Modern IDB: Pipe through cursor functions from client to server.
[WebKit-https.git] / LayoutTests / storage / indexeddb / modern / opencursor-failures-expected.txt
1 This tests some obvious failures that can happen while opening cursors.
2 Initial upgrade needed: Old version - 0 New version - 1
3 Failed to open object store cursor with invalid keypath
4 Failed to open object store cursor with invalid direction
5 Failed to open index cursor with invalid keypath
6 Failed to open index cursor with invalid direction
7 Failed to open index key cursor with invalid keypath
8 Failed to open index key cursor with invalid direction
9 Failed to open object store cursor on deleted object store
10 Failed to open index cursor on deleted object store
11 Failed to open index key cursor on deleted object store
12 Initial upgrade versionchange transaction complete
13 Failed to open object store cursor from completed transaction
14 Failed to open index cursor from completed transaction
15 Failed to open index key cursor from completed transaction
16 Failed to open object store cursor from inactive transaction
17 Failed to open index cursor from inactive transaction
18 Failed to open index key cursor from inactive transaction
19 readonly transaction complete
20 Done