These tables below all have the HTML + CSS ...

<TABLE><tr>                                          table {
  <td><TABLE style='margin: 20px; padding: 19px;'>     width: 600px;
       <tr><td></td></tr>                              border: 1px solid red;
       </TABLE></td>                                   empty-cells: show;}
</tr></TABLE>                                        td {
                                                       border: 1px solid green;}
                                                     table.inner {margin: 20px;}  

... and differ only in the value of 'padding:'. From top table to
bottom: 0px, 10px, 19px, 20px, 25px. Note that for a table over-constrained 
within another table, when (padding >=margin), the margin is all allocated 
to the right hand side of the table (and to the left if 'direction: rtl;'.
600px table for width comparison