2010-10-15 Ryosuke Niwa <rniwa@webkit.org>
[WebKit-https.git] / LayoutTests / editing / execCommand / query-format-block-expected.txt
1 Tests queryCommandValue('formatBlock')
3 On success, you will see a series of "PASS" messages, followed by "TEST COMPLETE".
6 Basic cases
7 PASS queryCommand('formatBlock') returned "" selecting none of "hello"
8 PASS queryCommand('formatBlock') returned "" selecting first position of "hello"
9 PASS queryCommand('formatBlock') returned "" selecting first position of "<a>hello</a>"
10 PASS queryCommand('formatBlock') returned "" selecting first position of "<abbr>hello</abbr>"
11 PASS queryCommand('formatBlock') returned "" selecting first position of "<acronym>hello</acronym>"
12 PASS queryCommand('formatBlock') returned "" selecting first position of "<b>hello</b>"
13 PASS queryCommand('formatBlock') returned "" selecting first position of "<bdo>hello</bdo>"
14 PASS queryCommand('formatBlock') returned "" selecting first position of "<big>hello</big>"
15 PASS queryCommand('formatBlock') returned "" selecting first position of "<button>hello</button>"
16 PASS queryCommand('formatBlock') returned "" selecting first position of "<caption>hello</caption>"
17 PASS queryCommand('formatBlock') returned "" selecting first position of "<center>hello</center>"
18 PASS queryCommand('formatBlock') returned "" selecting first position of "<cite>hello</cite>"
19 PASS queryCommand('formatBlock') returned "" selecting first position of "<code>hello</code>"
20 PASS queryCommand('formatBlock') returned "" selecting first position of "<del>hello</del>"
21 PASS queryCommand('formatBlock') returned "" selecting first position of "<dfn>hello</dfn>"
22 PASS queryCommand('formatBlock') returned "" selecting first position of "<dir>hello</dir>"
23 PASS queryCommand('formatBlock') returned "" selecting first position of "<em>hello</em>"
24 PASS queryCommand('formatBlock') returned "" selecting first position of "<form><fieldset>hello</fieldset></form>"
25 PASS queryCommand('formatBlock') returned "" selecting first position of "<font>hello</font>"
26 PASS queryCommand('formatBlock') returned "" selecting first position of "<form>hello</form>"
27 PASS queryCommand('formatBlock') returned "" selecting first position of "<i>hello</i>"
28 PASS queryCommand('formatBlock') returned "" selecting first position of "<kbd>hello</kbd>"
29 PASS queryCommand('formatBlock') returned "" selecting first position of "<label>hello</label>"
30 PASS queryCommand('formatBlock') returned "" selecting first position of "<legend>hello</legend>"
31 PASS queryCommand('formatBlock') returned "" selecting first position of "<ul><li>hello<li></ul>"
32 PASS queryCommand('formatBlock') returned "" selecting first position of "<menu>hello</menu>"
33 PASS queryCommand('formatBlock') returned "" selecting first position of "<ol>hello</ol>"
34 PASS queryCommand('formatBlock') returned "" selecting first position of "<q>hello</q>"
35 PASS queryCommand('formatBlock') returned "" selecting first position of "<s>hello</s>"
36 PASS queryCommand('formatBlock') returned "" selecting first position of "<samp>hello</samp>"
37 PASS queryCommand('formatBlock') returned "" selecting first position of "<small>hello</small>"
38 PASS queryCommand('formatBlock') returned "" selecting first position of "<span>hello</span>"
39 PASS queryCommand('formatBlock') returned "" selecting first position of "<strike>hello</strike>"
40 PASS queryCommand('formatBlock') returned "" selecting first position of "<strong>hello</strong>"
41 PASS queryCommand('formatBlock') returned "" selecting first position of "<sub>hello</sub>"
42 PASS queryCommand('formatBlock') returned "" selecting first position of "<sup>hello</sup>"
43 PASS queryCommand('formatBlock') returned "" selecting first position of "<table><td>hello</td></table>"
44 PASS queryCommand('formatBlock') returned "" selecting first position of "<table><th>hello</th></table>"
45 PASS queryCommand('formatBlock') returned "" selecting first position of "<tt>hello</tt>"
46 PASS queryCommand('formatBlock') returned "" selecting first position of "<u>hello</u>"
47 PASS queryCommand('formatBlock') returned "" selecting first position of "<ul>hello</ul>"
48 PASS queryCommand('formatBlock') returned "" selecting first position of "<var>hello</var>"
49 PASS queryCommand('formatBlock') returned "address" selecting first position of "<address>hello</address>"
50 PASS queryCommand('formatBlock') returned "article" selecting first position of "<article>hello</article>"
51 PASS queryCommand('formatBlock') returned "aside" selecting first position of "<aside>hello</aside>"
52 PASS queryCommand('formatBlock') returned "blockquote" selecting first position of "<blockquote>hello</blockquote>"
53 PASS queryCommand('formatBlock') returned "dd" selecting first position of "<dd>hello</dd>"
54 PASS queryCommand('formatBlock') returned "dd" selecting first position of "<dl><dd>hello</dd></dl>"
55 PASS queryCommand('formatBlock') returned "div" selecting first position of "<div>hello</div>"
56 PASS queryCommand('formatBlock') returned "dl" selecting first position of "<dl>hello</dl>"
57 PASS queryCommand('formatBlock') returned "dt" selecting first position of "<dt>hello</dt>"
58 PASS queryCommand('formatBlock') returned "dt" selecting first position of "<dl><dt>hello</dt></dl>"
59 PASS queryCommand('formatBlock') returned "footer" selecting first position of "<footer>hello</footer>"
60 PASS queryCommand('formatBlock') returned "h1" selecting first position of "<h1>hello</h1>"
61 PASS queryCommand('formatBlock') returned "h2" selecting first position of "<h2>hello</h2>"
62 PASS queryCommand('formatBlock') returned "h3" selecting first position of "<h3>hello</h3>"
63 PASS queryCommand('formatBlock') returned "h4" selecting first position of "<h4>hello</h4>"
64 PASS queryCommand('formatBlock') returned "h5" selecting first position of "<h5>hello</h5>"
65 PASS queryCommand('formatBlock') returned "h6" selecting first position of "<h6>hello</h6>"
66 PASS queryCommand('formatBlock') returned "header" selecting first position of "<header>hello</header>"
67 PASS queryCommand('formatBlock') returned "hgroup" selecting first position of "<hgroup>hello</hgroup>"
68 PASS queryCommand('formatBlock') returned "nav" selecting first position of "<nav>hello</nav>"
69 PASS queryCommand('formatBlock') returned "p" selecting first position of "<p>hello</p>"
70 PASS queryCommand('formatBlock') returned "pre" selecting first position of "<pre>hello</pre>"
71 PASS queryCommand('formatBlock') returned "section" selecting first position of "<section>hello</section>"
73 Nested cases
74 PASS queryCommand('formatBlock') returned "h2" selecting first position of "<h1><h2>hello</h2></h1>"
75 PASS queryCommand('formatBlock') returned "address" selecting first position of "<h1><address>hello</address></h1>"
76 PASS queryCommand('formatBlock') returned "pre" selecting first position of "<pre>hello<p>world</p></pre>"
77 PASS queryCommand('formatBlock') returned "pre" selecting "llo wo" of "<pre>hello<p>world</p></pre>"
78 PASS queryCommand('formatBlock') returned "address" selecting "llo wo" of "<address><h1>hello</h1>world</address>"
79 PASS queryCommand('formatBlock') returned "" selecting "llo wo" of "<h1>hello</h1>world"
80 PASS successfullyParsed is true