Getting WebKit

To download a pre-built bundle containing the latest WebKit, visit WebKit Nightly Builds.

Browsing the Code

To browse the source code online, visit WebKit Trac.

Checking Out with Subversion

To work with the WebKit source tree, you will need a Subversion or a Git client installed. See Installing Developer Tools for information on how to install Subversion.

Mac OS X

  1. Open Terminal

    Terminal resides in /Applications/Utilities. The Finder Go menu provides a quick way to navigate there.


  1. Open a Cygwin Shell

    Double-click the Cygwin icon on your Desktop to launch a new shell.

  1. Type this command to check out the WebKit source tree:

    svn checkout WebKit

    Alternatively you can download a snapshot of the WebKit source tree from It is updated every six hours. Note the archived checkout uses an HTTP connection. We recommend running the following command to use HTTPS instead:

    svn switch --relocate


  1. Install the WebKit Support Libraries

    Download the WebKit Support Libraries to the root of your source tree (C:\cygwin\home\<username>\WebKit).

    If the file is incorrectly named, rename it to Do not extract its contents.

  1. Run the update-webkit script to update your source tree.

    If you downloaded the tarball, this will bring it up to date. Windows users must always execute this command after first obtaining the code, since it will download additional libraries that are needed to build.

Once you have a current tree, the next step is building WebKit.

Checking Out with Git

To work with the WebKit source tree using a Git client, install a Git client with Subversion support and run the following command on your terminal:

git clone git:// WebKit

If you want to be able to commit changes to the Subversion repository, or just want to check out branches that aren't contained in WebKit.git, you will need track the Subversion repository. For information about this, and other aspects of using Git with WebKit, read the wiki page.

Keeping up to Date

At any time, you can rerun the update-webkit script to update your source tree.