶 樶 9E EE 
+PASS U+6A38 樸 樸 9E F5 
+PASS U+6A39 樹 樹 8E F7 
+PASS U+6A3A 樺 樺 8A 92 
+PASS U+6A3D 樽 樽 92 4D 
+PASS U+6A44 橄 橄 9E EB 
+PASS U+6A46 橆 橆 FA EF 
+PASS U+6A47 橇 橇 9E F0 
+PASS U+6A48 橈 橈 9E F4 
+PASS U+6A4B 橋 橋 8B B4 
+PASS U+6A58 橘 橘 8B 6B 
+PASS U+6A59 橙 橙 9E F2 
+PASS U+6A5F 機 機 8B 40 
+PASS U+6A61 橡 橡 93 C9 
+PASS U+6A62 橢 橢 9E F1 
+PASS U+6A66 橦 橦 9E F3 
+PASS U+6A6B 橫 橫 FA EE 
+PASS U+6A72 橲 橲 9E ED 
+PASS U+6A73 橳 橳 FA F0 
+PASS U+6A78 橸 橸 9E EF 
+PASS U+6A7E 橾 橾 FA F1 
+PASS U+6A7F 橿 橿 8A 80 
+PASS U+6A80 檀 檀 92 68 
+PASS U+6A84 檄 檄 9E FA 
+PASS U+6A8D 檍 檍 9E F8 
+PASS U+6A8E 檎 檎 8C E7 
+PASS U+6A90 檐 檐 9E F7 
+PASS U+6A97 檗 檗 9F 40 
+PASS U+6A9C 檜 檜 9E 77 
+PASS U+6AA0 檠 檠 9E F9 
+PASS U+6AA2 檢 檢 9E FB 
+PASS U+6AA3 檣 檣 9E FC 
+PASS U+6AAA 檪 檪 9F 4B 
+PASS U+6AAC 檬 檬 9F 47 
+PASS U+6AAE 檮 檮 9E 8D 
+PASS U+6AB3 檳 檳 9F 46 
+PASS U+6AB8 檸 檸 9F 45 
+PASS U+6ABB 檻 檻 9F 42 
+PASS U+6AC1 櫁 櫁 9E E8 
+PASS U+6AC2 櫂 櫂 9F 44 
+PASS U+6AC3 櫃 櫃 9F 43 
+PASS U+6AD1 櫑 櫑 9F 49 
+PASS U+6AD3 櫓 櫓 98 45 
+PASS U+6ADA 櫚 櫚 9F 4C 
+PASS U+6ADB 櫛 櫛 8B F9 
+PASS U+6ADE 櫞 櫞 9F 48 
+PASS U+6ADF 櫟 櫟 9F 4A 
+PASS U+6AE2 櫢 櫢 FA F2 
+PASS U+6AE4 櫤 櫤 FA F3 
+PASS U+6AE8 櫨 櫨 94 A5 
+PASS U+6AEA 櫪 櫪 9F 4D 
+PASS U+6AFA 櫺 櫺 9F 51 
+PASS U+6AFB 櫻 櫻 9F 4E 
+PASS U+6B04 欄 欄 97 93 
+PASS U+6B05 欅 欅 9F 4F 
+PASS U+6B0A 權 權 9E DC 
+PASS U+6B12 欒 欒 9F 52 
+PASS U+6B16 欖 欖 9F 53 
+PASS U+6B1D 欝 欝 89 54 
+PASS U+6B1F 欟 欟 9F 55 
+PASS U+6B20 欠 欠 8C 87 
+PASS U+6B21 次 次 8E 9F 
+PASS U+6B23 欣 欣 8B D3 
+PASS U+6B27 欧 欧 89 A2 
+PASS U+6B32 欲 欲 97 7E 
+PASS U+6B37 欷 欷 9F 57 
+PASS U+6B38 欸 欸 9F 56 
+PASS U+6B39 欹 欹 9F 59 
+PASS U+6B3A 欺 欺 8B 5C 
+PASS U+6B3D 欽 欽 8B D4 
+PASS U+6B3E 款 款 8A BC 
+PASS U+6B43 歃 歃 9F 5C 
+PASS U+6B47 歇 歇 9F 5B 
+PASS U+6B49 歉 歉 9F 5D 
+PASS U+6B4C 歌 歌 89 CC 
+PASS U+6B4E 歎 歎 92 56 
+PASS U+6B50 歐 歐 9F 5E 
+PASS U+6B53 歓 歓 8A BD 
+PASS U+6B54 歔 歔 9F 60 
+PASS U+6B59 歙 歙 9F 5F 
+PASS U+6B5B 歛 歛 9F 61 
+PASS U+6B5F 歟 歟 9F 62 
+PASS U+6B61 歡 歡 9F 63 
+PASS U+6B62 止 止 8E 7E 
+PASS U+6B63 正 正 90 B3 
+PASS U+6B64 此 此 8D 9F 
+PASS U+6B66 武 武 95 90 
+PASS U+6B69 歩 歩 95 E0 
+PASS U+6B6A 歪 歪 98 63 
+PASS U+6B6F 歯 歯 8E 95 
+PASS U+6B73 歳 歳 8D CE 
+PASS U+6B74 歴 歴 97 F0 
+PASS U+6B78 歸 歸 9F 64 
+PASS U+6B79 歹 歹 9F 65 
+PASS U+6B7B 死 死 8E 80 
+PASS U+6B7F 歿 歿 9F 66 
+PASS U+6B80 殀 殀 9F 67 
+PASS U+6B83 殃 殃 9F 69 
+PASS U+6B84 殄 殄 9F 68 
+PASS U+6B86 殆 殆 96 77 
+PASS U+6B89 殉 殉 8F 7D 
+PASS U+6B8A 殊 殊 8E EA 
+PASS U+6B8B 残 残 8E 63 
+PASS U+6B8D 殍 殍 9F 6A 
+PASS U+6B95 殕 殕 9F 6C 
+PASS U+6B96 殖 殖 90 42 
+PASS U+6B98 殘 殘 9F 6B 
+PASS U+6B9E 殞 殞 9F 6D 
+PASS U+6BA4 殤 殤 9F 6E 
+PASS U+6BAA 殪 殪 9F 6F 
+PASS U+6BAB 殫 殫 9F 70 
+PASS U+6BAF 殯 殯 9F 71 
+PASS U+6BB1 殱 殱 9F 73 
+PASS U+6BB2 殲 殲 9F 72 
+PASS U+6BB3 殳 殳 9F 74 
+PASS U+6BB4 殴 殴 89 A3 
+PASS U+6BB5 段 段 92 69 
+PASS U+6BB7 殷 殷 9F 75 
+PASS U+6BBA 殺 殺 8E 45 
+PASS U+6BBB 殻 殻 8A 6B 
+PASS U+6BBC 殼 殼 9F 76 
+PASS U+6BBF 殿 殿 93 61 
+PASS U+6BC0 毀 毀 9A CA 
+PASS U+6BC5 毅 毅 8B 42 
+PASS U+6BC6 毆 毆 9F 77 
+PASS U+6BCB 毋 毋 9F 78 
+PASS U+6BCD 母 母 95 EA 
+PASS U+6BCE 毎 毎 96 88 
+PASS U+6BD2 毒 毒 93 C5 
+PASS U+6BD3 毓 毓 9F 79 
+PASS U+6BD4 比 比 94 E4 
+PASS U+6BD6 毖 毖 FA F4 
+PASS U+6BD8 毘 毘 94 F9 
+PASS U+6BDB 毛 毛 96 D1 
+PASS U+6BDF 毟 毟 9F 7A 
+PASS U+6BEB 毫 毫 9F 7C 
+PASS U+6BEC 毬 毬 9F 7B 
+PASS U+6BEF 毯 毯 9F 7E 
+PASS U+6BF3 毳 毳 9F 7D 
+PASS U+6C08 氈 氈 9F 81 
+PASS U+6C0F 氏 氏 8E 81 
+PASS U+6C11 民 民 96 AF 
+PASS U+6C13 氓 氓 9F 82 
+PASS U+6C14 气 气 9F 83 
+PASS U+6C17 気 気 8B 43 
+PASS U+6C1B 氛 氛 9F 84 
+PASS U+6C23 氣 氣 9F 86 
+PASS U+6C24 氤 氤 9F 85 
+PASS U+6C34 水 水 90 85 
+PASS U+6C37 氷 氷 95 58 
+PASS U+6C38 永 永 89 69 
+PASS U+6C3E 氾 氾 94 C3 
+PASS U+6C3F 氿 氿 FA F5 
+PASS U+6C40 汀 汀 92 F3 
+PASS U+6C41 汁 汁 8F 60 
+PASS U+6C42 求 求 8B 81 
+PASS U+6C4E 汎 汎 94 C4 
+PASS U+6C50 汐 汐 8E AC 
+PASS U+6C55 汕 汕 9F 88 
+PASS U+6C57 汗 汗 8A BE 
+PASS U+6C5A 汚 汚 89 98 
+PASS U+6C5C 汜 汜 FA F6 
+PASS U+6C5D 汝 汝 93 F0 
+PASS U+6C5E 汞 汞 9F 87 
+PASS U+6C5F 江 江 8D 5D 
+PASS U+6C60 池 池 92 72 
+PASS U+6C62 汢 汢 9F 89 
+PASS U+6C68 汨 汨 9F 91 
+PASS U+6C6A 汪 汪 9F 8A 
+PASS U+6C6F 汯 汯 FA F8 
+PASS U+6C70 汰 汰 91 BF 
+PASS U+6C72 汲 汲 8B 82 
+PASS U+6C73 汳 汳 9F 92 
+PASS U+6C7A 決 決 8C 88 
+PASS U+6C7D 汽 汽 8B 44 
+PASS U+6C7E 汾 汾 9F 90 
+PASS U+6C81 沁 沁 9F 8E 
+PASS U+6C82 沂 沂 9F 8B 
+PASS U+6C83 沃 沃 97 80 
+PASS U+6C86 沆 沆 FA F7 
+PASS U+6C88 沈 沈 92 BE 
+PASS U+6C8C 沌 沌 93 D7 
+PASS U+6C8D 沍 沍 9F 8C 
+PASS U+6C90 沐 沐 9F 94 
+PASS U+6C92 沒 沒 9F 93 
+PASS U+6C93 沓 沓 8C 42 
+PASS U+6C96 沖 沖 89 AB 
+PASS U+6C99 沙 沙 8D B9 
+PASS U+6C9A 沚 沚 9F 8D 
+PASS U+6C9B 沛 沛 9F 8F 
+PASS U+6CA1 没 没 96 76 
+PASS U+6CA2 沢 沢 91 F2 
+PASS U+6CAB 沫 沫 96 97 
+PASS U+6CAE 沮 沮 9F 9C 
+PASS U+6CB1 沱 沱 9F 9D 
+PASS U+6CB3 河 河 89 CD 
+PASS U+6CB8 沸 沸 95 A6 
+PASS U+6CB9 油 油 96 FB 
+PASS U+6CBA 沺 沺 9F 9F 
+PASS U+6CBB 治 治 8E A1 
+PASS U+6CBC 沼 沼 8F C0 
+PASS U+6CBD 沽 沽 9F 98 
+PASS U+6CBE 沾 沾 9F 9E 
+PASS U+6CBF 沿 沿 89 88 
+PASS U+6CC1 況 況 8B B5 
+PASS U+6CC4 泄 泄 9F 95 
+PASS U+6CC5 泅 泅 9F 9A 
+PASS U+6CC9 泉 泉 90 F2 
+PASS U+6CCA 泊 泊 94 91 
+PASS U+6CCC 泌 泌 94 E5 
+PASS U+6CD3 泓 泓 9F 97 
+PASS U+6CD5 法 法 96 40 
+PASS U+6CD7 泗 泗 9F 99 
+PASS U+6CD9 泙 泙 9F A2 
+PASS U+6CDA 泚 泚 FA F9 
+PASS U+6CDB 泛 泛 9F A0 
+PASS U+6CDD 泝 泝 9F 9B 
+PASS U+6CE1 泡 泡 96 41 
+PASS U+6CE2 波 波 94 67 
+PASS U+6CE3 泣 泣 8B 83 
+PASS U+6CE5 泥 泥 93 44 
+PASS U+6CE8 注 注 92 8D 
+PASS U+6CEA 泪 泪 9F A3 
+PASS U+6CEF 泯 泯 9F A1 
+PASS U+6CF0 泰 泰 91 D7 
+PASS U+6CF1 泱 泱 9F 96 
+PASS U+6CF3 泳 泳 89 6A 
+PASS U+6D04 洄 洄 FA FA 
+PASS U+6D0B 洋 洋 97 6D 
+PASS U+6D0C 洌 洌 9F AE 
+PASS U+6D12 洒 洒 9F AD 
+PASS U+6D17 洗 洗 90 F4 
+PASS U+6D19 洙 洙 9F AA 
+PASS U+6D1B 洛 洛 97 8C 
+PASS U+6D1E 洞 洞 93 B4 
+PASS U+6D1F 洟 洟 9F A4 
+PASS U+6D25 津 津 92 C3 
+PASS U+6D29 洩 洩 89 6B 
+PASS U+6D2A 洪 洪 8D 5E 
+PASS U+6D2B 洫 洫 9F A7 
+PASS U+6D32 洲 洲 8F 46 
+PASS U+6D33 洳 洳 9F AC 
+PASS U+6D35 洵 洵 9F AB 
+PASS U+6D36 洶 洶 9F A6 
+PASS U+6D38 洸 洸 9F A9 
+PASS U+6D3B 活 活 8A 88 
+PASS U+6D3D 洽 洽 9F A8 
+PASS U+6D3E 派 派 94 68 
+PASS U+6D41 流 流 97 AC 
+PASS U+6D44 浄 浄 8F F2 
+PASS U+6D45 浅 浅 90 F3 
+PASS U+6D59 浙 浙 9F B4 
+PASS U+6D5A 浚 浚 9F B2 
+PASS U+6D5C 浜 浜 95 6C 
+PASS U+6D63 浣 浣 9F AF 
+PASS U+6D64 浤 浤 9F B1 
+PASS U+6D66 浦 浦 89 59 
+PASS U+6D69 浩 浩 8D 5F 
+PASS U+6D6A 浪 浪 98 51 
+PASS U+6D6C 浬 浬 8A 5C 
+PASS U+6D6E 浮 浮 95 82 
+PASS U+6D6F 浯 浯 FA FC 
+PASS U+6D74 浴 浴 97 81 
+PASS U+6D77 海 海 8A 43 
+PASS U+6D78 浸 浸 90 5A 
+PASS U+6D79 浹 浹 9F B3 
+PASS U+6D85 涅 涅 9F B8 
+PASS U+6D87 涇 涇 FA FB 
+PASS U+6D88 消 消 8F C1 
+PASS U+6D8C 涌 涌 97 4F 
+PASS U+6D8E 涎 涎 9F B5 
+PASS U+6D93 涓 涓 9F B0 
+PASS U+6D95 涕 涕 9F B6 
+PASS U+6D96 涖 涖 FB 40 
+PASS U+6D99 涙 涙 97 DC 
+PASS U+6D9B 涛 涛 93 93 
+PASS U+6D9C 涜 涜 93 C0 
+PASS U+6DAC 涬 涬 FB 41 
+PASS U+6DAF 涯 涯 8A 55 
+PASS U+6DB2 液 液 89 74 
+PASS U+6DB5 涵 涵 9F BC 
+PASS U+6DB8 涸 涸 9F BF 
+PASS U+6DBC 涼 涼 97 C1 
+PASS U+6DC0 淀 淀 97 84 
+PASS U+6DC5 淅 淅 9F C6 
+PASS U+6DC6 淆 淆 9F C0 
+PASS U+6DC7 淇 淇 9F BD 
+PASS U+6DCB 淋 淋 97 D2 
+PASS U+6DCC 淌 淌 9F C3 
+PASS U+6DCF 淏 淏 FB 42 
+PASS U+6DD1 淑 淑 8F 69 
+PASS U+6DD2 淒 淒 9F C5 
+PASS U+6DD5 淕 淕 9F CA 
+PASS U+6DD8 淘 淘 93 91 
+PASS U+6DD9 淙 淙 9F C8 
+PASS U+6DDE 淞 淞 9F C2 
+PASS U+6DE1 淡 淡 92 57 
+PASS U+6DE4 淤 淤 9F C9 
+PASS U+6DE6 淦 淦 9F BE 
+PASS U+6DE8 淨 淨 9F C4 
+PASS U+6DEA 淪 淪 9F CB 
+PASS U+6DEB 淫 淫 88 FA 
+PASS U+6DEC 淬 淬 9F C1 
+PASS U+6DEE 淮 淮 9F CC 
+PASS U+6DF1 深 深 90 5B 
+PASS U+6DF2 淲 淲 FB 44 
+PASS U+6DF3 淳 淳 8F 7E 
+PASS U+6DF5 淵 淵 95 A3 
+PASS U+6DF7 混 混 8D AC 
+PASS U+6DF8 淸 淸 FB 43 
+PASS U+6DF9 淹 淹 9F B9 
+PASS U+6DFA 淺 淺 9F C7 
+PASS U+6DFB 添 添 93 59 
+PASS U+6DFC 淼 淼 FB 45 
+PASS U+6E05 清 清 90 B4 
+PASS U+6E07 渇 渇 8A 89 
+PASS U+6E08 済 済 8D CF 
+PASS U+6E09 渉 渉 8F C2 
+PASS U+6E0A 渊 渊 9F BB 
+PASS U+6E0B 渋 渋 8F 61 
+PASS U+6E13 渓 渓 8C 6B 
+PASS U+6E15 渕 渕 9F BA 
+PASS U+6E19 渙 渙 9F D0 
+PASS U+6E1A 渚 渚 8F 8D 
+PASS U+6E1B 減 減 8C B8 
+PASS U+6E1D 渝 渝 9F DF 
+PASS U+6E1F 渟 渟 9F D9 
+PASS U+6E20 渠 渠 8B 94 
+PASS U+6E21 渡 渡 93 6E 
+PASS U+6E23 渣 渣 9F D4 
+PASS U+6E24 渤 渤 9F DD 
+PASS U+6E25 渥 渥 88 AD 
+PASS U+6E26 渦 渦 89 51 
+PASS U+6E27 渧 渧 FB 48 
+PASS U+6E29 温 温 89 B7 
+PASS U+6E2B 渫 渫 9F D6 
+PASS U+6E2C 測 測 91 AA 
+PASS U+6E2D 渭 渭 9F CD 
+PASS U+6E2E 渮 渮 9F CF 
+PASS U+6E2F 港 港 8D 60 
+PASS U+6E38 游 游 9F E0 
+PASS U+6E39 渹 渹 FB 46 
+PASS U+6E3A 渺 渺 9F DB 
+PASS U+6E3C 渼 渼 FB 49 
+PASS U+6E3E 渾 渾 9F D3 
+PASS U+6E43 湃 湃 9F DA 
+PASS U+6E4A 湊 湊 96 A9 
+PASS U+6E4D 湍 湍 9F D8 
+PASS U+6E4E 湎 湎 9F DC 
+PASS U+6E56 湖 湖 8C CE 
+PASS U+6E58 湘 湘 8F C3 
+PASS U+6E5B 湛 湛 92 58 
+PASS U+6E5C 湜 湜 FB 47 
+PASS U+6E5F 湟 湟 9F D2 
+PASS U+6E67 湧 湧 97 4E 
+PASS U+6E6B 湫 湫 9F D5 
+PASS U+6E6E 湮 湮 9F CE 
+PASS U+6E6F 湯 湯 93 92 
+PASS U+6E72 湲 湲 9F D1 
+PASS U+6E76 湶 湶 9F D7 
+PASS U+6E7E 湾 湾 98 70 
+PASS U+6E7F 湿 湿 8E BC 
+PASS U+6E80 満 満 96 9E 
+PASS U+6E82 溂 溂 9F E1 
+PASS U+6E8C 溌 溌 94 AC 
+PASS U+6E8F 溏 溏 9F ED 
+PASS U+6E90 源 源 8C B9 
+PASS U+6E96 準 準 8F 80 
+PASS U+6E98 溘 溘 9F E3 
+PASS U+6E9C 溜 溜 97 AD 
+PASS U+6E9D 溝 溝 8D 61 
+PASS U+6E9F 溟 溟 9F F0 
+PASS U+6EA2 溢 溢 88 EC 
+PASS U+6EA5 溥 溥 9F EE 
+PASS U+6EAA 溪 溪 9F E2 
+PASS U+6EAF 溯 溯 9F E8 
+PASS U+6EB2 溲 溲 9F EA 
+PASS U+6EB6 溶 溶 97 6E 
+PASS U+6EB7 溷 溷 9F E5 
+PASS U+6EBA 溺 溺 93 4D 
+PASS U+6EBD 溽 溽 9F E7 
+PASS U+6EBF 溿 溿 FB 4A 
+PASS U+6EC2 滂 滂 9F EF 
+PASS U+6EC4 滄 滄 9F E9 
+PASS U+6EC5 滅 滅 96 C5 
+PASS U+6EC9 滉 滉 9F E4 
+PASS U+6ECB 滋 滋 8E A0 
+PASS U+6ECC 滌 滌 9F FC 
+PASS U+6ED1 滑 滑 8A 8A 
+PASS U+6ED3 滓 滓 9F E6 
+PASS U+6ED4 滔 滔 9F EB 
+PASS U+6ED5 滕 滕 9F EC 
+PASS U+6EDD 滝 滝 91 EA 
+PASS U+6EDE 滞 滞 91 D8 
+PASS U+6EEC 滬 滬 9F F4 
+PASS U+6EEF 滯 滯 9F FA 
+PASS U+6EF2 滲 滲 9F F8 
+PASS U+6EF4 滴 滴 93 48 
+PASS U+6EF7 滷 滷 E0 42 
+PASS U+6EF8 滸 滸 9F F5 
+PASS U+6EFE 滾 滾 9F F6 
+PASS U+6EFF 滿 滿 9F DE 
+PASS U+6F01 漁 漁 8B 99 
+PASS U+6F02 漂 漂 95 59 
+PASS U+6F06 漆 漆 8E BD 
+PASS U+6F09 漉 漉 8D 97 
+PASS U+6F0F 漏 漏 98 52 
+PASS U+6F11 漑 漑 9F F2 
+PASS U+6F13 漓 漓 E0 41 
+PASS U+6F14 演 演 89 89 
+PASS U+6F15 漕 漕 91 86 
+PASS U+6F20 漠 漠 94 99 
+PASS U+6F22 漢 漢 8A BF 
+PASS U+6F23 漣 漣 97 F8 
+PASS U+6F2B 漫 漫 96 9F 
+PASS U+6F2C 漬 漬 92 D0 
+PASS U+6F31 漱 漱 9F F9 
+PASS U+6F32 漲 漲 9F FB 
+PASS U+6F38 漸 漸 91 51 
+PASS U+6F3E 漾 漾 E0 40 
+PASS U+6F3F 漿 漿 9F F7 
+PASS U+6F41 潁 潁 9F F1 
+PASS U+6F45 潅 潅 8A C1 
+PASS U+6F54 潔 潔 8C 89 
+PASS U+6F58 潘 潘 E0 4E 
+PASS U+6F5B 潛 潛 E0 49 
+PASS U+6F5C 潜 潜 90 F6 
+PASS U+6F5F 潟 潟 8A 83 
+PASS U+6F64 潤 潤 8F 81 
+PASS U+6F66 潦 潦 E0 52 
+PASS U+6F6D 潭 潭 E0 4B 
+PASS U+6F6E 潮 潮 92 AA 
+PASS U+6F6F 潯 潯 E0 48 
+PASS U+6F70 潰 潰 92 D7 
+PASS U+6F74 潴 潴 E0 6B 
+PASS U+6F78 潸 潸 E0 45 
+PASS U+6F7A 潺 潺 E0 44 
+PASS U+6F7C 潼 潼 E0 4D 
+PASS U+6F80 澀 澀 E0 47 
+PASS U+6F81 澁 澁 E0 46 
+PASS U+6F82 澂 澂 E0 4C 
+PASS U+6F84 澄 澄 90 9F 
+PASS U+6F86 澆 澆 E0 43 
+PASS U+6F88 澈 澈 FB 4B 
+PASS U+6F8E 澎 澎 E0 4F 
+PASS U+6F91 澑 澑 E0 50 
+PASS U+6F97 澗 澗 8A C0 
+PASS U+6FA1 澡 澡 E0 55 
+PASS U+6FA3 澣 澣 E0 54 
+PASS U+6FA4 澤 澤 E0 56 
+PASS U+6FAA 澪 澪 E0 59 
+PASS U+6FB1 澱 澱 93 62 
+PASS U+6FB3 澳 澳 E0 53 
+PASS U+6FB5 澵 澵 FB 4C 
+PASS U+6FB9 澹 澹 E0 57 
+PASS U+6FC0 激 激 8C 83 
+PASS U+6FC1 濁 濁 91 F7 
+PASS U+6FC2 濂 濂 E0 51 
+PASS U+6FC3 濃 濃 94 5A 
+PASS U+6FC6 濆 濆 E0 58 
+PASS U+6FD4 濔 濔 E0 5D 
+PASS U+6FD5 濕 濕 E0 5B 
+PASS U+6FD8 濘 濘 E0 5E 
+PASS U+6FDB 濛 濛 E0 61 
+PASS U+6FDF 濟 濟 E0 5A 
+PASS U+6FE0 濠 濠 8D 8A 
+PASS U+6FE1 濡 濡 94 47 
+PASS U+6FE4 濤 濤 9F B7 
+PASS U+6FEB 濫 濫 97 94 
+PASS U+6FEC 濬 濬 E0 5C 
+PASS U+6FEE 濮 濮 E0 60 
+PASS U+6FEF 濯 濯 91 F3 
+PASS U+6FF1 濱 濱 E0 5F 
+PASS U+6FF3 濳 濳 E0 4A 
+PASS U+6FF5 濵 濵 FB 4D 
+PASS U+6FF6 濶 濶 E8 89 
+PASS U+6FFA 濺 濺 E0 64 
+PASS U+6FFE 濾 濾 E0 68 
+PASS U+7001 瀁 瀁 E0 66 
+PASS U+7005 瀅 瀅 FB 4E 
+PASS U+7007 瀇 瀇 FB 4F 
+PASS U+7009 瀉 瀉 E0 62 
+PASS U+700B 瀋 瀋 E0 63 
+PASS U+700F 瀏 瀏 E0 67 
+PASS U+7011 瀑 瀑 E0 65 
+PASS U+7015 瀕 瀕 95 6D 
+PASS U+7018 瀘 瀘 E0 6D 
+PASS U+701A 瀚 瀚 E0 6A 
+PASS U+701B 瀛 瀛 E0 69 
+PASS U+701D 瀝 瀝 E0 6C 
+PASS U+701E 瀞 瀞 93 D2 
+PASS U+701F 瀟 瀟 E0 6E 
+PASS U+7026 瀦 瀦 92 95 
+PASS U+7027 瀧 瀧 91 EB 
+PASS U+7028 瀨 瀨 FB 50 
+PASS U+702C 瀬 瀬 90 A3 
+PASS U+7030 瀰 瀰 E0 6F 
+PASS U+7032 瀲 瀲 E0 71 
+PASS U+703E 瀾 瀾 E0 70 
+PASS U+704C 灌 灌 9F F3 
+PASS U+7051 灑 灑 E0 72 
+PASS U+7058 灘 灘 93 E5 
+PASS U+7063 灣 灣 E0 73 
+PASS U+706B 火 火 89 CE 
+PASS U+706F 灯 灯 93 94 
+PASS U+7070 灰 灰 8A 44 
+PASS U+7078 灸 灸 8B 84 
+PASS U+707C 灼 灼 8E DC 
+PASS U+707D 災 災 8D D0 
+PASS U+7085 炅 炅 FB 51 
+PASS U+7089 炉 炉 98 46 
+PASS U+708A 炊 炊 90 86 
+PASS U+708E 炎 炎 89 8A 
+PASS U+7092 炒 炒 E0 75 
+PASS U+7099 炙 炙 E0 74 
+PASS U+70AB 炫 炫 FB 52 
+PASS U+70AC 炬 炬 E0 78 
+PASS U+70AD 炭 炭 92 59 
+PASS U+70AE 炮 炮 E0 7B 
+PASS U+70AF 炯 炯 E0 76 
+PASS U+70B3 炳 炳 E0 7A 
+PASS U+70B8 炸 炸 E0 79 
+PASS U+70B9 点 点 93 5F 
+PASS U+70BA 為 為 88 D7 
+PASS U+70BB 炻 炻 FA 62 
+PASS U+70C8 烈 烈 97 F3 
+PASS U+70CB 烋 烋 E0 7D 
+PASS U+70CF 烏 烏 89 47 
+PASS U+70D9 烙 烙 E0 80 
+PASS U+70DD 烝 烝 E0 7E 
+PASS U+70DF 烟 烟 E0 7C 
+PASS U+70F1 烱 烱 E0 77 
+PASS U+70F9 烹 烹 96 42 
+PASS U+70FD 烽 烽 E0 82 
+PASS U+7104 焄 焄 FB 54 
+PASS U+7109 焉 焉 E0 81 
+PASS U+710F 焏 焏 FB 53 
+PASS U+7114 焔 焔 89 8B 
+PASS U+7119 焙 焙 E0 84 
+PASS U+711A 焚 焚 95 B0 
+PASS U+711C 焜 焜 E0 83 
+PASS U+7121 無 無 96 B3 
+PASS U+7126 焦 焦 8F C5 
+PASS U+7136 然 然 91 52 
+PASS U+713C 焼 焼 8F C4 
+PASS U+7146 煆 煆 FB 56 
+PASS U+7147 煇 煇 FB 57 
+PASS U+7149 煉 煉 97 F9 
+PASS U+714C 煌 煌 E0 8A 
+PASS U+714E 煎 煎 90 F7 
+PASS U+7155 煕 煕 E0 86 
+PASS U+7156 煖 煖 E0 8B 
+PASS U+7159 煙 煙 89 8C 
+PASS U+715C 煜 煜 FB 55 
+PASS U+7162 煢 煢 E0 89 
+PASS U+7164 煤 煤 94 81 
+PASS U+7165 煥 煥 E0 85 
+PASS U+7166 煦 煦 E0 88 
+PASS U+7167 照 照 8F C6 
+PASS U+7169 煩 煩 94 CF 
+PASS U+716C 煬 煬 E0 8C 
+PASS U+716E 煮 煮 8E CF 
+PASS U+717D 煽 煽 90 F8 
+PASS U+7184 熄 熄 E0 8F 
+PASS U+7188 熈 熈 E0 87 
+PASS U+718A 熊 熊 8C 46 
+PASS U+718F 熏 熏 E0 8D 
+PASS U+7194 熔 熔 97 6F 
+PASS U+7195 熕 熕 E0 90 
+PASS U+7199 熙 熙 EA A4 
+PASS U+719F 熟 熟 8F 6E 
+PASS U+71A8 熨 熨 E0 91 
+PASS U+71AC 熬 熬 E0 92 
+PASS U+71B1 熱 熱 94 4D 
+PASS U+71B9 熹 熹 E0 94 
+PASS U+71BE 熾 熾 E0 95 
+PASS U+71C1 燁 燁 FB 59 
+PASS U+71C3 燃 燃 94 52 
+PASS U+71C8 燈 燈 93 95 
+PASS U+71C9 燉 燉 E0 97 
+PASS U+71CE 燎 燎 E0 99 
+PASS U+71D0 燐 燐 97 D3 
+PASS U+71D2 燒 燒 E0 96 
+PASS U+71D4 燔 燔 E0 98 
+PASS U+71D5 燕 燕 89 8D 
+PASS U+71D7 燗 燗 E0 93 
+PASS U+71DF 營 營 9A 7A 
+PASS U+71E0 燠 燠 E0 9A 
+PASS U+71E5 燥 燥 91 87 
+PASS U+71E6 燦 燦 8E 57 
+PASS U+71E7 燧 燧 E0 9C 
+PASS U+71EC 燬 燬 E0 9B 
+PASS U+71ED 燭 燭 90 43 
+PASS U+71EE 燮 燮 99 D7 
+PASS U+71F5 燵 燵 E0 9D 
+PASS U+71F9 燹 燹 E0 9F 
+PASS U+71FB 燻 燻 E0 8E 
+PASS U+71FC 燼 燼 E0 9E 
+PASS U+71FE 燾 燾 FB 5A 
+PASS U+71FF 燿 燿 E0 A0 
+PASS U+7206 爆 爆 94 9A 
+PASS U+720D 爍 爍 E0 A1 
+PASS U+7210 爐 爐 E0 A2 
+PASS U+721B 爛 爛 E0 A3 
+PASS U+7228 爨 爨 E0 A4 
+PASS U+722A 爪 爪 92 DC 
+PASS U+722C 爬 爬 E0 A6 
+PASS U+722D 爭 爭 E0 A5 
+PASS U+7230 爰 爰 E0 A7 
+PASS U+7232 爲 爲 E0 A8 
+PASS U+7235 爵 爵 8E DD 
+PASS U+7236 父 父 95 83 
+PASS U+723A 爺 爺 96 EA 
+PASS U+723B 爻 爻 E0 A9 
+PASS U+723C 爼 爼 E0 AA 
+PASS U+723D 爽 爽 91 75 
+PASS U+723E 爾 爾 8E A2 
+PASS U+723F 爿 爿 E0 AB 
+PASS U+7240 牀 牀 E0 AC 
+PASS U+7246 牆 牆 E0 AD 
+PASS U+7247 片 片 95 D0 
+PASS U+7248 版 版 94 C5 
+PASS U+724B 牋 牋 E0 AE 
+PASS U+724C 牌 牌 94 76 
+PASS U+7252 牒 牒 92 AB 
+PASS U+7258 牘 牘 E0 AF 
+PASS U+7259 牙 牙 89 E5 
+PASS U+725B 牛 牛 8B 8D 
+PASS U+725D 牝 牝 96 C4 
+PASS U+725F 牟 牟 96 B4 
+PASS U+7261 牡 牡 89 B2 
+PASS U+7262 牢 牢 98 53 
+PASS U+7267 牧 牧 96 71 
+PASS U+7269 物 物 95 A8 
+PASS U+7272 牲 牲 90 B5 
+PASS U+7274 牴 牴 E0 B0 
+PASS U+7279 特 特 93 C1 
+PASS U+727D 牽 牽 8C A1 
+PASS U+727E 牾 牾 E0 B1 
+PASS U+7280 犀 犀 8D D2 
+PASS U+7281 犁 犁 E0 B3 
+PASS U+7282 犂 犂 E0 B2 
+PASS U+7287 犇 犇 E0 B4 
+PASS U+7292 犒 犒 E0 B5 
+PASS U+7296 犖 犖 E0 B6 
+PASS U+72A0 犠 犠 8B 5D 
+PASS U+72A2 犢 犢 E0 B7 
+PASS U+72A7 犧 犧 E0 B8 
+PASS U+72AC 犬 犬 8C A2 
+PASS U+72AF 犯 犯 94 C6 
+PASS U+72B1 犱 犱 FB 5B 
+PASS U+72B2 犲 犲 E0 BA 
+PASS U+72B6 状 状 8F F3 
+PASS U+72B9 犹 犹 E0 B9 
+PASS U+72BE 犾 犾 FB 5C 
+PASS U+72C2 狂 狂 8B B6 
+PASS U+72C3 狃 狃 E0 BB 
+PASS U+72C4 狄 狄 E0 BD 
+PASS U+72C6 狆 狆 E0 BC 
+PASS U+72CE 狎 狎 E0 BE 
+PASS U+72D0 狐 狐 8C CF 
+PASS U+72D2 狒 狒 E0 BF 
+PASS U+72D7 狗 狗 8B E7 
+PASS U+72D9 狙 狙 91 5F 
+PASS U+72DB 狛 狛 8D 9D 
+PASS U+72E0 狠 狠 E0 C1 
+PASS U+72E1 狡 狡 E0 C2 
+PASS U+72E2 狢 狢 E0 C0 
+PASS U+72E9 狩 狩 8E EB 
+PASS U+72EC 独 独 93 C6 
+PASS U+72ED 狭 狭 8B B7 
+PASS U+72F7 狷 狷 E0 C4 
+PASS U+72F8 狸 狸 92 4B 
+PASS U+72F9 狹 狹 E0 C3 
+PASS U+72FC 狼 狼 98 54 
+PASS U+72FD 狽 狽 94 82 
+PASS U+730A 猊 猊 E0 C7 
+PASS U+7316 猖 猖 E0 C9 
+PASS U+7317 猗 猗 E0 C6 
+PASS U+731B 猛 猛 96 D2 
+PASS U+731C 猜 猜 E0 C8 
+PASS U+731D 猝 猝 E0 CA 
+PASS U+731F 猟 猟 97 C2 
+PASS U+7324 猤 猤 FB 5D 
+PASS U+7325 猥 猥 E0 CE 
+PASS U+7329 猩 猩 E0 CD 
+PASS U+732A 猪 猪 92 96 
+PASS U+732B 猫 猫 94 4C 
+PASS U+732E 献 献 8C A3 
+PASS U+732F 猯 猯 E0 CC 
+PASS U+7334 猴 猴 E0 CB 
+PASS U+7336 猶 猶 97 50 
+PASS U+7337 猷 猷 97 51 
+PASS U+733E 猾 猾 E0 CF 
+PASS U+733F 猿 猿 89 8E 
+PASS U+7344 獄 獄 8D 96 
+PASS U+7345 獅 獅 8E 82 
+PASS U+734E 獎 獎 E0 D0 
+PASS U+734F 獏 獏 E0 D1 
+PASS U+7357 獗 獗 E0 D3 
+PASS U+7363 獣 獣 8F 62 
+PASS U+7368 獨 獨 E0 D5 
+PASS U+736A 獪 獪 E0 D4 
+PASS U+7370 獰 獰 E0 D6 
+PASS U+7372 獲 獲 8A 6C 
+PASS U+7375 獵 獵 E0 D8 
+PASS U+7377 獷 獷 FB 5F 
+PASS U+7378 獸 獸 E0 D7 
+PASS U+737A 獺 獺 E0 DA 
+PASS U+737B 獻 獻 E0 D9 
+PASS U+7384 玄 玄 8C BA 
+PASS U+7387 率 率 97 A6 
+PASS U+7389 玉 玉 8B CA 
+PASS U+738B 王 王 89 A4 
+PASS U+7396 玖 玖 8B E8 
+PASS U+73A9 玩 玩 8A DF 
+PASS U+73B2 玲 玲 97 E6 
+PASS U+73B3 玳 玳 E0 DC 
+PASS U+73BB 玻 玻 E0 DE 
+PASS U+73BD 玽 玽 FB 60 
+PASS U+73C0 珀 珀 E0 DF 
+PASS U+73C2 珂 珂 89 CF 
+PASS U+73C8 珈 珈 E0 DB 
+PASS U+73C9 珉 珉 FB 61 
+PASS U+73CA 珊 珊 8E 58 
+PASS U+73CD 珍 珍 92 BF 
+PASS U+73CE 珎 珎 E0 DD 
+PASS U+73D2 珒 珒 FB 64 
+PASS U+73D6 珖 珖 FB 62 
+PASS U+73DE 珞 珞 E0 E2 
+PASS U+73E0 珠 珠 8E EC 
+PASS U+73E3 珣 珣 FB 63 
+PASS U+73E5 珥 珥 E0 E0 
+PASS U+73EA 珪 珪 8C 5D 
+PASS U+73ED 班 班 94 C7 
+PASS U+73EE 珮 珮 E0 E1 
+PASS U+73F1 珱 珱 E0 FC 
+PASS U+73F5 珵 珵 FB 66 
+PASS U+73F8 珸 珸 E0 E7 
+PASS U+73FE 現 現 8C BB 
+PASS U+7403 球 球 8B 85 
+PASS U+7405 琅 琅 E0 E4 
+PASS U+7406 理 理 97 9D 
+PASS U+7407 琇 琇 FB 65 
+PASS U+7409 琉 琉 97 AE 
+PASS U+7422 琢 琢 91 F4 
+PASS U+7425 琥 琥 E0 E6 
+PASS U+7426 琦 琦 FB 67 
+PASS U+7429 琩 琩 FB 69 
+PASS U+742A 琪 琪 FB 68 
+PASS U+742E 琮 琮 FB 6A 
+PASS U+7432 琲 琲 E0 E8 
+PASS U+7433 琳 琳 97 D4 
+PASS U+7434 琴 琴 8B D5 
+PASS U+7435 琵 琵 94 FA 
+PASS U+7436 琶 琶 94 69 
+PASS U+743A 琺 琺 E0 E9 
+PASS U+743F 琿 琿 E0 EB 
+PASS U+7441 瑁 瑁 E0 EE 
+PASS U+7455 瑕 瑕 E0 EA 
+PASS U+7459 瑙 瑙 E0 ED 
+PASS U+745A 瑚 瑚 8C E8 
+PASS U+745B 瑛 瑛 89 6C 
+PASS U+745C 瑜 瑜 E0 EF 
+PASS U+745E 瑞 瑞 90 90 
+PASS U+745F 瑟 瑟 E0 EC 
+PASS U+7460 瑠 瑠 97 DA 
+PASS U+7462 瑢 瑢 FB 6B 
+PASS U+7463 瑣 瑣 E0 F2 
+PASS U+7464 瑤 瑤 EA A2 
+PASS U+7469 瑩 瑩 E0 F0 
+PASS U+746A 瑪 瑪 E0 F3 
+PASS U+746F 瑯 瑯 E0 E5 
+PASS U+7470 瑰 瑰 E0 F1 
+PASS U+7473 瑳 瑳 8D BA 
+PASS U+7476 瑶 瑶 E0 F4 
+PASS U+747E 瑾 瑾 E0 F5 
+PASS U+7483 璃 璃 97 9E 
+PASS U+7489 璉 璉 FB 6C 
+PASS U+748B 璋 璋 E0 F6 
+PASS U+749E 璞 璞 E0 F7 
+PASS U+749F 璟 璟 FB 6D 
+PASS U+74A2 璢 璢 E0 E3 
+PASS U+74A7 璧 璧 E0 F8 
+PASS U+74B0 環 環 8A C2 
+PASS U+74BD 璽 璽 8E A3 
+PASS U+74CA 瓊 瓊 E0 F9 
+PASS U+74CF 瓏 瓏 E0 FA 
+PASS U+74D4 瓔 瓔 E0 FB 
+PASS U+74DC 瓜 瓜 89 5A 
+PASS U+74E0 瓠 瓠 E1 40 
+PASS U+74E2 瓢 瓢 95 5A 
+PASS U+74E3 瓣 瓣 E1 41 
+PASS U+74E6 瓦 瓦 8A A2 
+PASS U+74E7 瓧 瓧 E1 42 
+PASS U+74E9 瓩 瓩 E1 43 
+PASS U+74EE 瓮 瓮 E1 44 
+PASS U+74F0 瓰 瓰 E1 46 
+PASS U+74F1 瓱 瓱 E1 47 
+PASS U+74F2 瓲 瓲 E1 45 
+PASS U+74F6 瓶 瓶 95 72 
+PASS U+74F7 瓷 瓷 E1 49 
+PASS U+74F8 瓸 瓸 E1 48 
+PASS U+7501 甁 甁 FB 6E 
+PASS U+7503 甃 甃 E1 4B 
+PASS U+7504 甄 甄 E1 4A 
+PASS U+7505 甅 甅 E1 4C 
+PASS U+750C 甌 甌 E1 4D 
+PASS U+750D 甍 甍 E1 4F 
+PASS U+750E 甎 甎 E1 4E 
+PASS U+7511 甑 甑 8D 99 
+PASS U+7513 甓 甓 E1 51 
+PASS U+7515 甕 甕 E1 50 
+PASS U+7518 甘 甘 8A C3 
+PASS U+751A 甚 甚 90 72 
+PASS U+751C 甜 甜 93 5B 
+PASS U+751E 甞 甞 E1 52 
+PASS U+751F 生 生 90 B6 
+PASS U+7523 産 産 8E 59 
+PASS U+7525 甥 甥 89 99 
+PASS U+7526 甦 甦 E1 53 
+PASS U+7528 用 用 97 70 
+PASS U+752B 甫 甫 95 E1 
+PASS U+752C 甬 甬 E1 54 
+PASS U+752F 甯 甯 FA A8 
+PASS U+7530 田 田 93 63 
+PASS U+7531 由 由 97 52 
+PASS U+7532 甲 甲 8D 62 
+PASS U+7533 申 申 90 5C 
+PASS U+7537 男 男 92 6A 
+PASS U+7538 甸 甸 99 B2 
+PASS U+753A 町 町 92 AC 
+PASS U+753B 画 画 89 E6 
+PASS U+753C 甼 甼 E1 55 
+PASS U+7544 畄 畄 E1 56 
+PASS U+7546 畆 畆 E1 5B 
+PASS U+7549 畉 畉 E1 59 
+PASS U+754A 畊 畊 E1 58 
+PASS U+754B 畋 畋 9D C0 
+PASS U+754C 界 界 8A 45 
+PASS U+754D 畍 畍 E1 57 
+PASS U+754F 畏 畏 88 D8 
+PASS U+7551 畑 畑 94 A8 
+PASS U+7554 畔 畔 94 C8 
+PASS U+7559 留 留 97 AF 
+PASS U+755A 畚 畚 E1 5C 
+PASS U+755B 畛 畛 E1 5A 
+PASS U+755C 畜 畜 92 7B 
+PASS U+755D 畝 畝 90 A4 
+PASS U+7560 畠 畠 94 A9 
+PASS U+7562 畢 畢 95 4C 
+PASS U+7564 畤 畤 E1 5E 
+PASS U+7565 略 略 97 AA 
+PASS U+7566 畦 畦 8C 6C 
+PASS U+7567 畧 畧 E1 5F 
+PASS U+7569 畩 畩 E1 5D 
+PASS U+756A 番 番 94 D4 
+PASS U+756B 畫 畫 E1 60 
+PASS U+756D 畭 畭 E1 61 
+PASS U+756F 畯 畯 FB 6F 
+PASS U+7570 異 異 88 D9 
+PASS U+7573 畳 畳 8F F4 
+PASS U+7574 畴 畴 E1 66 
+PASS U+7576 當 當 E1 63 
+PASS U+7577 畷 畷 93 EB 
+PASS U+7578 畸 畸 E1 62 
+PASS U+757F 畿 畿 8B 45 
+PASS U+7582 疂 疂 E1 69 
+PASS U+7586 疆 疆 E1 64 
+PASS U+7587 疇 疇 E1 65 
+PASS U+7589 疉 疉 E1 68 
+PASS U+758A 疊 疊 E1 67 
+PASS U+758B 疋 疋 95 44 
+PASS U+758E 疎 疎 91 61 
+PASS U+758F 疏 疏 91 60 
+PASS U+7591 疑 疑 8B 5E 
+PASS U+7594 疔 疔 E1 6A 
+PASS U+759A 疚 疚 E1 6B 
+PASS U+759D 疝 疝 E1 6C 
+PASS U+75A3 疣 疣 E1 6E 
+PASS U+75A5 疥 疥 E1 6D 
+PASS U+75AB 疫 疫 89 75 
+PASS U+75B1 疱 疱 E1 76 
+PASS U+75B2 疲 疲 94 E6 
+PASS U+75B3 疳 疳 E1 70 
+PASS U+75B5 疵 疵 E1 72 
+PASS U+75B8 疸 疸 E1 74 
+PASS U+75B9 疹 疹 90 5D 
+PASS U+75BC 疼 疼 E1 75 
+PASS U+75BD 疽 疽 E1 73 
+PASS U+75BE 疾 疾 8E BE 
+PASS U+75C2 痂 痂 E1 6F 
+PASS U+75C3 痃 痃 E1 71 
+PASS U+75C5 病 病 95 61 
+PASS U+75C7 症 症 8F C7 
+PASS U+75CA 痊 痊 E1 78 
+PASS U+75CD 痍 痍 E1 77 
+PASS U+75D2 痒 痒 E1 79 
+PASS U+75D4 痔 痔 8E A4 
+PASS U+75D5 痕 痕 8D AD 
+PASS U+75D8 痘 痘 93 97 
+PASS U+75D9 痙 痙 E1 7A 
+PASS U+75DB 痛 痛 92 C9 
+PASS U+75DE 痞 痞 E1 7C 
+PASS U+75E2 痢 痢 97 9F 
+PASS U+75E3 痣 痣 E1 7B 
+PASS U+75E9 痩 痩 91 89 
+PASS U+75F0 痰 痰 E1 82 
+PASS U+75F2 痲 痲 E1 84 
+PASS U+75F3 痳 痳 E1 85 
+PASS U+75F4 痴 痴 92 73 
+PASS U+75FA 痺 痺 E1 83 
+PASS U+75FC 痼 痼 E1 80 
+PASS U+75FE 痾 痾 E1 7D 
+PASS U+75FF 痿 痿 E1 7E 
+PASS U+7601 瘁 瘁 E1 81 
+PASS U+7609 瘉 瘉 E1 88 
+PASS U+760B 瘋 瘋 E1 86 
+PASS U+760D 瘍 瘍 E1 87 
+PASS U+761F 瘟 瘟 E1 89 
+PASS U+7620 瘠 瘠 E1 8B 
+PASS U+7621 瘡 瘡 E1 8C 
+PASS U+7622 瘢 瘢 E1 8D 
+PASS U+7624 瘤 瘤 E1 8E 
+PASS U+7627 瘧 瘧 E1 8A 
+PASS U+7630 瘰 瘰 E1 90 
+PASS U+7634 瘴 瘴 E1 8F 
+PASS U+763B 瘻 瘻 E1 91 
+PASS U+7642 療 療 97 C3 
+PASS U+7646 癆 癆 E1 94 
+PASS U+7647 癇 癇 E1 92 
+PASS U+7648 癈 癈 E1 93 
+PASS U+764C 癌 癌 8A E0 
+PASS U+7652 癒 癒 96 FC 
+PASS U+7656 癖 癖 95 C8 
+PASS U+7658 癘 癘 E1 96 
+PASS U+765C 癜 癜 E1 95 
+PASS U+7661 癡 癡 E1 97 
+PASS U+7662 癢 癢 E1 98 
+PASS U+7667 癧 癧 E1 9C 
+PASS U+7668 癨 癨 E1 99 
+PASS U+7669 癩 癩 E1 9A 
+PASS U+766A 癪 癪 E1 9B 
+PASS U+766C 癬 癬 E1 9D 
+PASS U+7670 癰 癰 E1 9E 
+PASS U+7672 癲 癲 E1 9F 
+PASS U+7676 癶 癶 E1 A0 
+PASS U+7678 癸 癸 E1 A1 
+PASS U+767A 発 発 94 AD 
+PASS U+767B 登 登 93 6F 
+PASS U+767C 發 發 E1 A2 
+PASS U+767D 白 白 94 92 
+PASS U+767E 百 百 95 53 
+PASS U+7680 皀 皀 E1 A3 
+PASS U+7682 皂 皂 FB 70 
+PASS U+7683 皃 皃 E1 A4 
+PASS U+7684 的 的 93 49 
+PASS U+7686 皆 皆 8A 46 
+PASS U+7687 皇 皇 8D 63 
+PASS U+7688 皈 皈 E1 A5 
+PASS U+768B 皋 皋 E1 A6 
+PASS U+768E 皎 皎 E1 A7 
+PASS U+7690 皐 皐 8E 48 
+PASS U+7693 皓 皓 E1 A9 
+PASS U+7696 皖 皖 E1 A8 
+PASS U+7699 皙 皙 E1 AA 
+PASS U+769A 皚 皚 E1 AB 
+PASS U+769B 皛 皛 FB 73 
+PASS U+769C 皜 皜 FB 71 
+PASS U+769E 皞 皞 FB 72 
+PASS U+76A6 皦 皦 FB 74 
+PASS U+76AE 皮 皮 94 E7 
+PASS U+76B0 皰 皰 E1 AC 
+PASS U+76B4 皴 皴 E1 AD 
+PASS U+76B7 皷 皷 EA 89 
+PASS U+76B8 皸 皸 E1 AE 
+PASS U+76B9 皹 皹 E1 AF 
+PASS U+76BA 皺 皺 E1 B0 
+PASS U+76BF 皿 皿 8E 4D 
+PASS U+76C2 盂 盂 E1 B1 
+PASS U+76C3 盃 盃 94 75 
+PASS U+76C6 盆 盆 96 7E 
+PASS U+76C8 盈 盈 89 6D 
+PASS U+76CA 益 益 89 76 
+PASS U+76CD 盍 盍 E1 B2 
+PASS U+76D2 盒 盒 E1 B4 
+PASS U+76D6 盖 盖 E1 B3 
+PASS U+76D7 盗 盗 93 90 
+PASS U+76DB 盛 盛 90 B7 
+PASS U+76DC 盜 盜 9F 58 
+PASS U+76DE 盞 盞 E1 B5 
+PASS U+76DF 盟 盟 96 BF 
+PASS U+76E1 盡 盡 E1 B6 
+PASS U+76E3 監 監 8A C4 
+PASS U+76E4 盤 盤 94 D5 
+PASS U+76E5 盥 盥 E1 B7 
+PASS U+76E7 盧 盧 E1 B8 
+PASS U+76EA 盪 盪 E1 B9 
+PASS U+76EE 目 目 96 DA 
+PASS U+76F2 盲 盲 96 D3 
+PASS U+76F4 直 直 92 BC 
+PASS U+76F8 相 相 91 8A 
+PASS U+76FB 盻 盻 E1 BB 
+PASS U+76FE 盾 盾 8F 82 
+PASS U+7701 省 省 8F C8 
+PASS U+7704 眄 眄 E1 BE 
+PASS U+7707 眇 眇 E1 BD 
+PASS U+7708 眈 眈 E1 BC 
+PASS U+7709 眉 眉 94 FB 
+PASS U+770B 看 看 8A C5 
+PASS U+770C 県 県 8C A7 
+PASS U+771B 眛 眛 E1 C4 
+PASS U+771E 眞 眞 E1 C1 
+PASS U+771F 真 真 90 5E 
+PASS U+7720 眠 眠 96 B0 
+PASS U+7724 眤 眤 E1 C0 
+PASS U+7725 眥 眥 E1 C2 
+PASS U+7726 眦 眦 E1 C3 
+PASS U+7729 眩 眩 E1 BF 
+PASS U+7737 眷 眷 E1 C5 
+PASS U+7738 眸 眸 E1 C6 
+PASS U+773A 眺 眺 92 AD 
+PASS U+773C 眼 眼 8A E1 
+PASS U+7740 着 着 92 85 
+PASS U+7746 睆 睆 FB 76 
+PASS U+7747 睇 睇 E1 C7 
+PASS U+775A 睚 睚 E1 C8 
+PASS U+775B 睛 睛 E1 CB 
+PASS U+7761 睡 睡 90 87 
+PASS U+7763 督 督 93 C2 
+PASS U+7765 睥 睥 E1 CC 
+PASS U+7766 睦 睦 96 72 
+PASS U+7768 睨 睨 E1 C9 
+PASS U+776B 睫 睫 E1 CA 
+PASS U+7779 睹 睹 E1 CF 
+PASS U+777E 睾 睾 E1 CE 
+PASS U+777F 睿 睿 E1 CD 
+PASS U+778B 瞋 瞋 E1 D1 
+PASS U+778E 瞎 瞎 E1 D0 
+PASS U+7791 瞑 瞑 E1 D2 
+PASS U+779E 瞞 瞞 E1 D4 
+PASS U+77A0 瞠 瞠 E1 D3 
+PASS U+77A5 瞥 瞥 95 CB 
+PASS U+77AC 瞬 瞬 8F 75 
+PASS U+77AD 瞭 瞭 97 C4 
+PASS U+77B0 瞰 瞰 E1 D5 
+PASS U+77B3 瞳 瞳 93 B5 
+PASS U+77B6 瞶 瞶 E1 D6 
+PASS U+77B9 瞹 瞹 E1 D7 
+PASS U+77BB 瞻 瞻 E1 DB 
+PASS U+77BC 瞼 瞼 E1 D9 
+PASS U+77BD 瞽 瞽 E1 DA 
+PASS U+77BF 瞿 瞿 E1 D8 
+PASS U+77C7 矇 矇 E1 DC 
+PASS U+77CD 矍 矍 E1 DD 
+PASS U+77D7 矗 矗 E1 DE 
+PASS U+77DA 矚 矚 E1 DF 
+PASS U+77DB 矛 矛 96 B5 
+PASS U+77DC 矜 矜 E1 E0 
+PASS U+77E2 矢 矢 96 EE 
+PASS U+77E3 矣 矣 E1 E1 
+PASS U+77E5 知 知 92 6D 
+PASS U+77E7 矧 矧 94 8A 
+PASS U+77E9 矩 矩 8B E9 
+PASS U+77ED 短 短 92 5A 
+PASS U+77EE 矮 矮 E1 E2 
+PASS U+77EF 矯 矯 8B B8 
+PASS U+77F3 石 石 90 CE 
+PASS U+77FC 矼 矼 E1 E3 
+PASS U+7802 砂 砂 8D BB 
+PASS U+780C 砌 砌 E1 E4 
+PASS U+7812 砒 砒 E1 E5 
+PASS U+7814 研 研 8C A4 
+PASS U+7815 砕 砕 8D D3 
+PASS U+7820 砠 砠 E1 E7 
+PASS U+7821 砡 砡 FB 78 
+PASS U+7825 砥 砥 93 75 
+PASS U+7826 砦 砦 8D D4 
+PASS U+7827 砧 砧 8B 6D 
+PASS U+7832 砲 砲 96 43 
+PASS U+7834 破 破 94 6A 
+PASS U+783A 砺 砺 93 76 
+PASS U+783F 砿 砿 8D 7B 
+PASS U+7845 硅 硅 E1 E9 
+PASS U+784E 硎 硎 FB 79 
+PASS U+785D 硝 硝 8F C9 
+PASS U+7864 硤 硤 FB 7A 
+PASS U+786B 硫 硫 97 B0 
+PASS U+786C 硬 硬 8D 64 
+PASS U+786F 硯 硯 8C A5 
+PASS U+7872 硲 硲 94 A1 
+PASS U+7874 硴 硴 E1 EB 
+PASS U+787A 硺 硺 FB 7B 
+PASS U+787C 硼 硼 E1 ED 
+PASS U+7881 碁 碁 8C E9 
+PASS U+7886 碆 碆 E1 EC 
+PASS U+7887 碇 碇 92 F4 
+PASS U+788C 碌 碌 E1 EF 
+PASS U+788D 碍 碍 8A 56 
+PASS U+788E 碎 碎 E1 EA 
+PASS U+7891 碑 碑 94 E8 
+PASS U+7893 碓 碓 89 4F 
+PASS U+7895 碕 碕 8D EA 
+PASS U+7897 碗 碗 98 71 
+PASS U+789A 碚 碚 E1 EE 
+PASS U+78A3 碣 碣 E1 F0 
+PASS U+78A7 碧 碧 95 C9 
+PASS U+78A9 碩 碩 90 D7 
+PASS U+78AA 碪 碪 E1 F2 
+PASS U+78AF 碯 碯 E1 F3 
+PASS U+78B5 碵 碵 E1 F1 
+PASS U+78BA 確 確 8A 6D 
+PASS U+78BC 碼 碼 E1 F9 
+PASS U+78BE 碾 碾 E1 F8 
+PASS U+78C1 磁 磁 8E A5 
+PASS U+78C5 磅 磅 E1 FA 
+PASS U+78C6 磆 磆 E1 F5 
+PASS U+78CA 磊 磊 E1 FB 
+PASS U+78CB 磋 磋 E1 F6 
+PASS U+78D0 磐 磐 94 D6 
+PASS U+78D1 磑 磑 E1 F4 
+PASS U+78D4 磔 磔 E1 F7 
+PASS U+78DA 磚 磚 E2 41 
+PASS U+78E7 磧 磧 E2 40 
+PASS U+78E8 磨 磨 96 81 
+PASS U+78EC 磬 磬 E1 FC 
+PASS U+78EF 磯 磯 88 E9 
+PASS U+78F4 磴 磴 E2 43 
+PASS U+78FD 磽 磽 E2 42 
+PASS U+7901 礁 礁 8F CA 
+PASS U+7907 礇 礇 E2 44 
+PASS U+790E 礎 礎 91 62 
+PASS U+7911 礑 礑 E2 46 
+PASS U+7912 礒 礒 E2 45 
+PASS U+7919 礙 礙 E2 47 
+PASS U+7926 礦 礦 E1 E6 
+PASS U+792A 礪 礪 E1 E8 
+PASS U+792B 礫 礫 E2 49 
+PASS U+792C 礬 礬 E2 48 
+PASS U+7930 礰 礰 FB 7C 
+PASS U+793A 示 示 8E A6 
+PASS U+793C 礼 礼 97 E7 
+PASS U+793E 社 社 8E D0 
+PASS U+7940 祀 祀 E2 4A 
+PASS U+7941 祁 祁 8C 56 
+PASS U+7947 祇 祇 8B 5F 
+PASS U+7948 祈 祈 8B 46 
+PASS U+7949 祉 祉 8E 83 
+PASS U+7950 祐 祐 97 53 
+PASS U+7953 祓 祓 E2 50 
+PASS U+7955 祕 祕 E2 4F 
+PASS U+7956 祖 祖 91 63 
+PASS U+7957 祗 祗 E2 4C 
+PASS U+795A 祚 祚 E2 4E 
+PASS U+795D 祝 祝 8F 6A 
+PASS U+795E 神 神 90 5F 
+PASS U+795F 祟 祟 E2 4D 
+PASS U+7960 祠 祠 E2 4B 
+PASS U+7962 祢 祢 94 49 
+PASS U+7965 祥 祥 8F CB 
+PASS U+7968 票 票 95 5B 
+PASS U+796D 祭 祭 8D D5 
+PASS U+7977 祷 祷 93 98 
+PASS U+797A 祺 祺 E2 51 
+PASS U+797F 祿 祿 E2 52 
+PASS U+7980 禀 禀 E2 68 
+PASS U+7981 禁 禁 8B D6 
+PASS U+7984 禄 禄 98 5C 
+PASS U+7985 禅 禅 91 54 
+PASS U+798A 禊 禊 E2 53 
+PASS U+798D 禍 禍 89 D0 
+PASS U+798E 禎 禎 92 F5 
+PASS U+798F 福 福 95 9F 
+PASS U+7994 禔 禔 FB 81 
+PASS U+799B 禛 禛 FB 83 
+PASS U+799D 禝 禝 E2 54 
+PASS U+79A6 禦 禦 8B 9A 
+PASS U+79A7 禧 禧 E2 55 
+PASS U+79AA 禪 禪 E2 57 
+PASS U+79AE 禮 禮 E2 58 
+PASS U+79B0 禰 禰 94 48 
+PASS U+79B3 禳 禳 E2 59 
+PASS U+79B9 禹 禹 E2 5A 
+PASS U+79BA 禺 禺 E2 5B 
+PASS U+79BD 禽 禽 8B D7 
+PASS U+79BE 禾 禾 89 D1 
+PASS U+79BF 禿 禿 93 C3 
+PASS U+79C0 秀 秀 8F 47 
+PASS U+79C1 私 私 8E 84 
+PASS U+79C9 秉 秉 E2 5C 
+PASS U+79CB 秋 秋 8F 48 
+PASS U+79D1 科 科 89 C8 
+PASS U+79D2 秒 秒 95 62 
+PASS U+79D5 秕 秕 E2 5D 
+PASS U+79D8 秘 秘 94 E9 
+PASS U+79DF 租 租 91 64 
+PASS U+79E1 秡 秡 E2 60 
+PASS U+79E3 秣 秣 E2 61 
+PASS U+79E4 秤 秤 94 89 
+PASS U+79E6 秦 秦 90 60 
+PASS U+79E7 秧 秧 E2 5E 
+PASS U+79E9 秩 秩 92 81 
+PASS U+79EC 秬 秬 E2 5F 
+PASS U+79F0 称 称 8F CC 
+PASS U+79FB 移 移 88 DA 
+PASS U+7A00 稀 稀 8B 48 
+PASS U+7A08 稈 稈 E2 62 
+PASS U+7A0B 程 程 92 F6 
+PASS U+7A0D 稍 稍 E2 63 
+PASS U+7A0E 税 税 90 C5 
+PASS U+7A14 稔 稔 96 AB 
+PASS U+7A17 稗 稗 95 42 
+PASS U+7A18 稘 稘 E2 64 
+PASS U+7A19 稙 稙 E2 65 
+PASS U+7A1A 稚 稚 92 74 
+PASS U+7A1C 稜 稜 97 C5 
+PASS U+7A1F 稟 稟 E2 67 
+PASS U+7A20 稠 稠 E2 66 
+PASS U+7A2E 種 種 8E ED 
+PASS U+7A31 稱 稱 E2 69 
+PASS U+7A32 稲 稲 88 EE 
+PASS U+7A37 稷 稷 E2 6C 
+PASS U+7A3B 稻 稻 E2 6A 
+PASS U+7A3C 稼 稼 89 D2 
+PASS U+7A3D 稽 稽 8C 6D 
+PASS U+7A3E 稾 稾 E2 6B 
+PASS U+7A3F 稿 稿 8D 65 
+PASS U+7A40 穀 穀 8D 92 
+PASS U+7A42 穂 穂 95 E4 
+PASS U+7A43 穃 穃 E2 6D 
+PASS U+7A46 穆 穆 96 73 
+PASS U+7A49 穉 穉 E2 6F 
+PASS U+7A4D 積 積 90 CF 
+PASS U+7A4E 穎 穎 89 6E 
+PASS U+7A4F 穏 穏 89 B8 
+PASS U+7A50 穐 穐 88 AA 
+PASS U+7A57 穗 穗 E2 6E 
+PASS U+7A61 穡 穡 E2 70 
+PASS U+7A62 穢 穢 E2 71 
+PASS U+7A63 穣 穣 8F F5 
+PASS U+7A69 穩 穩 E2 72 
+PASS U+7A6B 穫 穫 8A 6E 
+PASS U+7A70 穰 穰 E2 74 
+PASS U+7A74 穴 穴 8C 8A 
+PASS U+7A76 究 究 8B 86 
+PASS U+7A79 穹 穹 E2 75 
+PASS U+7A7A 空 空 8B F3 
+PASS U+7A7D 穽 穽 E2 76 
+PASS U+7A7F 穿 穿 90 FA 
+PASS U+7A81 突 突 93 CB 
+PASS U+7A83 窃 窃 90 DE 
+PASS U+7A84 窄 窄 8D F3 
+PASS U+7A88 窈 窈 E2 77 
+PASS U+7A92 窒 窒 92 82 
+PASS U+7A93 窓 窓 91 8B 
+PASS U+7A95 窕 窕 E2 79 
+PASS U+7A96 窖 窖 E2 7B 
+PASS U+7A97 窗 窗 E2 78 
+PASS U+7A98 窘 窘 E2 7A 
+PASS U+7A9F 窟 窟 8C 41 
+PASS U+7AA9 窩 窩 E2 7C 
+PASS U+7AAA 窪 窪 8C 45 
+PASS U+7AAE 窮 窮 8B 87 
+PASS U+7AAF 窯 窯 97 71 
+PASS U+7AB0 窰 窰 E2 7E 
+PASS U+7AB6 窶 窶 E2 80 
+PASS U+7ABA 窺 窺 89 4D 
+PASS U+7ABF 窿 窿 E2 83 
+PASS U+7AC3 竃 竃 8A 96 
+PASS U+7AC4 竄 竄 E2 82 
+PASS U+7AC5 竅 竅 E2 81 
+PASS U+7AC7 竇 竇 E2 85 
+PASS U+7AC8 竈 竈 E2 7D 
+PASS U+7ACA 竊 竊 E2 86 
+PASS U+7ACB 立 立 97 A7 
+PASS U+7ACD 竍 竍 E2 87 
+PASS U+7ACF 竏 竏 E2 88 
+PASS U+7AD1 竑 竑 FB 84 
+PASS U+7AD2 竒 竒 9A F2 
+PASS U+7AD3 竓 竓 E2 8A 
+PASS U+7AD5 竕 竕 E2 89 
+PASS U+7AD9 站 站 E2 8B 
+PASS U+7ADA 竚 竚 E2 8C 
+PASS U+7ADC 竜 竜 97 B3 
+PASS U+7ADD 竝 竝 E2 8D 
+PASS U+7ADF 竟 竟 E8 ED 
+PASS U+7AE0 章 章 8F CD 
+PASS U+7AE1 竡 竡 E2 8E 
+PASS U+7AE2 竢 竢 E2 8F 
+PASS U+7AE3 竣 竣 8F 76 
+PASS U+7AE5 童 童 93 B6 
+PASS U+7AE6 竦 竦 E2 90 
+PASS U+7AE7 竧 竧 FB 85 
+PASS U+7AEA 竪 竪 92 47 
+PASS U+7AEB 竫 竫 FB 87 
+PASS U+7AED 竭 竭 E2 91 
+PASS U+7AEF 端 端 92 5B 
+PASS U+7AF0 竰 竰 E2 92 
+PASS U+7AF6 競 競 8B A3 
+PASS U+7AF8 竸 竸 99 5E 
+PASS U+7AF9 竹 竹 92 7C 
+PASS U+7AFA 竺 竺 8E B1 
+PASS U+7AFF 竿 竿 8A C6 
+PASS U+7B02 笂 笂 E2 93 
+PASS U+7B04 笄 笄 E2 A0 
+PASS U+7B06 笆 笆 E2 96 
+PASS U+7B08 笈 笈 8B 88 
+PASS U+7B0A 笊 笊 E2 95 
+PASS U+7B0B 笋 笋 E2 A2 
+PASS U+7B0F 笏 笏 E2 94 
+PASS U+7B11 笑 笑 8F CE 
+PASS U+7B18 笘 笘 E2 98 
+PASS U+7B19 笙 笙 E2 99 
+PASS U+7B1B 笛 笛 93 4A 
+PASS U+7B1E 笞 笞 E2 9A 
+PASS U+7B20 笠 笠 8A 7D 
+PASS U+7B25 笥 笥 90 79 
+PASS U+7B26 符 符 95 84 
+PASS U+7B28 笨 笨 E2 9C 
+PASS U+7B2C 第 第 91 E6 
+PASS U+7B33 笳 笳 E2 97 
+PASS U+7B35 笵 笵 E2 9B 
+PASS U+7B36 笶 笶 E2 9D 
+PASS U+7B39 笹 笹 8D F9 
+PASS U+7B45 筅 筅 E2 A4 
+PASS U+7B46 筆 筆 95 4D 
+PASS U+7B48 筈 筈 94 A4 
+PASS U+7B49 等 等 93 99 
+PASS U+7B4B 筋 筋 8B D8 
+PASS U+7B4C 筌 筌 E2 A3 
+PASS U+7B4D 筍 筍 E2 A1 
+PASS U+7B4F 筏 筏 94 B3 
+PASS U+7B50 筐 筐 E2 9E 
+PASS U+7B51 筑 筑 92 7D 
+PASS U+7B52 筒 筒 93 9B 
+PASS U+7B54 答 答 93 9A 
+PASS U+7B56 策 策 8D F4 
+PASS U+7B5D 筝 筝 E2 B6 
+PASS U+7B65 筥 筥 E2 A6 
+PASS U+7B67 筧 筧 E2 A8 
+PASS U+7B6C 筬 筬 E2 AB 
+PASS U+7B6E 筮 筮 E2 AC 
+PASS U+7B70 筰 筰 E2 A9 
+PASS U+7B71 筱 筱 E2 AA 
+PASS U+7B74 筴 筴 E2 A7 
+PASS U+7B75 筵 筵 E2 A5 
+PASS U+7B7A 筺 筺 E2 9F 
+PASS U+7B86 箆 箆 95 CD 
+PASS U+7B87 箇 箇 89 D3 
+PASS U+7B8B 箋 箋 E2 B3 
+PASS U+7B8D 箍 箍 E2 B0 
+PASS U+7B8F 箏 箏 E2 B5 
+PASS U+7B92 箒 箒 E2 B4 
+PASS U+7B94 箔 箔 94 93 
+PASS U+7B95 箕 箕 96 A5 
+PASS U+7B97 算 算 8E 5A 
+PASS U+7B98 箘 箘 E2 AE 
+PASS U+7B99 箙 箙 E2 B7 
+PASS U+7B9A 箚 箚 E2 B2 
+PASS U+7B9C 箜 箜 E2 B1 
+PASS U+7B9D 箝 箝 E2 AD 
+PASS U+7B9E 箞 箞 FB 88 
+PASS U+7B9F 箟 箟 E2 AF 
+PASS U+7BA1 管 管 8A C7 
+PASS U+7BAA 箪 箪 92 5C 
+PASS U+7BAD 箭 箭 90 FB 
+PASS U+7BB1 箱 箱 94 A0 
+PASS U+7BB4 箴 箴 E2 BC 
+PASS U+7BB8 箸 箸 94 A2 
+PASS U+7BC0 節 節 90 DF 
+PASS U+7BC1 篁 篁 E2 B9 
+PASS U+7BC4 範 範 94 CD 
+PASS U+7BC6 篆 篆 E2 BD 
+PASS U+7BC7 篇 篇 95 D1 
+PASS U+7BC9 築 築 92 7A 
+PASS U+7BCB 篋 篋 E2 B8 
+PASS U+7BCC 篌 篌 E2 BA 
+PASS U+7BCF 篏 篏 E2 BB 
+PASS U+7BDD 篝 篝 E2 BE 
+PASS U+7BE0 篠 篠 8E C2 
+PASS U+7BE4 篤 篤 93 C4 
+PASS U+7BE5 篥 篥 E2 C3 
+PASS U+7BE6 篦 篦 E2 C2 
+PASS U+7BE9 篩 篩 E2 BF 
+PASS U+7BED 篭 篭 98 55 
+PASS U+7BF3 篳 篳 E2 C8 
+PASS U+7BF6 篶 篶 E2 CC 
+PASS U+7BF7 篷 篷 E2 C9 
+PASS U+7C00 簀 簀 E2 C5 
+PASS U+7C07 簇 簇 E2 C6 
+PASS U+7C0D 簍 簍 E2 CB 
+PASS U+7C11 簑 簑 E2 C0 
+PASS U+7C12 簒 簒 99 D3 
+PASS U+7C13 簓 簓 E2 C7 
+PASS U+7C14 簔 簔 E2 C1 
+PASS U+7C17 簗 簗 E2 CA 
+PASS U+7C1F 簟 簟 E2 D0 
+PASS U+7C21 簡 簡 8A C8 
+PASS U+7C23 簣 簣 E2 CD 
+PASS U+7C27 簧 簧 E2 CE 
+PASS U+7C2A 簪 簪 E2 CF 
+PASS U+7C2B 簫 簫 E2 D2 
+PASS U+7C37 簷 簷 E2 D1 
+PASS U+7C38 簸 簸 94 F4 
+PASS U+7C3D 簽 簽 E2 D3 
+PASS U+7C3E 簾 簾 97 FA 
+PASS U+7C3F 簿 簿 95 EB 
+PASS U+7C40 籀 籀 E2 D8 
+PASS U+7C43 籃 籃 E2 D5 
+PASS U+7C4C 籌 籌 E2 D4 
+PASS U+7C4D 籍 籍 90 D0 
+PASS U+7C4F 籏 籏 E2 D7 
+PASS U+7C50 籐 籐 E2 D9 
+PASS U+7C54 籔 籔 E2 D6 
+PASS U+7C56 籖 籖 E2 DD 
+PASS U+7C58 籘 籘 E2 DA 
+PASS U+7C5F 籟 籟 E2 DB 
+PASS U+7C60 籠 籠 E2 C4 
+PASS U+7C64 籤 籤 E2 DC 
+PASS U+7C65 籥 籥 E2 DE 
+PASS U+7C6C 籬 籬 E2 DF 
+PASS U+7C73 米 米 95 C4 
+PASS U+7C75 籵 籵 E2 E0 
+PASS U+7C7E 籾 籾 96 E0 
+PASS U+7C81 粁 粁 8B CC 
+PASS U+7C82 粂 粂 8C 48 
+PASS U+7C83 粃 粃 E2 E1 
+PASS U+7C89 粉 粉 95 B2 
+PASS U+7C8B 粋 粋 90 88 
+PASS U+7C8D 粍 粍 96 AE 
+PASS U+7C90 粐 粐 E2 E2 
+PASS U+7C92 粒 粒 97 B1 
+PASS U+7C95 粕 粕 94 94 
+PASS U+7C97 粗 粗 91 65 
+PASS U+7C98 粘 粘 94 53 
+PASS U+7C9B 粛 粛 8F 6C 
+PASS U+7C9F 粟 粟 88 BE 
+PASS U+7CA1 粡 粡 E2 E7 
+PASS U+7CA2 粢 粢 E2 E5 
+PASS U+7CA4 粤 粤 E2 E3 
+PASS U+7CA5 粥 粥 8A 9F 
+PASS U+7CA7 粧 粧 8F CF 
+PASS U+7CA8 粨 粨 E2 E8 
+PASS U+7CAB 粫 粫 E2 E6 
+PASS U+7CAD 粭 粭 E2 E4 
+PASS U+7CAE 粮 粮 E2 EC 
+PASS U+7CB1 粱 粱 E2 EB 
+PASS U+7CB2 粲 粲 E2 EA 
+PASS U+7CB3 粳 粳 E2 E9 
+PASS U+7CB9 粹 粹 E2 ED 
+PASS U+7CBD 粽 粽 E2 EE 
+PASS U+7CBE 精 精 90 B8 
+PASS U+7CC0 糀 糀 E2 EF 
+PASS U+7CC2 糂 糂 E2 F1 
+PASS U+7CC5 糅 糅 E2 F0 
+PASS U+7CCA 糊 糊 8C D0 
+PASS U+7CCE 糎 糎 91 57 
+PASS U+7CD2 糒 糒 E2 F3 
+PASS U+7CD6 糖 糖 93 9C 
+PASS U+7CD8 糘 糘 E2 F2 
+PASS U+7CDC 糜 糜 E2 F4 
+PASS U+7CDE 糞 糞 95 B3 
+PASS U+7CDF 糟 糟 91 8C 
+PASS U+7CE0 糠 糠 8D 66 
+PASS U+7CE2 糢 糢 E2 F5 
+PASS U+7CE7 糧 糧 97 C6 
+PASS U+7CEF 糯 糯 E2 F7 
+PASS U+7CF2 糲 糲 E2 F8 
+PASS U+7CF4 糴 糴 E2 F9 
+PASS U+7CF6 糶 糶 E2 FA 
+PASS U+7CF8 糸 糸 8E 85 
+PASS U+7CFA 糺 糺 E2 FB 
+PASS U+7CFB 系 系 8C 6E 
+PASS U+7CFE 糾 糾 8B 8A 
+PASS U+7D00 紀 紀 8B 49 
+PASS U+7D02 紂 紂 E3 40 
+PASS U+7D04 約 約 96 F1 
+PASS U+7D05 紅 紅 8D 67 
+PASS U+7D06 紆 紆 E2 FC 
+PASS U+7D0A 紊 紊 E3 43 
+PASS U+7D0B 紋 紋 96 E4 
+PASS U+7D0D 納 納 94 5B 
+PASS U+7D10 紐 紐 95 52 
+PASS U+7D14 純 純 8F 83 
+PASS U+7D15 紕 紕 E3 42 
+PASS U+7D17 紗 紗 8E D1 
+PASS U+7D18 紘 紘 8D 68 
+PASS U+7D19 紙 紙 8E 86 
+PASS U+7D1A 級 級 8B 89 
+PASS U+7D1B 紛 紛 95 B4 
+PASS U+7D1C 紜 紜 E3 41 
+PASS U+7D20 素 素 91 66 
+PASS U+7D21 紡 紡 96 61 
+PASS U+7D22 索 索 8D F5 
+PASS U+7D2B 紫 紫 8E 87 
+PASS U+7D2C 紬 紬 92 DB 
+PASS U+7D2E 紮 紮 E3 46 
+PASS U+7D2F 累 累 97 DD 
+PASS U+7D30 細 細 8D D7 
+PASS U+7D32 紲 紲 E3 47 
+PASS U+7D33 紳 紳 90 61 
+PASS U+7D35 紵 紵 E3 49 
+PASS U+7D39 紹 紹 8F D0 
+PASS U+7D3A 紺 紺 8D AE 
+PASS U+7D3F 紿 紿 E3 48 
+PASS U+7D42 終 終 8F 49 
+PASS U+7D43 絃 絃 8C BC 
+PASS U+7D44 組 組 91 67 
+PASS U+7D45 絅 絅 E3 44 
+PASS U+7D46 絆 絆 E3 4A 
+PASS U+7D48 絈 絈 FB 8A 
+PASS U+7D4B 絋 絋 E3 45 
+PASS U+7D4C 経 経 8C 6F 
+PASS U+7D4E 絎 絎 E3 4D 
+PASS U+7D4F 絏 絏 E3 51 
+PASS U+7D50 結 結 8C 8B 
+PASS U+7D56 絖 絖 E3 4C 
+PASS U+7D5B 絛 絛 E3 55 
+PASS U+7D5C 絜 絜 FB 8B 
+PASS U+7D5E 絞 絞 8D 69 
+PASS U+7D61 絡 絡 97 8D 
+PASS U+7D62 絢 絢 88 BA 
+PASS U+7D63 絣 絣 E3 52 
+PASS U+7D66 給 給 8B 8B 
+PASS U+7D68 絨 絨 E3 4F 
+PASS U+7D6E 絮 絮 E3 50 
+PASS U+7D71 統 統 93 9D 
+PASS U+7D72 絲 絲 E3 4E 
+PASS U+7D73 絳 絳 E3 4B 
+PASS U+7D75 絵 絵 8A 47 
+PASS U+7D76 絶 絶 90 E2 
+PASS U+7D79 絹 絹 8C A6 
+PASS U+7D7D 絽 絽 E3 57 
+PASS U+7D89 綉 綉 E3 54 
+PASS U+7D8F 綏 綏 E3 56 
+PASS U+7D93 經 經 E3 53 
+PASS U+7D99 継 継 8C 70 
+PASS U+7D9A 続 続 91 B1 
+PASS U+7D9B 綛 綛 E3 58 
+PASS U+7D9C 綜 綜 91 8E 
+PASS U+7D9F 綟 綟 E3 65 
+PASS U+7DA0 綠 綠 FB 8D 
+PASS U+7DA2 綢 綢 E3 61 
+PASS U+7DA3 綣 綣 E3 5B 
+PASS U+7DAB 綫 綫 E3 5F 
+PASS U+7DAC 綬 綬 8E F8 
+PASS U+7DAD 維 維 88 DB 
+PASS U+7DAE 綮 綮 E3 5A 
+PASS U+7DAF 綯 綯 E3 62 
+PASS U+7DB0 綰 綰 E3 66 
+PASS U+7DB1 綱 綱 8D 6A 
+PASS U+7DB2 網 網 96 D4 
+PASS U+7DB4 綴 綴 92 D4 
+PASS U+7DB5 綵 綵 E3 5C 
+PASS U+7DB7 綷 綷 FB 8C 
+PASS U+7DB8 綸 綸 E3 64 
+PASS U+7DBA 綺 綺 E3 59 
+PASS U+7DBB 綻 綻 92 5D 
+PASS U+7DBD 綽 綽 E3 5E 
+PASS U+7DBE 綾 綾 88 BB 
+PASS U+7DBF 綿 綿 96 C8 
+PASS U+7DC7 緇 緇 E3 5D 
+PASS U+7DCA 緊 緊 8B D9 
+PASS U+7DCB 緋 緋 94 EA 
+PASS U+7DCF 総 総 91 8D 
+PASS U+7DD1 緑 緑 97 CE 
+PASS U+7DD2 緒 緒 8F 8F 
+PASS U+7DD5 緕 緕 E3 8E 
+PASS U+7DD6 緖 緖 FB 8E 
+PASS U+7DD8 緘 緘 E3 67 
+PASS U+7DDA 線 線 90 FC 
+PASS U+7DDC 緜 緜 E3 63 
+PASS U+7DDD 緝 緝 E3 68 
+PASS U+7DDE 緞 緞 E3 6A 
+PASS U+7DE0 締 締 92 F7 
+PASS U+7DE1 緡 緡 E3 6D 
+PASS U+7DE4 緤 緤 E3 69 
+PASS U+7DE8 編 編 95 D2 
+PASS U+7DE9 緩 緩 8A C9 
+PASS U+7DEC 緬 緬 96 C9 
+PASS U+7DEF 緯 緯 88 DC 
+PASS U+7DF2 緲 緲 E3 6C 
+PASS U+7DF4 練 練 97 FB 
+PASS U+7DFB 緻 緻 E3 6B 
+PASS U+7E01 縁 縁 89 8F 
+PASS U+7E04 縄 縄 93 EA 
+PASS U+7E05 縅 縅 E3 6E 
+PASS U+7E09 縉 縉 E3 75 
+PASS U+7E0A 縊 縊 E3 6F 
+PASS U+7E0B 縋 縋 E3 76 
+PASS U+7E12 縒 縒 E3 72 
+PASS U+7E1B 縛 縛 94 9B 
+PASS U+7E1E 縞 縞 8E C8 
+PASS U+7E1F 縟 縟 E3 74 
+PASS U+7E21 縡 縡 E3 71 
+PASS U+7E22 縢 縢 E3 77 
+PASS U+7E23 縣 縣 E3 70 
+PASS U+7E26 縦 縦 8F 63 
+PASS U+7E2B 縫 縫 96 44 
+PASS U+7E2E 縮 縮 8F 6B 
+PASS U+7E31 縱 縱 E3 73 
+PASS U+7E32 縲 縲 E3 80 
+PASS U+7E35 縵 縵 E3 7B 
+PASS U+7E37 縷 縷 E3 7E 
+PASS U+7E39 縹 縹 E3 7C 
+PASS U+7E3A 縺 縺 E3 81 
+PASS U+7E3B 縻 縻 E3 7A 
+PASS U+7E3D 總 總 E3 60 
+PASS U+7E3E 績 績 90 D1 
+PASS U+7E41 繁 繁 94 C9 
+PASS U+7E43 繃 繃 E3 7D 
+PASS U+7E46 繆 繆 E3 78 
+PASS U+7E4A 繊 繊 91 40 
+PASS U+7E4B 繋 繋 8C 71 
+PASS U+7E4D 繍 繍 8F 4A 
+PASS U+7E52 繒 繒 FB 8F 
+PASS U+7E54 織 織 90 44 
+PASS U+7E55 繕 繕 91 55 
+PASS U+7E56 繖 繖 E3 84 
+PASS U+7E59 繙 繙 E3 86 
+PASS U+7E5A 繚 繚 E3 87 
+PASS U+7E5D 繝 繝 E3 83 
+PASS U+7E5E 繞 繞 E3 85 
+PASS U+7E66 繦 繦 E3 79 
+PASS U+7E67 繧 繧 E3 82 
+PASS U+7E69 繩 繩 E3 8A 
+PASS U+7E6A 繪 繪 E3 89 
+PASS U+7E6D 繭 繭 96 9A 
+PASS U+7E70 繰 繰 8C 4A 
+PASS U+7E79 繹 繹 E3 88 
+PASS U+7E7B 繻 繻 E3 8C 
+PASS U+7E7C 繼 繼 E3 8B 
+PASS U+7E7D 繽 繽 E3 8F 
+PASS U+7E7F 繿 繿 E3 91 
+PASS U+7E82 纂 纂 8E 5B 
+PASS U+7E83 纃 纃 E3 8D 
+PASS U+7E88 纈 纈 E3 92 
+PASS U+7E89 纉 纉 E3 93 
+PASS U+7E8A 纊 纊 FA 5C 
+PASS U+7E8C 續 續 E3 94 
+PASS U+7E8E 纎 纎 E3 9A 
+PASS U+7E8F 纏 纏 93 5A 
+PASS U+7E90 纐 纐 E3 96 
+PASS U+7E92 纒 纒 E3 95 
+PASS U+7E93 纓 纓 E3 97 
+PASS U+7E94 纔 纔 E3 98 
+PASS U+7E96 纖 纖 E3 99 
+PASS U+7E9B 纛 纛 E3 9B 
+PASS U+7E9C 纜 纜 E3 9C 
+PASS U+7F36 缶 缶 8A CA 
+PASS U+7F38 缸 缸 E3 9D 
+PASS U+7F3A 缺 缺 E3 9E 
+PASS U+7F45 罅 罅 E3 9F 
+PASS U+7F47 罇 罇 FB 90 
+PASS U+7F4C 罌 罌 E3 A0 
+PASS U+7F4D 罍 罍 E3 A1 
+PASS U+7F4E 罎 罎 E3 A2 
+PASS U+7F50 罐 罐 E3 A3 
+PASS U+7F51 网 网 E3 A4 
+PASS U+7F54 罔 罔 E3 A6 
+PASS U+7F55 罕 罕 E3 A5 
+PASS U+7F58 罘 罘 E3 A7 
+PASS U+7F5F 罟 罟 E3 A8 
+PASS U+7F60 罠 罠 E3 A9 
+PASS U+7F67 罧 罧 E3 AC 
+PASS U+7F68 罨 罨 E3 AA 
+PASS U+7F69 罩 罩 E3 AB 
+PASS U+7F6A 罪 罪 8D DF 
+PASS U+7F6B 罫 罫 8C 72 
+PASS U+7F6E 置 置 92 75 
+PASS U+7F70 罰 罰 94 B1 
+PASS U+7F72 署 署 8F 90 
+PASS U+7F75 罵 罵 94 6C 
+PASS U+7F77 罷 罷 94 EB 
+PASS U+7F78 罸 罸 E3 AD 
+PASS U+7F79 罹 罹 9C EB 
+PASS U+7F82 羂 羂 E3 AE 
+PASS U+7F83 羃 羃 E3 B0 
+PASS U+7F85 羅 羅 97 85 
+PASS U+7F86 羆 羆 E3 AF 
+PASS U+7F87 羇 羇 E3 B2 
+PASS U+7F88 羈 羈 E3 B1 
+PASS U+7F8A 羊 羊 97 72 
+PASS U+7F8C 羌 羌 E3 B3 
+PASS U+7F8E 美 美 94 FC 
+PASS U+7F94 羔 羔 E3 B4 
+PASS U+7F9A 羚 羚 E3 B7 
+PASS U+7F9D 羝 羝 E3 B6 
+PASS U+7F9E 羞 羞 E3 B5 
+PASS U+7FA1 羡 羡 FB 91 
+PASS U+7FA3 羣 羣 E3 B8 
+PASS U+7FA4 群 群 8C 51 
+PASS U+7FA8 羨 羨 91 41 
+PASS U+7FA9 義 義 8B 60 
+PASS U+7FAE 羮 羮 E3 BC 
+PASS U+7FAF 羯 羯 E3 B9 
+PASS U+7FB2 羲 羲 E3 BA 
+PASS U+7FB6 羶 羶 E3 BD 
+PASS U+7FB8 羸 羸 E3 BE 
+PASS U+7FB9 羹 羹 E3 BB 
+PASS U+7FBD 羽 羽 89 48 
+PASS U+7FC1 翁 翁 89 A5 
+PASS U+7FC5 翅 翅 E3 C0 
+PASS U+7FC6 翆 翆 E3 C1 
+PASS U+7FCA 翊 翊 E3 C2 
+PASS U+7FCC 翌 翌 97 82 
+PASS U+7FD2 習 習 8F 4B 
+PASS U+7FD4 翔 翔 E3 C4 
+PASS U+7FD5 翕 翕 E3 C3 
+PASS U+7FE0 翠 翠 90 89 
+PASS U+7FE1 翡 翡 E3 C5 
+PASS U+7FE6 翦 翦 E3 C6 
+PASS U+7FE9 翩 翩 E3 C7 
+PASS U+7FEB 翫 翫 8A E3 
+PASS U+7FF0 翰 翰 8A CB 
+PASS U+7FF3 翳 翳 E3 C8 
+PASS U+7FF9 翹 翹 E3 C9 
+PASS U+7FFB 翻 翻 96 7C 
+PASS U+7FFC 翼 翼 97 83 
+PASS U+8000 耀 耀 97 73 
+PASS U+8001 老 老 98 56 
+PASS U+8003 考 考 8D 6C 
+PASS U+8004 耄 耄 E3 CC 
+PASS U+8005 者 者 8E D2 
+PASS U+8006 耆 耆 E3 CB 
+PASS U+800B 耋 耋 E3 CD 
+PASS U+800C 而 而 8E A7 
+PASS U+8010 耐 耐 91 CF 
+PASS U+8012 耒 耒 E3 CE 
+PASS U+8015 耕 耕 8D 6B 
+PASS U+8017 耗 耗 96 D5 
+PASS U+8018 耘 耘 E3 CF 
+PASS U+8019 耙 耙 E3 D0 
+PASS U+801C 耜 耜 E3 D1 
+PASS U+8021 耡 耡 E3 D2 
+PASS U+8028 耨 耨 E3 D3 
+PASS U+8033 耳 耳 8E A8 
+PASS U+8036 耶 耶 96 EB 
+PASS U+803B 耻 耻 E3 D5 
+PASS U+803D 耽 耽 92 5E 
+PASS U+803F 耿 耿 E3 D4 
+PASS U+8046 聆 聆 E3 D7 
+PASS U+804A 聊 聊 E3 D6 
+PASS U+8052 聒 聒 E3 D8 
+PASS U+8056 聖 聖 90 B9 
+PASS U+8058 聘 聘 E3 D9 
+PASS U+805A 聚 聚 E3 DA 
+PASS U+805E 聞 聞 95 B7 
+PASS U+805F 聟 聟 E3 DB 
+PASS U+8061 聡 聡 91 8F 
+PASS U+8062 聢 聢 E3 DC 
+PASS U+8068 聨 聨 E3 DD 
+PASS U+806F 聯 聯 97 FC 
+PASS U+8070 聰 聰 E3 E0 
+PASS U+8072 聲 聲 E3 DF 
+PASS U+8073 聳 聳 E3 DE 
+PASS U+8074 聴 聴 92 AE 
+PASS U+8076 聶 聶 E3 E1 
+PASS U+8077 職 職 90 45 
+PASS U+8079 聹 聹 E3 E2 
+PASS U+807D 聽 聽 E3 E3 
+PASS U+807E 聾 聾 98 57 
+PASS U+807F 聿 聿 E3 E4 
+PASS U+8084 肄 肄 E3 E5 
+PASS U+8085 肅 肅 E3 E7 
+PASS U+8086 肆 肆 E3 E6 
+PASS U+8087 肇 肇 94 A3 
+PASS U+8089 肉 肉 93 F7 
+PASS U+808B 肋 肋 98 5D 
+PASS U+808C 肌 肌 94 A7 
+PASS U+8093 肓 肓 E3 E9 
+PASS U+8096 肖 肖 8F D1 
+PASS U+8098 肘 肘 95 49 
+PASS U+809A 肚 肚 E3 EA 
+PASS U+809B 肛 肛 E3 E8 
+PASS U+809D 肝 肝 8A CC 
+PASS U+80A1 股 股 8C D2 
+PASS U+80A2 肢 肢 8E 88 
+PASS U+80A5 肥 肥 94 EC 
+PASS U+80A9 肩 肩 8C A8 
+PASS U+80AA 肪 肪 96 62 
+PASS U+80AC 肬 肬 E3 ED 
+PASS U+80AD 肭 肭 E3 EB 
+PASS U+80AF 肯 肯 8D 6D 
+PASS U+80B1 肱 肱 8D 6E 
+PASS U+80B2 育 育 88 E7 
+PASS U+80B4 肴 肴 8D E6 
+PASS U+80BA 肺 肺 94 78 
+PASS U+80C3 胃 胃 88 DD 
+PASS U+80C4 胄 胄 E3 F2 
+PASS U+80C6 胆 胆 92 5F 
+PASS U+80CC 背 背 94 77 
+PASS U+80CE 胎 胎 91 D9 
+PASS U+80D6 胖 胖 E3 F4 
+PASS U+80D9 胙 胙 E3 F0 
+PASS U+80DA 胚 胚 E3 F3 
+PASS U+80DB 胛 胛 E3 EE 
+PASS U+80DD 胝 胝 E3 F1 
+PASS U+80DE 胞 胞 96 45 
+PASS U+80E1 胡 胡 8C D3 
+PASS U+80E4 胤 胤 88 FB 
+PASS U+80E5 胥 胥 E3 EF 
+PASS U+80EF 胯 胯 E3 F6 
+PASS U+80F1 胱 胱 E3 F7 
+PASS U+80F4 胴 胴 93 B7 
+PASS U+80F8 胸 胸 8B B9 
+PASS U+80FC 胼 胼 E4 45 
+PASS U+80FD 能 能 94 5C 
+PASS U+8102 脂 脂 8E 89 
+PASS U+8105 脅 脅 8B BA 
+PASS U+8106 脆 脆 90 C6 
+PASS U+8107 脇 脇 98 65 
+PASS U+8108 脈 脈 96 AC 
+PASS U+8109 脉 脉 E3 F5 
+PASS U+810A 脊 脊 90 D2 
+PASS U+811A 脚 脚 8B 72 
+PASS U+811B 脛 脛 E3 F8 
+PASS U+8123 脣 脣 E3 FA 
+PASS U+8129 脩 脩 E3 F9 
+PASS U+812F 脯 脯 E3 FB 
+PASS U+8131 脱 脱 92 45 
+PASS U+8133 脳 脳 94 5D 
+PASS U+8139 脹 脹 92 AF 
+PASS U+813E 脾 脾 E4 42 
+PASS U+8146 腆 腆 E4 41 
+PASS U+814B 腋 腋 E3 FC 
+PASS U+814E 腎 腎 90 74 
+PASS U+8150 腐 腐 95 85 
+PASS U+8151 腑 腑 E4 44 
+PASS U+8153 腓 腓 E4 43 
+PASS U+8154 腔 腔 8D 6F 
+PASS U+8155 腕 腕 98 72 
+PASS U+815F 腟 腟 E4 54 
+PASS U+8165 腥 腥 E4 48 
+PASS U+8166 腦 腦 E4 49 
+PASS U+816B 腫 腫 8E EE 
+PASS U+816E 腮 腮 E4 47 
+PASS U+8170 腰 腰 8D 98 
+PASS U+8171 腱 腱 E4 46 
+PASS U+8174 腴 腴 E4 4A 
+PASS U+8178 腸 腸 92 B0 
+PASS U+8179 腹 腹 95 A0 
+PASS U+817A 腺 腺 91 42 
+PASS U+817F 腿 腿 91 DA 
+PASS U+8180 膀 膀 E4 4E 
+PASS U+8182 膂 膂 E4 4F 
+PASS U+8183 膃 膃 E4 4B 
+PASS U+8188 膈 膈 E4 4C 
+PASS U+818A 膊 膊 E4 4D 
+PASS U+818F 膏 膏 8D 70 
+PASS U+8193 膓 膓 E4 55 
+PASS U+8195 膕 膕 E4 51 
+PASS U+819A 膚 膚 95 86 
+PASS U+819C 膜 膜 96 8C 
+PASS U+819D 膝 膝 95 47 
+PASS U+81A0 膠 膠 E4 50 
+PASS U+81A3 膣 膣 E4 53 
+PASS U+81A4 膤 膤 E4 52 
+PASS U+81A8 膨 膨 96 63 
+PASS U+81A9 膩 膩 E4 56 
+PASS U+81B0 膰 膰 E4 57 
+PASS U+81B3 膳 膳 91 56 
+PASS U+81B5 膵 膵 E4 58 
+PASS U+81B8 膸 膸 E4 5A 
+PASS U+81BA 膺 膺 E4 5E 
+PASS U+81BD 膽 膽 E4 5B 
+PASS U+81BE 膾 膾 E4 59 
+PASS U+81BF 膿 膿 94 5E 
+PASS U+81C0 臀 臀 E4 5C 
+PASS U+81C2 臂 臂 E4 5D 
+PASS U+81C6 臆 臆 89 B0 
+PASS U+81C8 臈 臈 E4 64 
+PASS U+81C9 臉 臉 E4 5F 
+PASS U+81CD 臍 臍 E4 60 
+PASS U+81D1 臑 臑 E4 61 
+PASS U+81D3 臓 臓 91 9F 
+PASS U+81D8 臘 臘 E4 63 
+PASS U+81D9 臙 臙 E4 62 
+PASS U+81DA 臚 臚 E4 65 
+PASS U+81DF 臟 臟 E4 66 
+PASS U+81E0 臠 臠 E4 67 
+PASS U+81E3 臣 臣 90 62 
+PASS U+81E5 臥 臥 89 E7 
+PASS U+81E7 臧 臧 E4 68 
+PASS U+81E8 臨 臨 97 D5 
+PASS U+81EA 自 自 8E A9 
+PASS U+81ED 臭 臭 8F 4C 
+PASS U+81F3 至 至 8E 8A 
+PASS U+81F4 致 致 92 76 
+PASS U+81FA 臺 臺 E4 69 
+PASS U+81FB 臻 臻 E4 6A 
+PASS U+81FC 臼 臼 89 50 
+PASS U+81FE 臾 臾 E4 6B 
+PASS U+8201 舁 舁 E4 6C 
+PASS U+8202 舂 舂 E4 6D 
+PASS U+8205 舅 舅 E4 6E 
+PASS U+8207 與 與 E4 6F 
+PASS U+8208 興 興 8B BB 
+PASS U+8209 舉 舉 9D A8 
+PASS U+820A 舊 舊 E4 70 
+PASS U+820C 舌 舌 90 E3 
+PASS U+820D 舍 舍 E4 71 
+PASS U+820E 舎 舎 8E C9 
+PASS U+8210 舐 舐 E4 72 
+PASS U+8212 舒 舒 98 AE 
+PASS U+8216 舖 舖 E4 73 
+PASS U+8217 舗 舗 95 DC 
+PASS U+8218 舘 舘 8A DA 
+PASS U+821B 舛 舛 91 43 
+PASS U+821C 舜 舜 8F 77 
+PASS U+821E 舞 舞 95 91 
+PASS U+821F 舟 舟 8F 4D 
+PASS U+8229 舩 舩 E4 74 
+PASS U+822A 航 航 8D 71 
+PASS U+822B 舫 舫 E4 75 
+PASS U+822C 般 般 94 CA 
+PASS U+822E 舮 舮 E4 84 
+PASS U+8233 舳 舳 E4 77 
+PASS U+8235 舵 舵 91 C7 
+PASS U+8236 舶 舶 94 95 
+PASS U+8237 舷 舷 8C BD 
+PASS U+8238 舸 舸 E4 76 
+PASS U+8239 船 船 91 44 
+PASS U+8240 艀 艀 E4 78 
+PASS U+8247 艇 艇 92 F8 
+PASS U+8258 艘 艘 E4 7A 
+PASS U+8259 艙 艙 E4 79 
+PASS U+825A 艚 艚 E4 7C 
+PASS U+825D 艝 艝 E4 7B 
+PASS U+825F 艟 艟 E4 7D 
+PASS U+8262 艢 艢 E4 80 
+PASS U+8264 艤 艤 E4 7E 
+PASS U+8266 艦 艦 8A CD 
+PASS U+8268 艨 艨 E4 81 
+PASS U+826A 艪 艪 E4 82 
+PASS U+826B 艫 艫 E4 83 
+PASS U+826E 艮 艮 8D AF 
+PASS U+826F 良 良 97 C7 
+PASS U+8271 艱 艱 E4 85 
+PASS U+8272 色 色 90 46 
+PASS U+8276 艶 艶 89 90 
+PASS U+8277 艷 艷 E4 86 
+PASS U+8278 艸 艸 E4 87 
+PASS U+827E 艾 艾 E4 88 
+PASS U+828B 芋 芋 88 F0 
+PASS U+828D 芍 芍 E4 89 
+PASS U+8292 芒 芒 E4 8A 
+PASS U+8299 芙 芙 95 87 
+PASS U+829D 芝 芝 8E C5 
+PASS U+829F 芟 芟 E4 8C 
+PASS U+82A5 芥 芥 8A 48 
+PASS U+82A6 芦 芦 88 B0 
+PASS U+82AB 芫 芫 E4 8B 
+PASS U+82AC 芬 芬 E4 8E 
+PASS U+82AD 芭 芭 94 6D 
+PASS U+82AF 芯 芯 90 63 
+PASS U+82B1 花 花 89 D4 
+PASS U+82B3 芳 芳 96 46 
+PASS U+82B8 芸 芸 8C 7C 
+PASS U+82B9 芹 芹 8B DA 
+PASS U+82BB 芻 芻 E4 8D 
+PASS U+82BD 芽 芽 89 E8 
+PASS U+82C5 苅 苅 8A A1 
+PASS U+82D1 苑 苑 89 91 
+PASS U+82D2 苒 苒 E4 92 
+PASS U+82D3 苓 苓 97 E8 
+PASS U+82D4 苔 苔 91 DB 
+PASS U+82D7 苗 苗 95 63 
+PASS U+82D9 苙 苙 E4 9E 
+PASS U+82DB 苛 苛 89 D5 
+PASS U+82DC 苜 苜 E4 9C 
+PASS U+82DE 苞 苞 E4 9A 
+PASS U+82DF 苟 苟 E4 91 
+PASS U+82E1 苡 苡 E4 8F 
+PASS U+82E3 苣 苣 E4 90 
+PASS U+82E5 若 若 8E E1 
+PASS U+82E6 苦 苦 8B EA 
+PASS U+82E7 苧 苧 92 97 
+PASS U+82EB 苫 苫 93 CF 
+PASS U+82F1 英 英 89 70 
+PASS U+82F3 苳 苳 E4 94 
+PASS U+82F4 苴 苴 E4 93 
+PASS U+82F9 苹 苹 E4 99 
+PASS U+82FA 苺 苺 E4 95 
+PASS U+82FB 苻 苻 E4 98 
+PASS U+8301 茁 茁 FB 93 
+PASS U+8302 茂 茂 96 CE 
+PASS U+8303 范 范 E4 97 
+PASS U+8304 茄 茄 89 D6 
+PASS U+8305 茅 茅 8A 9D 
+PASS U+8306 茆 茆 E4 9B 
+PASS U+8309 茉 茉 E4 9D 
+PASS U+830E 茎 茎 8C 73 
+PASS U+8316 茖 茖 E4 A1 
+PASS U+8317 茗 茗 E4 AA 
+PASS U+8318 茘 茘 E4 AB 
+PASS U+831C 茜 茜 88 A9 
+PASS U+8323 茣 茣 E4 B2 
+PASS U+8328 茨 茨 88 EF 
+PASS U+832B 茫 茫 E4 A9 
+PASS U+832F 茯 茯 E4 A8 
+PASS U+8331 茱 茱 E4 A3 
+PASS U+8332 茲 茲 E4 A2 
+PASS U+8334 茴 茴 E4 A0 
+PASS U+8335 茵 茵 E4 9F 
+PASS U+8336 茶 茶 92 83 
+PASS U+8338 茸 茸 91 F9 
+PASS U+8339 茹 茹 E4 A5 
+PASS U+8340 荀 荀 E4 A4 
+PASS U+8345 荅 荅 E4 A7 
+PASS U+8349 草 草 91 90 
+PASS U+834A 荊 荊 8C 74 
+PASS U+834F 荏 荏 89 60 
+PASS U+8350 荐 荐 E4 A6 
+PASS U+8352 荒 荒 8D 72 
+PASS U+8358 荘 荘 91 91 
+PASS U+8362 荢 荢 FB 94 
+PASS U+8373 荳 荳 E4 B8 
+PASS U+8375 荵 荵 E4 B9 
+PASS U+8377 荷 荷 89 D7 
+PASS U+837B 荻 荻 89 AC 
+PASS U+837C 荼 荼 E4 B6 
+PASS U+837F 荿 荿 FB 95 
+PASS U+8385 莅 莅 E4 AC 
+PASS U+8387 莇 莇 E4 B4 
+PASS U+8389 莉 莉 E4 BB 
+PASS U+838A 莊 莊 E4 B5 
+PASS U+838E 莎 莎 E4 B3 
+PASS U+8393 莓 莓 E4 96 
+PASS U+8396 莖 莖 E4 B1 
+PASS U+839A 莚 莚 E4 AD 
+PASS U+839E 莞 莞 8A CE 
+PASS U+839F 莟 莟 E4 AF 
+PASS U+83A0 莠 莠 E4 BA 
+PASS U+83A2 莢 莢 E4 B0 
+PASS U+83A8 莨 莨 E4 BC 
+PASS U+83AA 莪 莪 E4 AE 
+PASS U+83AB 莫 莫 94 9C 
+PASS U+83B1 莱 莱 97 89 
+PASS U+83B5 莵 莵 E4 B7 
+PASS U+83BD 莽 莽 E4 CD 
+PASS U+83C1 菁 菁 E4 C5 
+PASS U+83C5 菅 菅 90 9B 
+PASS U+83C7 菇 菇 FB 96 
+PASS U+83CA 菊 菊 8B 65 
+PASS U+83CC 菌 菌 8B DB 
+PASS U+83CE 菎 菎 E4 C0 
+PASS U+83D3 菓 菓 89 D9 
+PASS U+83D6 菖 菖 8F D2 
+PASS U+83D8 菘 菘 E4 C3 
+PASS U+83DC 菜 菜 8D D8 
+PASS U+83DF 菟 菟 93 70 
+PASS U+83E0 菠 菠 E4 C8 
+PASS U+83E9 菩 菩 95 EC 
+PASS U+83EB 菫 菫 E4 BF 
+PASS U+83EF 華 華 89 D8 
+PASS U+83F0 菰 菰 8C D4 
+PASS U+83F1 菱 菱 95 48 
+PASS U+83F2 菲 菲 E4 C9 
+PASS U+83F4 菴 菴 E4 BD 
+PASS U+83F6 菶 菶 FB 97 
+PASS U+83F7 菷 菷 E4 C6 
+PASS U+83FB 菻 菻 E4 D0 
+PASS U+83FD 菽 菽 E4 C1 
+PASS U+8403 萃 萃 E4 C2 
+PASS U+8404 萄 萄 93 B8 
+PASS U+8407 萇 萇 E4 C7 
+PASS U+840B 萋 萋 E4 C4 
+PASS U+840C 萌 萌 96 47 
+PASS U+840D 萍 萍 E4 CA 
+PASS U+840E 萎 萎 88 DE 
+PASS U+8413 萓 萓 E4 BE 
+PASS U+8420 萠 萠 E4 CC 
+PASS U+8422 萢 萢 E4 CB 
+PASS U+8429 萩 萩 94 8B 
+PASS U+842A 萪 萪 E4 D2 
+PASS U+842C 萬 萬 E4 DD 
+PASS U+8431 萱 萱 8A 9E 
+PASS U+8435 萵 萵 E4 E0 
+PASS U+8438 萸 萸 E4 CE 
+PASS U+843C 萼 萼 E4 D3 
+PASS U+843D 落 落 97 8E 
+PASS U+8446 葆 葆 E4 DC 
+PASS U+8448 葈 葈 FB 98 
+PASS U+8449 葉 葉 97 74 
+PASS U+844E 葎 葎 97 A8 
+PASS U+8457 著 著 92 98 
+PASS U+845B 葛 葛 8A 8B 
+PASS U+8461 葡 葡 95 92 
+PASS U+8462 葢 葢 E4 E2 
+PASS U+8463 董 董 93 9F 
+PASS U+8466 葦 葦 88 AF 
+PASS U+8469 葩 葩 E4 DB 
+PASS U+846B 葫 葫 E4 D7 
+PASS U+846C 葬 葬 91 92 
+PASS U+846D 葭 葭 E4 D1 
+PASS U+846E 葮 葮 E4 D9 
+PASS U+846F 葯 葯 E4 DE 
+PASS U+8471 葱 葱 94 4B 
+PASS U+8475 葵 葵 88 A8 
+PASS U+8477 葷 葷 E4 D6 
+PASS U+8479 葹 葹 E4 DF 
+PASS U+847A 葺 葺 95 98 
+PASS U+8482 蒂 蒂 E4 DA 
+PASS U+8484 蒄 蒄 E4 D5 
+PASS U+848B 蒋 蒋 8F D3 
+PASS U+8490 蒐 蒐 8F 4E 
+PASS U+8494 蒔 蒔 8E AA 
+PASS U+8499 蒙 蒙 96 D6 
+PASS U+849C 蒜 蒜 95 66 
+PASS U+849F 蒟 蒟 E4 E5 
+PASS U+84A1 蒡 蒡 E4 EE 
+PASS U+84AD 蒭 蒭 E4 D8 
+PASS U+84B2 蒲 蒲 8A 97 
+PASS U+84B4 蒴 蒴 FB 99 
+PASS U+84B8 蒸 蒸 8F F6 
+PASS U+84B9 蒹 蒹 E4 E3 
+PASS U+84BB 蒻 蒻 E4 E8 
+PASS U+84BC 蒼 蒼 91 93 
+PASS U+84BF 蒿 蒿 E4 E4 
+PASS U+84C1 蓁 蓁 E4 EB 
+PASS U+84C4 蓄 蓄 92 7E 
+PASS U+84C6 蓆 蓆 E4 EC 
+PASS U+84C9 蓉 蓉 97 75 
+PASS U+84CA 蓊 蓊 E4 E1 
+PASS U+84CB 蓋 蓋 8A 57 
+PASS U+84CD 蓍 蓍 E4 E7 
+PASS U+84D0 蓐 蓐 E4 EA 
+PASS U+84D1 蓑 蓑 96 AA 
+PASS U+84D6 蓖 蓖 E4 ED 
+PASS U+84D9 蓙 蓙 E4 E6 
+PASS U+84DA 蓚 蓚 E4 E9 
+PASS U+84DC 蓜 蓜 FA 60 
+PASS U+84EC 蓬 蓬 96 48 
+PASS U+84EE 蓮 蓮 98 40 
+PASS U+84F4 蓴 蓴 E4 F1 
+PASS U+84FC 蓼 蓼 E4 F8 
+PASS U+84FF 蓿 蓿 E4 F0 
+PASS U+8500 蔀 蔀 8E C1 
+PASS U+8506 蔆 蔆 E4 CF 
+PASS U+8511 蔑 蔑 95 CC 
+PASS U+8513 蔓 蔓 96 A0 
+PASS U+8514 蔔 蔔 E4 F7 
+PASS U+8515 蔕 蔕 E4 F6 
+PASS U+8517 蔗 蔗 E4 F2 
+PASS U+8518 蔘 蔘 E4 F3 
+PASS U+851A 蔚 蔚 89 55 
+PASS U+851F 蔟 蔟 E4 F5 
+PASS U+8521 蔡 蔡 E4 EF 
+PASS U+8526 蔦 蔦 92 D3 
+PASS U+852C 蔬 蔬 E4 F4 
+PASS U+852D 蔭 蔭 88 FC 
+PASS U+8535 蔵 蔵 91 A0 
+PASS U+853D 蔽 蔽 95 C1 
+PASS U+8540 蕀 蕀 E4 F9 
+PASS U+8541 蕁 蕁 E5 40 
+PASS U+8543 蕃 蕃 94 D7 
+PASS U+8548 蕈 蕈 E4 FC 
+PASS U+8549 蕉 蕉 8F D4 
+PASS U+854A 蕊 蕊 8E C7 
+PASS U+854B 蕋 蕋 E5 42 
+PASS U+854E 蕎 蕎 8B BC 
+PASS U+8553 蕓 蕓 FB 9A 
+PASS U+8555 蕕 蕕 E5 43 
+PASS U+8557 蕗 蕗 95 99 
+PASS U+8558 蕘 蕘 E4 FB 
+PASS U+8559 蕙 蕙 FB 9B 
+PASS U+855A 蕚 蕚 E4 D4 
+PASS U+8563 蕣 蕣 E4 FA 
+PASS U+8568 蕨 蕨 98 6E 
+PASS U+8569 蕩 蕩 93 A0 
+PASS U+856A 蕪 蕪 95 93 
+PASS U+856B 蕫 蕫 FB 9C 
+PASS U+856D 蕭 蕭 E5 4A 
+PASS U+8577 蕷 蕷 E5 50 
+PASS U+857E 蕾 蕾 E5 51 
+PASS U+8580 薀 薀 E5 44 
+PASS U+8584 薄 薄 94 96 
+PASS U+8587 薇 薇 E5 4E 
+PASS U+8588 薈 薈 E5 46 
+PASS U+858A 薊 薊 E5 48 
+PASS U+8590 薐 薐 E5 52 
+PASS U+8591 薑 薑 E5 47 
+PASS U+8594 薔 薔 E5 4B 
+PASS U+8597 薗 薗 89 92 
+PASS U+8599 薙 薙 93 E3 
+PASS U+859B 薛 薛 E5 4C 
+PASS U+859C 薜 薜 E5 4F 
+PASS U+85A4 薤 薤 E5 45 
+PASS U+85A6 薦 薦 91 45 
+PASS U+85A8 薨 薨 E5 49 
+PASS U+85A9 薩 薩 8E 46 
+PASS U+85AA 薪 薪 90 64 
+PASS U+85AB 薫 薫 8C 4F 
+PASS U+85AC 薬 薬 96 F2 
+PASS U+85AE 薮 薮 96 F7 
+PASS U+85AF 薯 薯 8F 92 
+PASS U+85B0 薰 薰 FB 9E 
+PASS U+85B9 薹 薹 E5 56 
+PASS U+85BA 薺 薺 E5 54 
+PASS U+85C1 藁 藁 98 6D 
+PASS U+85C9 藉 藉 E5 53 
+PASS U+85CD 藍 藍 97 95 
+PASS U+85CF 藏 藏 E5 55 
+PASS U+85D0 藐 藐 E5 57 
+PASS U+85D5 藕 藕 E5 58 
+PASS U+85DC 藜 藜 E5 5B 
+PASS U+85DD 藝 藝 E5 59 
+PASS U+85E4 藤 藤 93 A1 
+PASS U+85E5 藥 藥 E5 5A 
+PASS U+85E9 藩 藩 94 CB 
+PASS U+85EA 藪 藪 E5 4D 
+PASS U+85F7 藷 藷 8F 93 
+PASS U+85F9 藹 藹 E5 5C 
+PASS U+85FA 藺 藺 E5 61 
+PASS U+85FB 藻 藻 91 94 
+PASS U+85FE 藾 藾 E5 60 
+PASS U+8602 蘂 蘂 E5 41 
+PASS U+8606 蘆 蘆 E5 62 
+PASS U+8607 蘇 蘇 91 68 
+PASS U+860A 蘊 蘊 E5 5D 
+PASS U+860B 蘋 蘋 E5 5F 
+PASS U+8613 蘓 蘓 E5 5E 
+PASS U+8616 蘖 蘖 9F 50 
+PASS U+8617 蘗 蘗 9F 41 
+PASS U+861A 蘚 蘚 E5 64 
+PASS U+8622 蘢 蘢 E5 63 
+PASS U+862D 蘭 蘭 97 96 
+PASS U+862F 蘯 蘯 E1 BA 
+PASS U+8630 蘰 蘰 E5 65 
+PASS U+863F 蘿 蘿 E5 66 
+PASS U+864D 虍 虍 E5 67 
+PASS U+864E 虎 虎 8C D5 
+PASS U+8650 虐 虐 8B 73 
+PASS U+8654 虔 虔 E5 69 
+PASS U+8655 處 處 99 7C 
+PASS U+865A 虚 虚 8B 95 
+PASS U+865C 虜 虜 97 B8 
+PASS U+865E 虞 虞 8B F1 
+PASS U+865F 號 號 E5 6A 
+PASS U+8667 虧 虧 E5 6B 
+PASS U+866B 虫 虫 92 8E 
+PASS U+8671 虱 虱 E5 6C 
+PASS U+8679 虹 虹 93 F8 
+PASS U+867B 虻 虻 88 B8 
+PASS U+868A 蚊 蚊 89 E1 
+PASS U+868B 蚋 蚋 E5 71 
+PASS U+868C 蚌 蚌 E5 72 
+PASS U+8693 蚓 蚓 E5 6D 
+PASS U+8695 蚕 蚕 8E 5C 
+PASS U+86A3 蚣 蚣 E5 6E 
+PASS U+86A4 蚤 蚤 94 61 
+PASS U+86A9 蚩 蚩 E5 6F 
+PASS U+86AA 蚪 蚪 E5 70 
+PASS U+86AB 蚫 蚫 E5 7A 
+PASS U+86AF 蚯 蚯 E5 74 
+PASS U+86B0 蚰 蚰 E5 77 
+PASS U+86B6 蚶 蚶 E5 73 
+PASS U+86C4 蛄 蛄 E5 75 
+PASS U+86C6 蛆 蛆 E5 76 
+PASS U+86C7 蛇 蛇 8E D6 
+PASS U+86C9 蛉 蛉 E5 78 
+PASS U+86CB 蛋 蛋 92 60 
+PASS U+86CD 蛍 蛍 8C 75 
+PASS U+86CE 蛎 蛎 8A 61 
+PASS U+86D4 蛔 蛔 E5 7B 
+PASS U+86D9 蛙 蛙 8A 5E 
+PASS U+86DB 蛛 蛛 E5 81 
+PASS U+86DE 蛞 蛞 E5 7C 
+PASS U+86DF 蛟 蛟 E5 80 
+PASS U+86E4 蛤 蛤 94 B8 
+PASS U+86E9 蛩 蛩 E5 7D 
+PASS U+86EC 蛬 蛬 E5 7E 
+PASS U+86ED 蛭 蛭 95 67 
+PASS U+86EE 蛮 蛮 94 D8 
+PASS U+86EF 蛯 蛯 E5 82 
+PASS U+86F8 蛸 蛸 91 FB 
+PASS U+86F9 蛹 蛹 E5 8C 
+PASS U+86FB 蛻 蛻 E5 88 
+PASS U+86FE 蛾 蛾 89 E9 
+PASS U+8700 蜀 蜀 E5 86 
+PASS U+8702 蜂 蜂 96 49 
+PASS U+8703 蜃 蜃 E5 87 
+PASS U+8706 蜆 蜆 E5 84 
+PASS U+8708 蜈 蜈 E5 85 
+PASS U+8709 蜉 蜉 E5 8A 
+PASS U+870A 蜊 蜊 E5 8D 
+PASS U+870D 蜍 蜍 E5 8B 
+PASS U+8711 蜑 蜑 E5 89 
+PASS U+8712 蜒 蜒 E5 83 
+PASS U+8718 蜘 蜘 92 77 
+PASS U+871A 蜚 蜚 E5 94 
+PASS U+871C 蜜 蜜 96 A8 
+PASS U+8725 蜥 蜥 E5 92 
+PASS U+8729 蜩 蜩 E5 93 
+PASS U+8734 蜴 蜴 E5 8E 
+PASS U+8737 蜷 蜷 E5 90 
+PASS U+873B 蜻 蜻 E5 91 
+PASS U+873F 蜿 蜿 E5 8F 
+PASS U+8749 蝉 蝉 90 E4 
+PASS U+874B 蝋 蝋 98 58 
+PASS U+874C 蝌 蝌 E5 98 
+PASS U+874E 蝎 蝎 E5 99 
+PASS U+8753 蝓 蝓 E5 9F 
+PASS U+8755 蝕 蝕 90 49 
+PASS U+8757 蝗 蝗 E5 9B 
+PASS U+8759 蝙 蝙 E5 9E 
+PASS U+875F 蝟 蝟 E5 96 
+PASS U+8760 蝠 蝠 E5 95 
+PASS U+8763 蝣 蝣 E5 A0 
+PASS U+8766 蝦 蝦 89 DA 
+PASS U+8768 蝨 蝨 E5 9C 
+PASS U+876A 蝪 蝪 E5 A1 
+PASS U+876E 蝮 蝮 E5 9D 
+PASS U+8774 蝴 蝴 E5 9A 
+PASS U+8776 蝶 蝶 92 B1 
+PASS U+8778 蝸 蝸 E5 97 
+PASS U+877F 蝿 蝿 94 88 
+PASS U+8782 螂 螂 E5 A5 
+PASS U+878D 融 融 97 5A 
+PASS U+879F 螟 螟 E5 A4 
+PASS U+87A2 螢 螢 E5 A3 
+PASS U+87AB 螫 螫 E5 AC 
+PASS U+87AF 螯 螯 E5 A6 
+PASS U+87B3 螳 螳 E5 AE 
+PASS U+87BA 螺 螺 97 86 
+PASS U+87BB 螻 螻 E5 B1 
+PASS U+87BD 螽 螽 E5 A8 
+PASS U+87C0 蟀 蟀 E5 A9 
+PASS U+87C4 蟄 蟄 E5 AD 
+PASS U+87C6 蟆 蟆 E5 B0 
+PASS U+87C7 蟇 蟇 E5 AF 
+PASS U+87CB 蟋 蟋 E5 A7 
+PASS U+87D0 蟐 蟐 E5 AA 
+PASS U+87D2 蟒 蟒 E5 BB 
+PASS U+87E0 蟠 蟠 E5 B4 
+PASS U+87EF 蟯 蟯 E5 B2 
+PASS U+87F2 蟲 蟲 E5 B3 
+PASS U+87F6 蟶 蟶 E5 B8 
+PASS U+87F7 蟷 蟷 E5 B9 
+PASS U+87F9 蟹 蟹 8A 49 
+PASS U+87FB 蟻 蟻 8B 61 
+PASS U+87FE 蟾 蟾 E5 B7 
+PASS U+8805 蠅 蠅 E5 A2 
+PASS U+8807 蠇 蠇 FB A1 
+PASS U+880D 蠍 蠍 E5 B6 
+PASS U+880E 蠎 蠎 E5 BA 
+PASS U+880F 蠏 蠏 E5 B5 
+PASS U+8811 蠑 蠑 E5 BC 
+PASS U+8815 蠕 蠕 E5 BE 
+PASS U+8816 蠖 蠖 E5 BD 
+PASS U+8821 蠡 蠡 E5 C0 
+PASS U+8822 蠢 蠢 E5 BF 
+PASS U+8823 蠣 蠣 E5 79 
+PASS U+8827 蠧 蠧 E5 C4 
+PASS U+8831 蠱 蠱 E5 C1 
+PASS U+8836 蠶 蠶 E5 C2 
+PASS U+8839 蠹 蠹 E5 C3 
+PASS U+883B 蠻 蠻 E5 C5 
+PASS U+8840 血 血 8C 8C 
+PASS U+8842 衂 衂 E5 C7 
+PASS U+8844 衄 衄 E5 C6 
+PASS U+8846 衆 衆 8F 4F 
+PASS U+884C 行 行 8D 73 
+PASS U+884D 衍 衍 9F A5 
+PASS U+8852 衒 衒 E5 C8 
+PASS U+8853 術 術 8F 70 
+PASS U+8857 街 街 8A 58 
+PASS U+8859 衙 衙 E5 C9 
+PASS U+885B 衛 衛 89 71 
+PASS U+885D 衝 衝 8F D5 
+PASS U+885E 衞 衞 E5 CA 
+PASS U+8861 衡 衡 8D 74 
+PASS U+8862 衢 衢 E5 CB 
+PASS U+8863 衣 衣 88 DF 
+PASS U+8868 表 表 95 5C 
+PASS U+886B 衫 衫 E5 CC 
+PASS U+8870 衰 衰 90 8A 
+PASS U+8872 衲 衲 E5 D3 
+PASS U+8875 衵 衵 E5 D0 
+PASS U+8877 衷 衷 92 8F 
+PASS U+887D 衽 衽 E5 D1 
+PASS U+887E 衾 衾 E5 CE 
+PASS U+887F 衿 衿 8B DC 
+PASS U+8881 袁 袁 E5 CD 
+PASS U+8882 袂 袂 E5 D4 
+PASS U+8888 袈 袈 8C 55 
+PASS U+888B 袋 袋 91 DC 
+PASS U+888D 袍 袍 E5 DA 
+PASS U+8892 袒 袒 E5 D6 
+PASS U+8896 袖 袖 91 B3 
+PASS U+8897 袗 袗 E5 D5 
+PASS U+8899 袙 袙 E5 D8 
+PASS U+889E 袞 袞 E5 CF 
+PASS U+88A2 袢 袢 E5 D9 
+PASS U+88A4 袤 袤 E5 DB 
+PASS U+88AB 被 被 94 ED 
+PASS U+88AE 袮 袮 E5 D7 
+PASS U+88B0 袰 袰 E5 DC 
+PASS U+88B1 袱 袱 E5 DE 
+PASS U+88B4 袴 袴 8C D1 
+PASS U+88B5 袵 袵 E5 D2 
+PASS U+88B7 袷 袷 88 BF 
+PASS U+88BF 袿 袿 E5 DD 
+PASS U+88C1 裁 裁 8D D9 
+PASS U+88C2 裂 裂 97 F4 
+PASS U+88C3 裃 裃 E5 DF 
+PASS U+88C4 裄 裄 E5 E0 
+PASS U+88C5 装 装 91 95 
+PASS U+88CF 裏 裏 97 A0 
+PASS U+88D4 裔 裔 E5 E1 
+PASS U+88D5 裕 裕 97 54 
+PASS U+88D8 裘 裘 E5 E2 
+PASS U+88D9 裙 裙 E5 E3 
+PASS U+88DC 補 補 95 E2 
+PASS U+88DD 裝 裝 E5 E4 
+PASS U+88DF 裟 裟 8D BE 
+PASS U+88E1 裡 裡 97 A1 
+PASS U+88E8 裨 裨 E5 E9 
+PASS U+88F2 裲 裲 E5 EA 
+PASS U+88F3 裳 裳 8F D6 
+PASS U+88F4 裴 裴 E5 E8 
+PASS U+88F5 裵 裵 FB A2 
+PASS U+88F8 裸 裸 97 87 
+PASS U+88F9 裹 裹 E5 E5 
+PASS U+88FC 裼 裼 E5 E7 
+PASS U+88FD 製 製 90 BB 
+PASS U+88FE 裾 裾 90 9E 
+PASS U+8902 褂 褂 E5 E6 
+PASS U+8904 褄 褄 E5 EB 
+PASS U+8907 複 複 95 A1 
+PASS U+890A 褊 褊 E5 ED 
+PASS U+890C 褌 褌 E5 EC 
+PASS U+8910 褐 褐 8A 8C 
+PASS U+8912 褒 褒 96 4A 
+PASS U+8913 褓 褓 E5 EE 
+PASS U+891C 褜 褜 FA 5D 
+PASS U+891D 褝 褝 E5 FA 
+PASS U+891E 褞 褞 E5 F0 
+PASS U+8925 褥 褥 E5 F1 
+PASS U+892A 褪 褪 E5 F2 
+PASS U+892B 褫 褫 E5 F3 
+PASS U+8936 褶 褶 E5 F7 
+PASS U+8938 褸 褸 E5 F8 
+PASS U+893B 褻 褻 E5 F6 
+PASS U+8941 襁 襁 E5 F4 
+PASS U+8943 襃 襃 E5 EF 
+PASS U+8944 襄 襄 E5 F5 
+PASS U+894C 襌 襌 E5 F9 
+PASS U+894D 襍 襍 E8 B5 
+PASS U+8956 襖 襖 89 A6 
+PASS U+895E 襞 襞 E5 FC 
+PASS U+895F 襟 襟 8B DD 
+PASS U+8960 襠 襠 E5 FB 
+PASS U+8964 襤 襤 E6 41 
+PASS U+8966 襦 襦 E6 40 
+PASS U+896A 襪 襪 E6 43 
+PASS U+896D 襭 襭 E6 42 
+PASS U+896F 襯 襯 E6 44 
+PASS U+8972 襲 襲 8F 50 
+PASS U+8974 襴 襴 E6 45 
+PASS U+8977 襷 襷 E6 46 
+PASS U+897E 襾 襾 E6 47 
+PASS U+897F 西 西 90 BC 
+PASS U+8981 要 要 97 76 
+PASS U+8983 覃 覃 E6 48 
+PASS U+8986 覆 覆 95 A2 
+PASS U+8987 覇 覇 94 65 
+PASS U+8988 覈 覈 E6 49 
+PASS U+898A 覊 覊 E6 4A 
+PASS U+898B 見 見 8C A9 
+PASS U+898F 規 規 8B 4B 
+PASS U+8993 覓 覓 E6 4B 
+PASS U+8996 視 視 8E 8B 
+PASS U+8997 覗 覗 94 60 
+PASS U+8998 覘 覘 E6 4C 
+PASS U+899A 覚 覚 8A 6F 
+PASS U+89A1 覡 覡 E6 4D 
+PASS U+89A6 覦 覦 E6 4F 
+PASS U+89A7 覧 覧 97 97 
+PASS U+89A9 覩 覩 E6 4E 
+PASS U+89AA 親 親 90 65 
+PASS U+89AC 覬 覬 E6 50 
+PASS U+89AF 覯 覯 E6 51 
+PASS U+89B2 覲 覲 E6 52 
+PASS U+89B3 観 観 8A CF 
+PASS U+89BA 覺 覺 E6 53 
+PASS U+89BD 覽 覽 E6 54 
+PASS U+89BF 覿 覿 E6 55 
+PASS U+89C0 觀 觀 E6 56 
+PASS U+89D2 角 角 8A 70 
+PASS U+89DA 觚 觚 E6 57 
+PASS U+89DC 觜 觜 E6 58 
+PASS U+89DD 觝 觝 E6 59 
+PASS U+89E3 解 解 89 F0 
+PASS U+89E6 触 触 90 47 
+PASS U+89E7 觧 觧 E6 5A 
+PASS U+89F4 觴 觴 E6 5B 
+PASS U+89F8 觸 觸 E6 5C 
+PASS U+8A00 言 言 8C BE 
+PASS U+8A02 訂 訂 92 F9 
+PASS U+8A03 訃 訃 E6 5D 
+PASS U+8A08 計 計 8C 76 
+PASS U+8A0A 訊 訊 90 75 
+PASS U+8A0C 訌 訌 E6 60 
+PASS U+8A0E 討 討 93 A2 
+PASS U+8A10 訐 訐 E6 5F 
+PASS U+8A12 訒 訒 FB A3 
+PASS U+8A13 訓 訓 8C 50 
+PASS U+8A16 訖 訖 E6 5E 
+PASS U+8A17 託 託 91 F5 
+PASS U+8A18 記 記 8B 4C 
+PASS U+8A1B 訛 訛 E6 61 
+PASS U+8A1D 訝 訝 E6 62 
+PASS U+8A1F 訟 訟 8F D7 
+PASS U+8A23 訣 訣 8C 8D 
+PASS U+8A25 訥 訥 E6 63 
+PASS U+8A2A 訪 訪 96 4B 
+PASS U+8A2D 設 設 90 DD 
+PASS U+8A31 許 許 8B 96 
+PASS U+8A33 訳 訳 96 F3 
+PASS U+8A34 訴 訴 91 69 
+PASS U+8A36 訶 訶 E6 64 
+PASS U+8A37 訷 訷 FB A4 
+PASS U+8A3A 診 診 90 66 
+PASS U+8A3B 註 註 92 90 
+PASS U+8A3C 証 証 8F D8 
+PASS U+8A41 詁 詁 E6 65 
+PASS U+8A46 詆 詆 E6 68 
+PASS U+8A48 詈 詈 E6 69 
+PASS U+8A50 詐 詐 8D BC 
+PASS U+8A51 詑 詑 91 C0 
+PASS U+8A52 詒 詒 E6 67 
+PASS U+8A54 詔 詔 8F D9 
+PASS U+8A55 評 評 95 5D 
+PASS U+8A5B 詛 詛 E6 66 
+PASS U+8A5E 詞 詞 8E 8C 
+PASS U+8A60 詠 詠 89 72 
+PASS U+8A62 詢 詢 E6 6D 
+PASS U+8A63 詣 詣 8C 77 
+PASS U+8A66 試 試 8E 8E 
+PASS U+8A69 詩 詩 8E 8D 
+PASS U+8A6B 詫 詫 98 6C 
+PASS U+8A6C 詬 詬 E6 6C 
+PASS U+8A6D 詭 詭 E6 6B 
+PASS U+8A6E 詮 詮 91 46 
+PASS U+8A70 詰 詰 8B 6C 
+PASS U+8A71 話 話 98 62 
+PASS U+8A72 該 該 8A 59 
+PASS U+8A73 詳 詳 8F DA 
+PASS U+8A79 詹 詹 FB A5 
+PASS U+8A7C 詼 詼 E6 6A 
+PASS U+8A82 誂 誂 E6 6F 
+PASS U+8A84 誄 誄 E6 70 
+PASS U+8A85 誅 誅 E6 6E 
+PASS U+8A87 誇 誇 8C D6 
+PASS U+8A89 誉 誉 97 5F 
+PASS U+8A8C 誌 誌 8E 8F 
+PASS U+8A8D 認 認 94 46 
+PASS U+8A91 誑 誑 E6 73 
+PASS U+8A93 誓 誓 90 BE 
+PASS U+8A95 誕 誕 92 61 
+PASS U+8A98 誘 誘 97 55 
+PASS U+8A9A 誚 誚 E6 76 
+PASS U+8A9E 語 語 8C EA 
+PASS U+8AA0 誠 誠 90 BD 
+PASS U+8AA1 誡 誡 E6 72 
+PASS U+8AA3 誣 誣 E6 77 
+PASS U+8AA4 誤 誤 8C EB 
+PASS U+8AA5 誥 誥 E6 74 
+PASS U+8AA6 誦 誦 E6 75 
+PASS U+8AA7 誧 誧 FB A6 
+PASS U+8AA8 誨 誨 E6 71 
+PASS U+8AAC 説 説 90 E0 
+PASS U+8AAD 読 読 93 C7 
+PASS U+8AB0 誰 誰 92 4E 
+PASS U+8AB2 課 課 89 DB 
+PASS U+8AB9 誹 誹 94 EE 
+PASS U+8ABC 誼 誼 8B 62 
+PASS U+8ABE 誾 誾 FB A7 
+PASS U+8ABF 調 調 92 B2 
+PASS U+8AC2 諂 諂 E6 7A 
+PASS U+8AC4 諄 諄 E6 78 
+PASS U+8AC7 談 談 92 6B 
+PASS U+8ACB 請 請 90 BF 
+PASS U+8ACC 諌 諌 8A D0 
+PASS U+8ACD 諍 諍 E6 79 
+PASS U+8ACF 諏 諏 90 7A 
+PASS U+8AD2 諒 諒 97 C8 
+PASS U+8AD6 論 論 98 5F 
+PASS U+8ADA 諚 諚 E6 7B 
+PASS U+8ADB 諛 諛 E6 87 
+PASS U+8ADC 諜 諜 92 B3 
+PASS U+8ADE 諞 諞 E6 86 
+PASS U+8ADF 諟 諟 FB A8 
+PASS U+8AE0 諠 諠 E6 83 
+PASS U+8AE1 諡 諡 E6 8B 
+PASS U+8AE2 諢 諢 E6 84 
+PASS U+8AE4 諤 諤 E6 80 
+PASS U+8AE6 諦 諦 92 FA 
+PASS U+8AE7 諧 諧 E6 7E 
+PASS U+8AEB 諫 諫 E6 7C 
+PASS U+8AED 諭 諭 97 40 
+PASS U+8AEE 諮 諮 8E 90 
+PASS U+8AF1 諱 諱 E6 81 
+PASS U+8AF3 諳 諳 E6 7D 
+PASS U+8AF6 諶 諶 FB AA 
+PASS U+8AF7 諷 諷 E6 85 
+PASS U+8AF8 諸 諸 8F 94 
+PASS U+8AFA 諺 諺 8C BF 
+PASS U+8AFE 諾 諾 91 F8 
+PASS U+8B00 謀 謀 96 64 
+PASS U+8B01 謁 謁 89 79 
+PASS U+8B02 謂 謂 88 E0 
+PASS U+8B04 謄 謄 93 A3 
+PASS U+8B07 謇 謇 E6 89 
+PASS U+8B0C 謌 謌 E6 88 
+PASS U+8B0E 謎 謎 93 E4 
+PASS U+8B10 謐 謐 E6 8D 
+PASS U+8B14 謔 謔 E6 82 
+PASS U+8B16 謖 謖 E6 8C 
+PASS U+8B17 謗 謗 E6 8E 
+PASS U+8B19 謙 謙 8C AA 
+PASS U+8B1A 謚 謚 E6 8A 
+PASS U+8B1B 講 講 8D 75 
+PASS U+8B1D 謝 謝 8E D3 
+PASS U+8B20 謠 謠 E6 8F 
+PASS U+8B21 謡 謡 97 77 
+PASS U+8B26 謦 謦 E6 92 
+PASS U+8B28 謨 謨 E6 95 
+PASS U+8B2B 謫 謫 E6 93 
+PASS U+8B2C 謬 謬 95 54 
+PASS U+8B33 謳 謳 E6 90 
+PASS U+8B39 謹 謹 8B DE 
+PASS U+8B3E 謾 謾 E6 94 
+PASS U+8B41 譁 譁 E6 96 
+PASS U+8B49 證 證 E6 9A 
+PASS U+8B4C 譌 譌 E6 97 
+PASS U+8B4E 譎 譎 E6 99 
+PASS U+8B4F 譏 譏 E6 98 
+PASS U+8B53 譓 譓 FB AB 
+PASS U+8B56 譖 譖 E6 9B 
+PASS U+8B58 識 識 8E AF 
+PASS U+8B5A 譚 譚 E6 9D 
+PASS U+8B5B 譛 譛 E6 9C 
+PASS U+8B5C 譜 譜 95 88 
+PASS U+8B5F 譟 譟 E6 9F 
+PASS U+8B66 警 警 8C 78 
+PASS U+8B6B 譫 譫 E6 9E 
+PASS U+8B6C 譬 譬 E6 A0 
+PASS U+8B6F 譯 譯 E6 A1 
+PASS U+8B70 議 議 8B 63 
+PASS U+8B71 譱 譱 E3 BF 
+PASS U+8B72 譲 譲 8F F7 
+PASS U+8B74 譴 譴 E6 A2 
+PASS U+8B77 護 護 8C EC 
+PASS U+8B7D 譽 譽 E6 A3 
+PASS U+8B7F 譿 譿 FB AC 
+PASS U+8B80 讀 讀 E6 A4 
+PASS U+8B83 讃 讃 8E 5D 
+PASS U+8B8A 變 變 9D CC 
+PASS U+8B8C 讌 讌 E6 A5 
+PASS U+8B8E 讎 讎 E6 A6 
+PASS U+8B90 讐 讐 8F 51 
+PASS U+8B92 讒 讒 E6 A7 
+PASS U+8B93 讓 讓 E6 A8 
+PASS U+8B96 讖 讖 E6 A9 
+PASS U+8B99 讙 讙 E6 AA 
+PASS U+8B9A 讚 讚 E6 AB 
+PASS U+8C37 谷 谷 92 4A 
+PASS U+8C3A 谺 谺 E6 AC 
+PASS U+8C3F 谿 谿 E6 AE 
+PASS U+8C41 豁 豁 E6 AD 
+PASS U+8C46 豆 豆 93 A4 
+PASS U+8C48 豈 豈 E6 AF 
+PASS U+8C4A 豊 豊 96 4C 
+PASS U+8C4C 豌 豌 E6 B0 
+PASS U+8C4E 豎 豎 E6 B1 
+PASS U+8C50 豐 豐 E6 B2 
+PASS U+8C55 豕 豕 E6 B3 
+PASS U+8C5A 豚 豚 93 D8 
+PASS U+8C61 象 象 8F DB 
+PASS U+8C62 豢 豢 E6 B4 
+PASS U+8C6A 豪 豪 8D 8B 
+PASS U+8C6B 豫 豫 98 AC 
+PASS U+8C6C 豬 豬 E6 B5 
+PASS U+8C78 豸 豸 E6 B6 
+PASS U+8C79 豹 豹 95 5E 
+PASS U+8C7A 豺 豺 E6 B7 
+PASS U+8C7C 豼 豼 E6 BF 
+PASS U+8C82 貂 貂 E6 B8 
+PASS U+8C85 貅 貅 E6 BA 
+PASS U+8C89 貉 貉 E6 B9 
+PASS U+8C8A 貊 貊 E6 BB 
+PASS U+8C8C 貌 貌 96 65 
+PASS U+8C8D 貍 貍 E6 BC 
+PASS U+8C8E 貎 貎 E6 BD 
+PASS U+8C94 貔 貔 E6 BE 
+PASS U+8C98 貘 貘 E6 C0 
+PASS U+8C9D 貝 貝 8A 4C 
+PASS U+8C9E 貞 貞 92 E5 
+PASS U+8CA0 負 負 95 89 
+PASS U+8CA1 財 財 8D E0 
+PASS U+8CA2 貢 貢 8D 76 
+PASS U+8CA7 貧 貧 95 6E 
+PASS U+8CA8 貨 貨 89 DD 
+PASS U+8CA9 販 販 94 CC 
+PASS U+8CAA 貪 貪 E6 C3 
+PASS U+8CAB 貫 貫 8A D1 
+PASS U+8CAC 責 責 90 D3 
+PASS U+8CAD 貭 貭 E6 C2 
+PASS U+8CAE 貮 貮 E6 C7 
+PASS U+8CAF 貯 貯 92 99 
+PASS U+8CB0 貰 貰 96 E1 
+PASS U+8CB2 貲 貲 E6 C5 
+PASS U+8CB3 貳 貳 E6 C6 
+PASS U+8CB4 貴 貴 8B 4D 
+PASS U+8CB6 貶 貶 E6 C8 
+PASS U+8CB7 買 買 94 83 
+PASS U+8CB8 貸 貸 91 DD 
+PASS U+8CBB 費 費 94 EF 
+PASS U+8CBC 貼 貼 93 5C 
+PASS U+8CBD 貽 貽 E6 C4 
+PASS U+8CBF 貿 貿 96 66 
+PASS U+8CC0 賀 賀 89 EA 
+PASS U+8CC1 賁 賁 E6 CA 
+PASS U+8CC2 賂 賂 98 47 
+PASS U+8CC3 賃 賃 92 C0 
+PASS U+8CC4 賄 賄 98 64 
+PASS U+8CC7 資 資 8E 91 
+PASS U+8CC8 賈 賈 E6 C9 
+PASS U+8CCA 賊 賊 91 AF 
+PASS U+8CCD 賍 賍 E6 DA 
+PASS U+8CCE 賎 賎 91 47 
+PASS U+8CD1 賑 賑 93 F6 
+PASS U+8CD3 賓 賓 95 6F 
+PASS U+8CDA 賚 賚 E6 CD 
+PASS U+8CDB 賛 賛 8E 5E 
+PASS U+8CDC 賜 賜 8E 92 
+PASS U+8CDE 賞 賞 8F DC 
+PASS U+8CE0 賠 賠 94 85 
+PASS U+8CE2 賢 賢 8C AB 
+PASS U+8CE3 賣 賣 E6 CC 
+PASS U+8CE4 賤 賤 E6 CB 
+PASS U+8CE6 賦 賦 95 8A 
+PASS U+8CEA 質 質 8E BF 
+PASS U+8CED 賭 賭 93 71 
+PASS U+8CF0 賰 賰 FB AD 
+PASS U+8CF4 賴 賴 FB AE 
+PASS U+8CFA 賺 賺 E6 CF 
+PASS U+8CFB 賻 賻 E6 D0 
+PASS U+8CFC 購 購 8D 77 
+PASS U+8CFD 賽 賽 E6 CE 
+PASS U+8D04 贄 贄 E6 D1 
+PASS U+8D05 贅 贅 E6 D2 
+PASS U+8D07 贇 贇 E6 D4 
+PASS U+8D08 贈 贈 91 A1 
+PASS U+8D0A 贊 贊 E6 D3 
+PASS U+8D0B 贋 贋 8A E4 
+PASS U+8D0D 贍 贍 E6 D6 
+PASS U+8D0F 贏 贏 E6 D5 
+PASS U+8D10 贐 贐 E6 D7 
+PASS U+8D12 贒 贒 FB AF 
+PASS U+8D13 贓 贓 E6 D9 
+PASS U+8D14 贔 贔 E6 DB 
+PASS U+8D16 贖 贖 E6 DC 
+PASS U+8D64 赤 赤 90 D4 
+PASS U+8D66 赦 赦 8E CD 
+PASS U+8D67 赧 赧 E6 DD 
+PASS U+8D6B 赫 赫 8A 71 
+PASS U+8D6D 赭 赭 E6 DE 
+PASS U+8D70 走 走 91 96 
+PASS U+8D71 赱 赱 E6 DF 
+PASS U+8D73 赳 赳 E6 E0 
+PASS U+8D74 赴 赴 95 8B 
+PASS U+8D76 赶 赶 FB B0 
+PASS U+8D77 起 起 8B 4E 
+PASS U+8D81 趁 趁 E6 E1 
+PASS U+8D85 超 超 92 B4 
+PASS U+8D8A 越 越 89 7A 
+PASS U+8D99 趙 趙 E6 E2 
+PASS U+8DA3 趣 趣 8E EF 
+PASS U+8DA8 趨 趨 90 96 
+PASS U+8DB3 足 足 91 AB 
+PASS U+8DBA 趺 趺 E6 E5 
+PASS U+8DBE 趾 趾 E6 E4 
+PASS U+8DC2 跂 跂 E6 E3 
+PASS U+8DCB 跋 跋 E6 EB 
+PASS U+8DCC 跌 跌 E6 E9 
+PASS U+8DCF 跏 跏 E6 E6 
+PASS U+8DD6 跖 跖 E6 E8 
+PASS U+8DDA 跚 跚 E6 E7 
+PASS U+8DDB 跛 跛 E6 EA 
+PASS U+8DDD 距 距 8B 97 
+PASS U+8DDF 跟 跟 E6 EE 
+PASS U+8DE1 跡 跡 90 D5 
+PASS U+8DE3 跣 跣 E6 EF 
+PASS U+8DE8 跨 跨 8C D7 
+PASS U+8DEA 跪 跪 E6 EC 
+PASS U+8DEB 跫 跫 E6 ED 
+PASS U+8DEF 路 路 98 48 
+PASS U+8DF3 跳 跳 92 B5 
+PASS U+8DF5 践 践 91 48 
+PASS U+8DFC 跼 跼 E6 F0 
+PASS U+8DFF 跿 跿 E6 F3 
+PASS U+8E08 踈 踈 E6 F1 
+PASS U+8E09 踉 踉 E6 F2 
+PASS U+8E0A 踊 踊 97 78 
+PASS U+8E0F 踏 踏 93 A5 
+PASS U+8E10 踐 踐 E6 F6 
+PASS U+8E1D 踝 踝 E6 F4 
+PASS U+8E1E 踞 踞 E6 F5 
+PASS U+8E1F 踟 踟 E6 F7 
+PASS U+8E2A 踪 踪 E7 48 
+PASS U+8E30 踰 踰 E6 FA 
+PASS U+8E34 踴 踴 E6 FB 
+PASS U+8E35 踵 踵 E6 F9 
+PASS U+8E42 蹂 蹂 E6 F8 
+PASS U+8E44 蹄 蹄 92 FB 
+PASS U+8E47 蹇 蹇 E7 40 
+PASS U+8E48 蹈 蹈 E7 44 
+PASS U+8E49 蹉 蹉 E7 41 
+PASS U+8E4A 蹊 蹊 E6 FC 
+PASS U+8E4C 蹌 蹌 E7 42 
+PASS U+8E50 蹐 蹐 E7 43 
+PASS U+8E55 蹕 蹕 E7 4A 
+PASS U+8E59 蹙 蹙 E7 45 
+PASS U+8E5F 蹟 蹟 90 D6 
+PASS U+8E60 蹠 蹠 E7 47 
+PASS U+8E63 蹣 蹣 E7 49 
+PASS U+8E64 蹤 蹤 E7 46 
+PASS U+8E72 蹲 蹲 E7 4C 
+PASS U+8E74 蹴 蹴 8F 52 
+PASS U+8E76 蹶 蹶 E7 4B 
+PASS U+8E7C 蹼 蹼 E7 4D 
+PASS U+8E81 躁 躁 E7 4E 
+PASS U+8E84 躄 躄 E7 51 
+PASS U+8E85 躅 躅 E7 50 
+PASS U+8E87 躇 躇 E7 4F 
+PASS U+8E8A 躊 躊 E7 53 
+PASS U+8E8B 躋 躋 E7 52 
+PASS U+8E8D 躍 躍 96 F4 
+PASS U+8E91 躑 躑 E7 55 
+PASS U+8E93 躓 躓 E7 54 
+PASS U+8E94 躔 躔 E7 56 
+PASS U+8E99 躙 躙 E7 57 
+PASS U+8EA1 躡 躡 E7 59 
+PASS U+8EAA 躪 躪 E7 58 
+PASS U+8EAB 身 身 90 67 
+PASS U+8EAC 躬 躬 E7 5A 
+PASS U+8EAF 躯 躯 8B EB 
+PASS U+8EB0 躰 躰 E7 5B 
+PASS U+8EB1 躱 躱 E7 5D 
+PASS U+8EBE 躾 躾 E7 5E 
+PASS U+8EC5 軅 軅 E7 5F 
+PASS U+8EC6 軆 軆 E7 5C 
+PASS U+8EC8 軈 軈 E7 60 
+PASS U+8ECA 車 車 8E D4 
+PASS U+8ECB 軋 軋 E7 61 
+PASS U+8ECC 軌 軌 8B 4F 
+PASS U+8ECD 軍 軍 8C 52 
+PASS U+8ECF 軏 軏 FB B2 
+PASS U+8ED2 軒 軒 8C AC 
+PASS U+8EDB 軛 軛 E7 62 
+PASS U+8EDF 軟 軟 93 EE 
+PASS U+8EE2 転 転 93 5D 
+PASS U+8EE3 軣 軣 E7 63 
+PASS U+8EEB 軫 軫 E7 66 
+PASS U+8EF8 軸 軸 8E B2 
+PASS U+8EFB 軻 軻 E7 65 
+PASS U+8EFC 軼 軼 E7 64 
+PASS U+8EFD 軽 軽 8C 79 
+PASS U+8EFE 軾 軾 E7 67 
+PASS U+8F03 較 較 8A 72 
+PASS U+8F05 輅 輅 E7 69 
+PASS U+8F09 載 載 8D DA 
+PASS U+8F0A 輊 輊 E7 68 
+PASS U+8F0C 輌 輌 E7 71 
+PASS U+8F12 輒 輒 E7 6B 
+PASS U+8F13 輓 輓 E7 6D 
+PASS U+8F14 輔 輔 95 E3 
+PASS U+8F15 輕 輕 E7 6A 
+PASS U+8F19 輙 輙 E7 6C 
+PASS U+8F1B 輛 輛 E7 70 
+PASS U+8F1C 輜 輜 E7 6E 
+PASS U+8F1D 輝 輝 8B 50 
+PASS U+8F1F 輟 輟 E7 6F 
+PASS U+8F26 輦 輦 E7 72 
+PASS U+8F29 輩 輩 94 79 
+PASS U+8F2A 輪 輪 97 D6 
+PASS U+8F2F 輯 輯 8F 53 
+PASS U+8F33 輳 輳 E7 73 
+PASS U+8F38 輸 輸 97 41 
+PASS U+8F39 輹 輹 E7 75 
+PASS U+8F3B 輻 輻 E7 74 
+PASS U+8F3E 輾 輾 E7 78 
+PASS U+8F3F 輿 輿 97 60 
+PASS U+8F42 轂 轂 E7 77 
+PASS U+8F44 轄 轄 8A 8D 
+PASS U+8F45 轅 轅 E7 76 
+PASS U+8F46 轆 轆 E7 7B 
+PASS U+8F49 轉 轉 E7 7A 
+PASS U+8F4C 轌 轌 E7 79 
+PASS U+8F4D 轍 轍 93 51 
+PASS U+8F4E 轎 轎 E7 7C 
+PASS U+8F57 轗 轗 E7 7D 
+PASS U+8F5C 轜 轜 E7 7E 
+PASS U+8F5F 轟 轟 8D 8C 
+PASS U+8F61 轡 轡 8C 44 
+PASS U+8F62 轢 轢 E7 80 
+PASS U+8F63 轣 轣 E7 81 
+PASS U+8F64 轤 轤 E7 82 
+PASS U+8F9B 辛 辛 90 68 
+PASS U+8F9C 辜 辜 E7 83 
+PASS U+8F9E 辞 辞 8E AB 
+PASS U+8F9F 辟 辟 E7 84 
+PASS U+8FA3 辣 辣 E7 85 
+PASS U+8FA7 辧 辧 99 9F 
+PASS U+8FA8 辨 辨 99 9E 
+PASS U+8FAD 辭 辭 E7 86 
+PASS U+8FAE 辮 辮 E3 90 
+PASS U+8FAF 辯 辯 E7 87 
+PASS U+8FB0 辰 辰 92 43 
+PASS U+8FB1 辱 辱 90 4A 
+PASS U+8FB2 農 農 94 5F 
+PASS U+8FB7 辷 辷 E7 88 
+PASS U+8FBA 辺 辺 95 D3 
+PASS U+8FBB 辻 辻 92 D2 
+PASS U+8FBC 込 込 8D 9E 
+PASS U+8FBF 辿 辿 92 48 
+PASS U+8FC2 迂 迂 89 49 
+PASS U+8FC4 迄 迄 96 98 
+PASS U+8FC5 迅 迅 90 76 
+PASS U+8FCE 迎 迎 8C 7D 
+PASS U+8FD1 近 近 8B DF 
+PASS U+8FD4 返 返 95 D4 
+PASS U+8FDA 迚 迚 E7 89 
+PASS U+8FE2 迢 迢 E7 8B 
+PASS U+8FE5 迥 迥 E7 8A 
+PASS U+8FE6 迦 迦 89 DE 
+PASS U+8FE9 迩 迩 93 F4 
+PASS U+8FEA 迪 迪 E7 8C 
+PASS U+8FEB 迫 迫 94 97 
+PASS U+8FED 迭 迭 93 52 
+PASS U+8FEF 迯 迯 E7 8D 
+PASS U+8FF0 述 述 8F 71 
+PASS U+8FF4 迴 迴 E7 8F 
+PASS U+8FF7 迷 迷 96 C0 
+PASS U+8FF8 迸 迸 E7 9E 
+PASS U+8FF9 迹 迹 E7 91 
+PASS U+8FFA 迺 迺 E7 92 
+PASS U+8FFD 追 追 92 C7 
+PASS U+9000 退 退 91 DE 
+PASS U+9001 送 送 91 97 
+PASS U+9003 逃 逃 93 A6 
+PASS U+9005 逅 逅 E7 90 
+PASS U+9006 逆 逆 8B 74 
+PASS U+900B 逋 逋 E7 99 
+PASS U+900D 逍 逍 E7 96 
+PASS U+900E 逎 逎 E7 A3 
+PASS U+900F 透 透 93 A7 
+PASS U+9010 逐 逐 92 80 
+PASS U+9011 逑 逑 E7 93 
+PASS U+9013 逓 逓 92 FC 
+PASS U+9014 途 途 93 72 
+PASS U+9015 逕 逕 E7 94 
+PASS U+9016 逖 逖 E7 98 
+PASS U+9017 逗 逗 90 80 
+PASS U+9019 這 這 94 87 
+PASS U+901A 通 通 92 CA 
+PASS U+901D 逝 逝 90 C0 
+PASS U+901E 逞 逞 E7 97 
+PASS U+901F 速 速 91 AC 
+PASS U+9020 造 造 91 A2 
+PASS U+9021 逡 逡 E7 95 
+PASS U+9022 逢 逢 88 A7 
+PASS U+9023 連 連 98 41 
+PASS U+9027 逧 逧 E7 9A 
+PASS U+902E 逮 逮 91 DF 
+PASS U+9031 週 週 8F 54 
+PASS U+9032 進 進 90 69 
+PASS U+9035 逵 逵 E7 9C 
+PASS U+9036 逶 逶 E7 9B 
+PASS U+9038 逸 逸 88 ED 
+PASS U+9039 逹 逹 E7 9D 
+PASS U+903C 逼 逼 95 4E 
+PASS U+903E 逾 逾 E7 A5 
+PASS U+9041 遁 遁 93 D9 
+PASS U+9042 遂 遂 90 8B 
+PASS U+9045 遅 遅 92 78 
+PASS U+9047 遇 遇 8B F6 
+PASS U+9049 遉 遉 E7 A4 
+PASS U+904A 遊 遊 97 56 
+PASS U+904B 運 運 89 5E 
+PASS U+904D 遍 遍 95 D5 
+PASS U+904E 過 過 89 DF 
+PASS U+904F 遏 遏 E7 9F 
+PASS U+9050 遐 遐 E7 A0 
+PASS U+9051 遑 遑 E7 A1 
+PASS U+9052 遒 遒 E7 A2 
+PASS U+9053 道 道 93 B9 
+PASS U+9054 達 達 92 42 
+PASS U+9055 違 違 88 E1 
+PASS U+9056 遖 遖 E7 A6 
+PASS U+9058 遘 遘 E7 A7 
+PASS U+9059 遙 遙 EA A1 
+PASS U+905C 遜 遜 91 BB 
+PASS U+905E 遞 遞 E7 A8 
+PASS U+9060 遠 遠 89 93 
+PASS U+9061 遡 遡 91 6B 
+PASS U+9063 遣 遣 8C AD 
+PASS U+9065 遥 遥 97 79 
+PASS U+9067 遧 遧 FB B5 
+PASS U+9068 遨 遨 E7 A9 
+PASS U+9069 適 適 93 4B 
+PASS U+906D 遭 遭 91 98 
+PASS U+906E 遮 遮 8E D5 
+PASS U+906F 遯 遯 E7 AA 
+PASS U+9072 遲 遲 E7 AD 
+PASS U+9075 遵 遵 8F 85 
+PASS U+9076 遶 遶 E7 AB 
+PASS U+9077 遷 遷 91 4A 
+PASS U+9078 選 選 91 49 
+PASS U+907A 遺 遺 88 E2 
+PASS U+907C 遼 遼 97 C9 
+PASS U+907D 遽 遽 E7 AF 
+PASS U+907F 避 避 94 F0 
+PASS U+9080 邀 邀 E7 B1 
+PASS U+9081 邁 邁 E7 B0 
+PASS U+9082 邂 邂 E7 AE 
+PASS U+9083 邃 邃 E2 84 
+PASS U+9084 還 還 8A D2 
+PASS U+9087 邇 邇 E7 8E 
+PASS U+9089 邉 邉 E7 B3 
+PASS U+908A 邊 邊 E7 B2 
+PASS U+908F 邏 邏 E7 B4 
+PASS U+9091 邑 邑 97 57 
+PASS U+90A3 那 那 93 DF 
+PASS U+90A6 邦 邦 96 4D 
+PASS U+90A8 邨 邨 E7 B5 
+PASS U+90AA 邪 邪 8E D7 
+PASS U+90AF 邯 邯 E7 B6 
+PASS U+90B1 邱 邱 E7 B7 
+PASS U+90B5 邵 邵 E7 B8 
+PASS U+90B8 邸 邸 93 40 
+PASS U+90C1 郁 郁 88 E8 
+PASS U+90CA 郊 郊 8D 78 
+PASS U+90CE 郎 郎 98 59 
+PASS U+90DB 郛 郛 E7 BC 
+PASS U+90DE 郞 郞 FB B6 
+PASS U+90E1 郡 郡 8C 53 
+PASS U+90E2 郢 郢 E7 B9 
+PASS U+90E4 郤 郤 E7 BA 
+PASS U+90E8 部 部 95 94 
+PASS U+90ED 郭 郭 8A 73 
+PASS U+90F5 郵 郵 97 58 
+PASS U+90F7 郷 郷 8B BD 
+PASS U+90FD 都 都 93 73 
+PASS U+9102 鄂 鄂 E7 BD 
+PASS U+9112 鄒 鄒 E7 BE 
+PASS U+9115 鄕 鄕 FB B8 
+PASS U+9119 鄙 鄙 E7 BF 
+PASS U+9127 鄧 鄧 FB B9 
+PASS U+912D 鄭 鄭 93 41 
+PASS U+9130 鄰 鄰 E7 C1 
+PASS U+9132 鄲 鄲 E7 C0 
+PASS U+9149 酉 酉 93 D1 
+PASS U+914A 酊 酊 E7 C2 
+PASS U+914B 酋 酋 8F 55 
+PASS U+914C 酌 酌 8E DE 
+PASS U+914D 配 配 94 7A 
+PASS U+914E 酎 酎 92 91 
+PASS U+9152 酒 酒 8E F0 
+PASS U+9154 酔 酔 90 8C 
+PASS U+9156 酖 酖 E7 C3 
+PASS U+9158 酘 酘 E7 C4 
+PASS U+9162 酢 酢 90 7C 
+PASS U+9163 酣 酣 E7 C5 
+PASS U+9165 酥 酥 E7 C6 
+PASS U+9169 酩 酩 E7 C7 
+PASS U+916A 酪 酪 97 8F 
+PASS U+916C 酬 酬 8F 56 
+PASS U+9172 酲 酲 E7 C9 
+PASS U+9173 酳 酳 E7 C8 
+PASS U+9175 酵 酵 8D 79 
+PASS U+9177 酷 酷 8D 93 
+PASS U+9178 酸 酸 8E 5F 
+PASS U+9182 醂 醂 E7 CC 
+PASS U+9187 醇 醇 8F 86 
+PASS U+9189 醉 醉 E7 CB 
+PASS U+918B 醋 醋 E7 CA 
+PASS U+918D 醍 醍 91 E7 
+PASS U+9190 醐 醐 8C ED 
+PASS U+9192 醒 醒 90 C1 
+PASS U+9197 醗 醗 94 AE 
+PASS U+919C 醜 醜 8F 58 
+PASS U+91A2 醢 醢 E7 CD 
+PASS U+91A4 醤 醤 8F DD 
+PASS U+91AA 醪 醪 E7 D0 
+PASS U+91AB 醫 醫 E7 CE 
+PASS U+91AF 醯 醯 E7 CF 
+PASS U+91B4 醴 醴 E7 D2 
+PASS U+91B5 醵 醵 E7 D1 
+PASS U+91B8 醸 醸 8F F8 
+PASS U+91BA 醺 醺 E7 D3 
+PASS U+91C0 釀 釀 E7 D4 
+PASS U+91C1 釁 釁 E7 D5 
+PASS U+91C6 釆 釆 94 CE 
+PASS U+91C7 采 采 8D D1 
+PASS U+91C8 釈 釈 8E DF 
+PASS U+91C9 釉 釉 E7 D6 
+PASS U+91CB 釋 釋 E7 D7 
+PASS U+91CC 里 里 97 A2 
+PASS U+91CD 重 重 8F 64 
+PASS U+91CE 野 野 96 EC 
+PASS U+91CF 量 量 97 CA 
+PASS U+91D0 釐 釐 E7 D8 
+PASS U+91D1 金 金 8B E0 
+PASS U+91D6 釖 釖 E7 D9 
+PASS U+91D7 釗 釗 FB BB 
+PASS U+91D8 釘 釘 93 42 
+PASS U+91DA 釚 釚 FB BA 
+PASS U+91DB 釛 釛 E7 DC 
+PASS U+91DC 釜 釜 8A 98 
+PASS U+91DD 針 針 90 6A 
+PASS U+91DE 釞 釞 FB BC 
+PASS U+91DF 釟 釟 E7 DA 
+PASS U+91E1 釡 釡 E7 DB 
+PASS U+91E3 釣 釣 92 DE 
+PASS U+91E4 釤 釤 FB BF 
+PASS U+91E5 釥 釥 FB C0 
+PASS U+91E6 釦 釦 96 74 
+PASS U+91E7 釧 釧 8B FA 
+PASS U+91ED 釭 釭 FB BD 
+PASS U+91EE 釮 釮 FB BE 
+PASS U+91F5 釵 釵 E7 DE 
+PASS U+91F6 釶 釶 E7 DF 
+PASS U+91FC 釼 釼 E7 DD 
+PASS U+91FF 釿 釿 E7 E1 
+PASS U+9206 鈆 鈆 FB C1 
+PASS U+920A 鈊 鈊 FB C3 
+PASS U+920D 鈍 鈍 93 DD 
+PASS U+920E 鈎 鈎 8A 62 
+PASS U+9210 鈐 鈐 FB C2 
+PASS U+9211 鈑 鈑 E7 E5 
+PASS U+9214 鈔 鈔 E7 E2 
+PASS U+9215 鈕 鈕 E7 E4 
+PASS U+921E 鈞 鈞 E7 E0 
+PASS U+9229 鈩 鈩 E8 6E 
+PASS U+922C 鈬 鈬 E7 E3 
+PASS U+9234 鈴 鈴 97 E9 
+PASS U+9237 鈷 鈷 8C D8 
+PASS U+9239 鈹 鈹 FB CA 
+PASS U+923A 鈺 鈺 FB C4 
+PASS U+923C 鈼 鈼 FB C6 
+PASS U+923F 鈿 鈿 E7 ED 
+PASS U+9240 鉀 鉀 FB C5 
+PASS U+9244 鉄 鉄 93 53 
+PASS U+9245 鉅 鉅 E7 E8 
+PASS U+9248 鉈 鉈 E7 EB 
+PASS U+9249 鉉 鉉 E7 E9 
+PASS U+924B 鉋 鉋 E7 EE 
+PASS U+924E 鉎 鉎 FB C7 
+PASS U+9250 鉐 鉐 E7 EF 
+PASS U+9251 鉑 鉑 FB C9 
+PASS U+9257 鉗 鉗 E7 E7 
+PASS U+9259 鉙 鉙 FB C8 
+PASS U+925A 鉚 鉚 E7 F4 
+PASS U+925B 鉛 鉛 89 94 
+PASS U+925E 鉞 鉞 E7 E6 
+PASS U+9262 鉢 鉢 94 AB 
+PASS U+9264 鉤 鉤 E7 EA 
+PASS U+9266 鉦 鉦 8F DE 
+PASS U+9267 鉧 鉧 FB CB 
+PASS U+9271 鉱 鉱 8D 7A 
+PASS U+9277 鉷 鉷 FB CD 
+PASS U+9278 鉸 鉸 FB CE 
+PASS U+927E 鉾 鉾 96 67 
+PASS U+9280 銀 銀 8B E2 
+PASS U+9283 銃 銃 8F 65 
+PASS U+9285 銅 銅 93 BA 
+PASS U+9288 銈 銈 FA 5F 
+PASS U+9291 銑 銑 91 4C 
+PASS U+9293 銓 銓 E7 F2 
+PASS U+9295 銕 銕 E7 EC 
+PASS U+9296 銖 銖 E7 F1 
+PASS U+9298 銘 銘 96 C1 
+PASS U+929A 銚 銚 92 B6 
+PASS U+929B 銛 銛 E7 F3 
+PASS U+929C 銜 銜 E7 F0 
+PASS U+92A7 銧 銧 FB CC 
+PASS U+92AD 銭 銭 91 4B 
+PASS U+92B7 銷 銷 E7 F7 
+PASS U+92B9 銹 銹 E7 F6 
+PASS U+92CF 鋏 鋏 E7 F5 
+PASS U+92D0 鋐 鋐 FB D2 
+PASS U+92D2 鋒 鋒 96 4E 
+PASS U+92D3 鋓 鋓 FB D6 
+PASS U+92D5 鋕 鋕 FB D4 
+PASS U+92D7 鋗 鋗 FB D0 
+PASS U+92D9 鋙 鋙 FB D1 
+PASS U+92E0 鋠 鋠 FB D5 
+PASS U+92E4 鋤 鋤 8F 9B 
+PASS U+92E7 鋧 鋧 FB CF 
+PASS U+92E9 鋩 鋩 E7 F8 
+PASS U+92EA 鋪 鋪 95 DD 
+PASS U+92ED 鋭 鋭 89 73 
+PASS U+92F2 鋲 鋲 95 65 
+PASS U+92F3 鋳 鋳 92 92 
+PASS U+92F8 鋸 鋸 8B 98 
+PASS U+92F9 鋹 鋹 FA 65 <