Debugging on Mac OS X

  1. Open a project

    Each WebKit component -- JavaScriptCore, WebCore, and WebKit -- contains its own Xcode project. Open the project belonging to the component you want to debug.

  2. Set the project's build products location

    To find the WebKit you built, Xcode needs to know the build products location that build-webkit used. You can set the build products location from the project's Info window.

  3. Set the project's active build configuration

    Xcode also needs to know the build configuration you used. You can set the active build configuration from the project's Build window.

  4. Add a custom executable to the project

    Choose any WebKit application you want to use for debugging. To use Safari, select /Applications/

  5. Set the project's active executable

    You can set the active executable from the project's Build window. Choose the executable you just added.

  6. Close and re-open the project

    This will force Xcode to discover generated source files, which output to your build products location, allowing you to set breakpoints in them.

  7. Launch the debugger

    In the Debugger window, click the "Debug" button.

Debugging on Windows

To launch Safari in the Visual Studio or Visual C++ Express debugger, simply run:


This command will launch the Visual Studio debugging environment, and attach to Safari connected to the debug build of WebKit.dll. There are a few things to keep in mind: