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1 <!DOCTYPE html>
2 <html>
3 <head>
4 <meta charset="utf-8">
5 <title>CSS Images Module Level 3: parsing gradients with valid position values</title>
6 <link rel="author" title="Eric Willigers" href="">
7 <link rel="help" href="">
8 <meta name="assert" content="gradient positions support the full '<position>' grammar.">
9 <script src="/resources/testharness.js"></script>
10 <script src="/resources/testharnessreport.js"></script>
11 <script src="/css/support/parsing-testcommon.js"></script>
12 </head>
13 <body>
14 <script>
15 // Where two values are shown, the first serialization is being used by Blink/Firefox/WebKit and the second by Edge.
17 test_valid_value("background-image", "radial-gradient(at 10%, red, blue)", ["radial-gradient(at 10% center, red, blue)", "radial-gradient(at 10%, red, blue)"]);
18 test_valid_value("background-image", "radial-gradient(at 20% 30px, red, blue)");
19 test_valid_value("background-image", "radial-gradient(at 30px center, red, blue)", ["radial-gradient(at 30px center, red, blue)", "radial-gradient(at 30px, red, blue)"]);
20 test_valid_value("background-image", "radial-gradient(at 40px top, red, blue)");
21 test_valid_value("background-image", "radial-gradient(at bottom 10% right 20%, red, blue)", "radial-gradient(at right 20% bottom 10%, red, blue)");
22 test_valid_value("background-image", "radial-gradient(at bottom right, red, blue)", "radial-gradient(at right bottom, red, blue)");
23 test_valid_value("background-image", "radial-gradient(at center, red, blue)", ["radial-gradient(at center center, red, blue)", "radial-gradient(at center, red, blue)"]);
24 test_valid_value("background-image", "radial-gradient(at center 50px, red, blue)");
25 test_valid_value("background-image", "radial-gradient(at center bottom, red, blue)", ["radial-gradient(at center bottom, red, blue)", "radial-gradient(at bottom, red, blue)"]);
26 test_valid_value("background-image", "radial-gradient(at center center, red, blue)", ["radial-gradient(at center center, red, blue)", "radial-gradient(at center, red, blue)"]);
27 test_valid_value("background-image", "radial-gradient(at center left, red, blue)", ["radial-gradient(at left center, red, blue)", "radial-gradient(at left, red, blue)"]);
28 test_valid_value("background-image", "radial-gradient(at left, red, blue)", ["radial-gradient(at left center, red, blue)", "radial-gradient(at left, red, blue)"]);
29 test_valid_value("background-image", "radial-gradient(at left bottom, red, blue)");
30 test_valid_value("background-image", "radial-gradient(at left center, red, blue)", ["radial-gradient(at left center, red, blue)", "radial-gradient(at left, red, blue)"]);
31 test_valid_value("background-image", "radial-gradient(at right 40%, red, blue)");
32 test_valid_value("background-image", "radial-gradient(at right 30% top 60px, red, blue)");
33 test_valid_value("background-image", "radial-gradient(at top, red, blue)", ["radial-gradient(at center top, red, blue)", "radial-gradient(at top, red, blue)"]);
34 test_valid_value("background-image", "radial-gradient(at top center, red, blue)", ["radial-gradient(at center top, red, blue)", "radial-gradient(at top, red, blue)"]);
35 </script>
36 </body>
37 </html>