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[WebKit-https.git] / LayoutTests / imported / w3c / web-platform-tests / credential-management / idl.https-expected.txt
2 PASS CredentialsContainer interface: existence and properties of interface object 
3 PASS CredentialsContainer interface object length 
4 PASS CredentialsContainer interface object name 
5 PASS CredentialsContainer interface: existence and properties of interface prototype object 
6 PASS CredentialsContainer interface: existence and properties of interface prototype object's "constructor" property 
7 PASS CredentialsContainer interface: existence and properties of interface prototype object's @@unscopables property 
8 PASS CredentialsContainer interface: operation get(CredentialRequestOptions) 
9 PASS CredentialsContainer interface: operation store(Credential) 
10 PASS CredentialsContainer interface: operation create(CredentialCreationOptions) 
11 PASS CredentialsContainer interface: operation preventSilentAccess() 
12 PASS CredentialsContainer must be primary interface of navigator.credentials 
13 PASS Stringification of navigator.credentials 
14 PASS CredentialsContainer interface: navigator.credentials must inherit property "get(CredentialRequestOptions)" with the proper type 
15 PASS CredentialsContainer interface: calling get(CredentialRequestOptions) on navigator.credentials with too few arguments must throw TypeError 
16 PASS CredentialsContainer interface: navigator.credentials must inherit property "store(Credential)" with the proper type 
17 PASS CredentialsContainer interface: calling store(Credential) on navigator.credentials with too few arguments must throw TypeError 
18 PASS CredentialsContainer interface: navigator.credentials must inherit property "create(CredentialCreationOptions)" with the proper type 
19 PASS CredentialsContainer interface: calling create(CredentialCreationOptions) on navigator.credentials with too few arguments must throw TypeError 
20 PASS CredentialsContainer interface: navigator.credentials must inherit property "preventSilentAccess()" with the proper type 
21 FAIL PasswordCredential interface: existence and properties of interface object assert_own_property: self does not have own property "PasswordCredential" expected property "PasswordCredential" missing
22 FAIL PasswordCredential interface object length assert_own_property: self does not have own property "PasswordCredential" expected property "PasswordCredential" missing
23 FAIL PasswordCredential interface object name assert_own_property: self does not have own property "PasswordCredential" expected property "PasswordCredential" missing
24 FAIL PasswordCredential interface: existence and properties of interface prototype object assert_own_property: self does not have own property "PasswordCredential" expected property "PasswordCredential" missing
25 FAIL PasswordCredential interface: existence and properties of interface prototype object's "constructor" property assert_own_property: self does not have own property "PasswordCredential" expected property "PasswordCredential" missing
26 FAIL PasswordCredential interface: existence and properties of interface prototype object's @@unscopables property assert_own_property: self does not have own property "PasswordCredential" expected property "PasswordCredential" missing
27 FAIL PasswordCredential interface: attribute password assert_own_property: self does not have own property "PasswordCredential" expected property "PasswordCredential" missing
28 FAIL PasswordCredential must be primary interface of new PasswordCredential({ id: "id", password: "pencil", iconURL: "https://example.com/", name: "name" }) assert_equals: Unexpected exception when evaluating object expected null but got object "ReferenceError: Can't find variable: PasswordCredential"
29 FAIL Stringification of new PasswordCredential({ id: "id", password: "pencil", iconURL: "https://example.com/", name: "name" }) assert_equals: Unexpected exception when evaluating object expected null but got object "ReferenceError: Can't find variable: PasswordCredential"
30 FAIL PasswordCredential interface: new PasswordCredential({ id: "id", password: "pencil", iconURL: "https://example.com/", name: "name" }) must inherit property "password" with the proper type assert_equals: Unexpected exception when evaluating object expected null but got object "ReferenceError: Can't find variable: PasswordCredential"
31 FAIL FederatedCredential interface: existence and properties of interface object assert_own_property: self does not have own property "FederatedCredential" expected property "FederatedCredential" missing
32 FAIL FederatedCredential interface object length assert_own_property: self does not have own property "FederatedCredential" expected property "FederatedCredential" missing
33 FAIL FederatedCredential interface object name assert_own_property: self does not have own property "FederatedCredential" expected property "FederatedCredential" missing
34 FAIL FederatedCredential interface: existence and properties of interface prototype object assert_own_property: self does not have own property "FederatedCredential" expected property "FederatedCredential" missing
35 FAIL FederatedCredential interface: existence and properties of interface prototype object's "constructor" property assert_own_property: self does not have own property "FederatedCredential" expected property "FederatedCredential" missing
36 FAIL FederatedCredential interface: existence and properties of interface prototype object's @@unscopables property assert_own_property: self does not have own property "FederatedCredential" expected property "FederatedCredential" missing
37 FAIL FederatedCredential interface: attribute provider assert_own_property: self does not have own property "FederatedCredential" expected property "FederatedCredential" missing
38 FAIL FederatedCredential interface: attribute protocol assert_own_property: self does not have own property "FederatedCredential" expected property "FederatedCredential" missing
39 FAIL FederatedCredential must be primary interface of new FederatedCredential({ id: "id", provider: "https://example.com", iconURL: "https://example.com/", name: "name" }) assert_equals: Unexpected exception when evaluating object expected null but got object "ReferenceError: Can't find variable: FederatedCredential"
40 FAIL Stringification of new FederatedCredential({ id: "id", provider: "https://example.com", iconURL: "https://example.com/", name: "name" }) assert_equals: Unexpected exception when evaluating object expected null but got object "ReferenceError: Can't find variable: FederatedCredential"
41 FAIL FederatedCredential interface: new FederatedCredential({ id: "id", provider: "https://example.com", iconURL: "https://example.com/", name: "name" }) must inherit property "provider" with the proper type assert_equals: Unexpected exception when evaluating object expected null but got object "ReferenceError: Can't find variable: FederatedCredential"
42 FAIL FederatedCredential interface: new FederatedCredential({ id: "id", provider: "https://example.com", iconURL: "https://example.com/", name: "name" }) must inherit property "protocol" with the proper type assert_equals: Unexpected exception when evaluating object expected null but got object "ReferenceError: Can't find variable: FederatedCredential"