This test is for and can be used to demonstrate that tooltips can appear even when mouse is not directly over the target element.

This test assumes you are in a clean browser window (no existing tabs open) and you have hidden the tab bar. To hide the tab bar, select View->Hide Tab Bar.

Follow these steps to reproduce:

  1. Hover over the hyperlink "Hover over me" until the tooltip appears: tooltip
  2. Move your mouse away from the hyperlink "Hover over me" such that it isn't hovering over it and let the tooltip vanish.
  3. Right click on the hyperlink "Hover over me" and highlight the contextual menu item Open Link in New Tab such that the mouse cursor points to the rightmost side of this contextual menu item (say, the character 'b' in the word "Tab"). Then click to select this item and do not move the mouse.
  4. (Wait a few seconds). Notice, the tooltip that was shown in (1) appears again, but the mouse cursor is not positioned over the hyperlink "Hover over me".

To repeat this test, close the tab that was opened as a result of this test, and follow steps 2 thru 4.

Once you have observed the issue you will find that you can take some liberties in following the aforementioned instructions (i.e. the positioning of the mouse when selecting Open Link in New Tab). Also, you can substitute step 3 for "Right click on the hyperlink 'Hover over me', select Open Link in New Window and do not move the mouse. Close the newly created window using the keyboard shortcut Cmd-W."

Hover over me