Update WPT tests for embedded content
[WebKit-https.git] / LayoutTests / imported / w3c / web-platform-tests / html / semantics / embedded-content / the-img-element / sizes / parse-a-sizes-attribute-quirks-mode-expected.txt
2 PASS <img srcset="/images/green-1x1.png?a2 300w, /images/green-16x16.png?a2 301w"> ref sizes="100vw" (quirks mode) 
3 PASS <img srcset="/images/green-1x1.png?b2 450w, /images/green-16x16.png?b2 451w"> ref sizes="100vw" (quirks mode) 
4 PASS <img srcset="/images/green-1x1.png?c2 600w, /images/green-16x16.png?c2 601w"> ref sizes="100vw" (quirks mode) 
5 PASS <img srcset="/images/green-1x1.png?d2 900w, /images/green-16x16.png?d2 901w"> ref sizes="100vw" (quirks mode) 
6 PASS <img srcset="/images/green-1x1.png?e2 50w, /images/green-16x16.png?e2 51w" sizes="0"> ref sizes="1px" (quirks mode) 
7 PASS <img srcset="/images/green-1x1.png?e3 50w, /images/green-16x16.png?e3 51w" sizes="-0"> ref sizes="1px" (quirks mode) 
8 PASS <img srcset="/images/green-1x1.png?e4 50w, /images/green-16x16.png?e4 51w" sizes="+0"> ref sizes="1px" (quirks mode) 
9 PASS <img srcset="/images/green-1x1.png?e5 50w, /images/green-16x16.png?e5 51w" sizes="+1px"> ref sizes="1px" (quirks mode) 
10 PASS <img srcset="/images/green-1x1.png?e6 50w, /images/green-16x16.png?e6 51w" sizes=".1px"> ref sizes="1px" (quirks mode) 
11 PASS <img srcset="/images/green-1x1.png?e7 50w, /images/green-16x16.png?e7 51w" sizes="0.1em"> ref sizes="1px" (quirks mode) 
12 PASS <img srcset="/images/green-1x1.png?e8 50w, /images/green-16x16.png?e8 51w" sizes="0.1ex"> ref sizes="1px" (quirks mode) 
13 PASS <img srcset="/images/green-1x1.png?e9 50w, /images/green-16x16.png?e9 51w" sizes="0.1ch"> ref sizes="1px" (quirks mode) 
14 PASS <img srcset="/images/green-1x1.png?e10 50w, /images/green-16x16.png?e10 51w" sizes="0.1rem"> ref sizes="1px" (quirks mode) 
15 PASS <img srcset="/images/green-1x1.png?e11 50w, /images/green-16x16.png?e11 51w" sizes="0.1vw"> ref sizes="1px" (quirks mode) 
16 PASS <img srcset="/images/green-1x1.png?e12 50w, /images/green-16x16.png?e12 51w" sizes="0.1vh"> ref sizes="1px" (quirks mode) 
17 PASS <img srcset="/images/green-1x1.png?e13 50w, /images/green-16x16.png?e13 51w" sizes="0.1vmin"> ref sizes="1px" (quirks mode) 
18 PASS <img srcset="/images/green-1x1.png?e14 50w, /images/green-16x16.png?e14 51w" sizes="0.1vmax"> ref sizes="1px" (quirks mode) 
19 PASS <img srcset="/images/green-1x1.png?e15 50w, /images/green-16x16.png?e15 51w" sizes="0.1cm"> ref sizes="1px" (quirks mode) 
20 PASS <img srcset="/images/green-1x1.png?e16 50w, /images/green-16x16.png?e16 51w" sizes="1mm"> ref sizes="1px" (quirks mode) 
21 PASS <img srcset="/images/green-1x1.png?e17 50w, /images/green-16x16.png?e17 51w" sizes="1q"> ref sizes="1px" (quirks mode) 
22 PASS <img srcset="/images/green-1x1.png?e18 50w, /images/green-16x16.png?e18 51w" sizes="0.01in"> ref sizes="1px" (quirks mode) 
23 PASS <img srcset="/images/green-1x1.png?e19 50w, /images/green-16x16.png?e19 51w" sizes="0.1pc"> ref sizes="1px" (quirks mode) 
24 PASS <img srcset="/images/green-1x1.png?e20 50w, /images/green-16x16.png?e20 51w" sizes="0.1pt"> ref sizes="1px" (quirks mode) 
25 PASS <img srcset="/images/green-1x1.png?e21 50w, /images/green-16x16.png?e21 51w" sizes="/* */1px/* */"> ref sizes="1px" (quirks mode) 
26 PASS <img srcset="/images/green-1x1.png?e22 50w, /images/green-16x16.png?e22 51w" sizes=" /**/ /**/ 1px /**/ /**/ "> ref sizes="1px" (quirks mode) 
27 PASS <img srcset="/images/green-1x1.png?e23 50w, /images/green-16x16.png?e23 51w" sizes="(),1px"> ref sizes="1px" (quirks mode) 
28 PASS <img srcset="/images/green-1x1.png?e24 50w, /images/green-16x16.png?e24 51w" sizes="x(),1px"> ref sizes="1px" (quirks mode) 
29 PASS <img srcset="/images/green-1x1.png?e25 50w, /images/green-16x16.png?e25 51w" sizes="{},1px"> ref sizes="1px" (quirks mode) 
30 PASS <img srcset="/images/green-1x1.png?e26 50w, /images/green-16x16.png?e26 51w" sizes="[],1px"> ref sizes="1px" (quirks mode) 
31 PASS <img srcset="/images/green-1x1.png?e27 50w, /images/green-16x16.png?e27 51w" sizes="1px,("> ref sizes="1px" (quirks mode) 
32 PASS <img srcset="/images/green-1x1.png?e28 50w, /images/green-16x16.png?e28 51w" sizes="1px,x("> ref sizes="1px" (quirks mode) 
33 PASS <img srcset="/images/green-1x1.png?e29 50w, /images/green-16x16.png?e29 51w" sizes="1px,{"> ref sizes="1px" (quirks mode) 
34 PASS <img srcset="/images/green-1x1.png?e30 50w, /images/green-16x16.png?e30 51w" sizes="1px,["> ref sizes="1px" (quirks mode) 
35 PASS <img srcset="/images/green-1x1.png?e31 50w, /images/green-16x16.png?e31 51w" sizes="\(,1px"> ref sizes="1px" (quirks mode) 
36 PASS <img srcset="/images/green-1x1.png?e32 50w, /images/green-16x16.png?e32 51w" sizes="x\(,1px"> ref sizes="1px" (quirks mode) 
37 PASS <img srcset="/images/green-1x1.png?e33 50w, /images/green-16x16.png?e33 51w" sizes="\{,1px"> ref sizes="1px" (quirks mode) 
38 PASS <img srcset="/images/green-1x1.png?e34 50w, /images/green-16x16.png?e34 51w" sizes="\[,1px"> ref sizes="1px" (quirks mode) 
39 PASS <img srcset="/images/green-1x1.png?e35 50w, /images/green-16x16.png?e35 51w" sizes="1\p\x"> ref sizes="1px" (quirks mode) 
40 PASS <img srcset="/images/green-1x1.png?e36 50w, /images/green-16x16.png?e36 51w" sizes="calc(1px)"> ref sizes="1px" (quirks mode) 
41 PASS <img srcset="/images/green-1x1.png?e36a 50w, /images/green-16x16.png?e36a 51w" sizes="min(1px, 100px)"> ref sizes="1px" (quirks mode) 
42 PASS <img srcset="/images/green-1x1.png?e36b 50w, /images/green-16x16.png?e36b 51w" sizes="min(-100px, 1px)"> ref sizes="1px" (quirks mode) 
43 PASS <img srcset="/images/green-1x1.png?e37 50w, /images/green-16x16.png?e37 51w" sizes="(min-width:0) calc(1px)"> ref sizes="1px" (quirks mode) 
44 PASS <img srcset="/images/green-1x1.png?e37a 50w, /images/green-16x16.png?e37a 51w" sizes="(min-width:0) min(1px, 100px)"> ref sizes="1px" (quirks mode) 
45 PASS <img srcset="/images/green-1x1.png?e37b 50w, /images/green-16x16.png?e37b 51w" sizes="(min-width:0) max(-100px, 1px)"> ref sizes="1px" (quirks mode) 
46 PASS <img srcset="/images/green-1x1.png?e38 50w, /images/green-16x16.png?e38 51w" sizes="(min-width:calc(0)) 1px"> ref sizes="1px" (quirks mode) 
47 PASS <img srcset="/images/green-1x1.png?e38a 50w, /images/green-16x16.png?e38a 51w" sizes="(min-width:min(0, 200vw)) 1px"> ref sizes="1px" (quirks mode) 
48 PASS <img srcset="/images/green-1x1.png?e38b 50w, /images/green-16x16.png?e38b 51w" sizes="(min-width:max(-200vw, 0)) 1px"> ref sizes="1px" (quirks mode) 
49 PASS <img srcset="/images/green-1x1.png?e39 50w, /images/green-16x16.png?e39 51w" sizes="(min-width:0) 1px, 100vw"> ref sizes="1px" (quirks mode) 
50 PASS <img srcset="/images/green-1x1.png?e40 50w, /images/green-16x16.png?e40 51w" sizes="(min-width:0) 1px, (min-width:0) 100vw, 100vw"> ref sizes="1px" (quirks mode) 
51 PASS <img srcset="/images/green-1x1.png?e41 50w, /images/green-16x16.png?e41 51w" sizes="(min-width:0) 1px"> ref sizes="1px" (quirks mode) 
52 PASS <img srcset="/images/green-1x1.png?e42 50w, /images/green-16x16.png?e42 51w" sizes="not (min-width:0) 100vw, 1px"> ref sizes="1px" (quirks mode) 
53 PASS <img srcset="/images/green-1x1.png?e43 50w, /images/green-16x16.png?e43 51w" sizes="(min-width:unknown-mf-value) 100vw, 1px"> ref sizes="1px" (quirks mode) 
54 PASS <img srcset="/images/green-1x1.png?e44 50w, /images/green-16x16.png?e44 51w" sizes="not (min-width:unknown-mf-value) 100vw, 1px"> ref sizes="1px" (quirks mode) 
55 PASS <img srcset="/images/green-1x1.png?e45 50w, /images/green-16x16.png?e45 51w" sizes="(min-width:-1px) 100vw, 1px"> ref sizes="1px" (quirks mode) 
56 PASS <img srcset="/images/green-1x1.png?e46 50w, /images/green-16x16.png?e46 51w" sizes="not (min-width:-1px) 100vw, 1px"> ref sizes="1px" (quirks mode) 
57 PASS <img srcset="/images/green-1x1.png?e47 50w, /images/green-16x16.png?e47 51w" sizes="(unknown-mf-name) 100vw, 1px"> ref sizes="1px" (quirks mode) 
58 PASS <img srcset="/images/green-1x1.png?e48 50w, /images/green-16x16.png?e48 51w" sizes="not (unknown-mf-name) 100vw, 1px"> ref sizes="1px" (quirks mode) 
59 PASS <img srcset="/images/green-1x1.png?e49 50w, /images/green-16x16.png?e49 51w" sizes="(unknown &quot;general-enclosed&quot;) 100vw, 1px"> ref sizes="1px" (quirks mode) 
60 PASS <img srcset="/images/green-1x1.png?e50 50w, /images/green-16x16.png?e50 51w" sizes="not (unknown &quot;general-enclosed&quot;) 100vw, 1px"> ref sizes="1px" (quirks mode) 
61 PASS <img srcset="/images/green-1x1.png?e51 50w, /images/green-16x16.png?e51 51w" sizes="unknown-general-enclosed(foo) 100vw, 1px"> ref sizes="1px" (quirks mode) 
62 PASS <img srcset="/images/green-1x1.png?e52 50w, /images/green-16x16.png?e52 51w" sizes="not unknown-general-enclosed(foo) 100vw, 1px"> ref sizes="1px" (quirks mode) 
63 PASS <img srcset="/images/green-1x1.png?e53 50w, /images/green-16x16.png?e53 51w" sizes="print 100vw, 1px"> ref sizes="1px" (quirks mode) 
64 PASS <img srcset="/images/green-1x1.png?e54 50w, /images/green-16x16.png?e54 51w" sizes="not print 100vw, 1px"> ref sizes="1px" (quirks mode) 
65 PASS <img srcset="/images/green-1x1.png?e55 50w, /images/green-16x16.png?e55 51w" sizes="unknown-media-type 100vw, 1px"> ref sizes="1px" (quirks mode) 
66 PASS <img srcset="/images/green-1x1.png?e56 50w, /images/green-16x16.png?e56 51w" sizes="not unknown-media-type 100vw, 1px"> ref sizes="1px" (quirks mode) 
67 PASS <img srcset="/images/green-1x1.png?e57 50w, /images/green-16x16.png?e57 51w" sizes="(min-width:0) or (min-width:0) 1px"> ref sizes="1px" (quirks mode) 
68 PASS <img srcset="/images/green-1x1.png?e58 50w, /images/green-16x16.png?e58 51w" sizes="(min-width:0) or (unknown-mf-name) 1px"> ref sizes="1px" (quirks mode) 
69 PASS <img srcset="/images/green-1x1.png?e59 50w, /images/green-16x16.png?e59 51w" sizes="(min-width:0) or (min-width:unknown-mf-value) 1px"> ref sizes="1px" (quirks mode) 
70 PASS <img srcset="/images/green-1x1.png?e60 50w, /images/green-16x16.png?e60 51w" sizes="(min-width:0) or (min-width:-1px) 1px"> ref sizes="1px" (quirks mode) 
71 PASS <img srcset="/images/green-1x1.png?e61 50w, /images/green-16x16.png?e61 51w" sizes="(min-width:0) or (unknown &quot;general-enclosed&quot;) 1px"> ref sizes="1px" (quirks mode) 
72 PASS <img srcset="/images/green-1x1.png?e62 50w, /images/green-16x16.png?e62 51w" sizes="(min-width:0) or unknown-general-enclosed(foo) 1px"> ref sizes="1px" (quirks mode) 
73 PASS <img srcset="/images/green-1x1.png?e63 50w, /images/green-16x16.png?e63 51w" sizes="(min-width:0) or (!) 100vw, 1px"> ref sizes="1px" (quirks mode) 
74 PASS <img srcset="/images/green-1x1.png?e64 50w, /images/green-16x16.png?e64 51w" sizes="(min-width:0) or unknown-media-type 100vw, 1px"> ref sizes="1px" (quirks mode) 
75 PASS <img srcset="/images/green-1x1.png?e65 50w, /images/green-16x16.png?e65 51w" sizes="(123) 100vw, 1px"> ref sizes="1px" (quirks mode) 
76 PASS <img srcset="/images/green-1x1.png?e66 50w, /images/green-16x16.png?e66 51w" sizes="not (123) 100vw, 1px"> ref sizes="1px" (quirks mode) 
77 PASS <img srcset="/images/green-1x1.png?e67 50w, /images/green-16x16.png?e67 51w" sizes="(!) 100vw, 1px"> ref sizes="1px" (quirks mode) 
78 PASS <img srcset="/images/green-1x1.png?e68 50w, /images/green-16x16.png?e68 51w" sizes="not (!) 100vw, 1px"> ref sizes="1px" (quirks mode) 
79 PASS <img srcset="/images/green-1x1.png?e69 50w, /images/green-16x16.png?e69 51w" sizes="! 100vw, 1px"> ref sizes="1px" (quirks mode) 
80 PASS <img srcset="/images/green-1x1.png?e70 50w, /images/green-16x16.png?e70 51w" sizes="not ! 100vw, 1px"> ref sizes="1px" (quirks mode) 
81 PASS <img srcset="/images/green-1x1.png?e71 50w, /images/green-16x16.png?e71 51w" sizes="(]) 100vw, 1px"> ref sizes="1px" (quirks mode) 
82 PASS <img srcset="/images/green-1x1.png?e72 50w, /images/green-16x16.png?e72 51w" sizes="not (]) 100vw, 1px"> ref sizes="1px" (quirks mode) 
83 PASS <img srcset="/images/green-1x1.png?e73 50w, /images/green-16x16.png?e73 51w" sizes="] 100vw, 1px"> ref sizes="1px" (quirks mode) 
84 PASS <img srcset="/images/green-1x1.png?e74 50w, /images/green-16x16.png?e74 51w" sizes="not ] 100vw, 1px"> ref sizes="1px" (quirks mode) 
85 PASS <img srcset="/images/green-1x1.png?e75 50w, /images/green-16x16.png?e75 51w" sizes="(}) 100vw, 1px"> ref sizes="1px" (quirks mode) 
86 PASS <img srcset="/images/green-1x1.png?e76 50w, /images/green-16x16.png?e76 51w" sizes="not (}) 100vw, 1px"> ref sizes="1px" (quirks mode) 
87 PASS <img srcset="/images/green-1x1.png?e77 50w, /images/green-16x16.png?e77 51w" sizes="} 100vw, 1px"> ref sizes="1px" (quirks mode) 
88 PASS <img srcset="/images/green-1x1.png?e78 50w, /images/green-16x16.png?e78 51w" sizes="not } 100vw, 1px"> ref sizes="1px" (quirks mode) 
89 PASS <img srcset="/images/green-1x1.png?e79 50w, /images/green-16x16.png?e79 51w" sizes=") 100vw, 1px"> ref sizes="1px" (quirks mode) 
90 PASS <img srcset="/images/green-1x1.png?e80 50w, /images/green-16x16.png?e80 51w" sizes="not ) 100vw, 1px"> ref sizes="1px" (quirks mode) 
91 PASS <img srcset="/images/green-1x1.png?e81 50w, /images/green-16x16.png?e81 51w" sizes="(;) 100vw, 1px"> ref sizes="1px" (quirks mode) 
92 PASS <img srcset="/images/green-1x1.png?e82 50w, /images/green-16x16.png?e82 51w" sizes="not (;) 100vw, 1px"> ref sizes="1px" (quirks mode) 
93 PASS <img srcset="/images/green-1x1.png?e83 50w, /images/green-16x16.png?e83 51w" sizes="(.) 100vw, 1px"> ref sizes="1px" (quirks mode) 
94 PASS <img srcset="/images/green-1x1.png?e84 50w, /images/green-16x16.png?e84 51w" sizes="not (.) 100vw, 1px"> ref sizes="1px" (quirks mode) 
95 PASS <img srcset="/images/green-1x1.png?e85 50w, /images/green-16x16.png?e85 51w" sizes="; 100vw, 1px"> ref sizes="1px" (quirks mode) 
96 PASS <img srcset="/images/green-1x1.png?e86 50w, /images/green-16x16.png?e86 51w" sizes="not ; 100vw, 1px"> ref sizes="1px" (quirks mode) 
97 PASS <img srcset="/images/green-1x1.png?e87 50w, /images/green-16x16.png?e87 51w" sizes=", 1px"> ref sizes="1px" (quirks mode) 
98 PASS <img srcset="/images/green-1x1.png?e88 50w, /images/green-16x16.png?e88 51w" sizes="1px,"> ref sizes="1px" (quirks mode) 
99 PASS <img srcset="/images/green-1x1.png?e89 50w, /images/green-16x16.png?e89 51w" sizes="(min-width:0) 1px,"> ref sizes="1px" (quirks mode) 
100 PASS <img srcset="/images/green-1x1.png?e90 50w, /images/green-16x16.png?e90 51w" sizes="-0e-0px"> ref sizes="1px" (quirks mode) 
101 PASS <img srcset="/images/green-1x1.png?e91 50w, /images/green-16x16.png?e91 51w" sizes="+0.11e+01px"> ref sizes="1px" (quirks mode) 
102 PASS <img srcset="/images/green-1x1.png?e92 50w, /images/green-16x16.png?e92 51w" sizes="0.2e1px"> ref sizes="1px" (quirks mode) 
103 PASS <img srcset="/images/green-1x1.png?e93 50w, /images/green-16x16.png?e93 51w" sizes="0.3E1px"> ref sizes="1px" (quirks mode) 
104 PASS <img srcset="/images/green-1x1.png?e94 50w, /images/green-16x16.png?e94 51w" sizes=".4E1px"> ref sizes="1px" (quirks mode) 
105 PASS <img srcset="/images/green-1x1.png?e95 50w, /images/green-16x16.png?e95 51w" sizes="all 100vw, 1px"> ref sizes="1px" (quirks mode) 
106 PASS <img srcset="/images/green-1x1.png?e96 50w, /images/green-16x16.png?e96 51w" sizes="all and (min-width:0) 100vw, 1px"> ref sizes="1px" (quirks mode) 
107 PASS <img srcset="/images/green-1x1.png?e97 50w, /images/green-16x16.png?e97 51w" sizes="min-width:0 100vw, 1px"> ref sizes="1px" (quirks mode) 
108 PASS <img srcset="/images/green-1x1.png?e98 50w, /images/green-16x16.png?e98 51w" sizes="1px, 100vw"> ref sizes="1px" (quirks mode) 
109 PASS <img srcset="/images/green-1x1.png?e99 50w, /images/green-16x16.png?e99 51w" sizes="1px, (min-width:0) 100vw"> ref sizes="1px" (quirks mode) 
110 PASS <img srcset="/images/green-1x1.png?e100 50w, /images/green-16x16.png?e100 51w" sizes="1px, foo bar"> ref sizes="1px" (quirks mode) 
111 PASS <img srcset="/images/green-1x1.png?e101 50w, /images/green-16x16.png?e101 51w" sizes="(min-width:0) 1px, foo bar"> ref sizes="1px" (quirks mode) 
112 PASS <img srcset="/images/green-1x1.png?e102 50w, /images/green-16x16.png?e102 51w" sizes="(&quot;grammar does not match&quot;) 100vw, 1px"> ref sizes="1px" (quirks mode) 
113 PASS <img srcset="/images/green-1x1.png?e103 50w, /images/green-16x16.png?e103 51w" sizes="not (&quot;grammar does not match&quot;) 100vw, 1px"> ref sizes="1px" (quirks mode) 
114 PASS <img srcset="/images/green-1x1.png?e104 50w, /images/green-16x16.png?e104 51w" sizes="(unknown-general-enclosed !) 100vw, 1px"> ref sizes="1px" (quirks mode) 
115 PASS <img srcset="/images/green-1x1.png?e105 50w, /images/green-16x16.png?e105 51w" sizes="not (unknown-general-enclosed !) 100vw, 1px"> ref sizes="1px" (quirks mode) 
116 PASS <img srcset="/images/green-1x1.png?e106 50w, /images/green-16x16.png?e106 51w" sizes="(min-width:0) or (unknown-general-enclosed !) 1px"> ref sizes="1px" (quirks mode) 
117 PASS <img srcset="/images/green-1x1.png?e107 50w, /images/green-16x16.png?e107 51w" sizes="not ((min-width:0) or (unknown &quot;general-enclosed&quot;)) 100vw, 1px"> ref sizes="1px" (quirks mode) 
118 PASS <img srcset="/images/green-1x1.png?e108 50w, /images/green-16x16.png?e108 51w" sizes="(max-width:0) or (unknown-general-enclosed !) 100vw, 1px"> ref sizes="1px" (quirks mode) 
119 PASS <img srcset="/images/green-1x1.png?e109 50w, /images/green-16x16.png?e109 51w" sizes="not ((max-width:0) or (unknown &quot;general-enclosed&quot;)) 100vw, 1px"> ref sizes="1px" (quirks mode) 
120 PASS <img srcset="/images/green-1x1.png?f48 50w, /images/green-16x16.png?f48 51w" sizes="calc(1px"> ref sizes="1px" (quirks mode) 
121 PASS <img srcset="/images/green-1x1.png?f48a 50w, /images/green-16x16.png?f48a 51w" sizes="min(1px, 200vw"> ref sizes="1px" (quirks mode) 
122 PASS <img srcset="/images/green-1x1.png?f48b 50w, /images/green-16x16.png?f48b 51w" sizes="max(-200vw, 1px"> ref sizes="1px" (quirks mode) 
123 PASS <img srcset="/images/green-1x1.png?f49 50w, /images/green-16x16.png?f49 51w" sizes="(min-width:0) calc(1px"> ref sizes="1px" (quirks mode) 
124 PASS <img srcset="/images/green-1x1.png?f49a 50w, /images/green-16x16.png?f49a 51w" sizes="(min-width:0) min(1px, 200vw"> ref sizes="1px" (quirks mode) 
125 PASS <img srcset="/images/green-1x1.png?f49b 50w, /images/green-16x16.png?f49b 51w" sizes="(min-width:0) max(-200vw, 1px"> ref sizes="1px" (quirks mode) 
126 PASS <img srcset="/images/green-1x1.png?f2 50w, /images/green-16x16.png?f2 51w" sizes=""> ref sizes="100vw" (quirks mode) 
127 PASS <img srcset="/images/green-1x1.png?f3 50w, /images/green-16x16.png?f3 51w" sizes=","> ref sizes="100vw" (quirks mode) 
128 PASS <img srcset="/images/green-1x1.png?f4 50w, /images/green-16x16.png?f4 51w" sizes="-1px"> ref sizes="100vw" (quirks mode) 
129 PASS <img srcset="/images/green-1x1.png?f5 50w, /images/green-16x16.png?f5 51w" sizes="1"> ref sizes="100vw" (quirks mode) 
130 PASS <img srcset="/images/green-1x1.png?f6 50w, /images/green-16x16.png?f6 51w" sizes="0.1%"> ref sizes="100vw" (quirks mode) 
131 PASS <img srcset="/images/green-1x1.png?f7 50w, /images/green-16x16.png?f7 51w" sizes="0.1deg"> ref sizes="100vw" (quirks mode) 
132 PASS <img srcset="/images/green-1x1.png?f8 50w, /images/green-16x16.png?f8 51w" sizes="0.1grad"> ref sizes="100vw" (quirks mode) 
133 PASS <img srcset="/images/green-1x1.png?f9 50w, /images/green-16x16.png?f9 51w" sizes="0.1rad"> ref sizes="100vw" (quirks mode) 
134 PASS <img srcset="/images/green-1x1.png?f10 50w, /images/green-16x16.png?f10 51w" sizes="0.1turn"> ref sizes="100vw" (quirks mode) 
135 PASS <img srcset="/images/green-1x1.png?f11 50w, /images/green-16x16.png?f11 51w" sizes="0.1s"> ref sizes="100vw" (quirks mode) 
136 PASS <img srcset="/images/green-1x1.png?f12 50w, /images/green-16x16.png?f12 51w" sizes="0.1ms"> ref sizes="100vw" (quirks mode) 
137 PASS <img srcset="/images/green-1x1.png?f13 50w, /images/green-16x16.png?f13 51w" sizes="0.1Hz"> ref sizes="100vw" (quirks mode) 
138 PASS <img srcset="/images/green-1x1.png?f14 50w, /images/green-16x16.png?f14 51w" sizes="0.1kHz"> ref sizes="100vw" (quirks mode) 
139 PASS <img srcset="/images/green-1x1.png?f15 50w, /images/green-16x16.png?f15 51w" sizes="0.1dpi"> ref sizes="100vw" (quirks mode) 
140 PASS <img srcset="/images/green-1x1.png?f16 50w, /images/green-16x16.png?f16 51w" sizes="0.1dpcm"> ref sizes="100vw" (quirks mode) 
141 PASS <img srcset="/images/green-1x1.png?f17 50w, /images/green-16x16.png?f17 51w" sizes="0.1dppx"> ref sizes="100vw" (quirks mode) 
142 PASS <img srcset="/images/green-1x1.png?f17a 50w, /images/green-16x16.png?f17a 51w" sizes="0.1x"> ref sizes="100vw" (quirks mode) 
143 PASS <img srcset="/images/green-1x1.png?f18 50w, /images/green-16x16.png?f18 51w" data-foo="1px" sizes="attr(data-foo, length, 1px)"> ref sizes="100vw" (quirks mode) 
144 PASS <img srcset="/images/green-1x1.png?f19 50w, /images/green-16x16.png?f19 51w" data-foo="1" sizes="attr(data-foo, px, 1px)"> ref sizes="100vw" (quirks mode) 
145 PASS <img srcset="/images/green-1x1.png?f20 50w, /images/green-16x16.png?f20 51w" sizes="toggle(1px)"> ref sizes="100vw" (quirks mode) 
146 PASS <img srcset="/images/green-1x1.png?f21 50w, /images/green-16x16.png?f21 51w" sizes="inherit"> ref sizes="100vw" (quirks mode) 
147 PASS <img srcset="/images/green-1x1.png?f22 50w, /images/green-16x16.png?f22 51w" sizes="auto"> ref sizes="100vw" (quirks mode) 
148 PASS <img srcset="/images/green-1x1.png?f23 50w, /images/green-16x16.png?f23 51w" sizes="initial"> ref sizes="100vw" (quirks mode) 
149 PASS <img srcset="/images/green-1x1.png?f24 50w, /images/green-16x16.png?f24 51w" sizes="unset"> ref sizes="100vw" (quirks mode) 
150 PASS <img srcset="/images/green-1x1.png?f25 50w, /images/green-16x16.png?f25 51w" sizes="default"> ref sizes="100vw" (quirks mode) 
151 PASS <img srcset="/images/green-1x1.png?f26 50w, /images/green-16x16.png?f26 51w" sizes="1/* */px"> ref sizes="100vw" (quirks mode) 
152 PASS <img srcset="/images/green-1x1.png?f27 50w, /images/green-16x16.png?f27 51w" sizes="1p/* */x"> ref sizes="100vw" (quirks mode) 
153 PASS <img srcset="/images/green-1x1.png?f28 50w, /images/green-16x16.png?f28 51w" sizes="-/**/0"> ref sizes="100vw" (quirks mode) 
154 PASS <img srcset="/images/green-1x1.png?f29 50w, /images/green-16x16.png?f29 51w" sizes="((),1px"> ref sizes="100vw" (quirks mode) 
155 PASS <img srcset="/images/green-1x1.png?f30 50w, /images/green-16x16.png?f30 51w" sizes="x(x(),1px"> ref sizes="100vw" (quirks mode) 
156 PASS <img srcset="/images/green-1x1.png?f31 50w, /images/green-16x16.png?f31 51w" sizes="{{},1px"> ref sizes="100vw" (quirks mode) 
157 PASS <img srcset="/images/green-1x1.png?f32 50w, /images/green-16x16.png?f32 51w" sizes="[[],1px"> ref sizes="100vw" (quirks mode) 
158 PASS <img srcset="/images/green-1x1.png?f33 50w, /images/green-16x16.png?f33 51w" sizes="1px !important"> ref sizes="100vw" (quirks mode) 
159 PASS <img srcset="/images/green-1x1.png?f34 50w, /images/green-16x16.png?f34 51w" sizes="\1px"> ref sizes="100vw" (quirks mode) 
160 PASS <img srcset="/images/green-1x1.png?f35 50w, /images/green-16x16.png?f35 51w" sizes="all 1px"> ref sizes="100vw" (quirks mode) 
161 PASS <img srcset="/images/green-1x1.png?f36 50w, /images/green-16x16.png?f36 51w" sizes="all and (min-width:0) 1px"> ref sizes="100vw" (quirks mode) 
162 PASS <img srcset="/images/green-1x1.png?f37 50w, /images/green-16x16.png?f37 51w" sizes="min-width:0 1px"> ref sizes="100vw" (quirks mode) 
163 PASS <img srcset="/images/green-1x1.png?f38 50w, /images/green-16x16.png?f38 51w" sizes="100vw, 1px"> ref sizes="100vw" (quirks mode) 
164 PASS <img srcset="/images/green-1x1.png?f39 50w, /images/green-16x16.png?f39 51w" sizes="100vw, (min-width:0) 1px"> ref sizes="100vw" (quirks mode) 
165 PASS <img srcset="/images/green-1x1.png?f40 50w, /images/green-16x16.png?f40 51w" sizes="foo bar"> ref sizes="100vw" (quirks mode) 
166 PASS <img srcset="/images/green-1x1.png?f41 50w, /images/green-16x16.png?f41 51w" sizes="foo-bar"> ref sizes="100vw" (quirks mode) 
167 PASS <img srcset="/images/green-1x1.png?f42 50w, /images/green-16x16.png?f42 51w" sizes="(min-width:0) 1px foo bar"> ref sizes="100vw" (quirks mode) 
168 PASS <img srcset="/images/green-1x1.png?f43 50w, /images/green-16x16.png?f43 51w" sizes="(min-width:0) 0.1%"> ref sizes="100vw" (quirks mode) 
169 PASS <img srcset="/images/green-1x1.png?f44 50w, /images/green-16x16.png?f44 51w" sizes="(min-width:0) 1"> ref sizes="100vw" (quirks mode) 
170 PASS <img srcset="/images/green-1x1.png?f45 50w, /images/green-16x16.png?f45 51w" sizes="-1e0px"> ref sizes="100vw" (quirks mode) 
171 PASS <img srcset="/images/green-1x1.png?f46 50w, /images/green-16x16.png?f46 51w" sizes="1e1.5px"> ref sizes="100vw" (quirks mode) 
172 PASS <img srcset="/images/green-1x1.png?f47 50w, /images/green-16x16.png?f47 51w" style="--foo: 1px" sizes="var(--foo)"> ref sizes="100vw" (quirks mode)